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Two rolls HP5, one roll Acros.

This week’s reschedule of Photography Made Difficult was smaller — just David Lee, Rebecca, and myself, alongside the larger regular group of folks from South Bay Bloggers (including Courtney and, later in the evening, myself). A couple of members have said Wednesdays are bad so I’ve shifted the schedule to Fridays starting in April.

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Cantax Part 2

Cantax Part 2

A few months ago I wrapped up my Digital Rebel/300D “Cantax” in black gaffer tape. At first it was just a few pieces of tape on the large curved surfaces, then more, then pretty much everywhere that I could fit it that wouldn’t cause operational trouble. Why so much tape? Is it useful, or just some dopey affectation (declared another shooter: “it’s so, like, ghetto”)?

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One roll TX400-120, Rodinal 1::50 13 mins.

On Friday afternoon I received my newest toy, a Rolleinar 3, a big $6 ebay purchase and much cleaner than my Rolleinar 2. How could I resist? So I sat Courtney down in the late Saturday light, scattered by tree branches and the wavy clear plastic above the back door deck.

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Natural Colors

San Francisco, 2005

Three rolls HP5+, Xtol 1+1

A few weeks back, on a recommendation from Moleskinerie (or was it 43 Folders?), I picked up a copy of Howard & Barton’s 1988 writing book, Thinking on Paper. At its core lay three fundamental propositions about writing. I think that the use of “writing” in these propositions is easily swapped-out with just about any expressive/reflective activity: writing, painting, singing, gardening. This is after all, so let’s try it:

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