RMaster is a professional-level, programmable front-end program for use with any renderer compatable with Pixar's rendering standard, RenderMan. RMaster is currently available for SGI and Sun computers. RMaster and its predecessors have been creating great RenderMan imagery since 1987.

A fully-functional evaluation copy of RMaster is now available for the SGI. (GZipped, 159 Kbytes)

Lightworld Animation Systems that have been successfully used with RMaster include:

  • Wavefront Preview
  • Macromedia Three-D
  • SoftImage Creative Environment
  • Symbolics
  • dWi Perform
Darkworld Modelers that have been used with RMaster include:

  • Wavefront Model
  • VIDI Modeler Pro
  • Symbolics S-Model
  • Alias Designer
  • AutoCAD
  • Alias Sketch!
  • MacroModel
  • Design CAD
  • Super3D
DinoYawk Some productions that have used RMaster:

  • Time Machine of Dreams (Simulator attraction, Japan See the stereo pair on the back cover of the 1991 SIGGRAPH Proceedings)
  • Jetsons: The Movie
  • Super Mario Brothers: The Movie (pictured at right)
  • Hanna-Barberra "Ride a Cartoon" (Simulator, Florida and the cover of Computer Graphics World)
  • Kazhann (3D feature project, France)
Dastardley Online Help: Here is a listing of RMaster Commands, generated by RMaster's Online Help.

Online web documentation for RMaster is a current priority item. Be sure to watch this space for more of it.

SGI Evaluation Copy (GZipped, 159 Kbytes)
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