The 2point8 Book Corner


A couple of weeks ago I was reading Michael David Murphy’s 2point8 and started clicking the “previous entry” lin ks— eventually, over the course of a few hours, I worked my way back through the entire history of the blog, mostly in a straight line backwards but with a few Memento-like sidebars of reversed reverse time. Regardless of direction the time was well-spent (later I tried the same thing with this blog, and frankly Botzilla doesn’t bear extended reading nearly as well, with its many random discursions and distracted tone. You do what you can).

Since Michael reviews many books in his blog I thought I’d dig some of them up. In my current large bedside (and bedtop!) stack of readables, then, are two streetphoto books from the 2point8 book club: Rosalind Solomon’s Chapalingas and Gary Stochl’s On City Streets. I’ve had to wait for Gus Powell’s The Company of Strangers, though Powell’s website and his gallery on provide a lot of material for “casual reading” of his work.

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In-n-Out, US 101

2006 K. Bjorke

Yesterday was the last of it: oil leak, timing belt, and today the clutch. All fixed. The car hasn’t run so smoothly nor moved so surely for a long while.

I was stuck at home, but the restriction gave me focus while I wrote code.

To celebrate my new clutch: a double-double, protein-style.