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Larger formats supposedly make you more patient but so far it’s not working.

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Stereo at GDC

Stereo at GDC

GDC 2005 was in San Francisco this year, and it was the first GDC where we were able to get a good showing, out on the Expo floor, of the NVIDIA Stereo Driver. This came with the advent of two great display partners: the dep3d rear-projection display that you can see clearly here, and (where the knot of people behind the Dep3D are looking) a Planar SD1300 stereo display.

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Too Hyper

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“Too hyper to be useful.” That’s me!

Non-sequitur of the day…

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The Fine Print

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It’s always in the details. This weekend finds me printing and reprinting comparison pix, looking at differences between methods: between digital and medium format film cameras, and between different ways to print their results.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve found myself increasingly dissatisfied with prints smaller than 8×10”, printing 11×14 and preferably larger. The Epson will deliver a predictable solid 12x18 from 35mm format digi, or 12x12 from a MF negative. And even that seems small a lot of the time…

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Palo Alto 2005 (C) K.Bjorke

Sometimes journal entries gestate for a bit, maybe they just ferment. Or rot. This one’s been in the mulch for three weeks, even as other entries came and went. Maybe it could be several different posts. This is what I have tonight, rambling and ranting.

At the last Bay Area Photologgers event over at Cafe Reverie, there was some talk about the Creative Commons Copyright. I’m not a big fan of it, it seems to be just one more bit of legal grease for the ongoing zero-cost transfer of all creative rights to the hands of publishers. What’s wrong with the existing laws, why is Creative Commons needed? Are people that desperate to feel validated by commercial publication?

Call me jaded, but it doesn’t work for me. Especially when you know just how much commercial image theft goes on already. Don’t believe me? Try this news tidbit on for size: SAA Trial Reveals High Rate of Commercial Misuse of Getty Images Online.

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