Kevin Bjorke
Kevin Bjorke
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One of the consequences of using the mixed B&W/color workflow that I described a few posts ago is that when browsing through Adobe Bridge, you end up seeing both B&W and color versions of every picture. Viewing everything doubled, side by side, is oddly informative.

Both forms have a flatness, but also a sort of dimensionality that’s unique to each. Both are flat, yet both are different. I’ve not made my mind up about the real dynamics of one or the other of the effects but they’re… interesting.

Sadly my interest in these choices has been stomped on a bit, with the unfortunate theft of my 5D (and a 28mm ƒ/1.8) a couple of days ago. I still have my LX1 to continue as my RAW-making digi of choice, and I’ve been running the new Kodak Portras through the Bronica while I fume and decide what to do now that I’m dSLR-less. There are some projects that I needed that camera to continue on, that would have to mutate or die with out it.

On the plus side, it is giving me a wee boost to remember some lingering film-based projects-in-progress.