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Thu, 30 Dec 99 at 05:58:14

what your looking for is allscray...I think...[] -saturn

saturn <>
Dubbo, NSW AU

Thu, 30 Dec 99 at 00:28:07

Hi there ! I look for a wizard cyborg , with it can I send user to any room , and can I dress a user avs aso... Please can u make for me a cyborg Wizard ? And can you explain me all the commands ? Thank you.

Samir <>
Vienna, Vienna Austria

Wed, 29 Dec 99 at 10:11:20

what gdaze??? I CANT HEAR YOU!?  -saturn

saturn <>
Dunno, NSW AU

Wed, 29 Dec 99 at 05:25:55

OK here it goes im really anctious to make me a borg me like a person i control i heard people make em at wonder land there is a rat bot and i really enjoy i want a bot that responds to thgings i say to i would wish to have a site or a explanation to make a bot that folows me around this dude makes em i asked him and he freegin said that itd take a week so i called him a "bleep" and shouved a "bleep" up his "bleep" anyways wish u could help me X yur so friigin smart......C the way look me up my name on palaCE is (Kƒ)±l{0®l\lB0Y±(l3®0)......peace X

immm hi my names matt <>
savanah, ga USA

Tue, 28 Dec 99 at 22:50:57


gdaze Jr(Police Force Captain) <>
Brookings, or USA

Tue, 28 Dec 99 at 18:30:49

i want to know how to edit my cyborg can you tell me

Patrick <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 276]
Sun, 26 Dec 99 at 18:34:04

Rich&{Limp BiZkit}: to make a room dim like you're saying try this ;;;; ON ENTER { 15 ME SETALARM } ON ALARM { [20 40 60 80 0] 5 RANDOM GET DIMROOM 15 ME SETALARM }

saturn <>
Dunno, NSW AU

Sun, 26 Dec 99 at 18:22:13

is that all you people wanna do is clone and steal props wihtout permission?! sick! what ever happened to chatting huh???? if you knew anything you'd realize how easy and lame it is to even get the ~clon client..and that its illegal and anyone caught using it (and their parents) could possibly be sued by Communities.Com...go get something to do... like, besides cloning and flooding...shesh -saturn

saturn <>
Dubbo, NSW AU

Sat, 25 Dec 99 at 02:18:27

can i get some tip on how to do all the flashes in the room and how to do more them more ZIP real fast and how to do all these thanx RIch

Rich&{Limp BiZkit}; <>
pennsauken, nj USA

Thu, 23 Dec 99 at 21:29:55


gdaze Jr(Police Force Captain) <>
brookings, or USA

Thu, 23 Dec 99 at 21:29:32


Eric Beem <>
brookings, or USA

Thu, 23 Dec 99 at 17:26:44

Hey I have a few questions how can i get a persons avatar without them having to give it to me!!!!!! What script is it so that as a god or wizard u can select people and move them to a room!!!!!!! And does anyone have a palace reg code for the full licence that i could get

Davis Darvish <>

Mon, 20 Dec 99 at 23:31:31

Oh my gosh , I did NOT know that was illegal. Some kid sent it to me and it didn't even work. I feel so dumb. Okay thanks X ---- I deleted it.

Jason <>

Mon, 20 Dec 99 at 18:38:41

I saw on your webpage that you said you would try to show how to steal another users avatar but I haven't been able to find that on your page. Someone sent me a file called cloner.exe but I cannot open it, it tells me there is an invalid program setting. So I was wondering if you knew how to fix that or if you could tell me where to find an av stealer. Please write me back. Thankyou

Jason <>

Mon, 20 Dec 99 at 05:11:40

ON SELECT { [ "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" ] 5 RANDOM GET LOCALMSG } ;;just fill those in with the appropriate phrase...and if I'm wrong...I hope X can correct me...hehe -saturn

saturn <>

Mon, 20 Dec 99 at 01:16:12

Hi there, we aer trying to build a script that will be able to do the following : when you click on a "spot" (door) it prints onscreen a random phrase... damn i speak french let me rephrase this... lets say in your script you have 5 different numbers.... 1, 2, 3, 4, and ..yes 5... :-) when you click on the spot containing those numbers one of them will eandomly appears i know how to use to ON SELECT but stock right now on the RANDOM part.... Please help me !!!!! been working on it for 16 hours straight now.... thanks a lot.... M.Happy

M.Happy <>
Montreal, QC Canada

Sun, 19 Dec 99 at 03:18:24

Heya X... cool FF stuff... looks neat, and I cant wait for it to come out (like movies like that) -- -- do you work on the movie or a game? or am I totally off and its a game and not a movie? LOL -saturn ... oh, always been wondering.. how do I do a <BR> when adding to the book? It'd look a lot better with what I send..thanks

saturn <>
Dubbo, NSW AU

Sun, 19 Dec 99 at 03:04:41

From the email client of Herman Hermanson, SR.: Hello, my name is Herman Hermanson. I am a 42 year old male from a small town in Idaho. Once when I was 15 I fell out of a tree and landed on my head. Oh, my family... My father was a relentlessly self improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. My father would womanise, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts for being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. At the age of twenty-six I went off to learn how to sew at SSA. I then openend my own business where we all would use computers to make sewing designs. I then ordered internet access from a local cable company, so that we could "get online". I then discovered the Palace software, and became addicted. As I was using the computer, "palace'ing" for endless hours I became unaware to my sourroundings, very easily irritable. Until all of my employees left the business and I was forced to file for bankruptcy, Leaving me with only The Palace to socialize with my "friends". I learned how to use the palace's scripting language "Iptscrae" and became more addicted. I gave up on all outside things and was knowingly addicted to the computer, the hottub dried up and the cats died of neglect. Anyway, I'd like to get to the point... can I be a wiz? I'm really good at things, and would be a dedicated worker... I understand people ask this question a lot but I am indeed different and can prove it. Please write back to me and I will be glad to help. Thank you, Mr. Herman Hermanson SR., GSED

Herman Hermanson <>

Thu, 16 Dec 99 at 11:15:13

I reallllly wanna be a wizard. I went to the mansion ( which i am at all teh time) and saw this thing saying you can wait til the opperttunity comes, ask, or something else, i forget. But I dunno what to do., Rsvp soon

Sweetgrl2000 <>
Pt.Pleasant, NJ USA

Wed, 15 Dec 99 at 20:17:21

I was wondering where I could find more detailed information on two subjects that are somewhat interrelated: 1) I was looking at ;allscray and the antiscray scripts and it seems like my cyborg's ON INCHAT section(s) must run *before* any other spots in the room (like the ON INCHAT that runs the ;allscray check/run), but I'm not sure if this is so nor am I sure what the EXIT command in antiscray is needed for (wouldn't "" CHATSTR = suffice?). More generally, I'd like to know the order in which all the ON commands are run... any diagrams? *S 2) Where do Palace scripts run, on the client or the server? Does the client get handed all the server's stuff and go from there, vice versa, or a mix? I've downloaded the PDF manuals from but haven't gone through them completely; feel free to RTFM me if I'm just being lazy :) Thanks for having such an informative site!

Bryan <>

Wed, 15 Dec 99 at 10:47:40

Hi Dr. I have a prob. with my bkiss, all the time i watch alot of ppls who can use a prop to turn and kiss at the arrow poss. but this one of mine will not do it.. Can you tell what i'm doin wrong or at least how to get it to work,,,, I had a few friends to try ,, it works when they have my borg but when i get it back it will not work for me........ Any help would be of great help.....tks

Randy <>
Ashland, oh USA

Tue, 14 Dec 99 at 18:52:21

My cyborg file deleted totally and now when i made another one and put it up it never works. No script will work at all.

Becky <>
West Seneca, NY USA

Fri, 10 Dec 99 at 23:17:17

Hey I got all my scripts today well all except the pokemon ones but there already starting not to work at all its really embarrising in battles just nothing happens like spx i type and enter nothin now they did work for while but now i dont know its just nothing happens HELP FOR THE SAKE OF MY BATTLE!!!!!!

Jeice <>
Alexandria, VA USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 74]
Thu, 09 Dec 99 at 00:42:10

I am looking for a bot that runs in a cyborg.ipt file. I just need something simple. If you can help me or need more information, drop me an email or ICQ at: 13180974. You can visit my Palace (24/7) at: Port 9998. Thanks!

Andrew <>
Seattle, WA USA

If you mean some sort of AI, face it -- iptscrae is just not up to it. The most successful AI, the well-known ratbot, was written long ago in C as a plugin and it's still pretty dumb except within its narrow domain of playing "Wheel of Cheese."
Wed, 08 Dec 99 at 21:10:13

i cant get anything but zap to work....could you help me out?

Space Cow <>
Spring Hill, Fl USA

Try bothelp
Wed, 08 Dec 99 at 18:02:55

i can't get the botbot thing to work, it never does, and i saved it as a text file int the palace client folder and everything with the right name but it doesn't ever work

Kevin Little <>

Did you check the name in DOS? Windows may not display the entire name often IE saves it as "cyborg.ipt.txt" and Windows doesn't display the ".txt" portion.
Tue, 07 Dec 99 at 20:40:44

hey some guy... try this: [] and if you still have problems - ask again -saturn

saturn <>

Tue, 07 Dec 99 at 20:38:42

heya X... were you in a coma or just taking a break from botzilla? you kinda poofed for a few weeks.. well anyway..welcome back..! -saturn

saturn <>
Dubbo, NSW AU

Just blasting 16 hours a day on Final Fantasy, is all.
Tue, 07 Dec 99 at 20:24:27

when i try and make a av from a pic the colors are always screwed up, so i found out i had to download the palatte , so i did and try'd to import/load it into paint pro or whatever the program was called, and it wouldn't load it saying that it was a invalid palette file or something, if any one can help e-mail me!

some guy <>

See here
Tue, 07 Dec 99 at 16:37:15

I am having a problem with my script for blondie. Everytime I or anyone else uses it my computer freezes up. DO you know why this is happening or can you tell me how to fix this. ANd one other Q about scripts..where can i get more kissing scripts?????

Jewels (Marianne Iozzo) <>
Augusta, Ga USA

You may be missing some props.... you haven' been cutting and pasting now, have you?
Mon, 06 Dec 99 at 20:01:45

i didnt read the manual cuz im a lazy bum, but here goes; when i try to use backtalk all it does is post, which is the addy of my isp. strange huh. --~-lizZie

tha big eLL <>
blahville..heh, tx USA

Beats me, the traceback shows that your web browser may have been all messed up too. Might explain why you posted this identical message so many times, huh?
Fri, 03 Dec 99 at 19:12:24

Can you give me a script so I cannot be alscrayed. I already have it in a cyborg,but I can't find it, and Im not a rookie at borgs. (or maybe I am)...soooooooo..can you give me just what I need, so I may get another borg from botzilla, then add the anti-scray??.. yes I know it voids etc etc...but your stuff works well, so I dont really need a "warranty"..

Mark Allan <>
Lakewood, oh USA

No such script. Not really. Some scripts may work at some sites some of the time -- but not all sites all of the time.

And no, I won't make you a custom borg. I am a jerk that way.

Fri, 03 Dec 99 at 06:53:29

wait.. I take that back- is "The Fraser Journal" which is a canadian japanese magazine ("the only japanese magazine in canada") [I could see why...] -saturn

saturn <>

True, but the "yahho" address was indeed invalid. Nihongo wakarimasen ka? Ikimasen.... ne...
Fri, 03 Dec 99 at 06:50:07

ayala... that's what the botbot is for... (and I do believe its "" not ""

saturn <>

Thu, 02 Dec 99 at 16:15:43

hello, iwas wondering if u have any good bots that i can have , i'm not such a good scripter and i dun make good bots ;( . but i love bots . so can u send me some? thx, ayala

ayala <>

a href="../ibot.html target="_top">Here you go
Wed, 01 Dec 99 at 11:06:18

Sorry, it's not possible to trigger someone else's on outchat scripts unless the script is in a room spot, like sat said. I thought you meant moving outchat scripts so that bots (and yourself of course) could use them.

Cybrr© <>

The best solution is probably to structure the bot a differenet way put the commands in the INCHAT section, with a surrounding test of WHOCHAT WHOME == IF the downside of such a method is that the commands can never be silent the user's speech to trigger them will always appear to anyone listening, unless the user is whispering to themselves (also possible).
Tue, 30 Nov 99 at 20:59:53

Thanks sat and cy,although I really appreciate all the help you are trying to give me I guess I was a little too vague . I'll try to be a bit more specific this time....;-)

Ok heres what I want to do.I want to use a simple "whatever"SAY server script to activate someones cyborg thats an outchat script with the command "whatever" . I used zap as an example because almost the whole palace world has zap...another example would be using ;allscray or ;ao to use someone elses clean ;ao"clean"SAY and activate their clean script .

With the way palace is setup the person would end up saying clean but not activating their cyborg script . It's kinda like if you (cy or Sat) came to my palace , and I wanted to see if you have zap and I whispered ;ao "zap"SAY to you . Instead of me seeing your cool zap I would just see you say the word zap . So I guess basically I am trying to activate an outchat script on someone elses client via an outchat server script or by using ;ao.

As far as I know it can't be done but I figured X was "the man"(and I mean that respectfully) and maybe he knew a way to do it . Also if i'm right and there is no way to do it maybe he would take the time to explain why to me . One last thing....sorry X for using so much server space ;-) -Hammer©

Hammer© <>

Tue, 30 Nov 99 at 20:51:51

i dont know how to use the cyborg.ipt file. can you please tell me how a.s.a.p. thank you,brian.

brian <>
treasure island, fl USA

a href="../ibot.html target="_top">Here you go
Tue, 30 Nov 99 at 18:34:18

Want to trigger scripts with scripts? Just move them to a { } WHOCHAT WHOME == IF nest in ON INCHAT. ON INCHAT { <the stuff that's already in here> { <outchat scripts> } WHOCHAT WHOME == IF } Like this:


;inchat Zap
	   "!)no Zap!" MOUSEPOS SAYAT
	   255 0 0 PENCOLOR 2 PENSIZE 
;this line is redundant "" CHATSTR =
	} CHATSTR "i_zap" == IF
I changed the CHATSTR "zap" == IF to CHATSTR "i_zap" == IF so it doesn't unnecessarily trigger (eg If an outchat version already did what it would do. Like the abyss script, which doesn't have "" CHATSTR = )

This trick won't work for scripts that depend on INCHAT =, like the backwards talk script, unless you replace the INCHAT = with SAY Use WHOME PRIVATEMSG to make the script whisper to yourself to avoid that the command will be visible to everyone.

If the script uses globals, make sure you copy those into inchat too. The script will not be triggered as fast as it would be on outchat, so keep your mouse pointer in the same place till you see the script working. To execute above's example on enter:

"i_zap" SAY
or, if you don't want ppl to see you saying "i_zap":
I think this'll help you with that secret agenda thing, Hammer© ;)

Cybrr© <>

Mon, 29 Nov 99 at 18:19:11

not telling? ooooo well you just gotta take it out of OUTCHAT and remove the CHATSTR block to make it work ON ENTER.. really...


Sat, 27 Nov 99 at 20:07:09

Thanks Sat for replying to my question . But that wasn't what I wanted the outcome to be . As with just about anything...I have a hidden agenda behind the vague question that I asked . The zap was just a way to ask my question without having to say why I have been wondering . Anywayz I didn't figure it was possible but it was a really neat idea...;-)BTW...hows the sat-v going? -Hammer©(aka - not telling :-Þ)

Hammer© <>

Sat, 27 Nov 99 at 06:05:45

now that I look at what you posted again, NO THAT WONT WORK... you cant exicute a chatstr with a chatstr... you'd have to make the actual "zap" script an ON ENTER instead of ON OUTCHAT with a chatstr as an activator...try this:


saturn <>

Sat, 27 Nov 99 at 06:01:22

hammer: put that in a spot script... it'll work as long as you change anything like "lowchat" to "chatstr lowercase" -saturn

saturn <>
Dubbo, NSW AU

Fri, 26 Nov 99 at 18:06:50

Every once and a while when I close my palace software it gives me an ilegel error and when I close it I go back eather my palace is broken(unable to use) props all missing inclooding guest props or it makes it unable to get in the software(ilegle error untell reinstalled) whats going on I wanted to know so I can fix it.

Eric Beem <>
Brookings, Or USA

Fri, 26 Nov 99 at 10:53:10

I have a script named lips I would like to know how to set my prop in that script?

Lynn <>
Fall River, MA USA

Beats me.
Tue, 23 Nov 99 at 21:37:56

Hey X, I was only wondering if you could explain why you cant execute a script with a script ? Like say... ON ENTER{ "zap"SAY } And have the result be the person who enters actually executing their zap script instead of just saying zap ? Just kind of a mindless question I have been wondering for some time now . Thanks! -Hammer©

Hammer© <>

See the many responses above.
Tue, 23 Nov 99 at 19:01:04

How do we know what to say when using these scripts? Also, i there some way we can test them to see them in action?

Super Saiyan Goku <>
Caseyville, IL USA

Certainly, Kakkarot... just use the bothelp function, right here on botzilla.
Tue, 23 Nov 99 at 08:29:18

ich brauche script

rocky <>
wien, 16 USA

Sun, 21 Nov 99 at 08:22:37

How much Prop´s give´s in the World for Boys?

Thomas <>
Wien, 1190 Österreich

Is this an elliptical reference to the Village People?
Sat, 20 Nov 99 at 20:17:31

I cant get botbot to work for me, I have tried it before and it comes out in a jumbled mess and only half of the scripts work and the other half doesnt, and BRBResp or what ever it is doesnt work.

Nick <>
Louisville, KY USA

I'm guessing your browser is misinterpreting the cyborg.ipt as an internet phone file -- hard to tell without seeing it.
Sun, 14 Nov 99 at 14:49:01

AHHHHHH!!!!!!1 iT'S ME AGAIN.... o.k i downloaded botbot and all. I put it in the palace file and named it cyborg.ipt. but! when ever I enter a palace my log goes haywire! it starts scrolling real fast saying I'm rejecting esps and other stuff. and music starts playing unstopping! then it says something like Behold Olypums(Name of Palace) Blizzard (name of user) is here! or something like that and i can't stop it please help me. thanx

Blizzard <>

Sounds like it's working normally but you didn't know what you set it up to do...
Sun, 14 Nov 99 at 14:39:31

I made my botbot file smaller and still it doesn't work.. everytime I enter a paint enabled room some weird music goes and I say something stupid over and over again! it got me kicked off a palace! And I didn't even type anything! I can't even zap anyone! Please help. ICQ=53026629.

Blizzard <>

If you want help, please send in the actual script -- and get an email address that doesn't bounce.
Sat, 13 Nov 99 at 21:55:24

Do you have ratbot and the client, if you do, will you please email me...thanks -Nick

Nick <>

You can get them from
Fri, 12 Nov 99 at 15:55:21

Hi Dr.X, I'm new at this thing......cyborg thing....looks kind of cool and my friend Carl told me u could help me like u helped him.Ok....first of all, i downloaded a cyborg already made (i'm lazy, i know) on and i've put it in my palace folder and i've reloaded the script like a hundred times but IT DOESN'T WORK :(. could u help me???.... i need to know if there r some channels it doesn't work or if i have to enter a special commend or something.... i don't know. please help me :) ps. i have a machintosh to (like carl)

Jonathan Gaudet <>
hull, Qc Canada

That's teach you to trust strange web sites! I'd say ask the guys behind but I do fear you might find that they're clueless.
Thu, 11 Nov 99 at 22:47:14

Ok. I wanna put this to help X. Hey, You people, a cyborg is a client script. Thats mean the botbot will give u a user script. In some case, The script won't work coz the palace ur are in DON'T WANT YOU to use it. When you enter a palace, look on the status bar ( people: 1/1 ). If on signon its says: "Xbot active", well, try the zap command. If it work try something else. Now, be sure u place the botbot cyborg.ipt in palace directory (Duh). Also be sur of the extension: cyborg.IPT. If u play scripting whit it, don't save as... or save... just click the X ( Windows ) and it ask if u wanna keep the change u made. Say yes. If it ask are u sure coz blablabla... say yes. When you download it, hit the buil cyborg button just once!...for ie, its easy. For netscape, u know the rule: Save as. And by the way, all the script works... even beta one hehehe... Hey, build a palace and try it on ur own first! Read about iptscrea a little! Well, thats all...


Thu, 11 Nov 99 at 19:45:26

It like deletes itself or something, not really deletes, becuase it still there, I should say, Stop working, Szap doesnt work, Pulse, zzap, and someothers, Mail me if ya know whats up.

So(\/)eGuY <XvAriHeadvX>
...., ... ....

No one will mail you without a mail address.
Wed, 10 Nov 99 at 18:20:28

Hiya Dr. X I've made my Botbot with my mac and did "save as" and named Cyborg.ipt.I've let it override the old cyborg. But it saves as a web page in the finder. IS this normal. And another thing, I doesn't work. I've loaded the sript and typed all the commands I had, non worked. PLease write me back a quite complete description of what to do to have it work. Thank you very much for your help, and I hope to hear from uyou soon

Carl Cleroux <>
hull, Qc Canada

Try using "Bunchtyper" or a similar app to change the type. Did it save with html inserted into the file? You might want to check it with vim or some other text editor.
Tue, 09 Nov 99 at 16:59:53

how do u use the bot bots i got them but how do u use them?

ST.Paul <>
brookline , ma USA

Try bothelp
Sun, 07 Nov 99 at 23:01:59

I make a cyborg.ipt with BotBot but it didn't work. And I don't know why!!! PLEASE HELP! i CAN'T EVEN ZAP! MY ICQ NUMBER IS 53026629!please please help me.

Blizzard <>
toronto, canada

Try bothelp

And follow directions, capiche?

Sun, 07 Nov 99 at 21:20:42

HELP!! i'm trying to put my palace on the new pserver 4.4, and tonite, thought i had it (yes, i read and d/led the manual for the server) but, now, when i enter my palace, my cyborg doesnt automatically dress me, AND i'm gettin a palace messages flashing at the bottom of the screen saying Caution: Bogus INIT! <----- WHAT IS THAT? and HOW do i fix it??? PLEASE HELP! its drivin me NUTS pls email me, and post here to help other pple also? .WINK! aka Suzi

.Wink! (Suzi) <>

Sounds like the god who installed the site you're accessing (hey, wait a minute) screwed up. If you want to permit bots, make sure the gate is NOT a cyborg-free zone.
Sun, 07 Nov 99 at 03:26:12

there's one funny and stupid... Put a pic in the picture directory of the palace that u want to do this ``very stupid trick``. doh . Or better, change a name of a -already in- pic to: (whatever.gif). Be sure that this name is not already into the directory. Do the 'rpicture command on this pic ( Create a room first ) In this case: 'rpicture whatever.gif Nothing happens... or will? See, the client think that if the pic is in ur directory... well thats ok. But move ur avantar a bit and see what happens... I do this when a want to afraid lamers: ``hey man, i upload u a virus...`` (French guy)=_= Man, why i wrote that...


Sat, 06 Nov 99 at 16:37:45


xdfjdf <sdrg@fhjhfg.bff>
sertg, esf werf

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 78]
Thu, 04 Nov 99 at 16:56:15

and to answer Moon Princess' question... the BotBot80 is not working due to a user compatibility error... replace the user and hit any key when ready.

saturn <>
Dubbo, NSW AU

Thu, 04 Nov 99 at 16:53:12

you can run 2 servers if you resedit them enough so that they dont have a multiple instince problem..and if you run them on different ports... hope that answers your question

saturn <>
Dubbo, NSW AU

Tue, 02 Nov 99 at 05:54:59

Is there any way to run two pservers off the same computer on macintosh?

Captain Wes <>
Orlando, FL USA

Mon, 01 Nov 99 at 21:08:04

Why isn't bot bot working? i have been waiting for month to fingure out... a wiz told me its not working.. WHY?!

Moon Princess <>

Mon, 01 Nov 99 at 11:55:04

Internal Server Error people plz fix it

Crusader <>
Montrose, CO USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 148]
Sat, 30 Oct 99 at 18:32:41

The cyborg script does not work at all i saved it in the directry that the palace is stored in and i tried every comand and not even my mesg comes up (the one were you come into rooms) please help me tata mail me lee fletcher

lee fletcher <>
nottingham, uk england

Thu, 28 Oct 99 at 22:52:41

I am not sure what I did wrong but I crashed and had to redo my borg. When I saved and loaded. entered Palace, Everythang worked except the Enter Palace doesn't even announce me as coming into the palace..everythang else works fine.. BTW..I tell everyone I know to visit Bot we think it is so neat. Thank ya so much fer creating all these cool scripts and such.. Sincerely, Grace Boling

Grace Boling <>
Cumming, GA USA

Thu, 28 Oct 99 at 12:09:05

I added a script and now my whole borg went ka plooey hehe PLEASE HELP ME. I checked it and don't see whats wrong

Kimberly <>
Nashville, TN USA

Thu, 28 Oct 99 at 10:52:34

;Cyborg Script Serial# 80280999-1805020232-0400 ;Created for XBot80 by The BotBot v.80 ;Portions Copyright (C)1999 Kevin Bjorke/National Pixel Products ;Support: ;hexkey 8c0a191b1c1d1e2027282a323336393e4144494a4c9d4d4e4f57589b616b798081829a89 t_or_f defined global in ON SIGNON, then used in ON OUTCHAT for alarm: { "$1" GREPSUB t = { alarmSet NOT alarmSet = } { t t_or_f EXEC alarmSet = } t "" == IFELSE "" CHATSTR = "alarm " { "On" } { "Off" } alarmSet IFELSE & STATUSMSG } lowchat "alarm *(.*)" GREPSTR IF But not defined as global in ON OUTCHAT. Typing alarm always turns the alarm on.

Justin Jenkins <>
Indianapolis, IN USA

Thu, 28 Oct 99 at 01:39:36

also as for thom <> who was asking about the AP script.. you might want to go through and make sure that brackets {} arent missing... if that isnt the problem I suggest re-building your bot through the BotBot


Thu, 28 Oct 99 at 01:36:24

ok.. to answer that question.. no. there is no script to keep you from being cloned. allthough.. its also rumored, but probably more true. that the new Unix and linux servers have a fix to allow only real wizards and gods to ~clon. the reason there cant be a script to block it.. well... look at it... "~clon".. its a tilde (~) command.. which is un-blockable by normal palace scripts... so.. until communities releases a new client.. or server.. with a fix.. you're stuck being cloned by lazy people who cant bother to ask... and when they do, and "no" is answered.. they can't accept it.. heh.. -saturn

saturn <>

Wed, 27 Oct 99 at 12:09:38

Ok, I dunno if this was a rumur or if it was true, but I heard that there is a script that enables you NOT to be cloned by someone. If you or anyone that happens to read my entry in this book know where I can get that script, if in fact it does exsist, PLEASE let me know. Thanx =D

Tiffany <>
Rochester, NY USA

Mon, 25 Oct 99 at 11:11:51

Hey, a friend of mine has recently informed me that he has found my Quadweave script on the botbot! Though I am very flattered to see it end up in such a place, as is usually the case I did not authorize it to be there, especially without *any* credit given to me whatsoever, not my name, handle, the date it was made, the website it came from, nada! Soooo, if you plan on keeping that accessable to botbot users, please be sure to have me credited in there as I did spend a lot of time getting that one to work right; I sorta consider it my "crowning acheivement" in paint iptscrae. Oh yeah, my handle is )))Stereo(((, as you will discover if you head over to my website and find the script in my own humble iptscrae section. I keep all my "user-serviceable" scripts commented with at least my handle, the date it was made, and a brief description of the script itself, and try to keep them that way, regardless of where they end up on this tangled web we weave.

Michael Khoury <>
Hollywood, Fl USA

Sun, 24 Oct 99 at 03:06:28

I can't seem to get the AP script to work at all and it's my very favorite!!! All the other ones work fine though. Please let me know what to do! I think the best thing would be for me to send you my cyborg.ipt file and you edit it or whatever and send it back! Thanks thom

thom <>

Mon, 18 Oct 99 at 14:04:38

Hey Dr. X, I know you get a millon stupid "geez they should already know how to do that" or stupid "Well yes dummy you con't do that questions" but I need to know something and I apperciate the fact that you are here to ask:) I have my own lil palace, just to store my avs and to show them off well. Do you know what script (if that is what is used) sets up the prop flip book approach to prop rooms. you know what I mean. the next, previous and reset buttons? I'm very new at this whole script and palace thing and I would like to know this. now if you don't know thanks....and if you don't feel like answering me thanks too...hahaha...I think I'm having one of those days myself...the phone will be ringing alot today but noone will be home.....HAHAHA..... Have a great day Dr. X

Andromeda <>
San Fransisco, CA USA

Sat, 16 Oct 99 at 22:27:17

what the hell is allscray, and how do i use shove?

Edge <>

Sat, 16 Oct 99 at 17:51:02

can you teach me ipscray

seth <>
cleveland, oh USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 110]
Sat, 16 Oct 99 at 03:17:58

ah hahahahha! I have gotten him! yes I! the evil CC... I attach myself to the end of peoples names as if to make it appear they made a typo! hahahaha!

cc <>
Cc., CC Land o' CC's

Sat, 16 Oct 99 at 03:15:21

ok... now that all the confusion and humiliation is over... a question for me: X, is there a thing like nbrroomusers but that tells the whole server occ? I cant remember/find thanks -saturncc

saturn <>

Sat, 16 Oct 99 at 03:09:05

ok- you may now call me names...BUT when I previewed that the things in carrots didnt show up..LOL I apologize again for cluttering the book :) and the BR's were because I thought it used HTML... so... why not? heh lol -saturn


Sat, 16 Oct 99 at 03:06:59

I apologize! I used carrots <<>> and it hid the options I was trying to make show up better! LOL- here it is again without carrots<Br> ok- for all of the people who get problems saving the BotBot Cyborg Iptscrae- heres what you do...<Br> once the botbot makes it... under file choose SAVE AS ...then -make sure you choose ALL TYPES for the type... NOT html and NOT txt...<Br> once you've done that.. find your main palace folder..(where your current Cyborg.IPT is) and douoble click that.. as if you were going to open it... a window will popup: REPLACE CURRENT FILE? click YES or OK or WHATEVER<Br> I use Netscape.. thats always worked fine for me... not sure about Evil-E users or Mac users... but thats just a tip :) -saturn

saturn <>

Sat, 16 Oct 99 at 03:04:36

ok- for all of the people who get problems saving the BotBot Cyborg Iptscrae- heres what you do... once the botbot makes it... under file choose <SAVE AS> ...then -make sure you choose <ALL TYPES> for the type... NOT html and NOT txt... once you've done that.. find your main palace folder..(where your current Cyborg.IPT is) and douoble click that.. as if you were going to open it... a window will popup; <REPLACE CURRENT FILE?> click <YES> or <OK> or <WHATEVER> I use Netscape.. thats always worked fine for me... not sure about Evil-E users or Mac users... but thats just a tip :) -saturn

saturn <>

Fri, 15 Oct 99 at 20:46:15

ooook,i found my first problem was i had the cyborg file saved as an html,so now i have it saved as a text file. is the icon supposed to show up as a wordpad? If so,then good so far. Now,i went into the palace and tried using them,and none of them work still. is there something i should put in front of what i say like ;fly or do i just say fly? that may be one of my problems. If not,please help,because ive saved the cyborg 3 times to my palace folder,and it hasnt worked a single time. thanx,§po0|{s

Spo0KeY <>
Wichita, KS USA

Fri, 15 Oct 99 at 00:37:25

Ok,i just saved the cyborg file to my palace,i went into palace,and tried using it. I said what was needed to be said to activate it,but nothing happened,not a single one of them works. Do i need to restart my computer before it starts to work or what? Nobody else knows whats wrong... <=o/

Ty B. {§po0|{eY} <>
Wichita, KS USA

Wed, 13 Oct 99 at 02:27:45

Ok editing script..... how can i find out about how to make the editing rooms change colors..... like at main or promise land???

tiare <>
hi hiUSA

Tue, 12 Oct 99 at 19:21:01

when i enter a room (even one that scripts are aloud in) i never see what i wrote when i created the cyborg can u help? Mark Langston

Brampton, Ont Canada

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 100]
Mon, 11 Oct 99 at 17:02:27

ok i made a bot bot that was 41.1kb i had one that was even bigger and it worked fine, it just replaced the @ sign with x40 so it kept repeating, so i decided to make it smaller(which the smaller one is 41.1k,like i said earlier) ok my problem is it says everytime i try to get out of the portal,that an illegal operation has accured it says: Palace32 caused an invalid page fault in module palace32.exe at 015f:00449dd0. and ect....... what is wrong it does this everytime i try to replace my cyborg! except the first time i had to save it in notepad to get it to work! lol answer me asap i am so mad at this thing!Thanx,Tara

AngelDust(Tara) <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 150]
Sun, 10 Oct 99 at 00:56:24

X, when I enter a room at The Campus,( I get this in my log:(focus on the "unknown event") I EAT CLAY: yeah *** ; saturn is Erasing Unknown Event: lrud Moved to Fraternity House 220 at 19:48:38 a friend (on a Mac) gets a similar message, but the unknown event is "durl" any idea what this is? I've talked to the god... and he says its not in any room scripts there, and no one else is getting it. also- its not in my, or my friends Cyborg.ipt thanks, -saturn

saturn <>
Dubbo, NSW Australia

Sat, 09 Oct 99 at 22:06:20

I can't get your personolized script thing to work. Please don't give me the same instructions that are on your page

Matt <>
?, ? USA

Sat, 09 Oct 99 at 20:39:49

the loopy script causes palace to have an illealge operation and close

andy Im Mean¡ngless <>
garland, tx USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 118]
Sat, 09 Oct 99 at 16:46:55

help?im totally lost!when i try to open my cyborg ipt file it says there is no script engine for file extension confused i tried the botbot but get the same results.

migs <>
fallriver, ma USA

Fri, 08 Oct 99 at 19:27:21

Sorry, but I am new to all this. Anyways I tried to use the BOTBOT simple stuff for someone like me. The "BetaTest Outchat Group" has "fan" well it wont work for me. You said to put it in the book if there are problems. So here I am. =) By the way I love the BOTBOT! Thanks! ~KRingGal

KRingGal <>

Fri, 08 Oct 99 at 17:39:36

ok X... got your message... and sent you one back ;) -saturn

saturn <>
Ohio USA

Fri, 08 Oct 99 at 16:09:18

Palace Trick: Making a lockable room with PC based client. The easy way ;o): To make a lockable room in the palace, the room must be private, and have two spots in it. 1 spot defined as a lockable door, with a destination (spotid) pointing to another spot, deadbolt type. This deadbolt spot also must have its destination pointing to the lockable door (spotid). With the mac client, this is easy as it allows you to type the spot id of the destination directly into the authoring window. The PC client however only has a drop down list which you cannot directly type a destination spotid into. The solution: Create 2 rooms, hidden and opperator only. These rooms will serve as pointers. In authoring mode in room 1, change its ROOMID to 1, and its name to LockPointer1. In room 2, change its ROOMID to 2, and its name to LockPointer2. Now go to the room you wish to make lockable. Go to authoring mode and make sure its type is PRIVATE. Create a spot, make sure its spotid is 1. Change existing spots if necessary. Make this spot's type Lockable Door. In the destination box, select the room LockPointer2. Now Create a second spot, make its spotid 2. Again change existing spots if necessary. Now make this spot type Deadbolt. In the destination box, select the room, LockPointer1. Viola... If you now click the deadbolt, you should hear the "clunk" of the lock engaging, and again, you should hear it open. You can add graphics to the spots as you wish to show its state as locked or unlocked.

~Panther~ <>

Fri, 08 Oct 99 at 04:04:09

I may just beparanoid...but...its either you asking me to send youa bot...or -someone is posing as you on UIN#51227153 in ICQ... if thats you I apologize for being paranoid... but if its not.. you might wanna look into it thanks! -saturn

saturn <>

Fri, 08 Oct 99 at 03:56:19

Hi I am looking for a cyborg for a bot, is there one that anyone has? that can answer questions, give URLS, and has a on off switch?

steve© <>
waterford, mi USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 90]
Thu, 07 Oct 99 at 23:55:11

To Dr.X... The mighty palace guru: I cant find any information on the what the difference between two server options is. playerkill and botkill Im pretty sure that playerkill simply allows members to use the 'kill command, but what does botkill allow or disallow? The palace manuals dont seem to elaborate on what they control.

~Panther~ <>

Wed, 06 Oct 99 at 16:51:54

;;;  Raincolor Smilie Face Color Changer
;;;  Changes the color of your smilie face and baloons with each message
;;;  Changes it through the colors instead of randomly like other scripts
;;;  "raincolor" turns it on and off
;;;  By "the" Orion©

	raincolor	GLOBAL
	CurColor	GLOBAL

    "$1" GREPSUB  x =
	x "on" SUBSTR x "[yt+]" GREPSTR OR raincolor =
      } { raincolor NOT raincolor =
    } x "^(.+)$" GREPSTR IFELSE
      "Raincolor is "
	{ "Off" } { "On" } raincolor IFELSE
    "" CHATSTR =

    { CurColor ++ } { 0 CurColor = } CurColor 15 < IFELSE
      CurColor SETCOLOR
} raincolor NOT

"the" Orion© <>

Cool, thanks! I like the traps for ; and whispering, too


{ CurColor ++ } { 0 CurColor = } CurColor 15 < IFELSE

could also be

CurColor 1 + 16 % CurColor =

oh, and dropping raincolor and using a semaphore value like -1 for CurColor reduces the global load to one variable (handy for big cyborgs)

thanks again! I'll try to work it into future botbot revs

Wed, 06 Oct 99 at 04:11:01

ELL0 X, Do you know about those props that close ppl's clients when they receive them? How do you make one?...not that I'd ever use it...

PooJo <>
Bris, QLD Australia

Yeah, I know about them.
Tue, 05 Oct 99 at 18:46:40

Every time I load my cyborg on the Palace, it says my Palace has performed an illegal operation. I don't understand why this is happening. Please help me with why this is happening. Thank you in advance. Aaron Woods

PuBLiCEnEmY <jaguar@brazoria.ent>
Lake Jackson, TX USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 152]
Mon, 04 Oct 99 at 20:08:14

Welcome back X, thanks for the ziprand script, I apreciate it, oh, and I think you need a Thanks catergory for posts to the book, for messages such as this, well, thanks again, bela is gonna hate me again, and shes evil. And what is a twit message #-whatever? Well, I am rambling, so catch ya later.

.~! Red !~. <>

Mon, 04 Oct 99 at 10:27:10

Peace Be With you, Thanks for your time

a friend

Sun, 03 Oct 99 at 19:40:35

X??? Where are you? You arent answering the book, havent for a while, and I would really like that ziprand script... anyway, come back soon!

.~! Red !~. <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 98]
Sun, 03 Oct 99 at 18:05:00

When I go on Palace, how do I get my bot bots activated? What do I do to get them to work?

Alicia Harmon <>
Aurora, CO USA

If the cyborg.ipt file is in the right place, it should auto-load when you next log in to a Palace site. You'll see the words "Cyborg Activated" in your log.
Fri, 01 Oct 99 at 00:31:46

hey X, im doin this cause there is a problem that im havin. well ive tryed this about 20 times already and every time i go to the botbot page and fill in all the things i want in my script, then i click on build cyborg.ipt, and nuttin happens!!! is shows that its busy doin something but it dont do anything, and ill wait for up to an hour waitin and nuttin what so ever happens! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Sephiroth <>
n/a, n/a USA

Beats me. I know that Sprint had some problems in the Florida region (where the Botzilla host machine resides). The page appears fine to me!
Thu, 30 Sep 99 at 05:09:52

Just thought I would say thankyou for posting some very useful info. I consider myself and artist first, a "techi" second, so any kind of info I can glean from the truly intelligent is most appreciated on my part. I am having trouble with getting the avatar to load in the same color that I created it in, so the info I got here has GOT to help! I am one of those NON Adobe users. I was trained on MAC software when I went to a technical school for graphic arts, but the budget only allowed me to by a p.c. a few years back and I adjusted to IBM comp. software. So I will try to "wing" it with what I got! Thanks again, the Axx

Axx the Tsar <>
Albuquerque, NM USA

PSP or photostyler etc should all be adequate.
Wed, 29 Sep 99 at 15:52:53

Was having problem with misnaming of file cyborg.ipt as cyborg~1.txt. Took your suggestion of going into dos and renaming. used dos prompt box in 95 and progman at prompt to emulate 3.1. program manager. Easy to rename there, even for morons. Thank you for all the free stuff!!! Toni

mysteek <>

Tue, 28 Sep 99 at 16:49:00

ok i have been reading the book

  1. there is a way to clone without being a wizard but it is ilegal A.K.A. hexed palace
  2. now if u name a prop "cyberg%400cyberg%400cyberg%40" it will crash u i remeber i crashed in new pserver in new client you cant get around it
  3. everyone update the pservers or people can put there name to "cyberg%400cyberg%400cyberg%400" and crash you hard core
  4. i would like a namedrop that works please email me my borg has a capacity of 50k its at 42 now but when i put one in it wont work i think its the script
  5. i am working on for ace check it out tons of scripts

  1. A "cloner client" is an illegal hack, and Communities.Com has actually announced that they intend to pursue and prosecute those who create and distribute. BTW, examination of the client by the Botzilla Laboratories reveals that it contains some flaws which will eventually make it inoperable and will probably trash your prop file, too.
  2. newer clients get around this
  3. newer clients get around this. Or do you mean that if you make a prop with this name it will crash the cloner? Because it certainly will.
  4. Namedrop works but depends on specific props
  5. okee
Mon, 27 Sep 99 at 23:41:16

I was in A palace (Ship of Fools) and a guy told me he got this script from here it was a set of lightinng bolts and lasers if you can tell me where to find this I would appreciate it.

JOrdan <>
Prescott Valley, AZ USA

Check here
Mon, 27 Sep 99 at 21:04:32

hi X, hmm, starting to be regular on the book, anyway, when I try to use backtalk, it says my ISP instead of talking backwords, thought you should know, hope ya fix it, .~! Red !~.

.~! Red !~. <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 98]
Sun, 26 Sep 99 at 20:48:24

hey, X, what happened to the script ziprand? I thought it was fun, but its off of botbot, could you put the code for it on the page somewhere, or put it back in botbot? please?

.~! Red !~. <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 98]
I put "ziprand" back, at least for now.
Sun, 26 Sep 99 at 12:51:51

I just updated my bot and when I go on the palace it says "BotBot V80 Active".But nothing works! I'm going nuts!Help me out here!

Tony <>
Sterling Hts., MI USA

Could you be more specific?
Tue, 21 Sep 99 at 16:17:03

When I tell bot bot to make it it makes it, but it doesnt work on Palace. When I opened it up with note book, and it has black squares all over the place. Would someone please change botbot, to where you can copy and paste, like you used to be able to. Thanks, Nick

Nick <>

This sounds like a browser problem... perhaps your window registry has "i,pt" files tagged to be associated with internet phone or some other program.
Mon, 20 Sep 99 at 20:16:13

can't seem to reset variables to create another cyborg?

van smith <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 132]
The reset button resets the form to the state it was when you opened it not to "empty."
Sat, 18 Sep 99 at 23:12:50

Just got whenever I try to enter a palace I get a type 1 error and palace quits. went back to my botbot74 and everything is fine.

Orion+the+Hunter <>
Miami, FL USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 138]
Sat, 18 Sep 99 at 11:48:55

when i tried to enter palace with new borg, it closed palace...illegal operation?

XBot61 <>

Sounds like an oversized bot, but hard to tell without more details.
Fri, 17 Sep 99 at 12:28:45

I downloaded the cyborg.ipt and put it the palace file but it still will not work. Am I not doing ssomething or what, all it will do is zap and nothing else.

Randy <>

Probably an incorrect name caused by your browser and/or Windows. Try renaming the file explicitly in DOS...
Tue, 14 Sep 99 at 11:44:19

I have been using he BotBot for a long time and has never had any problems with previous version except the ones we know on version 79. I am currently using Version80.IN A PALACE LIKE KSV.COM WHERE YOU CAN USE YOUR SCRIPTS I am encountering a problem and in a palace where scripts are off and I am a wiz I DONT HAVE THE PROBLEM UNTIL I SIGN IN AS WIZ. WHEN I TALK OR ANY OTHER PERSON TALKS I AM GETTIN THE FOLLOWING JUST IN THE LOG: James: hi An error has been encountered while executing the iptscrae script. THIS IS THE INFORMATION ON MY BOTBOT: Your XBot Serial #: 80140899-1406030326-0201 Your Hexkey: "8c020b191f2122242a9731363738474f575e9c677071727396777b82879a8889" thanx,James (WCoyote_kid)

James Kidd <>
Key West, FL USA

Logging into a scripts-free palace and wizzing-up will cause the same problems as a bogus init -- the script doesn't get initializaed properly.
Sun, 12 Sep 99 at 22:28:36

About my previous post, I wasnt asking you to fix my bot, I was just mentioning that Botbot wasnt working, for me anyway. Well today it is, and I got a whole new bot, and my OnEnter is messed up. I want it to be "@10,10 %n is here at %x." . I set it to that, saved it to palace folder, and reopened palace, and it keeps saying, "\x4010,10 .~! Red !~. is here at The Mothership" . It is putting the servername in, and the user name, but it is coming from my avatar, not the corner. I havent touched the bot as far as editing. Thanks for your time, please help.

Red <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 104]
X Sez:
Just the same, there was a bug with @ strings, now fixed.
Sun, 12 Sep 99 at 05:39:34

I am practicly computer illiterate and i wanna know what do i do after i pess make cyborg.ipt? and i would also like to know if u have the virus free cloner thank u 4 yer help and email me or icq yer answers. mah e mail is and mah icq is 45193233

mr.juggalo <>
whats a city?, FU USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 86]
X Sez:
You won't get it here
Sat, 11 Sep 99 at 15:51:59

First off... X 2 K? Please! As if we didn't have enough stupid trends floating around the palace already!

Obviously unclear on the concept...
Second... I'd like to thank you for setting up such a wonderful site. I have had countless hours of fun debugging people's mishapen BotBot cyborgs.

In your attempt at clever jab, you fail to substantiate this comment in any way. BotBot typically builds one or two thousand complete cyborgs every week. A very small number (usually two or three per week) report problems, and 90% of those are identified as user error or something unrelated to the script (like the "cyberg" prop virus). So please, present your case!
Sat, 11 Sep 99 at 15:51:59

First off... X 2 K? Please! As if we didn't have enough stupid trends floating around the palace already!

Obviously unclear on the concept...
Second... I'd like to thank you for setting up such a wonderful site. I have had countless hours of fun debugging people's mishapen BotBot cyborgs.

In your attempt at clever jab, you fail to substantiate this comment in any way. BotBot typically builds one or two thousand complete cyborgs every week. A very small number (usually two or three per week) report problems, and 90% of those are identified as user error or something unrelated to the script (like the "cyberg" prop virus). So please, present your case!
Third... why is it that you have a prop spot script when noone likes prop spots, and yet you lack a prop generator script, when every palace needs one?

Kailieann <>
Calgary, AB Canada

The "pg" script has been around for some time.
Sat, 11 Sep 99 at 11:25:47

ok, i know i already wrote with a problem with the botbot and you said it was cause the cyborg.ipt was too big so i went back to the new botbot and reduced it so i can atleast have the scripts i really want but now it's even worse than ever! when i enter a palace, instead of saying what i wanted it to say, it writes a bunch of letters and numbers with my message. the ap script STILL doesn't work. the pg script doesn't work. the blondie script shut down my palace with an illegal operation message. i haven't even gone through all of my scripts yet but the ones i have tried don't work. please write back ASAP. hoping she didn't sound too rude ~Angelfire~ XBot Serial #: 80110899-1506000321-0201 Hexkey: "8c020a171b2224282a393e3f494d4f58925d619c63908287"

~Angelfire~ <>

~Angelfire~ sent in the script in question -- there was one rogue quotemark, easily repeaired, in a betatest script. Thanks!
Sat, 11 Sep 99 at 07:40:44

Hello , is it possible (im a wizzard at firebirds forrest) To make a Anti-clon scripts ? So even other wizzards cant "~clon" me ? Regards Eraser

Eraser <>

Nope. The props aren't controlled by scripting. Sorry!
Thu, 09 Sep 99 at 22:57:45

Hey there, Love the wonderful work that u do on your page ;) TY Please go to APG Adult Palace Hub Let me know If you would be interested in teaching the Gods who are members in our palace.. (lookin for a few good PPL. (Teach just once will use the log from the class to repete any classes :) You can find out about us and what we are about from out webpage & palace :) Please e-mail me in you are interested - or have suggestion on who would be good to contact. Thankx, :)

Zanna <>

When I'm on, it's typically around 4AM EST. Is this okay? That's what happens here in the mid-Pacific...
Thu, 09 Sep 99 at 21:57:40

I know you've probably got a million people telling you this, but BotBot isnt working, I am using Netscape 4.6. I dont think its the browser though, because the background loads. Please fix this as soon as posible, because I need to build a new one, I tried to edit mine (bad idea) and remove rcolor. I removed 16 RANDOM SETCOLOR and a few {'s and }'s around it, and now I cant talk except in CFZ's. The reason I didn't build a newone with botbot is because I had added anti-allscray and anti-ao and didnt want to redo it. Sorry to bug you with my bad editing, but please fix botbot so I can fix my bot. .~! Red !~.

Red <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 100]

X Sez:

  1. TheBotBot is clearly working, the logs show it.
  2. When you edit the cyborg yourself, you void the warranty.
Warning No User-Serviceable Parts Inside
Wed, 08 Sep 99 at 14:03:48

I'm using Netscape Communicator 4.5, and it won't load the page when I press "Build Cyborg.ipt." same as the other guy - tried clearing cache, still won't load the page - any ideas?

M@tt <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 114]
Tue, 07 Sep 99 at 18:49:03

r u gay?

bob <>
montreal, USA

No. Why, are you starting some sort of club?
Mon, 06 Sep 99 at 21:23:08

hellow..on my current ventures in to the land of the palace i have noticed a few people with a ~clon thing that helps them to 'steal' peoples avs....i prefer to call it borrowing but hey, thats not the point. i was wondering if you knew how i might get that if it is a special download or a script or what. thank you Linz

bleh <>

Yes, it is possible to do this with an illegal version of the clientWhile I can't claim to represent on this, it's obvious to this X that people who use it may face anything from simple banning to prosecution for copyright violation and denial-of-service charges.
Sun, 05 Sep 99 at 20:18:53

it's not a really a report, i just want to know where i can get some info about writing scripts used in palace. thanks! please email meh!

Igor {Splash} <>
Auburn, WA USA

Sat, 04 Sep 99 at 14:59:56

help!!! my bots wont work none of them!!!!!!!!!!!!! everytime i try it it just writes the word i write it does not perfrom the script. please help me!

becca <>
pa, pa USA

There was a bug in V79, now repaired.
Sat, 04 Sep 99 at 13:57:18

i dunno if this has something to do with botbot but when i go to my palace that has scripts on and painting on it says:Caution, bougus INIT! what is it???

becca <>
pa, pa USA

Click the link
Sat, 04 Sep 99 at 06:38:42

When i go to any palace shields or blanket dont work do you know why

Matt <>

See here
Sat, 04 Sep 99 at 06:08:42

i put the cyborg.ipt file into my palace client folder then when i try to start-up my palace a bow pops up and says that the program has performed and illegal operation......can you give me an e-mail address that i can send my cyborg.ipt file to so it can be fixed please? thankyou morgue palace a.k.a.]\[0'][']-[ ][ ]/[G

morgue <>
monrovia, ca USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 152]
Sat, 04 Sep 99 at 03:30:37

the scripts dont work, can u help me, Give me an email address and ill send my cyborg.ipt file. i chose spider as one of my options , but when i go on the palace and i type spider nothing happens my av just say spider..

Chuck <>
Levittown, PA USA

See here
Sat, 04 Sep 99 at 02:08:37

Unable to build cyborg.ipt. Tried 4 times but puter just hangs there. Waited at least 10 minutes for each attempt. Too bad, so sad, I've deleted my old borg file. Will try again tomorrow night

Jason <>
Orlando, FL USA

There was a bug in V79, now repaired.
Fri, 03 Sep 99 at 11:21:32

For the "rcolor" command it doesn't do what it said it would do!Please help!

Tony <>

It works fine for me... what went wrong?
Thu, 02 Sep 99 at 18:37:07

I'm using Netscape Communicator 4.5, and it won't load the page when I press "Build Cyborg.ipt." Can you possibly help?? Also, I have a few scripts I would like to post, please e-mail me about them. ~Panic! aka Ryan Govostes

Ryan G. <>
Honolulu, Hawii USA

There was a bug in V79, now repaired.
Wed, 01 Sep 99 at 22:03:08

I built my bot with only a few things so its not too big. But when I click "save as" i type in cyborg.ipt. Then when I look where I saved it, it says Cyborg.ipt.html. And so, it doesn't load up when I start palace. Please Help!

Edge <>

Just rename the file to cyborg.ipt
Tue, 31 Aug 99 at 23:24:37

Is there anything I can add to a censor script (room script) to keep snerts from holding the ESCAPE key to get by it? I know theres somthing like that for C++ (somthing that recognizes the ESC key) but is there somthing that can be used to represent ESCAPE or a script that keeps them (the snerts) from Halting it? THANKIES! -sat of the infamous "Saturn V" Palace!

saturn <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 88]
Tue, 31 Aug 99 at 22:46:46

alright I have got the pid script here and tested it time and time again and it doesn't work. Can you maybe send me the pid script so u can make sure its correct?

.«kornkrib». <>

I modified it -- there may have been crosstalk with another script
Tue, 31 Aug 99 at 22:13:43

my borg that i got from you didnt work at all. and this dude that had one of your also sent me his. then i crashed on palace. lost every one of my avs, even my yellow balls. then i looked and i had a virus. i think kinda it came from this dude that sent me his borg. today when i got into palace and made a room, it said on top of my box, Caution: Bogus INIT. now if someone could tell me what that means. i tried to get rid of my borg and i am going to try another one. and see what happens. i have a new pc with all the latest so i know i have the requirements. the only thing i dont have that is new is the new version of palace. i have the old ones with out the ads. lisa

&{user};lisa <>
luray, va USA

Sounds like the cyberg virus, which has nothing to do with the script. As for bogus inits, see above or here
Tue, 31 Aug 99 at 21:36:31

i made a cyborg and wanted to get allsay. i tryied the command and it doenst work.everything else works and the file is not to big.Could someone please tell me the problem.

Crono <>
carriere, ms USA

Hmm, it worked for me... can you be more specific?
Mon, 30 Aug 99 at 23:01:41

how do i get a cyborg for the palce tell me every detail please

John Watson <>
Cambridge, Ontario Canada
Mon, 30 Aug 99 at 21:52:19

i dont know crap about these cyborg things. but i had one made and put it where it gos. i just dont know what the commands are or where to find them. i didnt pick that much, hardly anything at all. i can do the bkiss one in palace and the zap, but i dont think the rezap or the surround or jailem is working for me. i just want to know where i can get a copy of the commands i should have or the borg thing is really no use to me. i dont know how to read that thing i put in my palace file, its like foriegn to me. \ lisa

&{user};lisa <>
luray, va USA

Check this URL for general concepts, and here for help with your specific scripts.
Sun, 29 Aug 99 at 17:15:38

bot bot is cool

Scott Malloch <>
Georgetown, SC USA

Sat, 28 Aug 99 at 18:07:51

My cyborg says it cant find what should i do it worked befor.

Matt <>

Check to see if that site is valid? I nver heard of them...
Sat, 28 Aug 99 at 12:36:07

I am a mac used and the 'scan' NEVER works I made and remade my botbot smaller and smaller butit still never works!(by the way, I know to have the paint on already!)

No Man <doesn't work right now AIM name is No Man9>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 104]
Sat, 28 Aug 99 at 04:53:45

How do I change my name in the Bot so that when I type "brbfly" it says "my name" will be right back.

Sharaf <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 172]

X sez: set the BRB text on the botbot form using the %n or %p escape codes for your name

Sat, 28 Aug 99 at 00:05:59

my bot makes me say stuff and get killed for flooding

Aaron cordill <>
Richfield , Oh USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 140]
Fri, 27 Aug 99 at 15:18:46

how do i make a thing for my palace where it is like its a use but its not its like aninamate object i wanted to but avs on it ........can you help

Jester <>
eville, Va USA

Fri, 27 Aug 99 at 07:38:23

The BotBot keeps giving "An error has occured while processing script"; and how do I name a prop so it can become Flower,...

Sharaf <>
Kuwait, Kuwait Kuwait

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 172]
Thu, 26 Aug 99 at 16:55:44

tried to build a cyborg and it said that ur site was having problems and could not respond? Can u tell me what the problem is? Did I do something wrong? Help!!!

&{user};lizzy{Candy Kisses} <>

I saw several erros in the BotBot log the internals have been beefed-up to prevent errors of the kind you experienced.
Wed, 25 Aug 99 at 17:42:33


mind <>
dam, ca USA

Thanks for the workaround this is probably due to your Windows registry beliving that files ending in ".ipt" are binary files, typically associated with the internet phone tool.
Wed, 25 Aug 99 at 17:29:15

this isnt really a bug report but u know the script hang? did you know that that script works like this
1 2 3 1st prop 2nd prop 3rd prop
4 5 6 4th 5th 6th
7 8 9 7th 8th 9th
if you put on a 9 proped av in that order and type hang 3 3 it will be set in the right form as when u wore it b4 its like this before when u placed props on u this is the order ud probubly put them on well if u do the order chanes before=how the order of the props change
1 4 7 1 2 3
2 5 8 = 4 5 6
3 6 9 7 8 9
just wondering if u new that to add as a tip on where it tells the script in botbot

mind <o0o_mind_o0o>
no, ca USA

The order used is the most-common one, and the one typically used by the TPV client itself.
Tue, 24 Aug 99 at 23:07:50

i filled out the BotBot form thing, and everything says cyborg should be working, but for 2 days now, i still cant get it work...could you tell me step by step what i should've done to get cyborg working? so i can try and tell where i went wrong...

DeadNecromancer <>
Farmington, MN USA

Are you sure the file is in the right place?
Mon, 23 Aug 99 at 17:56:29

Ever time i enter a palace with scripts on it says script error several times i think my cyborg cant find

Matt <>

probably bot too big
Mon, 23 Aug 99 at 06:33:37

I made my cyborg and some of the things didn't work. so i then went back and changed some of them to make it smaller cause i thought it was to be. so i clicked on one of the palaces and it had an error and the program shut down, i tried again and on a different palace and it worked. it workes on but not or y?

stick <>
chico, ca USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 202]
Mon, 23 Aug 99 at 00:58:00

Every time i go some where it says script error and if i click on my cyborg if says some stuff really fast then shuts off

&{user}; <>

Don't click on the cyborg. Palace will load the cyborg automatically.
Sat, 21 Aug 99 at 13:06:07

I downloaded scripts last night and had someone on the palace walk me through it step by step and everything worked. Then i decided i wanted more so i tried to build a new bot bot or cyborg and everytime i try building a new one the thing won't come up in my palace folder like it did last time what is the problem

Jason Broom <>
Roswell, Ga USA

Sounds like a web browser problem, not a botbot problem. Is it saving to disk at all? Is it just saving in the wrong directory? Move or rename the file, and you should be okay.
Sat, 21 Aug 99 at 11:38:32

well i downloaded the bot and put it were you have to put it and none of the comanands work

lee fletcher <>
nottingham, uk england

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 292]
Fri, 20 Aug 99 at 13:44:54

Hello, first of all, let me thank you SO MUCH for doing what you have done for Palace users all over the world. No amount of thanks could ever compensate for the amount of work you have put into making everyone's palace experience enjoyable. Second, a few questions about BotBot. It has to be the best thing to happen to palace since the invention of the AV, but I have come into a few problems with it. Firstly, there are a few parts that do not work, namely the "hop", "slam", "throwit", "bkiss", and "shoot" commands. I have considered that this may just be a user problem, perhaps my cyborg is too big, but it is not, the hex is less than 40 characters. The problem is that when I am in a script enabled room, all of the other scripts work, yet these 5 remain dormant. When I try to use them, it appears as regular text. I have read all the help files and tried every piece of your online advice. Could you help me any more? Thank you so much.

Brian Cheung <>
Orinda, CA USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 74]
Fri, 20 Aug 99 at 00:49:10

i have doawnloaded your bot done exatly as you said to i even had my friend help me step by step to do it and it still will not work none of your scripts work and i just picked a few so it's not cuase it's too big i saved it to my palace directory as a text file under the name Cyborg.ipt and ran the palace it didn't work i even tried copying down your bot and pasteing it into my cyborg file but then it just wouldn't work at all my origanal scripts still work but the new ones added by your botbot thing don't please help! -Pissed&confused

JoJo <>
Clearwater, FL USA

If your original scripts are still working, then the original "cyborg.ipt" file is still in place. I don't know where you put the botbot-generated cyborg.ipt, or what you named it, but you need to find it and name it correctly in the right folder. Use the Windows (or Mac) "Find..." command and search for files containing the string "cyborg" to find out where it really belongs.
Fri, 20 Aug 99 at 00:36:28

Dear "X", im making another useless zap script.........its like its like the so called decimate but three times that, it has three fadding beams, blue, green, and reb, the basek colors, im tryin to get it so at the end of the script, its shoots a prop from me to the mouse position, i dont want to put my script here for people to see in public, so if you could email me to sho you got my message, i could email you the script, and maby you could help me, i would be happy to let you keed the script, thank you, sincerly.....Granted

Grant (Granted) <>
Semenole, FL USA

Um, I'm afraid if I were to get the script, it might end up in the BotBot and available to the world. So if you're okay with that, send it. If not...
Thu, 19 Aug 99 at 22:18:32

my ap script doesn't seem to be working right. it keeps saying in my log "An error occurred while processing a script".

Cyborg Script Serial# 77200799-2610011254-0201


~Angelfire~ <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 130]
Thu, 19 Aug 99 at 18:52:24

Cybrr's automute: usage: automute <name> be sure the name variable is specific enough not to mute when you don't want it to Goes into on inchat:

 muted GLOBAL

Goes into on outchat:
 muted GLOBAL

    "$1" GREPSUB muted =


Thu, 19 Aug 99 at 09:02:36

um...i dont understand how to use the heart script. i type "heart" and it doesnt do anything, i type "heart (name of prop)" and it still doesnt work...why?

miami, fl USA

Check BotHelp
Thu, 19 Aug 99 at 03:10:48

I'm working on a bot for my palace... I want to make a zombie script so I can control it besides the basic responses I've programmed into it, so... I tried usingthe zombie script... that didint work (I probably did somthing wrong) so it would be cool if I could just get a script that was basically allscray for the I could use somthing like ;sb for the password (instead of ;ao) THANKS! -sat

Andrew Saturn <>
Col., OH USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 130]
Besides, that's exactly what zombie mode does...
Wed, 18 Aug 99 at 17:04:24

Dear X,when i get in a palace the thing in the corner comes on and says blah blah heralds the dawn of yx2,but when i press zzap,nothing works,so all i want to no is why nothing works. From Rwelbwai11 PS please help me

ant <>
Ny, Ny USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 88]
Wed, 18 Aug 99 at 03:15:18

I used the BotBot to to build a cyborg.ipt file. i saved and put in my palace folder but all that works is the msay and zap. my friends have also experienced the same problem. im pretty sure my cyborg is'nt too big but im also confused as to how i go about changing the name from cyborg.ipt.txt in MS-DOS which the online help says to do.i see people all over that have working cyborgs that they made with bot-bot. overall im confused. if u could tell me why only msay and zap work and how to fix that i would be really happy. thanks!

bizkit <>

In Windows, set your palace folder view to "show details" and then use the right mouse button so select "Rename" on that file. It's easier (for me) in MS-DOS, but then I already know DOS. Windows will also do the job.
Tue, 17 Aug 99 at 21:53:21


alan <>

Sat, 14 Aug 99 at 18:30:25

Dear X, I have asked this question ALL OVER the palace, and can get a strait answer.Maybe u can give me one........ Here is my question: Why does everone wanna be a wiz? I mean, i ask and all they say is either,'its cool' or 'i just wanna.....' And some people dont even answer.... Mostly wizardship is just work... I mean, i like to build stuff, thas why i kind of like it, but work is not the MOST exciting thing in the world. But hey, im just a teen ager, wat do i know..... If u could answer me sometime, it would be appreciated. THANX!

Patrick Parks <>
Middleboro, MA USA

Power corrupts... and most people would love to be corrupted.
Sat, 14 Aug 99 at 00:22:07

What's with my smiley changing color when I say something. How do I get it to stop?

BBS_Slaixth <>
Amarillo, TX USA

Set rcolor.
Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 88]
Fri, 13 Aug 99 at 23:58:44

Dr. X., I have two questions, 1.)Did you help at all on the new Jay Z music video? (If you have no clue what I'm talking about I probably have my pixel company names mixed up ) 2.) How would I make a line go halfway from my position and the mouse position?

Matt Z. <>
SandTown, OH USA

Nope, I've stopped doing music videos. Only movies for the past decade...

draw a line from your position to the mean position between there and the location returned by MOUSEPOS...

POSX px = POSY py = MOUSEPOS my = mx =
mx px + 2 / mx = 
my py + 2 / my = 
; now just draw from (px,py) to (mx,my)
Wed, 11 Aug 99 at 19:46:45

I am a 3rd rate script maker & editor, and I would like you to post this script I have made (it's not very good): ; Corners script by Señor Panic! { "$1" GREPSUB chatter = "@0,0 " chatter + ROOMMSG "@512,0 " chatter + ROOMMSG "@512,362 " chatter + ROOMMSG "@0,362 " chatter + ROOMMSG "" CHATSTR = } CHATSTR "corners (.*)" GREPSTR IF You type "corners <text" and in room message form it puts the text in the corners. Also, though you guard your wonderful mock and obstruct scripts, may I at least have a description of what it does? And finally: I am not good with the painting iptscrae part, and I would like help with these two things: 1) a script that makes a black box that could fit over someones avatar (a little bigger than the size of a person wearing 9 props) and covers them up? 2) that SHOOTS a little dot at them. I can do this with props but I would like to do it in paint. ~Panic!

Ryan G. <>
Hololulu, HI USA

See here
Wed, 11 Aug 99 at 15:20:52

why does everybody hate me?

Bobbi <bobbil1990>
girard, Oh USA

Sun, 08 Aug 99 at 14:13:02

maybe not a problem...maybe I don't understand the workings... But..I can't turn ALARM off... no matter WHAT I says ALARM ON in the message line Also...if I type something like ,alarming, isn't it...> the alarm comes fact...ANY sentence with <alarm> in it anywhere turns the alarm on...and doesn't show in the room..... Oversight???

Stephen <>
Tallahassee, FL USA

Alarm turns itself off, if anyone says anything.

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 82]
Sun, 08 Aug 99 at 13:33:48

How Do You ZapAll?

NSYNC14 <>
Council, NC USA

Check BotHelp
Wed, 04 Aug 99 at 21:39:53

As a wiz myself...I would just like to thank you for all of your insight and advice...everyone is always so quick to complain but rarely stops to say thank you. I think your website is great..thanks again

&{user};Tina <>

Wed, 04 Aug 99 at 11:54:11



Yeah, yeah. Get this: the script CANNOT get at the prop file. What CAN get at the propfile are props deliberately designed with bad binary pointers that will corrupt your propfile. You got a virus, dudeski.
Wed, 04 Aug 99 at 11:52:49

ok i am F***************** pissed ****** ******* ******* ******* ******* ****** ***** ***** **** *** **** ****** cause i got a script from you. ao for wizes and i put it in my cyborg NO IT IS NOT TOO BIG It gOES UP TO 50 k it is 40k AND ALL MY PROPS DISAPEAR ALL CUSTOM I SPENT DAYS MAKING HUNDREDS OF PROPS OK SO YOU KNOW IT IS COSTY TO GET CUSTOM BORGS WELL ITS COSTY TO LOSE ALL YER CUSTOM PROPS I WOULD LIKE A PAYMENT EMAIL ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU MY ADDY THEN YOU SHIP ME a COUPLE HUNDRED OH YEAH I HAVE THE DAMN PROPS FOR NAME DROP I AM NOT STUPID


See the next message. You sound like you got hit by bad props.

The script cannot do anything to your prop file. Chill.

Wed, 04 Aug 99 at 01:31:45

i've seen people with these "cyberg" props.. what are they and is there any way of getting around them (i.e. editing them without crashing)? thanks, kay :)

kay <>
fl USA

Yes, and newer versions of the client prevent these crashes.
Tue, 03 Aug 99 at 15:52:52

I first wanted to start out by thanking you for this site and for helping me with past questions about scripting and i also have another question. This is a question about the clean script, every time I type clean this appears in the log: *** ; (user name) is Erasing Is there anyway I can stop that? please help! thanx again.

Tiffany <>
Rochester, NY USA

That's your client/server privs at work. You were using it while wizzed-up, yes?
Mon, 02 Aug 99 at 22:46:50

Um you say that you can edit the palace registry, well what do you use to edit it, I'm using win95 and I'm interested in tweaking it like with the prop pallet for the Mac. How can I go about doing this?

noXious <>
Baton Rouge, La USA

That's Mac "ResEdit," not Win98 "RegEdit." You can't do that on windows... at least, it doesn't seem that way.
Mon, 02 Aug 99 at 12:38:07

i clicked the shields option on the botbot maker, and a few other things too, but when i type shields, nothing happens, now it may be that i don't have the prop that it automatically sets out, i don't know, i just wanna make sure it isn't the script thats messing up, so if you'd email me back, i'd appreciate it. Thanks =)

Nick <>
Horn Lake, MS USA

Use it in a room that permits painting.

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 74]
Mon, 02 Aug 99 at 11:17:03

This is a question dealing with the abyss script. I would like to know how I can get the command to be silent. I know that if you put a ; (as shown below) it will not appear on the screen, but it still appears in the log. }CHATSTR "^;abyss *(.*)$" GREPSTR IF Is there something I can type in the cyborg before the line above to make it silent? Also, a question about the clean script, every time I type clean this appears in the log: *** ; (user name) is Erasing Is there anyway I can stop that? please help! thanx

Tiffany <>
Rochester, NY USA

Add "" CHATSTR = to it. For some reason (ego, I suppose), the original author wanted it to be noisy.
Fri, 30 Jul 99 at 19:45:25

i cant download the version to my bot bot5 thing i goto palce i have win.95-98 and i dwnload the versoin its says i dont have the right application so i downloaded the mac version and it just opens the file for something different so can you tell me whats wrong?

jessica <>
raleigh, nccc USA

Browser problems. You probably have your Windows registry set to believe that files ending in ".ipt" are internet phone files or some other special type. Save the file as text, then rename it or look in your Windows manuals to see how to reassign file types. Youy can do it from the desktop view or if you're brave use "regedit"
Fri, 30 Jul 99 at 15:03:17

i cant seem to get my borg to work, it says you have to log in and hitting "reload script" isnt enough. isnt logging in just entering the palace, or is there something else. some other way that i am supposed to log in? help

Seph <>

"Reload Script" is an evil menu command that is just there to mess you up. Log out, then log in.
Fri, 30 Jul 99 at 07:59:52

My borg u made me loads up but the most of the commands dont work an the log says An error occurred while processing a script when i try...?? Can u help me pleez? Here is the script... I hope you dont mind checking it......Thanx
[script here discarded]

Maf <>
Lanark, Scotland

Looks big... maybe too big.
Tue, 27 Jul 99 at 22:15:42

I know you probably get this question alot but is there a way to clone someone else's props without being a wizard? I am a wizard at another palace and I know the ~clon command but i would like to know how to do it on the Palace without wizard privilages. Thanks alot. Josh N.

Josh Naquin{Knightmare}; <>
Belle Rose, LA USA

If there is a way, I'm not telling.
Tue, 27 Jul 99 at 18:40:00

I know you have been asked this question about 20000000 times but I thought I may as well try. I understand that only certain people can be wizards and well I want to be one of the certain people. I haven't read your whole page yet but is there any place on it were it has the wizard password or code for one of the palaces. I know you're probably thinking that I'm just some little twelve year old kid wanting to be a wizard but actually I'm a 15 year old guy that deserves it. I have been putting in aplications to be a wizard for a while and I have yet to get a letter back. I have been a regular user of the palace since I was 13 and have been putting in applications since I turned 14 which was last year at this time. Now I was wondering if you could give me a password or code so I could finally become a wizard. If you want to know of my qualities then I will tell you. I have good leadership qualities and I like to keep peace and order. In fact one day I would like to become a police officer or FBI agent ect. ect. Thank you for hearing me out and place consider it.

Jeremy Kerecman (AoD) morphious {Scriptor} <>
Indiana, PA USA

If you mean at, well... for legal reasons, wizards must be 18.
Tue, 27 Jul 99 at 00:59:18

i need a file called ppahook.dll can u help?

ZeuS <>

Sun, 25 Jul 99 at 02:19:24

Where Can I Get A List Of All The Current Allscray Command Me And My Fellow Wizzards Need Them!

*.·+™gËe|<™+·.:* <>
Rockyface, Ga USA

Try the iptscrae manual -- allscray can execute ANY iptscrae command. Look here too.
Sat, 24 Jul 99 at 13:23:21

I keep gettin script error when i put botbot Cyborg.ipt into my palace software. only when i type anything in a room.. all functions work but get this error message when i hit enter... what did i do wrong? help

RAstAs <>
Granby, Co USA

Although not flagged by the robot, this sounds like a bot-too-big error.
Sat, 24 Jul 99 at 12:16:12

My scan, power, szap, and zapall scripts does not work!!

Daniel Shi {mushi34} <>
Atlanta, GA USA

Use them in a room that permits painting.
Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 134]
Fri, 23 Jul 99 at 14:53:26

In my log every time i go to a palace it says bougus init what does that mean?? Oh ya by the way your scripts are cool!

Matt aka Trunks <>

It means that the site you're visiting has cyborgs on in the palace, but NOT at the gate, which effectively suppresses any ON SIGNON events. That's bad, and it means that fancier cyborgs (like BotBot ones) can't properly "boot up." Talk to the local wiz.

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run [Hexkey Size: 80]
Fri, 23 Jul 99 at 12:36:18

were the hell is the honor bar i went into honymoon persuite or what ever and there wasent an honor bar

greg¿ <>
rochester, ny USA

You know, the little fridge with the key on it.

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big [Hexkey Size: 94]
Thu, 22 Jul 99 at 22:52:50

send me your best palace scripts

Frank Fierson <dfrie20162>
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Earth to Frank....
Thu, 22 Jul 99 at 11:05:04

Zaps and stuff don't work got suggestions?

&{user}; <>

Use them in a room that permits painting.
Thu, 22 Jul 99 at 03:11:09

My smartbomb isnt working also my szap and zzap and zapall arent either. What can i do to fix them.

Prez Christian <>

Use them in a room that permits painting. And for "smartbomb," you must be a wiz.
Wed, 21 Jul 99 at 23:23:44

made sure that Cyborg was named correctly and in correct directory. Still won't work at all. ?????

bakpakr <>
Carlisle, Pa USA

I responded in mail... you never wrote back. Makes it kind of hard to fix or guess at the problem! Are you sure that Windows 95 didn't add a spurious ".txt" to the end of the file name?
Wed, 21 Jul 99 at 21:23:48

For the script that has dress on, dress off, dress me, dress you, & dress naked. I can do dress on & dress off (turning the script on & off), but the other commands don't work, why?

Devin H. <AccessMDC>
Tampa, Fl USA

You need to have the other people also have the SAME script. For this reason, I much prefer "dz" which will work with zombie mode or with allscray.
Wed, 21 Jul 99 at 04:05:31

My Cyborg I got here doesn't work at all. HELP PLZ.

&{user}; <>
Carlisle, sc USA

You were expecting an answer in the five minutes (at 4AM!) between this and your previous message?


Wed, 21 Jul 99 at 03:58:55

I amde my cyborg here and it doesn't work at all ???????

Bakpakr <>

Tue, 20 Jul 99 at 20:43:36

Dr. X, (Since I Couldn't Find The Email Address) I Just Want To Start By Saying Your Palace Page Has Helped Me Tremendously And Is A Great Help. I Am A God At A Palace (AV WERLD-you've probably never heard of it.) And I've Been Having Some Problems With Some Real Jerks That Want To Come In And Mess With People. I've Killed Them A Few Times But Not For Long Times And They Keep Coming Back... The Other Day I Was Reading Your Guest Book And I Saw Where Someone Had Posted About The Iptsecret Page, I Went There And I Noticed You Talking About 2 Scripts You Use On Jerks That Come To Your Palace. I Was Wondering If You Could Send Me A Copy Of Them To Try Out These People, Or Something Else I Could Do.(I Dont Want To Kill Them Though, I Just Want Them To Act Right.) Thanks For Your Time. -Chris

Chris <>

I don't pass those out actually, I don't use them at my palace because they pale compatred to normal wiz powers. I use them at OTHER people's palaces (O.P.P's) where I don't have wiz privs.

I'm sorry to say that there are MANY very nasty things that you can do to people using Palace, scripted or not. Fortunately, most people educated enough to think up a lot of them on their own are also educated enough to understand why not to. And so, I don't give out clever methods to scam EBay or build EMP weapons out of old TV sets or scripts whose SOLE purpose is to make someone's online experience a miserable one.


Tue, 20 Jul 99 at 20:14:16

Why In the One Of the wiz page say that in the honeymoon suite in the honor bar is the wiz code of the page mansion,is a trick of is true and if real what is the me please

Zoe <>
usa, col USA

You want me to give you a password so you can get the password?

Hey, you-a no gonna get me to tell-a you the password she's-a "swordfish."

Tue, 20 Jul 99 at 16:25:57

yes i selected several zombie scripts but the dont work do i half to activate it some how if i do how? if i dont is there a special allscray command i half to type b4 come_here i really want to use that script email me back at thanxs

greg greg¿ <>
rochester, ny USA

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