National Pixel Products
33 Helens Lane
Mill Valley, California 94941-2781.
Vox (415)383-1638
Fax (415)383-1456.

National Pixel Products has been a supplier of professional-quality 2D and 3D animation, graphics, and animation tools for Silicon Graphics, Sun, and Apple Macintosh systems since 1987.

Where can you see NatPix tools in action, or animation by NatPix? Try any of the following:

Even on the top back cover of the 1991 Siggraph Proceedings.

NatPix was started by Kevin Björke, a longtime computer artist who has worked creating TV shows and commercials, rock videos, park attractions, and feature films in Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Paris, and the San Francisco Bay Area since 1980. All of the software tools sold by NatPix have had their start in the trial-by-fire world of real production. Björke has won three consecutive Clio Awards, the Monitor Award, the Billboard Magazine Award, and several other awards for world-class computer animation.


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