Old School Pt II

Now that I've been scanning it I like the unmetered roll better than the metered ones. Using my head makes me think about what will be overexposed, underexposed, and where the tones will land. Even if only guessing, this seems a worthy enterprise. And in shots like the one at right, it gave me exactly what I wanted, which was further from "correct" than the two stops of "compensation" the automated cameras provide.

Monday: SP Salon later today, the theme: "Power Relations." I'm thinking one of the photos from Saturday might do nicely.

Comments on "Old School Pt II"

April 29, 2003 07:07 AM

You might enjoy Ed Buffaloe's article on Estimating Exposure at his site, Unblinking Eye, if you haven't run across it already.

April 29, 2003 09:00 AM

great site.
great work.

Kevin Bjorke
April 30, 2003 06:40 AM

Thanks John, yeah, I'd seen that site, as well as Fred Parker's Exposure Computer. I have a little spreadsheet of my own that I built based on Fred's charts, with entries of my own based on experience/metering. Maybe worth a journal entry? Hrmmm.....


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