X P-Spot

A common sight at many palaces these days is the prop room a room where users can click on special spots and find themselves instantly dressed in some new magnificent raiment of props. The basic prop room script is painfully simple:

; Each "normal" spot just gets a SELECT entry

    [ blah blah blah blah ] SETPROPS

The trick, of course, is the blah blah blah blah part. What is it? Where does it come from?
Normally, it's an array of prop IDs. The prop IDs can be copied from other scripts that generate IDs, like dressup or the zombie-mode command dz, which is conveniently included in botbot cyborgs.
An even simple way to get the script is to include the following OUTCHAT trap in your cyborg (also included in The BotBot, of course):

	    "ON SELECT \x7b" LOGMSG
		0 i =
		"  \x5b"
		    " " i USERPROP ITOA & &
		    i ++
		} { i n < } WHILE
	    } n IF
	    "\x7d" LOGMSG
	    "" CHATSTR =
    } CHATSTR "propspot" == IF

To use it, just dress in the props you want to hit as a hotspot, on the same server, and say "propspot" the correct spot script will be written into your log. It's then a simple copy-and-paste to add it to the room spot script.