Short Ends

Most of the weekend was spent away from home but a few small things got done. Prints for the print exchange are done. I like them but prints from the 870 (a slightly-old Epson) still have some metamerism issue between incandescent and sun light. I've built curves to give myself a good grayscale but some mixes still reveal faint traces of green or magenta at certain angles and grays. Could fine detail also play a part, shimmering in a subtle color shift across certain frequencies? Fortunately, the effect seems to fade as the print dries.

Scanned the rolls from yesterday. I shot a couple of rolls with the 90mm almost exclusively, forcing it onto myself. The hardest part for me to accomodate has been the idea of being much farther from people to photograph them. The best thing about it isn't the "tele" reach but the perspective flattening, which gives an apparent coplanarity to things (though the DoF will be a lot thinner).

Tomorrow is another Michel Daniel-adjudicated streetphoto salon, topic "Voice." Beats me what to post.

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