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Having web pages about "Canon Photography" or "Nikon Photography" have always mystified me. One might as well collect books written on Smith-Corona typewriters or symphonies scored on Hammermill paper.

So why these pages?

Mostly, to document and share my own learning process. Sam Abell, the famed National Geographic shooter, estimates it takes him about a year to be comfortable with a new set of photo equipment. So I guess at last I should be there with my G1 (even as Canon has released the Pro90, the G2, G3,, and G5 to supplant it!), though it's not been without some potholes along the road. I also hope to share what I've found with other photographers, to help them learn and for them to teach me where I've erred. In that spirit, I've built these few pages, linked to a few more, and hope that you will find them useful signposts on your own journey.

I hope these pages can prove useful for users of any sort of digicam -- even after I've long since abandoned my G1 for some future Olympus, Nikon, or other camera, the basics will continue to be the same at their core.

(News flash! That new digicam is another Canon, a 300D — stay tuned)

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The Pro90 has been available in U.S. stores since April 2001. The G2 shipped in late August 2001, and the G3 October 2002. The G5 should be available summer 2003. By most accounts, the Pro90 and G1 are almost twins, electronically, while the G1/G2 are twins optically but with new electronics (especially a new CCD) and many "bug fixes" in the G2. The G3 sports a new lens that is shared with the 5-megapixel G5.

The new G3 and G5 are a very similar to the older G's. With the G5, the ST-E2 is finally fully supported!

Canon G1, G2, G3, G5, & Pro90 Links

I don't pretend to have any idea why so many Scandinavians have G1s... it seems that stores in Sweden were the first ones to get the Pro90, too!

After the Powershot-specific links are a few useful general photography links.



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