Author:Hwy (Mitch Crane)
Globals Used:<none>
Description: Caution: the "setface" command requires knowledge of iptscrae and hand-editing of your cyborg.ipt file.

Change avatar to named prop or array of props "setface" only really works with additional hacking and editing of the Cyborg.ipt file. You must add extra propname arrays. Search for the following text:

;;place arrays of propnames for "setface" to use HERE
;;example: [ "rex1" "rex2" "rex3" "rex4" ] rex =
;;  would allow you set get those props by saying "sf rex"
[ "" ] generic =
(Such editing of the Cyborg.ipt automatically voids your BotBot warranty!)

Like all script that use prop names, results may be unpredictable if more than one prop has the same name.

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