The Latest in BotBot Fashion

A Rambling History of Changes

82 23 April 2000 Fixed "crudcatch" bug
80 6 September 99 Fixed "park" timeout bug.
Added "mdump," "quadweave."
79 27 August 99 Improved clamp function.
Added '%x' escape code for server name.
Added "park," "autopark," "fan," and "loopy" to the "BetaTest" group.
Temporarily retired some less-popular or obsolete scripts, to keep the size of the HTML FORM data manageable: "mailgrab," "webgrab," "allgrab," "ziprand," "no_eat," "you_[angel|devil|geek|genius|shriner]," "idea," "who_me," "emote," "hs," "wmute," "gmute."
Rearranged groups.
78 21 August 99 Promoted beta scripts "mp," "alarm," "dump," "backtalk," "hugger"
Added "spx," "twee," "pulse," "def," and associated functions.
Added "bbV" to fill-in for missing "xSerNum"
77 25 July 99 Fix to "pg"
"BetaTest" scripts now marked in the .ipt file to simplify debugging.
76 4 July 99 Added "backtalk."
Added %v string escape.
Minor internal enhancements.
75 20 May 99 Internal improvements.
74 2 May 99 Internal rearrangement of groups.
73 26 April 99
  • msh returns to active duty.
  • pg multi-av prop generator added to the beta group.
  • Stats page added.
72 19 April 99 If the FORM submission fails, BotBot will now fall back to using the values (if any) stored in the browser cookie. A warning will appear in the cyborg.ipt. "Help" now defaults to using the web, rather than large inline help strings. Additional special-case annotations added for cyborgs built under "error" conditions.
71 10-11 April 99
  • Added new special escape codes
  • %c and %l... enhanced entlist ENTER command.
  • Split code into independant units for shorter load times.
The basic list is now over 70K!
70 15 February 99
69 8 February 99
  • Cleaned up some old-fashioned cookie fields.
  • Expanded Javascript in selection form.
68 20 January 99 Better error handling when HTML POST methods fail.
67 9 January 99 Removed 'xSerNum' since hexkeys are more important. Saved about 60 bytes per cyborg for all users.
66 30 December 98 Further cookie compression, changed some defaults.
65 25 December 98
  • Compressed browser cookies, replacing many with hexkeys. Improved cookie text handling as well.
  • Web-based personalized cyborg help much-improved and incorporated directly into the cyborg.
64 22 November 98 Added ICQ support to the beta group
63 6 October 98 More work on new Help System
62 1 October 98 Starting work on new Help System and bug fixes.
61 2 Aug 98 Bug fixes and address changes.
60 28 July 98 Bug fixes and a host of invisible internal debuging routines.
59 18 April 98 Bug fixes and host switching.
58 2 Jan 98
  • Added "zzap," "macroSwitch," "translator," and "autoLOL."
  • Put in some preliminary support for the upcoming KidBot Club.
57 30 Dec 97 Added "dump," "pid," "dropit," and "mp."
56 27 Dec 97
  • Added "antiflood" and "alarm."
  • Fixed some toggle bugs.
  • Upgraded some wiz commands.
55 14 Nov 97
  • Fixed a bug in "lagometer."
  • Changed some HTML formats for the main checklist.
  • Discovered another bug in the Palace client; a bug that was messing-up "aside2" implemented a safe workaround.
54 6 Nov 97 Fixed a nasty bug in "hi2all" a simple unterminated string would cause some people's entire computers to crash!
53 23 Sept 97 Fixed some tricky string escape characters.
52 19 Aug 97 Added some markers for people who want to insert non-warranty traps into their cyborg.
52 23 Sept 97
  • "Bulkhi2" changed to "bhi."
  • Internal efficiency improvements.
51 14 Aug 97
  • "aside" global problem fixed (really!).
  • "nicebox" added.
50 9 July 97 "finger" timelimited.
49 4 June 97
  • "hi2all" moved to Greeting group.
  • "giveall" moved to PropTrix group.
  • "zoop3," "hugger," and "painthi" added to BetaTest group.
  • Data©'s "dressup" suite gets its own group.
48 22 May 97
  • Fixed a bug in "aside2."
    • Made user strings more bullet-resistant, made some string code self-cleaning (fewer spurious empty strings).
      • Added "giveall."
47 29 April 97 More format changes to accomodate Internet Explorer.
Added "hi2all."
Implemented client-side cookies to simplify rebuilding your cyborg.
Moved "aside" etc to YakYak group.
46 23 April 97 Minor format changes.
45 10 April 97 Enhancements to "aside;" added "aside2" and "aside3."
Documentation revisions everywhere.
44 9 April 97 New internal HTML handling, more descriptions in the web page.
43 31 Mar 97 Added "aside."
Variable default prop for "blondie."
42 31 Mar 97 New serial numbering scheme.
Added the "brbResp" inchat.
41 8 Mar 97 Added "unwhisp" and "rewhisp."
Minor HTML tweaks to make Dr. HTML happy.
40 23 Feb 97 Added always hide, no ESP, and no whisper flags.
39 8 Feb 97 Fix to "blanket."
Some internal text touchups.
38 2 Feb 97 Subtle improvements to "ap."
Added "strip" wizard command.
Cleaner "t_or_f" function -- should solve problems with on/off toggles.
37 25 Jan 97 no_trace.
36 16 Jan 97 Enhanced "hang."
Corrected for a client parser error in "jihad."
35 2 Jan 97 Bug fix.
Reduced DNS load for some `list-ing operations.
34 1 Jan 97 Added "mv" as a silent alternative to "come here."
Added "jihad" to the wizard group.
Added "xbrb/xbak."
33 26 Dec 96 Added "pin" and "free."
Added "ulist" to toggle room-entry user lists.
Expanded "crudcatch" to `mute troublemakers.
32 17 Dec 96 Added "say_hello" message (suggested by Khar2oon).
Renamed "ent_room" to "log_room."
Added a reference to for bogus init diagnostics.
31 13 Dec 96 Commemorative Friday the 13th Edition.
Added: Peter van Roon's "macmidi" trap;
"crudcatch" inchat trap for wizards.
First version of Data©'s "dress" command.
Some hidden internal changes.
30 18 Nov 96 Added "propspot" to the "beta" group (for now) to be added to the "wizard" group, or perhaps the first of a new "authoring" group.
29 12 Nov 96 Modified "bug" to use the natpix bug-report web page.
Lots of internal HTML cleanup.
"Hang" & "border" added to the "PropTrix" group.
"Hop" added to the "Motion" group.
Added "blanket" to BetaTest.
28 6 Nov 96 Made it behave sensibly if the finger or loginMsg strings were empty.
Fixed some bugs in the "gsmart" wizard commands.
27 5 Nov 96 A new initOK global was added. This cut into the total space for global variables, but it functions as a Bad Gate Catcher if the cyborg initialization fails because of a conflict with the server's SIGNON setup, improperly-initialized features won't bomb; they just won't run.
26 31 Oct 96 The big news for #26 is the new time function in strings, the "%h" escape, from a function devised by bc
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