Globals Used:Costume
Description: The "np" script makes it simple to quickly put on groups of appropriately-named props. The pattern-matching scheme used is described in detail here.

Basically, it just requires that all props in a particular avatar bear the same name with the addition of a digit from 1 through 9, such as

   wow1 wow2 wow3 wow4 wow5

Then to get those props put on, type:

   ;np wow 5

(the semicolon is optional).

Like any script that depends on using prop names, "np" is susceptible to instability when multiple props have the same name. The House recommendation: use oddball prop names (like acronyms), instead of generic names (like "hat" or "prop"):

   ;np fnq- 7

would don

   fnq-1 fnq-2 fnq-3 fnq-4 fnq-5 fnq-6 fnq-7

using a highly-specific letter combination is much, much, safer.

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