Toycam for the Masses


I’m surprised that I haven’t yet heard of a celphone manufacturer whose marketing deliberately capitalized on the lo-fi character of cel cameras. To my eye they have a lot more potential than the standard toycams of the past 30 years (Lomo, Holga, and Diana clones of various stripes) ever had.

So Many Pretty Things


Note: I’m deliberately shifting my web habits, and henceforth plan to be posting more photos here on Photorant than on flickr.

Printing more, too.

More Concrete

City Hall, Boston (C)2006

Ah, those scamps at foto8. No sooner have the pixels dried from this previous post than I receive the latest “Industry” issue of EI8HT, in full-color glory and sporting a Polish mine worker on the cover, shot by Vaclav Jirasek as part of a series that follows on the heels of an earlier one, which he made in the 90’s in black and white.

To turn the ironic screw just a wee bit further, the same issue of EI8HT contains more George Georgiou photos, this time also working in color, from the streets of Kiev. “In Transit” indeed.