SPT The Stage is a World

Cautionary Note: This Stupid Palace Trick uses "Perl," a tool that's easily found on the net for most any platform. It's not a built-in part of the Palace client, but as you'll see it has plenty of Palatial uses.

Ever wish you could really have a room of your own, like those ever-building, building, building folks over on AlphaWorld? I mean sure, those people sit in those fancy airport lobbies alone all day, but they sure do look keen sitting there.

You can use props to alter a room, an especially-appealing notion if you're making your own room over on Members' Palace and want to use a widely-shared room GIF. Here's an excellent bit of room-improvement done in the spa by "Jules©"...

Before After
Unadorned Spa, ©Palace Inc.
Jules's© Room

The difference is of course striking the catch is, it took Jules© a bit of forethought and a good deal of patience to place all 71 props. What happens when Jules© crashes and the Palace server erases this room; or worse yet, someone errantly types "clean"?

Fear not, there is a Stupid Palace Trick for just the occasion.

To do this trick, you need the following items:

  1. Your own copy of the Palace server, aka "PServer," as used in our prop-banking trick. If you have a copy of Palace, you have this program.
  2. A copy of perl for your puter. Perl is widely and publicly available for Mac, Windows, Unix, etc.
  3. A perl script called roomprops.
Ask Mom or Dad to help you.

Now, with these tools, we can set-dress a room in our own palace, then use perl to make us a new iptscrae cyborg script that will automatically dress any room based on our setdressing "at home." The dressing can be simple or fancy, and the perl script will pre-tune the file to avoid flooding.

So just follow these simple steps:

  1. Start your local server.
  2. Log-in to your own local server.
  3. Pick any room and dress it however you'd like.
  4. Log-off, and shut down the server (for a minute).
  5. run perl using roomprops, telling it what room to get the setdressing info from. A typical DOS command might be:

    perl roomprops "The Spa" PServer.dat > spaprops.ipt
  6. add the result (we named it "spaprops.ipt" in our example here) to your "Cyborg.ipt" file. You'll find that the "spaprops.ipt" (or whatever you named it) file even has instructions, already embedded right into it.
  7. Log-in to any Palace server anywhere, and try it out!
Now, you can laugh-off a "clean," face log-off time with a cavalier bravura, and generally (so important when scripting!) show off to your pals, in the latest, keenest way possible.