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Hi there, welcome to my collection of photos made with the Powershot,
collected as examples of the things you can do with a consumer digicam in 2001.

May as well start with a photo I didn't even shoot! I set up the lighting, but Courtney pressed the trigger. You'll find her at the other end of this collection.

This started as a RAW color image, but had to be remixed as black and white for print use. I liked it better that way. Instead of using Photoshop's "Image->Mode->Grayscale" conversion, I much prefer to use a "Channel Mixer" adjustment layer -- it gives you a much greater degree of control between mixing red-heavy (very smooth and pale, almost pasty) to blue-heavy (dark and a little splotchy) or green-heavy (very tanned and swarthy). Each photo has its own best color combination.