Flick flake


Over the past month or two I’ve pretty-well given up on trying to make any sense of my flickr contacts list. Too many people listing me, too many people whose photos I want to see.

I’d previously made some progress by using robots — fake user accounts — to sort things. In the end simplicity wins out, so now people and tags and topics all just get fed into my bloglines account same as everything else (or for the RSS-less, into del.icio.us).

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More on the LX1:

I'm finding that the UnRAW files — that is, the JPGs stored with the RAW files — are often what I end up using instead of the RAW image. The RAW gets pumped through ACR, which wants to interpret and optimise (or encourage me to do so). The JPG is more often than not what I was shooting in the first place. Funny, but I'm starting to see the RAW as mainly a backup in case I screwed up (or the contrast range was way out of line).

I've come across a few more scattered LX1 links.


17.mai (C)2006 K Bjorke

I realized as I was heading into Oslo that my meeting might be bumped by a local holiday — my dad would probably scold me for being a bad Norwegian, the 17th of May is the holiday, it’s christmas and thanksgiving and the fourth of july. The whole city was shut down, busses not running, taxis allowed to charge exorbitant fees legally (otherwise the drivers would stay home for the holiday), and as far as I could tell everyone in southern Norway below the age of 20 or above the age of 40 (and most of those in between too) crammed into a dozen blocks or so of central Oslo.

The Bronica gots its chance for a workout: ran about seven rolls of 220 Tri-X and Fujicolor and a little Acros to sweeten the mix (okay, I ran out of Tri-X). And filled two cards with the LX1 without shooting a single RAW frame.

Among the marching band hilights were covers of most recent famous Disney songs, a bit of ABBA, a slice of Sousa, and, just as they were passing the royal stand and waving at King Harald V, one school band broke out with their rendition of “That Dude Looks Like a Lady.” I started running hoping to catch a video clip, but they were a block behind me — a block filled with 5000 hip-hurra-ing parents.

Once the city busses were running again in the evening, I limped back to my hotel out in Lysaker (Fornebu) and promptly crashed until 2AM, just in time to prep for a visit to the Oslofjord for the 4AM sunrise.

Flying Light

Oct05h-10.jpg Another cycle of airplanes, heading on a circuit ‘round Scandinavia for most of the week. I’m letting Reb take the Canon for her own trip to New Jersey, and I’ll be carrying just the LX1 and the Bronica.

I’ve hardly touched the Bronica for the last couple of months — mostly just too busy! Hardly any processing or scanning has gone on since January, shame on me (even as I’ve been shooting film, buying developer and bulk rolls, etc).

Funny, I’ve never posted many impressions about the Bronica — George Masters has, but he missed one crucial flaw: the meter is not TTL and it’s entirely possible to shoot a whole roll of 220 film without ever realizing that the lens cap is still on. Not that I would know anything about that…..

Still, a lovely camera. I just got back the color negs from February’s dogsledding extravaganzo, and hope to have a few up on the web some time soon.

Crunch Mope

This is one of those never-quite-finished entries that’s been long-lingering due to lack of time and attention — in this case it’s been months (there are some that are older… what can I say?) — the original save date was early 2005, and it’s lingered in “draft mode” ever since.


I was digging around on del.icio.us one afternoon and saw that after a lot of web traffic and game-industry furor back in November 2004, ea_spouse was still drawing hits from across the del.icio.us spectrum.

Now, I know a lot of folks at EA, I deal with them and know that a lot of them are happy, that they keep moving on from one project to the next, from group to group, production to production, and they’re doing fine. If the general picture were really as bleak as ea_spouse paints, then I doubt very much that anyone would work there for more than a few months. And that’s not the case — plenty of people at EA have been there, happy, for years.

Just the same, there can be problems in the industry. I regularly see people griping on message boards, usually about pay, hours, and credits. I read the recent article on IGDA purporting to be lessons for EA managers (and game managers in general), & I felt that the authors had gotten a few things wrong.

I don’t think this is really an EA issue at its core — maybe “ea_spouse” hails from there, but EA is just a big, easy target for journalists. Rather, it’s an industry-wide issue. There are many other companies, better and worse alike…

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