Tonight, perhaps for the first night in a while, I managed to stay home mostly, save for a jot to the market. It let me knock-off the last bits of several library books that I'd been lingering on, but that are now due to return to their many homes across the state:

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The last few days have been something of an information whirlwind. Tonight’s end was something of a respite, going to the PhotoAlliance session with photographer Alec Soth, whose quiet, vulnerable portraits are information-dense but still: quiet, to be absorbed at a human pace. I look forward to his next book, Niagra, on the subject of love at the Falls…

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Adams & Company

Friday saw the members’ reception for the new SFMOMA Photo Exhibit, Robert Adams: Turning Back. I missed my friend Graham but did run into a pair of double former colleagues, Matt Pharr & Craig Kolb; like myself veterans of both NVIDIA and Pixar (though I’m still at NVIDIA every day, thank you). As it happens, Craig’s wife Corey is one of the curators for photography, and besides having mysterious powers over the bartenders, she also introduced me directly to Sandra Philips, senior curator of photography, whom I’d seen at events but never met (Sandy had introduced Eikoh Hosoe last week, for example — a role she regularly assumes for PhotoAlliance, which I had thought was simply due not to her official station but to her obvious personal knowledge and appreciation of, and friendship to, Hosoe).

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Ran over last night to the Palo Alto Art Center for their annual Fall program, which consisted of sculpture and photography. I’d listed the Photography portion on Upcoming but it was really Edward Eberle’s porcelains that impressed me the most.

Palo Alto is a money sort of town, and the Art Center plays the game of high-end decor, with flyers to hand out in each gallery, well-printed on heavy stock, ready to explain the art to the well-heeled and bow-tied retirees that tend to show up for these sorts of civic art events. Almost all the works on display were borrowed from private collections (collections of center patrons, one assumes). I brought Rebecca and as we came in the receptionist looks up at me (sorry, dressed for the wrong kind of art event!) & immediately asks in a friendly way: “are you one of the artists?”

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Eikoh Hosoe with his collaborator and friend Tatsumi Hijikata (C) 2005 Kevin Bjorke

I really should have anticipated that after attending WebZine I’d be spending a good chunk of time picking-through all the many blogs and bloglike web resources that I’d see there. doi! In fact I’d already started before WebZine began, and the pace has increased significantly.

Not just the many sites that were featured in the official schedule, but the sites of the volunteers too — most of whom I knew a bit, but many new to me — and also taking the time to catch-up on some of the blogs of my friends and acquaintances, which have been illuminating and exciting in their own ways. There are people who I know who are much cooler than I realized (sorry guys for not realizing it sooner).

There’s already been immediate cross-pollination: meeting someone at WebZine whose blog led me to their company and it turned right back at my professional life over at the office. Wonder if that means I can expense-account the Bacardi…

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