Saving Palace CLUTs in GraphicConverter

GraphicConverter uses color table files much like Photoshop's. The procedure for creating a Palace CLUT is about the same.

Photoshop users take note GraphicConverter color table files are not in the same file format as Photoshop's. If you use both programs, you will need to save a color table file for each program.
First open most any Palace room GIF ("pgate.gif" is prefered, since it's guaranteed to have the complete map). The room pictures should all have the same color map, and your avs should use that same set of colors.

Once you've opened the GIF, select "Save As..." under the GraphicConverter "File" menu. A dialog will pop up, showing you the image. Change the Format from "GIF" to "Color Table" (the name will change to "pgate.PAL") and hit the "Save..." button (I saved mine as "Palace.PAL"). Once the color map is saved, you can just close the GIF you won't be needing it any more.

One extra note of caution if you've been using GraphicConverter's "split" option (part of the "Save As..." dialog box), make sure you've turned it off before hitting the "Save" button, or you'll get lots of little (and identical) color table files..... you only need one!

Using the Color Map

For any picture you want to use with the Palace, as a room background or a prop, you'll need to make sure it uses that color map. Unless the picture started as a Palace image (like the room GIF, or something pasted from the Place prop editor), we'll need to convert it. There are essentially three kinds of pictures we will convert:

For both grayscale and indexed-color images, you must convert to RGB color via the "Picture->Colors->Change to 16.7 Mill. Colors (32-bit)" menu first, before converting to indexed color using the Palace color map. GraphicConverter will always assume that grayscale GIFs should be mapped to exactly 256 grayscales; and it has no good way to directly convert from one color table to another. A short time in RGB mode is the neccesary in-between step.

Remember: Save Your RGB Image. You may need it later, for changes or fixes.

To force GraphicConverter to use your stored Palace color map, you select "Colors->Options..." under "Picture." A dialog will pop up. Press "Use Custom Color Table" and the "Open..." button. In the "Dither" check box, press whatever you like "dither off" will generally give you the smallest file size, while "dither on" will give the nicest tonal gradations. Now press "OK."

Once the color table is ready, we can convert RGB images the Palace map. Select "Colors->Change to 256 Colors (8 bit)" under "Picture." Now look at your image: it's living in the Palace world.

RGB unDith Dith
RGB Original No Dithering Dithered

Not sure about that "Dither" option? Just hit "Undo" and convert it again in several different ways. Or duplicate the image and convert each copy a different way, to compare side-by-side. Above are three samples, superimposed over a bit of Harry's Bar.