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Description: The aside script (and additional versions, like "aside2") let you handily whisper to multiple people without having to hunt around with your mouse to select one, whisper, select another, whisper, etc. Using "aside," you can carry on multiple whisper conversation (and regular conversation too) without ever touching the mouse.

Using "aside" is basically a two-step process. First, you need to decide who you're going to whisper to. Then, you use the "aside" code to whisper to them (you can also whisper to them normally at any time). Both parts are simple.

  • Click on someone you want to whisper to, just as you normally would. Then type any line starting with a comma:
       ,here's an example aside whisper
    and that person will be designated as your "aside target." The line "here's an example aside whisper" will also be whispered to them (the comma stripped off).
  • Now, whether than person is selected by the mouse or not, you can easily whisper an aside to them by starting any line with a comma:
       ,here's another example aside
    The message "here's another example aside" will be whispered to the person you've chosen even via ESP if they or you've moved to another room. If you skipped the first step and there's no one designated, a short error message will print.
  • Finally, if you type comma alone, the name of your designated buddy will appear on the status line.
"Aside" can be used in tandem with "aside2" and similar scripts, enabling you to easily carry on multiple whispers without ever touching the mouse.

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