Behold The BotBot!

The (Easy) Road to XBot

The BotBot is a web service here that will create a Palace "Cyborg.ipt" file for you giving anyone a simple way to harness the power of Palace scripting, without copying, cutting, pasting, deciphering... in fact without actually scripting at all.

You do not have to understand the Palace's "iptscrae" programming language to use the BotBot.
Just pick and click on the script features you want. No worrying about variable and function scopes, no hassling with which piece goes where, or the mysterious vagaries of RPN notation. To heck with all that. Just fill out the automated form on the next page and let the BotBot do the rest.

The form has lots of checkboxes for a wide variety of Cyborg features just click on the ones you want to try. It also lets you select customized login strings, has a flashy auto-reply "finger" script, and much much more.
You can even select whole suites of functions, if they appear in the list as part of a group just click of the group's checkbox, and all the groups' members will come along for the ride.
Once you've made your selections, press Build Cyborg.ipt at the bottom of the form. A brand-new custom-made cyborg script will appear on your screen. Select "Save As..." in your web browser, and save the cyborg script as a Text file. To use it, name the file cyborg.ipt and place it in the same folder as your palace client program. It will load-in automatically next time you begin a palace session.
That's all there is to it! Enjoy your new custom cyborg.

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