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Tue, 20 Jul 99 at 13:19:00

ive tried downloading the botbot about over fifty times every time i download it sends me to the palace and doesnt give me the bot i need to know how to fix this thanks and please helpppp!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard(1studmuffin or (Host)1studmuffin <>
Eau Claire, Wi USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big
Tue, 20 Jul 99 at 13:18:29

ive tried downloading the botbot about over fifty times every time i download it sends me to the palace and doesnt give me the bot i need to know how to fix this thanks and please helpppp!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard(1studmuffin or (Host)1studmuffin <>
Eau Claire, Wi USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big
Tue, 20 Jul 99 at 13:18:15

ive tried downloading the botbot about over fifty times every time i download it sends me to the palace and doesnt give me the bot i need to know how to fix this thanks and please helpppp!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard(1studmuffin or (Host)1studmuffin <>
Eau Claire, Wi USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big
Tue, 20 Jul 99 at 11:48:40

Can you please tell me the script to drop a certain prop at the mouse point?

Joe <>
las veges, ca USA

Tue, 20 Jul 99 at 11:45:57

some of my scripts do not work? like shields up scan future box

Tim <>
los angelas, ca USA

Tue, 20 Jul 99 at 11:01:54

Dr. X, I Have To Ask You A Question, Though I Dont Want To Put It In Your Book-As You Might Not Like It. Is There Some Where I Can E-Mail You? I Tried But You Sent Back A Message Saying Mine Was Blank.(But I Copied The Letter And Wont Have To Type It Again.) Thanks - Chris

Chris <>

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run
Mon, 19 Jul 99 at 07:43:06

Hey X I think your page is one if the best I have ever read and has taught me plently frm my humble begginings as a god at a palace for teens ( geesh they can be a handful ) I have recently descovered Allscray and even better ;ao as crowd control which works well against many of the types of idiots I find in my palace. I was just after a quick question :o) Is there a place i can kinda read more examples for ;ao ? I can imagine that ;ao will support almost all Iptscrae yeh ? just wondered if U have a good URL of a place that listed a few beauties ... apart from your own great page ofcourse hehe cos I've read all of it about 5 times ThanX goldie

Goldie <>
Goldieville, ? UK

Sun, 18 Jul 99 at 18:12:45

I recently made a cyborg for myself on the Palace and it doesn't work. It will say KERPOW! when I type zzap or LET ME OUTTA HERE! when I type jailem, but it won't show the zzap ray or the bars for jailem. Every thing else my cyborg is supposed to be able to do is the same way. Please write back with the answer to my problem. Thank you.

[LIMPbizkit]Mustang[Co-Leader] <>
Lake Jackson, TX USA

Sun, 18 Jul 99 at 14:43:43

keep geting scrip errors,tryed reload, evengot a new one about six time made it smaller and smaller how small dose it need to be to get it to work or is it some thing else what am i doing wrong please help if you can thanx anyway ricktopher

ricktopher <>
west jordan , ut USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big
Sat, 17 Jul 99 at 16:57:40

I suggest you delete this message immediatly ;) I found the iptsecret page (I wont tell the exact address to make the chance that you'll respond with a smart-ass letter a little smaller), and I was wondering if you'd e-mail me privatly the two scripts that are "weapons". Thanx And I'm totally aware that you hate me already ;) --rg

Ryan G. <>
Ithaca, NY USA

Sat, 17 Jul 99 at 09:47:16

the lagometer turns my personal messages off and i can't get off hide


Sat, 17 Jul 99 at 05:25:54

Hey Umm The Couch Script when I tried it it didnt work What do I need Oh yea what is some links to other script palaces and also one time I got stuff and none of your scripts worked help me

&{user};Elliot <>

Fri, 16 Jul 99 at 19:28:40

When i tried backtalk all it did was say What's up with this?

Trey Boy <>
Las Vegas, NV USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run
Fri, 16 Jul 99 at 19:21:07

ok i've been on here i think 2 times probly back in febuary or something i have a cyborg but its the origanal one and i want to have more so i come to you this is like in febuary and i got to the bot bot and put the stuff i want in but it doesn't work reson its way to big ok so i make like 7 more each time smaller and smaller thinking sometime it would work fineally i just put one thing on it still didn't work i put my question in here you e-mailed me blah blah blah but i still couldn't get it to work so i asked some ppl on palace and they said mabie i was puting it in the rong file ok so i put it in the right file still didn't work so i just said forget it but now i relly want a borg so i tryed again and this time its huge way to huge but no matter i didn't work when i had only one in it and i was reading the book and just a few days ago someone had the same problem but with me ive never had a working borg except for the one that came with palace now if you check my current borg its very huge but that doesn't matter its never word woth me i relly want a borg help me please

jonathan <>
smyrna, ga USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Your cyborg may be too big to run
Fri, 16 Jul 99 at 10:19:40

Could you write a script so that I could change my avatars (w/named props) by saying a word. Example: I say: billgates I wear: gborg1 gborg2 gborg3 gborg4 gborg5 gborg6 gborg7 gborg8 gborg9 Also, do you have the script to make avatar room(press button wear av)


Fri, 16 Jul 99 at 09:28:32

Ok i am now at my ends thats why i write you. I made a botbot from your page at 12:00am last night, it's now 8:48am I have talked to people every where and no one knows whats up. they tell me to make the file small. I tryed that only adding like 5 -10 things and still nope. The problem i get is when i log on in the log i geta script errors 4 of them. then nothing works. if you can help it would be great. thanks []Da[]V[]a

[]Du[]V[]a <>
potomac, md USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big
Fri, 16 Jul 99 at 01:28:12

HELP! How do I make a door have a message bubble pop up when you click on it?

Mike <>

Thu, 15 Jul 99 at 22:45:03

Hi. my palace crashed 3 times in the last 2 weeks. My borg ahs worked every time up till now. I came in here to down aother one, and now I get a error. which states:.. file error(1026) can not copy file. I really miss my borg..LOL as you can imagaine. Perhaps you can tell me why it won't d/l and the one I had stopped working. I also like the bkiss, the ones that are customized. That say like you jes been french kissed by Mechelle. How do I get one of those? besides the reg. bkiss. I did have to d/l new palaces each time one of them crashed. But the borg always kept working without d/l again. please advise. Thank you Mechelle

&{user};Mechelle®™ <>
Willamina, Or USA

Thu, 15 Jul 99 at 18:21:57

The BotBot Version 76, 4 July 1999 script "backtalk" (Reverse all spoken text) doesn't work

Neptune+Fazil+Munts <>
Deming, NM USA

Robot Responder Sez:
Bot looks way too big
Thu, 15 Jul 99 at 11:41:59


&{user};D'Lys & Queen Amidala <>
Hobbs , NM USA

Wed, 14 Jul 99 at 13:00:02

Its always sad when you lose your props right? Well not if you keep them all on your personal server as part of a room. Later, you can just use paint shop to yank 'em off the palace and wear them once again! And if you have the avatar room script, you can just keep them all in there.

Killerfreak <>
Norwich, CT USA

Sun, 11 Jul 99 at 13:41:47

What is the TRUE wizard password for the welcome palace?? I want to be a wiz REALLY BAD!!!!!

&{user};???? <>
Spokane, waWA USA

Sun, 11 Jul 99 at 13:32:55

My cyborg still wont work!!!! I cut out some of the stuff but it still wont work is there something else I need to do? I only have about 10 things checked on the list. thank you for your time.

Samantha <>
Spokane, WA USA

Sun, 11 Jul 99 at 06:47:55

i have a question when ever i'm on the palace i see people do these little things like *zap* and they put these little messages in them but i waz wandering how they do all of this kind of stuff?

dawndi <>
farmersville, ca USA

Fri, 09 Jul 99 at 16:08:47

My cyborg just does not work, Period! I did everything that the instructions said but It does not work properly. Thank you for your time. Samantha

Samantha Crilly <>
Spokane, WA USA

Thu, 08 Jul 99 at 20:45:25

I modified my cyborg today and only some of the commands work. Is it possible i selected to much? I selected about 20 things.

&{user}; <>

Thu, 08 Jul 99 at 02:08:03

CAN THEY MAKE A PALACE version u can add a wiz menu? i think not i have seen website that specialize this i dont know if they exsist anymore but in every version using REGEDIT , RESEDIT, HEX EDIT, C++ Decompiler YOU CAN add it in there why dont they do something about this? say make certain programs for wizes only and make it only for there ip for god sakes

(dont want people to talk to me) <dont want people to email me >

Thu, 08 Jul 99 at 01:06:31

Dear Palace guru, I throw myself upon your superior knowledge. My palace client crashes when it loads my prop file. Is there any way for me to fix this problem without starting with a new prop file? Thank you for your timely reply Oh Exalted One.

Krandun <>

Tue, 06 Jul 99 at 11:25:25

after loading my cyborg and I enter my palace, I get a "script error" reading in my log, and the borg dosen't work. it is 30kb, The one I normal use given to me by a friend is 38kb and works fine, any suggestion? Thanks Damon

Master Daemon&{user}; <>
Germantown, Md USA

Tue, 06 Jul 99 at 11:23:59

Dr X, I Can't Blame You, Only Respect You For Not Giving Me The Script, Though, I Have 1 More Question. I Recently Lost My Cyborg File (Crashed) And I Had A Script That Allowed You To Jump To Rooms By Their Number (ex. 'goto 123') But I Don't Remember The Name. I Was Wondering If You Could Maybee Give Me The Script Or Just Help Me Out. Thanks Again, FREÐ

none, no none

Mon, 05 Jul 99 at 13:26:39

Dear Mr.X I am deperately trying to find a palace pallet. everytime i download it it says it's an M&M palatte for adobe photo shop even the one i get from the palace itself. When i try to load the palette nothing happens. I was wondering if u could help me. I have a pc not mac just some info to help u out

Mark Gelinas <>
Alberta, VA USA

Mon, 05 Jul 99 at 12:46:36

Hmm..I read a couple of the posts below and I'll keep this as dignified as possible(heh). I just wanted to say thanks for putting up the BotBot, its been a real help, and the help files and etc you have are insightful and interesting. Thats all I really wanted to say...check out Decipher's Palace ( and my website, with a few things about Decipher..and X, maybe you can check out that Vortex article I wrote, give some info about that. Later.

*Chris <>
Roswell, GA USA

Mon, 05 Jul 99 at 12:07:20

Could you tell me the script? I've tried but I can't make one. Thanks, FREÐ

none, no none

Mon, 05 Jul 99 at 10:19:22

First of all, love your site. I'm relatively new to Palace and your site has helped immensely. One area I'm having a problem with is the command 'kiss1'. I found the script, entered it into my borg, but it doesn't work. Is there a certain area in the borg that I should paste it, or do I just have the wrong script altogether? HELP!! Thank you for you time..*S* Peace.

&{user};flower <>
Toronto, ON Canada

Sun, 04 Jul 99 at 11:52:34

Is there any way to copy/steal props from someone using alscray (not ~clon), or a room script? (copy it to a room)

none, no none

Fri, 02 Jul 99 at 23:54:44

I've done everything you've said to do yet my scripts don't work. What should I do?

John Fesmire <>
Lexington, TN USA

Double-check the location of the file, and make sure Windows hasn't added a second suffix like ".txt" or ".ipt.ipt" to it. Use BotHelp to double-check your BotBot run if the correct help messages show up, then the cyborg should have run correctly. Did you save the file?
Fri, 02 Jul 99 at 22:07:22

i am a wiz at a palace and a recent problem has been brought to my attentionthat concerns all of us both as a wiz and as a god, there is a way that someone can come in and whisper to a god or goddess, and they are forced to chang the passwords, is there a way to prevent this and if so how do we handle this problem, i tried to find the commands here, but am not sure if i am looking in the right place, could u please help???

angie <>
tampa, fl USA

Yes, this can happen, if and only if:
  1. You set up a room with "free-for-allscray" so that every user can use allscray, not just wizards and gods.
  2. Someone goes into that room while "wizzed-up" at God Status.
  3. There is someone else in the room, who must be an unscrupulous jerk who knows how to reset the god password.
Even if this happens, the new God PW will be visible in your log, for a second (before the jerk changes it a second time). The solution is simple, though: If you are using God Status, stay out of free-for-allscray rooms. If you need to go in there, un-god yourself and go in as a member or wizard.
Fri, 02 Jul 99 at 12:24:49

Help! Where can I find a dressing room script, and how do I put it on my server?

Jerome Eno <>
Lowell, MA USA

Right here at this site.
Thu, 01 Jul 99 at 02:13:23

how do you use a name someone is already using? i've seen it done and i was wondering how to do it.. thanks :)

kay <>

You don't. You can fake it by adding odd characters like underbars, commas, or spaces.
Wed, 30 Jun 99 at 19:17:07

I was looking at the cool tips section, and about the hidden part on recording whispers, couldn't you also have the whisper relayed to you by localmsg?

Matt Zorn &what the f**** do u mean by user?{user}; <>
SanTown, OH USA

No. Only the whispering person would see their own message no one else would get it.
Wed, 30 Jun 99 at 16:43:17

PLEASE HELP! I don't know where else to ask. I am a wizard, but I don't know any of the commands. How can I learn them? I need to get them from somewhere. PLEASE HELP! I am REALLY confused. Sincerly, Angel

Angel, Kiwi BiAnCa(EAGLE$) <>
Pensacola, FL USA

Wiz up, then type `help
Tue, 29 Jun 99 at 22:52:21

The Sofa script dont wrok the one that lays out all the prop numbers could you check into that for me?

Kris <>

It works fine. Be careful that you have the correct props or better yet, make your own and give them a unique name (BotBot does let you do that!)
Tue, 29 Jun 99 at 20:32:54

Hey I was wondering if you could send me the propspot script

ploc16 <>
bartlett, TN USA

No, but you can get it from the BotBot.
Tue, 29 Jun 99 at 19:11:59

I would like to know if I could have that script that said: Welcome back, <last name used by the palace>. I hope you know what you're doing. I'd like it for my page (I'll put the creator's name under it)

Ryan G. <>
New York, NY USA

It's just javascript, and part of the web pages. Try "save as source" in your browser.
Mon, 28 Jun 99 at 17:55:24

I was sent this home page and I do not know if it is a program that I have to buy or what it is exactly. I really don't know much about computers and I have only been on the palace for about 3 weeks now. I love what the program can do, i am just not sure!!! Please help me if you can. Thank you for your time T

&{user};T <>

All Free!
Mon, 28 Jun 99 at 02:44:52

If I send You 2 or 3 cyborg files could you make them into one?

Kris <>

Custom work is pricey...
Sat, 26 Jun 99 at 01:26:42

Hey I wanna know how I could be a wizard please send me an e-mail to on how?

Justin <RazorX782>
Harrisburg, PA USA

Sure, select "Wizard" from the option menu and type in the correct password. Every site has a different password.
Fri, 25 Jun 99 at 01:58:17

i cant make th cyborg work is there any way u can help me? sorry bout last time!! =)

luke again <>

Details, please.
Wed, 23 Jun 99 at 01:37:23

Hi - What script do I use to teleport another member in my palace to a desired room in my palace.

*Guru <>
Waterford, Mi USA

You could try allscray
Mon, 21 Jun 99 at 17:06:22

Listen, you may have a webpage and might be telling newbs how to work iptscrae. but you need to OPEN YOUR MIND!! i gladly invite you to come to CRYSTAL TOKYO (that would be palace:// and see what i've been trying to tell you! just because someone writes a script doesn't mean there's not alternate ways to write it! i think someone's been out of practice. people sending you too many of their own scripts for botbot that you don't have enough time to script your own? allscray isn't a being, it doesn't read and tell and all this other stuff. it is what you want it to be. i want it to be discriminant about who sets it off, but i want it to affect everyone. so it is! i look forward to you coming across the tracks and stepping into my romping grounds. i'm sure it's been a while since you been back home, baby!! ^_^ look forward to you coming to crystal tokyo, and lighten up, yo!

Ska Demon

Sorry, there was fluff in my ear. Could you repeat that part?
Mon, 21 Jun 99 at 02:12:39

Hi, i'm interresting to build a bot. I'm not sure of one thing, Is the BOT have to be a client palace ( member ) like a Slave in the allscript ? Thank ! Hasta la proxima ! Shapeshifter !

Shapeshifter <>
Mtl, Qc Canada

If you mean a zombie-style second client, then... yes.
Sat, 19 Jun 99 at 21:35:58

It said EMail:, Now X2K Compliant. Why did it do that and dont do that shit.

kingi <>
anarbor, MI USA

Boo hoo
Sat, 19 Jun 99 at 19:44:25

please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! none of the scripts are working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

akasha <>
new orleans, la USA

Bot too big!
Fri, 18 Jun 99 at 05:55:31

otay, I also tried the scripts hop and fly and all that good stuff, but it wont work, is it because it needs to be a program file, ooor what, cuz I did what the instructions on the page said.....

Bitter again

More bot too big!
Fri, 18 Jun 99 at 05:48:58

yaaaah, I followed the instructions, aaanndddd, put the Cyborg.itp file, (which appeeared to be a explorer html file) in my palace file, and guess what_ it didnt work. soo, why not. I followed the directions on the page, and it still dun work, what the heck...


Windows is saving stuff as html? Then the name is going to be wrong. View by details in the window, make sure the name is cyborg.ipt not cyborg.ipt.html
Thu, 17 Jun 99 at 01:02:24

Every time I enter a palace and at the gate I type "hi2all" without the quotes, it gives me "this program has performed an illegal operation". Why? At first I was also getting "caution-bogus init", but i read and found that my cyborg was probably to big, so I redid it, by way of botbot. But I am still getting this illegal operation crap. Any Ideas?

me <>
Los Angeles, Ca USA

Yeah, your bot is way oversized. Read the warning label!
Wed, 16 Jun 99 at 20:51:35

I have "tuned up" many times and cant seem to get it it too big?? I thought maybe some of the scripts are conflicting... if they are, is there a list of scripts that do that?

Andrew+Saturn <>
Columbus, OH USA

Still oversized, according to your logs.
Wed, 16 Jun 99 at 05:13:41

Is there a way to randomize the order of the letters in your statements(When you say "Hi There" it could come out "TieH reh" or "erH Teih" or so on) with Iptscray?

70 69 63 61 <>

Yes, though it's kind of painful since there's no SUBSTR function..
Tue, 15 Jun 99 at 17:30:05

If you use LOCALMSG instead of ROOMMSG in the msh script your name isn't written into the log which is better for spoofing because nobody can find out from the log who did it.

70 69 63 61

Well, yeah no one will know from the log, because no one will see that message at all except you. That's what "local" means!
Sun, 13 Jun 99 at 01:20:23

ok i fill out all the stuff. I put it in my documents were all my palace chat stuff is. Then i cick on palce chat and starting chating nothing work. why i did what u said. and it won't work. Please help me. So i can use my spripts thanks.

Cal Daniel <>
gulf breeze, fl USA

If nothing works, then something didn't go in the right place. Can you actually send the script you're using?
Sat, 12 Jun 99 at 23:44:53

Hi, this is my second mail. Thanks for the quick response on the first. The problem is still the same, however, when I hit build 'borg, my browser waits forever and the script doesn't come up. I use IE5, and run guard dog. Your first suggestion was to make sure the page I was using wasn't in cash, and I've tried everything I can think of, allowing cookies for the site, purging the history, typing the address in directly, deleting temporary 'net files, visiting from links on other sites, refreshing, restarting - it's a frustrating and odd problem. When I show the history bar after pressing build borg, I can see a cybort.ipt page and get to a script, but it seems to just be a default, blank form. For example, it still contains heralds X2K for "on entry" and has this in it: ; *** CAUTION: Empty FORM, using Cookie *** ; *** There may be Surprises! *** Having allowed cookies, I'm not sure what to do next ... This site is far and away the best I've found on the net for user-friendly scripting, and I've looked up about 200 Palace sites so far. While I've started to wonder if maybe I could have just picked up iptscrae on my own by now I'd still like to figure out what's going wrong. Thanks, Erik Stetson

Erik Stetson < or>
Hampton, VA USA

Some browsers have a problem with BotBot's FORM (maybe it's too big for their cache?) Did you try bot help? If your scripts appear there, then running BotBot should be okay.
Sat, 12 Jun 99 at 05:04:02

This is in response to your comments from my message on Wed, March 24, 1999 at 2:27:06. maybe you can help me understand your ways, O dark one! first, what's rtfm mean? hehe =P second don't favor macs over pc's or vice versa, i DID read your page and i do understand you use both, but then again, so have i, and i just thought you MIGHT want to put the same information about pc's on there too. but i don't care if you put that stuff on there, you don't need to please the pc crowd completely anyway, you have enough hits. lastly, yes you have had "starless allscray" on your page, but not starless allscray that only gets set off for wizards only. please, comment your heart out on my form or demeanor or anything. if it comes down to it, call me a doodeyhead for even writing back! it only brings you closer to the purer side of palace i like to call "common courtesy" >=) come Dr. and i...we could conquer the universe, if only you had the spirit and some better shiskadoodle! i'll be waiting for your dry taunts and shunning! Many more messages to come(hopefully) Ska Demonª

Ska Demonª <--->
Skaville, CA USA

Without the star, the script can't tell who's a wizard. That's what the star is for
Sat, 12 Jun 99 at 03:58:40

I have a small problem with the "Scan" script. It only works once a login on my Palace. I'll be logged in as a god and it still has the problem. I don't know anything about iptscrae and I don't know what to do to fix it. If you could tell me exactly what to do I would appreciate it.

Jared Janhsen <>
Amarillo, TX USA

It has a timer. Wait for a while, then try again.
Sat, 12 Jun 99 at 03:20:45

I got the dropit script and it dosenot not work. I looked at my cyborg file and it said dropit. I tried it and It did not work. I got alot of scripts. Could this be a problem with the script?

Kingi <>
AnnArobor, MI USA

Remember to aim with the mouse....
Fri, 11 Jun 99 at 00:30:14

Hi, would first like to say that your website is a great service to English speaking Palacers everywhere. Something weird has happened, however. The first time I visited, I was able to buid a script, but messed it up somehow. On every consecutive visit (about 10) I fill out the chats and hit "build cyborg" but the browser just waits forever. Once I even started the process at lunch and let it wait until I got off work, but it was still not done. What do you think happened? I haven't changed anything about my browser. Thanks for fitting this in. Erik Stetson

Erik Stetson (Gabriel) < or>
Hampton, VA USA

Are you sure the rowser was connecting, and not just working from your local cache?
Thu, 10 Jun 99 at 22:19:42

I recently made a cyborg.ipt thingy but it didn't work... and i was wondering what it is because everything is right in the script, the finger and everything but nothing works. please E-mail me and give me your thoughts on what it could be.

Steve and []D [] []V[] []D <>
Ashland, KY USA

If everything is right, but nothing works... Y2K?
Thu, 10 Jun 99 at 15:46:15

hi, mr. x. i have been on palace for a while now i am learning iptscrae. i am ok but i wanted to get a namedrop script anti allscray and a fireworks script i spoke to ph's horse on main and he did not help me period. i was wandering if you could make me a namedrop that wont disable all of my scripts my borg is 48.7k in size and it works perfectly. if you could help it would be appreciated Thanks, C G


See here

As for the others, they require special props in your suitcase it's not only a matter of scripting!

Mon, 07 Jun 99 at 14:34:51

I can't seem to get my 'allsay' command to work. All my friends on the Palace can get theirs to work, but I have a corrupted prop file and mine won't work. Please Help! Tracey :)

Tracey <>
Elk Grove, IL USA

Bot too big way too big.
Thu, 03 Jun 99 at 01:58:20

Ive tried to redo my bot several times but everytime I log in palace I get a script error WTF??????????

tonya dodd <>

Bot too big
Tue, 01 Jun 99 at 23:13:50

Hello Mr. X. Whats up? I need more laggy scripts. I was wondering if you could make me a powerful cyborg like no other. With everything on pinsize 10. I would like the fallowing scripts... Sofa, where, whohere, roomhi, no_trace, painthi, align, slam, allsay, mpos, hop, fly, ziprand, msay, clean,antizap,reflect, dump, abyss, bkiss, blanket, blondie, border, dropit, giveall, heart, shoot, zzap, aura, cube, future, jailem, power, scan, shields, spider, spotlite, szap, twinkle, zapall, zoop, zoop3 zap and alot more attacking scripts like zap ya know. I need powerful scripts allmighty ones. I thank you for your help. Please build me this cyborg and tell me what to type for the new scripts. thanks!

Grim <>
Sperry, IA USA

Sorry, custom work is on a cash basis! My schedule won't allow anything less....
Tue, 01 Jun 99 at 22:54:14

i was just wondering, is there a way to get on two palaces at the same time, and if there is, how? thanks ;)

kay <>

Sure, just run two copies of the client in separate directories.
Tue, 01 Jun 99 at 21:24:31

the commands szap, cube, future ,sheilds, scan szap, jailem do not work but i checked each on of those laggy out chat thingys and zzap spider zoop zoop3 work

&{user};??? <>
Laos Angeles, Ca USA

Send in the script, I'll take a look. Sounds like a bogus init tho.
Tue, 01 Jun 99 at 04:24:04

Dear X, Would you add the "Burning Heart" script from your page (Poetry in motion) to the BotBot? Or at least send me a cyborg with it and hexkey 0207080a0d0e8f1b23282a303e44494d4e4f50575d61767b7e838488898a. Thanks.

70 69 63 61 <>

It's already there in the web page! It requires custom props and so is inappropropriate for the BotBot.
Tue, 01 Jun 99 at 01:57:14

When i save the cyborg.ipt file into theh palace directory why did it say script error when i put reload script

&{user};??? <>
Los Angeles, Ca USA

Don't use "Reload Script" on a BotBot cyborg. "Reload Script" is just there to annoy you. See here
Mon, 31 May 99 at 00:11:43

Thanks for your quick response. You were right about the SWAP commands. HOwever, shove still doesn't work for me as written. It moves the target by an amount equal to the value of the MOUSEPOS. I have instead modified it to use SETPOS rather than MOVE. ;; shove: Use allscray to move a user ;; Author: Dr.X (Modified by BigB) { { MOUSEPOS dy = dx = "Moving " WHOTARGET WHONAME & " to " & dx ITOA & " " & dy ITOA & LOGMSG "\x3ballscray \x7b " dx ITOA & " " & dy ITOA & " SETPOS \x7d WHOME " & WHOTARGET ITOA & " == IF" & WHOTARGET PRIVATEMSG } { "Err: You must select a target" STATUSMSG } WHOTARGET IFELSE "" CHATSTR = } CHATSTR "^shove(.*)" GREPSTR IF Best Wishes, BigB

JA Cavell (BigB) <>
lafayette, la USA

You're mistaking "shove" for the zombie-mode "mv" command. "Shove is supposed to be relative it's mostly for adjusting "face sitters."
Mon, 31 May 99 at 00:02:26

All right... still havin a little problem with a few things. First is.. i know how to make the on, off switch for a cyborg script but i don't know where to put the other part in the Script i want on/off (kinda confusin) second... How do u make a cyborg INCHAT script that the person who say's a command HAS TO be a wiz, or god any way to do that? Thanks alot!

John <>

Check the allscray page.
Sun, 30 May 99 at 00:05:24

I had ot mnodify shove in this manner to make it work. WHOPOS was d/l as WHOPAS. I also added the SWAP's. Now I am trying to make it stop requiring 0 0 after the work shove. - thanks - BigB ;; Author: Dr.X { { "$1" GREPSUB ATOI dx = "$2" GREPSUB ATOI dy = { WHOTARGET WHOPOS dy = SWAP dx = MOUSEPOS dy - dy = SWAP dx - dx = } dx 0 == dy 0 == AND IF "Moving " WHOTARGET WHONAME & dx ITOA & " " & dy ITOA & LOGMSG "\x3ballscray \x7b " dx ITOA & " " & dy ITOA & " MOVE \x7d WHOME " & WHOTARGET ITOA & " == IF" & WHOTARGET PRIVATEMSG } { "Err: You must select a target" STATUSMSG } WHOTARGET IFELSE "" CHATSTR = } CHATSTR "^shove *(-*[0-9][0-9]*) *(-*[0-9][0-9]*)" GREPSTR IF

J A Cavell <>
lafayette, la USA

The SWAPs are superfluous, and the numeric arguments are the prefered way to use this script. I have changed the BotBot version, however. Thanks!
Sat, 29 May 99 at 11:21:00

When I check the boxs I want (not to many) I go down to "Build Cyborg.ipt" and it downloads but when i use it in the palaces it says "having trobke prossesing script" HHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPP !!!!!!!!! I'm 12 and i need scripts for my palace !!! please help Derek Meggitt Thanks mmm-kay

Derek Meggitt&{derekmeggitt}; <>
Woodstock, ON CANADA

The log still says Bot too big
Wed, 26 May 99 at 21:39:00

Dear X, Is there a way to send a message to wizards only in the room the message originated from?

70 69 63 61

Only ~page, or a whisper based on their *name.
Wed, 26 May 99 at 21:19:06

keep trying to download palace pallette unsuccessful, keep gettin message unable to open internet site server returned extended information. I'm using paintshop pro and need palace pallette plz email me at

&{user};kimberly davis ijolene <>
aransas pass, tx USA

Sorry about that. You can always make one according to the instructions right here on the site...
Wed, 26 May 99 at 20:01:40

it keeps telling me that there is an error while prossesing a script...please tel me wwere this is so thst it can be fixed and how to fix it thank you

&{user};silk <>
mtl, canada

Need I say it? Bot too big
Tue, 25 May 99 at 01:01:31

Is there some place where I could download a copy of The Maze script to use in my palace? If so, where? Thanks for such a useful site.

70 69 63 61

It's a commercial product (made by me, no less).
Mon, 24 May 99 at 19:34:28

Also, the reason I asked about the wizard prop command was because I'd already tried the help command and the palace user guide and had not found the answer. :(

70 69 63 61

~clon or ~clone depending on your client version.
Mon, 24 May 99 at 19:24:59

Dear X, I guess I didn't explain some of my questions properly. I got that script fragment from Herry's bar in palace mansion, but I didn't understand the {SUBSTR 4 RANDOM 0 == AND IF} part. For the room script, I thought go to 5 rooms, then stop. If one of those sent you to a room, you only have to try 5 to find out which one. Still quicker then typing but not as slow as one, wait, two, wait... Thanks.

70 69 63 61

Sounds confusing. The snip you have here says "do this occasionally, randomly with a 1 in 4 likelihood"
Sun, 23 May 99 at 19:36:54

hmmmmmmm well, last nite all my future, blondie, allsay, msay, border and everything was working and now today, they're not working again! how come?

akasha vonderbinker <akasha--@rocketmail.>
new orleans, la USA

Because today you're trying them in a cyborg-free zone?
Sun, 23 May 99 at 16:02:45

When I was on my palace, I entered a new room, and there was an error message that said: "Caution: Bogus INIT! See" I turned on cyborgs for my palace, yet I still get the message. What can I do.

SAMartinezrulez <>
Westerville, OH USA

Log out, log back in. The INIT haoppens at login time.
Sat, 22 May 99 at 18:35:34

i have a couple of questions and comments. ok a few weeks ago i built my cyborg file and had all this really cool stuff on it. then i wanted to change it so i did. after that it worked for about a day and then it just quit working and none of them work when i type the commands. and i had checked spider and jailem the first time and they never worked from the start. well i wanted to try rebuilding my cyborg but now my problem is that at the bottom of the page it says to click build cyborg.ipt button and then save, but there is no button there. i tried reloading the page and it didn't work. i kept hitting reload until i finally saw the button there, then my computer froze and i had to restart it and then i couldn't get the button again. i need some help!?!

linz warren <>

Jailem and spider won't work in paint-free rooms.

But more than that, it sounds like your browser and perhaps entire computer was pretty sick. You sent this identical message a bunch of times, too. Did you reboot?

Sat, 22 May 99 at 16:51:44 blondie and future and jailem, etc won't work?

akasha vonderbinker <>
new orleans, la USA

They need special props and a paintable room.
Fri, 21 May 99 at 03:05:03

You mentioned that wizards have the power to wear the props you're wearing. What command is used to do this?

70 69 63 61

If you're a wiz, type ~help and find out!
Fri, 21 May 99 at 02:51:11

Dear X, What would the following script do, and what would you have to do to activate it? { "@270,104 Shut up, " USERNAME & "!!" & ROOMMSG } OCHAT "harry" SUBSTR 4 RANDOM 0 == AND IF } Also, I haven't been able to access The UnPalace lately. Is that just me, or has it been offline alot? Thanks.

70 69 63 61

It would do nothing, without some additional support structures built aroud it. It looks like the intent was to make fake "Harry's Bar" messages that yell "shut up!" to yourself.

Yes, unpalace has been down a lot. Doggoned 80-hour work weeks. It's being redesigned too new prop services, and higher integration with BotBot.

Wed, 19 May 99 at 23:56:37

Well I'm really interested in writing some scripts, dice scripts in particular and this is the only decent site I could find that had anything to do with scripting on the palace, I'm pretty sure it's not hard, just someone pointing me in the right direction would be really really nice. Tnx a Ton, Drew

Drew MacIntosh <>
San Diego, CA USA

6 RANDOM "You rolled a " SWAP & SAY ???
Tue, 18 May 99 at 12:57:21

ok well my bot was way to big but i spent almost 2 hours on here changeing it makeing it smaller and smaller and fineally i did it untill i only had one thing on it and it still didn't work as for the save as text file and stuff i have netscape i went to file then save as then save some in difernt placesso i have more than one copy of them i saved as cyborg.ipt they came up as just cyborg but when i click on them all it does is starts my palace program and then i go to a palace like palace in wonderland and make my own room just to be sure that it can have paint in it and do some of the scripts but the only scripts that work are the ones i had on my orignal cyborg witch came with the palace software so what do i do erase my orginal cyborg? that might be it? thanks

jonathan <>
smyrna, ga USA

If Palace is still loading the original scripts, then your new cyborg is in the wrong place. Check here for some pointers.
Tue, 18 May 99 at 00:05:44

Dear X, Would it be possible to make a hang script for odd sized avatars? I have an avatar of 8 props, but they don't assemble correctly with hang, because the're 3 on top, 3 middle, 2 bottom. How about "Hang" with 3 variables? top, middle, bottom. Would that work? Also, I made a list of all the room numbers on The Palace Mansion, Could I e-mail it to you for addition to the ziprand script?

70 69 63 61

Hang needs the props to be laid out in a regular fashion the prop location offsets can't be known to a cyborg, so "hang" works by guessing.
Mon, 17 May 99 at 19:12:22

Thank you so much for one of the more useful sites I have seen. The obvious hard work you put in is appreciated. I have taken your warnings seriously, but the one thing I do not see on the BOTBOT is "namedrop". I would love to keep this script, but do not want to mess with the complied file without asking first. Also, rather then "rcolor" is there a way to just set a default color? Any suggestions and assistance is appreciated. Thanks, Coz

Coz <>
Kirkland, WA USA

Send it in! Generally, I've been apprehensive about scripts like "namedrop" that need a large number of specific props, because web pages can't distribute props. When the unpalace redesign is complete, that may not be a problem.
Mon, 17 May 99 at 18:42:07

Dear X, Could you please write a script that will send your avatar to all the possible room numbers? I'm trying to find hidden rooms in palaces.

70 69 63 61

If you visit one room per second, it will only take a year or so to run such a script....
Mon, 17 May 99 at 16:45:11

I'm thinking that my cyborg is way to big.I haven't tryed alot of commands but still none of the ones i have try'ed have worked I've gotten several cyborg's from here and none work. So i guess it's just to big but mabie not is there any way that you can see if it is? if so please e-mail me and tell. I am using a pc with windows 98 need anymore info e-mail me.

jonathan <>
smyrna, ga USA

Yes, it was too big. As big as possible, in fact. Didn't you see the warning?
Mon, 17 May 99 at 14:41:21

Hi, Oh and do i have to use some weird names like- )amen heythere %rpeeps - went to%r at%h - @1010)amen%textharold

Cody Cother <>
New York, Ny USA

Mon, 17 May 99 at 14:37:01

Hi, I'm confused about using scripts.i did all that jazz about picking the scripts and building it.I saved the next page like it told me to.Now i dont know what to do next... i opened it and i went to browse.Ive never done cyborg before.So can you tell me how to use it?

Cody Cother <>
New York, Ny USA

Please read the instructions!
Mon, 17 May 99 at 03:39:35

You need a way for people to get their hands on single scripts so they can incorporate them into their files themselves (well, you don’t have to, but it would be nice...). Anyway, it would also be a good idea for regular users of the Bot Bot to have a [None] Button at the top of the Bot Bot selection screen so they don’t have to unselect the things you have already selected. This probably should also include all the default text field information you keep up there. Thanks.

Bladetooth <>
Boston, MA USA

Actually, cut-and-paste is anathema to the design principles of botbot botbot was designed as an intetgrated cyborg-buildier, so cutting and pasting DON'T WORK on many (most) botbot scripts. This makes for a better, more-complex bot. Breaking it apart is a bit like trying to crack open an IC to get out the individual transistors.
Mon, 17 May 99 at 00:16:58

Hey Dr. X could you please post/email a message about how to make a script Able to be turned On/Off? I try to edit scripts but they are too complicated. Could you tell me a simple way how to? Thanks!

John <>
no way, no USA

Sure, just keep around a global variable that contains a 0 or 1 as a toggle. That's how botbot does it....
Sat, 15 May 99 at 05:56:42

I realy need help i am sure that the hole palace is run by sertain scripts but others think i am rong and i wanted to know if there was an acual wizard script you know a scrip that made a wizard and gave him privaliges to use sertain commands but when i have asked this question i get bad reactions they call me stupid and a geek so can you help me thank you for your time

New §uperman <>
none, or USA

I wn't call names, but you're wrong. There's no such script.
Fri, 14 May 99 at 20:48:14

dear dr haveing a problem with the shield script.i type in the right command and it dont work.ive got enough ram but i still dont work. please help.thanx.

shawn <>
carriere, ms USA

You're in a paint-free room, most likely.
Wed, 12 May 99 at 22:50:55

i downloaded the bot bot thing and the only thing i can do is zap and msay and i keepdownloading i and it still do only zap and msay can you tell me what to do

&{user}; <>
bklyn, ny USA

Bot too big!
Tue, 11 May 99 at 23:09:17

hey dr x have you seen those new bots lately that are like another one of you its like a script and u can make it answer certain questions when they are asked right..well anyways i would relly like to now if u could tell me a place where i could get one or how i could make one thanks alot,troy

troy {PuNk BoY} <>
columbus, oh USA

$200 an hour, I'll whip you up one custom. Probably will take me all day, maybe more....
Tue, 11 May 99 at 19:31:51

When I make a room and turn Scripts and Painting on,the scripts you give don't work.Like...the Script "Future","Cube","Jailem",or "Hop" and almost every other one dos'nt work.Am I typing somthing wrong?

Mike Gonzalez <>
Struthers, Oh USA

Considering the 200 carriage returns you put in your message, you must be typing SOMETHING wrong.... :)

Mon, 10 May 99 at 01:27:41

Dear X, I am starting a hosted Palace Server hosted by Seattle Publishing. My uncle owns Seattle Pub. and is running the company in his house. He said to me he's starting web hosting and virtual domain names. I talked to him and he agreed to host my Palace, I was happy because be uses DSL ( Digital Subscriber Line ) running at 8 Mbps. The only problem I am having is I need some way to activate and deactivate the server. Someone told me that I can do it through telnet. By the way he is using a 333 MHZ I MAC. I don't know if I can do much but if you know anything that can help me please contact me ! Thanks!

Andrew a.k.a. BadBoy©®™ <ICQ# 13180974>
Seattle, WA USA

You might be able to make some sort of semaphore file that is loaded/deleted over ftp, but... the imac was never designed to be an online server. Have you asked EC?
Sun, 09 May 99 at 21:26:24

Here you are,sitting there in a Palace room...then the owner Kicks you for no good reason!(That piece of crap!)And you want to go back in...because your friend was in there or you were talking about somthing sweet.Want to know how to get back in?All you have to do is escape so your at the begining of the Palace site.Go right back to the part you were in.(This might be comfusing but don't you know ALL those things you can go "Anime Carnival","Anime World",or "Nikkis' Room"?just go in the same one you were in.)Then...CHANGE YOUR NAME!Then go in the same room and then chat away!

Mike Gonzalez <>
Struthers, Oh USA

Sun, 09 May 99 at 06:36:43

Hello DR. X i would like to know if there is a way to get arround southparks av script so that i could wear my own av's. thank's -John

John (john™ <>
portland, Or USA

It's not a script, it's a a server option. So... nope.
Fri, 07 May 99 at 13:52:49

Can anyone support me with the command for using another room as a default gate in case the maine gate is full?

Freya© <>

Just tag it as a dropzone...
Fri, 07 May 99 at 13:03:04

Dear Dr. X, At the palace where I am a God, one of the wizzes have come up with an allscray to kill or pin Gods. Could you possibly give me a clue to make an anti-allscray script..of course if you already have one, would you please share it? Thank you for your great Bot Bot help.

E.B. <>

Sure, just
is pretty common, but easily defeated too.

I don't think "anti-allscray" is going to solve your problem.

Thu, 06 May 99 at 15:10:04

Hello I just got allscray and I'm not quite certain how to use it. Please send me a list of commands and their purpose. thnx, Shane

Shane Dodge <>
Boston, MA USA

"List of commands"? The entire iptscrae language! RTFM!
Wed, 05 May 99 at 20:31:10

none of my commands work

bryan flop nutz <>
seaford, de USA

That's descriptive
Tue, 04 May 99 at 07:03:31

Hi Dr.X, I have one little question.I have been working on a timer script for decades now...well it seems like it.The timer works great but I cant get a switch to turn it off,you just have to wait it out.The script can reside on the client or the server.I've tried many different approaches to it...setspotstates,the EXIT command,the break on an IFELSE but I cant seem to get it.What I need is to be able to add a second command line inside this script...i've seen examples of this depending on avatar positioning.The whole script is run on a group of ALARMEXE's 19 actually.Maybe you could suggest a different approach i havent tried yet?The length of this script is 90 seconds.One last thing I found a script that may be a good alternative to shove that you might be interested in, I hope this doesnt clutter your book to much but here goes... { MOUSEPOS y = x = ";ao " x ITOA & " " & y ITOA & " SETPOS" & WHOTARGET PRIVATEMSG "" CHATSTR = } CHATSTR LOWERCASE "xmove" ==ISWIZARD AND IF Thanks, -Mr.Vamp

Vamp <>

Use a global var or a spot state to decide if it should continue or not.
Tue, 04 May 99 at 05:22:22

yo i was at the palace portal the other day and i noticed that i could only move in a small area and when i put on doors i noticed i was in a door and thats all i could move in and i wondered how to do that on my palace ( check it out sometime) also theres a few others i would like to know how to do so here they r 1 is how do i make realaudio or mp3 files download on the select of a door if it can be done. and the other is how do i make animations with either many diff pics or just a animated gif or avi. ok if u could help x i would apprectiate it also as always can u email me the response to this.

HIVer <>

$200/hr, I'll write your palace scripts.
Sun, 02 May 99 at 00:42:17

Hello & thanks for reading this: I have just gotten finished creating a palace of my own. I have two rooms in it right now, and I am ready to add more if I can just find out what the heck I am doing....... See, I have two major questions that remain unanswered. The first and main question is how do I put my palace online? How do I get people to visit and how do I get access myself? All that I have is my newly created idea in a file in another file inside my C drive. What do I do? The second question is about what kind of palace is allowed? I have created a palace called "a l i e n palace" based upon the alien movie saga. I will have tons of rooms by the time I am finished that include scenes, people and rooms from all 4 of the alien movies. Is this allowed? Will I cause problems with this? If I would cause too many problems then I do have a back up palace. I had another idea to make a palace called "philosophy palace". No more small talk. HAHA. I also have already created 2 rooms and some script for that. Well, if you know ANYTHING at all and think you can help me please send me a letter here at Thank you so much. Erica

Erica <>
Joliet, IL USA

If your palace is running, it *is* online, at least for that moment, attached to the IP of your computer.

All palaces are allowed, but it's between you and the legal department at the studio whether you'll get sued for appropriating images and ideas from "Alien."

Sat, 01 May 99 at 04:23:45

After i choose what i want i click on the make cyborg.ipt button and nothing comes out. Ive tryed doing the antizap by its self and nothing happends. Can u tell me y its doing this? Thanx.

Andy <>
Sylmar, CA USA

It might be downloading to your disk automatically it depnds on how you've got your browser set up.
Sat, 01 May 99 at 03:13:43

i have saved my botbot script 5 times and it still does not work properly. after i type in a command or say something, it says "error occured while executing iptscrae script" please help me with this thank you

Greg Yip <>
singapore, singapore

Bot too big - read the warnings!
Fri, 30 Apr 99 at 16:43:18

Hey, i just wanted to know what do i do with the cyber file after i make it. And how do i use it?

Andy <>

Follow the instructions?
Thu, 29 Apr 99 at 19:37:50

I would like a bot for my palace, you know what a bot is right? An artificial person. I really need one for my palace.

Bill <>

$200/hr, and classify it as R&D
Tue, 27 Apr 99 at 01:22:05

Great looking for a way around the anti-allscray blocks allscray ;ao and ;as...please help...thanx

Raistlin <>

Any string can be used as the lead-in for "allscray" so "anti-allscray" is realy not very effective. Just rename "allscray" and you're there.
Mon, 26 Apr 99 at 22:00:42

Where could I find some prop or other good scripts for a palace i'm making?

Evan Butler .:>-‘\_‚–(Evan™)–‚_/‘-<:. <>
Sebastian, FL USA
Sun, 25 Apr 99 at 16:16:52

I want to "msay" someone but I don't want my name to be written in the Log Window. How can I do that?

Yanik <>
Drummondville, Qc Canada

Use msh
Sun, 25 Apr 99 at 05:20:26

ive used your scripts for my palace and i must say thanx and im waitin for more also do u know how i can make it so there is many props in the p spot script like instead of clicking once and getting one av instead click like 10 times and get 10 diff avs please help thanx

hiver <>

Use the version in the beta group.
Sat, 24 Apr 99 at 16:57:03

ok how come my scripts dont work even in a painting room? like for examples these dont work power zapall shields up szap jailem and probally many more can you or some one please tell me why and how i can fix it?

timmy o tool <>

Bot too big!!
Fri, 23 Apr 99 at 12:14:55

ok i filled out what i wanted and i pressed the button at the bottom and it didnt bring up a page with text for me to save it just downloaded a .ipt file and i dont know y but neways then i put it in my palace dir and then when i go into palace and try to use it it doesnt work not even zap and clean that r like reg one dont work also i tried pressin the reload script thing and it still wont work so can u email me and tell me what i should try please HELP.

hiver <>

Wrong directory, probably. DOn't double-click the ipt file, just put it in the right directory and start palace. Ignore "Reload Script" it's just there to confuse you.
Wed, 21 Apr 99 at 01:20:21

Please find the script for anonymous msay and add it to your scripts I would really appriciate it and so would many others cause many people can ignore my reflect and respoof command and i would like to get them back since i fould out who they are by who left and who stayed and when it happend


Use msh. But watch out, the speaker's name DOES show up in wiz logs....
Sun, 18 Apr 99 at 16:03:26

Ok, I'm brand new to the Palace Designing world. I've printed out some of the official site manuals and I'm going to review them as I go. I need some help with loading in backgrounds. Can you do it while signed on? Can you do it when your Palace is inactive? What's the story morning glory? Also, I need to figure out how to make a prop supply room. Can anyone help?

Brian Hamil <>
University City, Mo USA

Use the spot scripts in the botbot beta section
Sun, 18 Apr 99 at 15:15:42

I did every thing right and my bot won't work

Brian <>
Columbus, Ga USA

Obviously, you didn't do everything right! Could you be more specific?
Sun, 18 Apr 99 at 04:07:50

Hello, I'm using the macintosh version 2.0 of the palace client and have successfully used the bot bot to create cyborg files in the past. However, today I have trying to create a new cyborg file but no matter what combinations of options I choose it just won't work. The script loads but none of the scripts work. Some help would be appreciated. The last time I used the bot bot it was version 61, incase that helps. Thanks.

Adam Jenkins <>
Live Oak, CA USA

Um, no idea. I have a mac for botbot development, and haven't experienced that yet.
Sat, 17 Apr 99 at 00:32:56

X how do i get sound wave files for my palace what do i download

G Dawg <>
Mcdowell, ky USA

Use the SOUND command.
Fri, 16 Apr 99 at 06:19:39

Hi Dr X This is Firebird (Christopher Chan) of Firebird's Forest. Thank you very much for your website. We at the forest have referred countless members to your homepage. I have some iptscrae questions. What is the script to add in a palace room in order to launch shockwave applications ? I remember Minds Palace had it some time ago and I know that Commercial servers support Shockwave. is it in the end a NETGOTO command ? thanks

Firebird <>

Wed, 14 Apr 99 at 00:09:44

Just wanted to know if it is possible to write a reverse kill script,like when a wiz tries to kill you and it reverse's back to them and kills them instead.

&{user};spazz <>

Not really - you'd be dead before the script could, err, execute.

Whe a user is killed, it's the server that disconnects them, based on a request to the server by the wiz. The wiz doesn't actually make any direct connection to the victim.

Tue, 13 Apr 99 at 18:33:56

This is a fix, regarding your "dress" script. I and many other palacers have found it to be a very harmful script in the wrong hands, giving anyone who knows it's flaw the power of allscray over everyone who has the script. This can be a very serious problem, expecually if the targeted person having this script is a wizard or a god. Please replace the script with a fix. Here is mine:

[SNIP!] Orion's Script

"the" Orion© <>
n/a, N/A USA

Cool, thanks! The dressing room had a similar problem. Persoanlly, I like "dz" better than "Dress," since it can also be used with allscray and has a changeable password.
Tue, 13 Apr 99 at 09:49:00

Is there a script to add a midi-song when u enter a room of door ? Can u please help me?

Eraser <>

Place an ON ENTER script trap into the door. The script can call MIDI, SOUND, anything you like.
Sun, 11 Apr 99 at 00:20:41

um...the sofa script, it makes the sofa turn out upside down, so the props are, like, all over the place, and it won't look like a sofa.

Thalia <>

You're using the wrong props. The props need to be named in the order described below. And beware of prop-name conflicts. See here for more about prop names, conflicts, and how props get stored and overwritten.
Sat, 10 Apr 99 at 11:23:14

I have a script called "j.c.'s warp script - VERSION 5 -" and it's is a warp which transfers you from where you are to where your mouse position is. and usually it provides you with transportation props, but sometimes, it just transfers me there with my regular prop on. what's the point of the script if it just does that? well i tried reloading script, and dissconecting, and going to another room, and exiting and all that. please help me! tell me what i need to do in order for the script to work! (i was never given any props in the first place, it just sorta came with the script)

Danielle <>
wayne, NJ USA

You need the props. Find someone who has them...
Sat, 10 Apr 99 at 07:00:06

Hello to all, First I'd like to say how much I enjoy the Palace, most of the time. Usually i go on just to say hello to the friends i have made there. Sometimes i end up helping others, or just join in the fun. 10% percent of the time i wish there was a way i could help others out when there aren't any wizards on. So my question is, "What can i do besides asking whom it may be at the time to please stop or please leave? I try to explain that we are out here to just chat and have a good time. To met new people, not hurt anyone in anyway. But sometimes it just doesn't work. I have printed up all the information i can to see if there is some way to put a stop to all of this. Half the time the ones who give a bit of trouble change this names, so its hard to keep up. Anyways, I would just like to thank all of you who took time to read this. May the force be with you! Sincerely, Lady Haunt

&{user};Known as Lady Haunt <>
Chicago, IL USA

Try `mute
Fri, 09 Apr 99 at 18:03:23

when i get scripts for my cyborg and i paste them in it asways screws up my other ones so when i type in the thing for somthing else the script that i just pasted comes up wut do i do or wut am i doing wrong

Adam aka Twightlight <>
halifax, NS Canada

Pasting scripts is a bad idea unless you know how they work.... face it, they might not work in the first place! You wouldn't just stick any random parts into the engine of a car, would you?
Wed, 07 Apr 99 at 23:59:59

I have a question. Ive e-mailed you befor, but got no reply. On the BOTBOT cyborg page it says that if you pick to many iteams your computer will crash. I would like to know, how many is too many & can you bulid more than one BOTBOT cyborg . Please respond as soon as possible thankyou.

Devin Hartnett <>
Tampa, FL USA

Because the limit is on cyborg scripts and room scripts b>together, the limit depends on the site you're visiting.
Mon, 05 Apr 99 at 18:38:08

I have a little palace. There is onlt one problem with it. The rooms do not download for anyone else. I see the room backgrounds though. I used the palacemaker thing on, and this is the second time this has happened to me- the first time I deleted the palace, thinking this was a fluke. Can anyone tell me what is wrong, and more importantly, how to fix it????????? Oh yeah, if you want to go there, it's called Silverthorn. The address is ( Needless to say, it's not up all the time. Thanks!

Anailia <>

Sounds like bad server s/w. Have you talked to EC?
Mon, 05 Apr 99 at 05:21:48

Just read you bit on av making..I am using PhotoShop 5..i get all of it to go as explained except for transfering the av to palace...i copyit put when i go to paste in palace..there is nothing to paste...any suggestions? Great Site, Dave

dave <>
grants pass, or USA

Sun, 04 Apr 99 at 08:01:30

thanks for all

&{user};Puchegger Roman {Roman} <>
vienna, Österreich

Sun, 04 Apr 99 at 01:08:57

hey i made my bot bot smaller but it still doesnt work! Why is this!In the palace wonderland it says script error when i try my cyborg! Please Help

daniel <>
ninole, hi USA

Both the cyborg and the room scripts have to fit in the same small region of memory. Wonderland is kind of heavy on the room-script side, making it less-tolerant of medium-large-sized cyborgs. Nothing I can do... sorry! Try a smaller bot?
Fri, 02 Apr 99 at 21:39:16

Begrüsse euch !!!!!!

mraz <>
wien, Österreich

Vir fahrn fahrn fahrn auf der autobahn?
Fri, 02 Apr 99 at 21:09:33

Those damn scripts don't work, not a bloody one of them!!! I only need the hang and pid scripts to work to make my prop generator and those two won't work. I wrote thiry cyborgs with bot bot, but they didn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Cinder~ <>
Cumb., RI USA

That's funny, they work for me and the other thousands of people who have used them. Are you sure? THIRTY times?
Fri, 02 Apr 99 at 05:22:27

hello i like your cyborg but i need to know something. I deleted my old cyborg and downloaded a new one.My log window now says Script Error. why!!!!!!!!I get so mad because it doesnt work.

daniel <>

Bot Too Big...
Thu, 01 Apr 99 at 10:08:00

i have my own palace and I need to turn off the script so what ever avatar i m wareing the ID# of that avatar will not show up. How doyou turn it off?

Alice Strader <>
Perrysburg, OH USA

Wed, 31 Mar 99 at 21:13:06

none of my scripts will work and whenever i click on reload script, it says, script error what do i do?, please help me

Matt Jays <>
melville, ny USA

Don't use "Reload Script" log off, then log in so that the SIGNON initializers work. "Reload Script" is just there to confuse you.
Wed, 31 Mar 99 at 12:55:32

Been looking for you. Have i figured it out? How is life in Russia? Sorry for being so blonde.... And how are things in Camelot???

&{user};Jody, aka Lola <>

Gee, I guess they have elections coming up in Russia, so... how the heck would I know? Huh?
Sun, 28 Mar 99 at 00:28:58

*X I wiz quite frequently. Help. That is, I am a wizard at a fairly large site ( and I'm not quite sure how to find an ISP thru Palace. How can I find out what a user's ISP is? I looked in the section you're probably going to link me to (the compendium of cheap trix) but you said to use whois or traceroute. How exactly, thru palace, or using an IP, do I find an ISP? Thanks Dan

*Dan <>

If you already know their IP address, "whois" will work well. There are a lot of programs out there that do DNS lookups, it depends upon your platform (and price point) of choice. Check tucows,, etc. But this cannot be done from inside Palace any more the old `list -d did DNS lookups, but was also a major source of lag.
Sat, 27 Mar 99 at 23:40:30

i have no idea haw to get a bot can u pliz send me a file thats done pliz

chris <>

Just press "build cyborg" sheez
Sat, 27 Mar 99 at 19:04:31

Hello almighty Dr.X: Firstly to the people that put up their whole cyborg here.STOP!!!!!! As for me i need you to help me with my homework. I have to be able to draw a square around me when i type square. here is what i got so far: "{ 69 118 56 PENCOLOR 4 PENSIZE WHOME WHOPOS -66 -66 PENTO 0 132 LINETO } CHATSTR "square" == IF". I am at a total lost Dr.X. So instead of telling me what is wrong (cuz i'am to dumb to understand) tell me how you would write it just for the first line(one of the sides of the square). But if ya think that is no good. It is your perogative(i think that is the spelling) ANy help is appreciated. Biggest follower Shaffer

Shaffer <>
toronto, CANADIA(i live in an igloo)

looks like you've already got the first line...
Sat, 27 Mar 99 at 16:33:51

when i try to do the scripts some of them dont't work for me when i try twinkle it doesnt,when i try scan,sheilds,spotlite,zapall,allsay,future,and a couple of others and the thing is that scripts r on and so is painting

nick <>
va.beach, va USA

some don't work? Bogus init, perhaps? Abuse of "reload script"? Hmmm?
Sat, 27 Mar 99 at 08:59:30

I am the owner of The Anonymous Palace and I am looking for a copy on The Wheel of Cheese. Do you have a copy ?

Andrew a.k.a. BadBoy©®™ <ICQ# 13180974>
Seattle, WWA USA

EC has the Macintosh Client Plugin for Ratbot. Ratbot is NOT a room script, or a cyborg script, but a mac client plugin. If EC ever lets me distribute Ratbot, I will.
Fri, 26 Mar 99 at 07:03:23

i know you more than likely wont answer this but here it cyborg file,when i click on it it connects me to the palace and i dont know how to fix that problem.

chexs <>
miami, fl USA

Change the binding for .ipt files in the Windows registry (done different ways in Win95/98/NT, but it'll be in "settings" or in the window "view" menu). I like to set .ipt files to default-open in gvim
   Or on a Mac, set the file type/creator, using ResEdit or Bunchtyper etc. Personally, I like type TEXT creator ALFA
Thu, 25 Mar 99 at 16:07:11

if u wunt to add the big couch script to ur botbot section, u kan explaint to users that they hav to name certian props certian things, but here is the script 4 it.

{ "sofa600" 440 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa500" 396 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa500" 352 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa500" 308 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa500" 264 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa500" 220 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa500" 176 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa500" 132 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa500" 88 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa500" 44 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa300" 440 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa200" 396 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa200" 352 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa200" 308 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa200" 264 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa200" 220 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa200" 176 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa200" 132 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa200" 88 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa200" 44 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa400" 0 340 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "sofa100" 0 296 ADDLOOSEPROP 
  "" CHATSTR = } CHATSTR "couch" == IF 

TriCk§tEr™® <>

Thanks, but the script is already here as part of BotBot.
Thu, 25 Mar 99 at 14:33:08

argh why why me? yesterday was a very bad day also i got cut off of the palace more time's than bill cliton's got'en a wiz (if you know what i mean) i'm not the only one ether. not only that but i was using the botbot and save my cyborg file into my palace entrence and i don't want to have to sign up for it once more i can't get on as of this time i'm relly screwed what do i do please help me %( this is alful i don't know what to do i can't get back on the palace aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh help.

bill walker <>
smyrna, ga USA

what do you mean?
Thu, 25 Mar 99 at 02:11:17

i can seem to find the scripts i seen them in the palace and i wont some and i don't know how to use the cyborg PLEASE HELP ME

jw <failejw@hotmail>
great falls, un USA

Press "Build Cyborg" here
Wed, 24 Mar 99 at 02:27:06

Hello everyone who happens to be reading this. My name is Ska Demon, and i am here for absolutely no reason what-so-ever. Now then, i have no knowledge of this X person or what his glitch is, but i must emphasize this man is crazy.
   Ever since Palace went all freeish, BotBot has been infesting all the strongholds that have been virtually botbot free. I commend him on getting it so mainstream, but he needs to stop everyone from getting prepackaged scripts all wrapped up in a nice little webpage script, which shows no dynamics and is completely confusing to people that even have a great knowledge of Iptscrae. so, i plead to all of you, PLEASE DO NOT USE BOTBOT! is is soooo super lame to have newbies doing script wars with scripts that have been overused since 2 years ago. make your own scripts, go out and get the iptscrae manual and make your own, it's truely worth it. ok, ranting is all well and good but i really went to put in comments for another reason. I have to make comments on all his other scripting/palace stuph.

...err, "shows no dynamics"?
First off, let me deconstruct your page. hope you don't mind =p now then, i had went to your page to help a newbie with scripting *double shudder* and so i said what the hey, i'll look around. stupid palace tricks? there must be something useful in there....maybe...whispers and iptscrae? hm, maybe. why isn't there anything about anti-allscray? allscray without stars? or is that too stupid, or wizard-based...=( oh well. wow, this rant is going on too long i guess. i've forgotten what i was really going, sorry all you kode kiddies and iptscrae "guru's"'s dragging on and on, isn't it?
I didn't say a word

However, star-less allscray is there in the house o houses, and always has been. rtfm

has my point to ditch botbot and learn more getting thru? hehehe. oh yah, the other thing...i remembered. your mac-oriented section =p now really i have nothing wrong with mac's, but to tell everyone how to do something in mac's and not in windows is just too much. you made it sound soooo like it was impossible on windows to mess with the prop window sizes, and other random things. now, i'm taking up WAAAY too much space, so i'm not gonna inform you of how to change it on windows to add to your site or anything, but i will tell you,it's something simple and overlooked in your palace directory.
Get over it! And read the site more closely, please. I use both Mac and Win clients, and the mac one is indeed easier.
>=( ugh giving hints on botbot's page. i feel so...dirty! why am i still here? eh maybe it's for the best.
oh, last thing! look for a skabot coming up! me and my friends are going to start making a program to generate and help you edit your cyborg scripts! it won't take long before the beta version is out, so look for it! crystal tokyo should keep you informed on it ^_^ especially since i'm always there. all my 313370 iptscrae and C++ friends are going to make cyborg production a breeze, and let you see what's going on with the scripts. ok i've said too much, all of you who are reading this i'm sorry that i've taken so much space, and i appreciate your feelings, good or bad. thanks for the time, and DON'T USE BOTBOT!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! -Ska Demon -un-former botbot user

&{user};Ska Demonª aka Mousseª aka pfazer <wouldn't YOU like to know!! lamuh =p(find it on my webpage, why don'tcha!)>
Skaville, CA USA

The website listed is invalid
Mon, 22 Mar 99 at 18:05:04

I love your site & am always coming back (hoping I know what I'm doing:) Ok...I have a question for you. It has absolutely nothing to do with Palace in any way, however... Your name..Dr. X - I was just wondering where it came from & if Operation Mindcrime means anything to you?:) -So OFF the subject...but I had to ask... The forever curious, Raetsel

Amanda (~Rät§el~) <>

All I'll say is that the name is 65 million years old, so far.
Mon, 22 Mar 99 at 05:41:47

How is the cube supposed to work, I've tried it many times with no luck.

Kaya <>

Aim with the mouse... and check the help page.
Sun, 21 Mar 99 at 15:18:26

you seem to have errors on the botbot page - netscape errors. I wonder if this is why my blondie/future/border, etc. just won't work?? this is what it says: JavaScript Error:, line 94: missing ) after argument list. 'Wow, you've got a pretty big cyborg!<br>' + ..........................^

Akasha <>
new orleans, la USA

Fixed. It does have something to do with it, yes it was trying to tell you that your bot was too big.
Sun, 21 Mar 99 at 15:03:57

There is a script that I do not know to pin people when not a wizard. Please if U find it add it to the BotBot.

Pikajordan <>
Unknown, FL USA

Only a room script, which can't be added to the cyborg.
Sat, 20 Mar 99 at 14:26:58

Dr.X. First i want to thank you for answering me so quickly you deserve alot of credit. Second i am just learning Iptscrae and have found a tutorial and i need help with one of the qomeworks in the tutorial. Here it is: Create a routine which will move you on top of someone when they say "Jump me!" My prob is that i cannot find anything to help me with here is what i got so far:
  { WHOCHAT WHOPOS 0 25 MOVE } CHATSTR "jump me" ==IF
All it does is move down. i do have it in the right handler so that is not a prob, so if you could please help me thnx alot

Shaffer <>
Toronto, On Canada

Drop the "0 25" and use MOVETO instead of MOVE
Sat, 20 Mar 99 at 07:37:51

i cant get a cyborg script the thing keeps messin up it automacticly comes out as a microsoft word document so i can only save it as a text only document how can i get it so i can save it so it would work

&{user};, <>
mililani, hi USA

"Cyborg.ipt" is a text doc, so that's okay. Just make sure Word doesn't save it as "cyborg.ipt.txt"
Fri, 19 Mar 99 at 19:57:28

when i load my script it says Script Error and i dont have a whole lot of things, i already cut down on things 3 times.

something <>

The log says your bot is still very big
Wed, 17 Mar 99 at 04:03:57

i have my own palace, and whenever someone comes in they can't download each page!!! Can you help me?

&{user};Hayley Anderson <>

Everyone, or just one user?
Mon, 15 Mar 99 at 19:40:20


;Cyborg Script Serial# 70140299-2808000851-0200
;Created for XBot70 by The BotBot
;Portions Copyright (C)1999 Kevin Bjorke/National Pixel Products
;hexkey 8c010307080a0b0f198f1b1f2027282e303233363841434447494b4d4e52535455565758595d606768696c907172737476777b7e80818384858687
;end of cyborg.ipt Ser# 70140299-2808000851-0200

&{user}; <>

Survey says: BOT TOO BIG (look at the size of that hexkey!)
Mon, 15 Mar 99 at 00:17:11

when i go to a room it says in my log script error like 4 times and i cant fix it, ive even tryed to get a new file from the Palace home page, what should i do. SOMEthing

something <>

(It never ends...) BOT TOO BIG
Sat, 13 Mar 99 at 07:21:14

how do i turn the scripts on?

Hoogen <>
Melbourne, vic australia

If "cyborg.ipt" is loaded normally, they will be on the next time you log in
Wed, 10 Mar 99 at 20:17:07

How do you steal props. The only way i know of is by using the print screen method. I f you can help me out please do.

Shaffer <>
Toronto, ont Canada

There are ways, but you'd need to be an expert user to understand them. I recommend the O'Reilly book on TCP/IP as a primer.
Tue, 09 Mar 99 at 14:35:36

I had a problem getting the botbot that I got here to work. When I put it in my folder and signed on to the palace, it said that there was a script error. Another friend of mine had the same problem last week when she got one. I am not writing this to be a complainer. I am only writing this to inform you of the problem, so that more people like me dont write you and fill your day with bad news :o)

&{user}; <>

Hmmm... log looks like a pretty big bot....
Tue, 09 Mar 99 at 11:30:05

I just got the bot bot cyborg ipt script. But it is not working, here is what I did, is there anything wrong with it. If so tell me so I can fix it.

  1. Filled out form and created cyborg.(made sure not to select everything)
  2. Save it to my palace folder as cyborg.ipt
  3. went to palace folder and highlighted the words in the script.
  4. copyed them
  5. then when i went on the palace i clicked reload script but my cyborg still wont work, what am i doing wrong???

AZZ <>
Don't cut and paste, just use the entire cyborg file
Mon, 08 Mar 99 at 19:42:08

Hello, Sorry if this is inappropriate for this board, but here goes anyway: I work for a design/multimedia company that needs to make a Palace. We would like to outsource the programming, and utilize our designs. We would welcome submissions by interested freelancers of Palace URLs and a cover letter with a brief outline of your work history and rates, sent in care of Maria Quinlan at Please be sure to include all your contact information. Qualified individuals or companies need not necessarily be in NYC. Thanks!

Maria Quinlan <>
New York, NY USA

Sun, 07 Mar 99 at 13:41:27

My scripts dont work at all only like 2 of them work

B <>
pompano beach, fl USA

Details, please
(Despite email requests for details, this user (like many others) has remained mum)
Thu, 04 Mar 99 at 12:52:43

Hello again Dr. X. I have recently been having problems with the Palace Client (possibly related to the Cyborg.ipt). Up until now, it has worked fine, but recently, it has been crashing a lot. What happens is that when I enter a room on a Palace, it will crash, but if I enter that same room when I get Palace up and running again, it works fine (as if it was not the picture causing the problem)...and crashes when I enter a different room. I HAVE deleted images from Palaces as well, to see if that solves the problem, and advertisements have been increasing in number...those have also been deleted. I have also replaced the prop file and re-added the props manually (I have heard that there have been some macro viruses and a rumor about props containing malicious code, but both seem doubtful--I rarely update the props I carry and the macros I set, and aren't props made from NON-EXECUTABLE code?). Also, it has been mentioned that my script could be causing the problem...but it has been working fine since I got it...What should I do to fix this problem (even uninstalling and reinstalling Palace)? If you can help, thanks. Ragnarok c==X<>====>

Ragnarok <>
Kittanning, PA USA

There's been developer talk of having code in props, but I don't think anything ever came of it. At first blush: Sounds like a corrupt propfile to me.
Thu, 04 Mar 99 at 02:03:38

Dear Dr. Bot, I love the palace. I am on it constantly making new friends and have ran into people who want to be my enemy as soon as they see me. Why is it that I cant find a place to fill out an application to become a wiz? I have read what you said and that is a description of myself. Please respond

&{user};Sharod Rollins <>
Adel, Ga USA
Tue, 02 Mar 99 at 22:05:55

You said earlier that a you've written a program to show all your props in the prop bag but that you can't distribute it. Can you give some hits on how to make your own? :o) Is there just a flag to set/unset or something?

Golden Eagle <>

That program was an independant C++ program written from scratch to run on an SGI Indigo2Xtreme workstation. It displays pages of props and associated data, approximately 500 props per page so the average propfile has MANY pages.
Mon, 01 Mar 99 at 13:30:32

Again, thank you for your surprisingly quick response. Please refer to my previous messages (2/26, 2/28/99). I created simple botbot at this site, specifying Initial MACRO 4 (under Script Variables) and Restore_Prop (under Enter commands). I downloaded, installed, and am now using your botbot. As i said in my last message, i am still getting yellow roundhead and yellow balloon on palace entrance (on signon) AND now (with your botbot) whenever I switch rooms. Once i am in a room, when i hit F4 i get the avatar and balloon color that i want (that i saved weeks ago). Cyborg.ipt calls for 4 MACRO (which is different from default roundhead) but it's not working (even though F4 brings up a saved appearance once i'm in a room). Is it possible my .prp file is corrupt? Or maybe the .mac file is bad ? (i have had computer crashes while running palace s/w). Again, i am using your bot bot - allsay works so i know your botbot loaded ok. I do NOT blame your botbot - i am sure there is another problem. Please help...

r. scruggs <>
deer park, ny USA

Prop file sounds like the culprit you say the built-in MACRO command itself is awry, correct?
Sun, 28 Feb 99 at 23:49:21

please see my previous message - ok, so i tried bot bot - same thing. entrance is yellow balloon, and yellow roundhead. i can put on avatars i've saved once i'm in room. however, now, whenever i change rooms it goes back to yellow balloon, and yellow roundhead - before bot bot it used to keep the av i was wearing when i changed rooms....bye the way... allsay worked, so .ipt loaded alright- it just doesn't see my MACROs. anything i can do short of deleting everything and starting all over from scratch (download palace s/w again and reinstall, then try to find my av's again) ? will palace even let me download it again ? sorry for all the questions/problems...thanks again for your help.

r. scruggs
deer park, ny USA

See immediately above
Sun, 28 Feb 99 at 22:22:17

thanks for your prompt response. i have saved avatars (macros) - they work fine once i am in a room. i have # MACRO as part of ON SIGNON (in default cyborg.ipt) - i have used numbers 1-9 (in place of #). but i still enter palace as default yellow balloon and yellow roundhead (even though the av's i've saved are, of course, very different). it's like it just doesn't recognize my saved avatars (macros) - like # MACRO isn't even there. i tried same thing with ON ENTER with same lack of results. i have not yet tried your bot bot - i was tryin' to do this one simple thing myself. thanks again for your response !

r. scruggs <>
deer park, ny USA

See above
Sun, 28 Feb 99 at 21:20:55

hey, i got tha script,cllicked "save as" went into c:/ (where palace iz) clicked on palace and typed cyborg.ipt didnt exit tha script, started up palace and nuthin happened when i got in the room, or any other stuff, can ya pleze tell me whut 2 do, its wierd, i came just to get little "zap" thangs and saw all the cool little thangs, can ya pleze tell me another site that has those zap thangs, i still want ur help, thanks man, ur like a computer SUPER GENUS, u shouldve been bill gates partner.

jake s. <>
va USA

Some rooms are "Paint-free" rooms. Painting scripts won't work there, unless you're a wiz at the site in question.
Sun, 28 Feb 99 at 17:41:51

sup, i checked all the stuff i wanted, i clicked on build it or whutever, this big page came up wit a bunch of mumbo jumbo, i clicked save aas, and saved it in muh palace folder, booted up palace and nuthin happpened, how do i unlock the botbot, and do all the stuff i checked, plaze help, thanks

jake s. <>
va USA

That "mumbo jumbo" was probably the script.... save it as a text file named "cyborg.ipt" in your palace folder.
Sun, 28 Feb 99 at 06:55:48

Are there any sort of palace hacking tools if there are, can u send methe web pages to get them at? Thank you.

Djinn Ray <>
n/a, HI USA

There are, but I can't.
Fri, 26 Feb 99 at 20:45:29

Cyborg Script Serial# 70270199-1205000053-0200 Whenever i try to log in using this script it says Script Error about 3 times in the log upon connecting, and none of the commands will work.. Can you help me? Thanks!

John <>
Lake Mary, FL USA

Bot too big so readeth the log.
Fri, 26 Feb 99 at 20:13:43

have spent countless hours with no success, so i'm hoping you can help. i want to set my balloon color and avatar to be what I want when i enter palace (on signon). i'm sick of entering palace with default yellow "announcement" balloon and default smiley face. i know how to change those things once i'm in, but want my ENTRANCE to be better. this seems like a great site... i read as much as i could but didn't see any details about # MACRO in the "on signon" part of script (if that's what i need to change). hope you can help...thanks

r. scruggs <>
deer park, ny USA

There's lots of stuff about that, including a setting for the BotBot. Look here. Basically, pick a number for the macro you want and put this in your script SIGNON block, if BotBot didn't do it for you (let's say you like macro #16):


You can store the text color as part of the macro, so no call to SETCOLOR is required. Note too that the ball face can be set in a MACRO, even if it's obscured (at first) by props.

Thu, 25 Feb 99 at 22:35:07

Question, why do my inserted gif's in my door's sometimes work and other times are to overlap the door. Second Question, why do I lose all my rooms when i insert a gif in my door leading out to another room. Question my door id says there are twenty doors there, in fact there two, one leading into the first room, door two holds the script, and door three keeps losing the rooms and the room gif when i insert the gif into the door. This is one of the first two rooms offered or created my the pserver when first setup. Ok this may sound like babble but for the past few days wizards and gods have been comming and going trying to solve this puzzle, unfortunately the problem still remains. Looking forward to your reply and hope you have some useful advice for me.

aliah dancing <>
ajo, AZ USA

Uh... huh?
Thu, 25 Feb 99 at 17:54:36

is the wiz pass secret on the palace mansion in the honey moon sweet actually there and if so how do you acess it p.s. plz wright back at

my name is sheldon my user name is ~X~Zac~§~2000 <>

The legend is that it's inside the minibar refridgerator. Ask Ph's Horse.
Tue, 23 Feb 99 at 22:51:39

please help me if you can ... i have a cyborg that i am trying to use .. it works for a friend of mine ..we haven't changed anything .. when i use it ..i can type ..but nothing happens .. another one ..the same cyborg a lil different .i can talk and it shuts my palae down ..says i have performed an illegal error .. is there anyway you can help ..i can send the cyborg to you and see if you can look at it ..or have any suggestions thanks

Misty <>
odessa, tx USA

Most likely Bot Too Big... but you didn't provide many details. Is this even a botbot cyborg?
Tue, 23 Feb 99 at 03:25:33

I have asked for wizradship for one reason,i am tired of the rudeness of the palace.I want to get wizardship to stop it but the paalce has not contacted me so i thought i would ask here.It is a request so if i am turned down I will just have to earn it manually I am prepared to do so if thats what it takes to stop the cruelty. your friend and palace user,josh a.k.a sasukeX

josh <>
anaheim, C.A. USA

Yes, that will stop the cruelty.
Sun, 21 Feb 99 at 09:32:33

Dear sir or Madam: I have always been pleased with your Bot-Bot. On this foray, however, it gave several java script errors during my construction checkoff process. It did produce a cyborg. ipt file, which I have yet to test. I was simply curious about the errors; and thought you may be, as well. Thank you for this invaluable service. Sincerely; GhostRider_Mage©®

GhostRider_Mage©® <>
Omaha, NE USA

Which errors? BotBot's javascripting was recently expanded, and yeas it's a pretty darned big FORM these days. Did you run out of memory?
Sat, 20 Feb 99 at 20:15:24

i installed the cyborg andeverything and now it doesnt work! i restarted the palace and everything.. it still doesnt work

TrooP 69(#1) <>
Carle Place, NY USA

More details, please... "andeverything" (sic) isn't all that descriptive.
Wed, 17 Feb 99 at 19:53:12

can you use like pin and gag in your on palaces and how if you anwer and you can how and put it in the easyest terms ya got

Adam or Twighlight <>

Sure. First, you need to be a wizard or god. Okay? THen just click on the intended victim, as if you were going to whisper to them, and type either `pin or `gag to do the deed. Don't for get the leading backquote. To release them, follow the same procedure with `unpin or `ungag
Wed, 17 Feb 99 at 19:33:11

Hey Dr.X Cool page. I can't figure out how to set up the props for my sofa script... I looked at the help thing and it didn't.... Can u explain it to me so I can understand it? Thanks for your time, Mike

Mike <>
Billerica, MA USA

The sofa needs numbers props. The defaults it needs shjould be called Sofa1 through Sofa9 if you accept that each letter represents a prop, it lays them out more or less like this:
Wed, 17 Feb 99 at 12:15:26

im havin a problem with my cyborg...have tried to apply an update version, but it wont go would be appreciated...thanks

beth <>
new bern, nc USA

Sorry, I dont follow.
Tue, 16 Feb 99 at 21:04:21

X.....I have been trying to transfer images into the palace for days now...using the matter what i do to the image, it never comes out right...What is the secret?? Tried to download the "clut" and it wouldnt....I dont know what else to do but give up...I ask some i know that have their own palace and they just say took them a month to figure it much time as i have spent on it it seems like a month...but no one will guide me...please give me a clue!...Thanks, Di

Di <>

The page also describes how to make your own copy fo the palace palette
Tue, 16 Feb 99 at 20:34:27

Hi again X. I have just tested v70 of BotBot and there are no problems (yes, contrary to popular belief that you may have heard from me, it now WORKS on my system!). However, I HAD taken it in for repairs (had unused protocols removed and a new video card installed, plus other things...). I am wondering something though, could it have been that the VIDEO CARD was the culprit? And three other things: 1) It gives me the "Bogus INIT!" Error in a room that allows scripts, yet all of my scripts work in that room (I see that another user has this same problem below), 2) WHY is the "&{user};" always in the name field for the "Your Name" Place? Exactly WHAT do we put in there (other than our names, of course)? And finally, 3) Now the Online help works perfectly...I'm REALLY wondering...could all this have come from a defective video card? Ragnarok c==X<>====>

Ragnarok <>

  1. Bogus Init: did you try ALL the scripts? How about "stat"?
  2. &{user}; is a javascript value that's apparently not updated correcting in your browser. IE, perhaps?
  3. Stranger things have happened, belive me.
Tue, 16 Feb 99 at 14:10:06

Hi I am wondering what would cause my cyborg to say Caution Bogus init in only one palace but not in any others even ones with script free zones. Donald Vivian

Donald <>
Look here

Tue, 16 Feb 99 at 08:08:05

well not only do i get a java error upon entering the bot bot, but it also just doesnt work. The cyborg.ipt it creates does absolutely nothing

dOgMa <>
Shallotte, NC USA

Survey says: Bot Too Big
Mon, 15 Feb 99 at 20:45:58

how do i add this to my cyborg that was made from your botbot? i have tried it ever way i know how and can't get it to work .. any help would be appreciated!!

; namedrop
{ "$1" grepsub textsave = textsave text =
0 counter = 4 pensize 255 180 255 pencolor
whome whopos yme = xme = mousepos mousey = mousex =
{ "$2" grepsub text = counter ++ } { text "(.)(.*)" grepstr } while
60 y = 256 counter 2 / 30 * - x = 
{ 22 x -= } counter 2 % IF ")POP" say
{ xme yme x mousey line  "tron" "$1" grepsub & x mousey addlooseprop 
"$2" grepsub textsave = 30 x += paintundo } 
{ textsave "(.)(.*)" grepstr } while "" CHATSTR = } 
CHATSTR lowercase "^namedrop (.*)" GREPSTR IF

Misty <>
odessa, tx USA

This script needs a lot of custom props: "trona," "tronb," tronc"... etc for the entire alphabet (in fact, for every possible character). If you have those props, put this in your OUTCHAT block. It's a cute script (it writes words using letter props), but be cautious. The letters look like they'll stack up too tightly.
Mon, 15 Feb 99 at 15:50:37

Hello again, thanx for the help on the last problam I had. Anyway, getting down to the point. I just now got that bot bot thingy in, and I put the Cyborg. ipt thing in my palaceserver folder and I think it works, but how do you put in the code things. Like outcast and all of the things like that, please write back to me on this as fast as you can. I'm really haveing trouble understanding these programs. Thanks for all of your help.

&{user};Tim <>
charlotte, MI USA

Your server folder? "Outcast"? Ummmm...
Mon, 15 Feb 99 at 10:55:55

Dr.X, could you come to my Palace and look at some of my scripts I made? I can't get them to work.

Evil Guy <>
beverly hills, CA USA

Mon, 15 Feb 99 at 01:18:50

Hey-o, Wicked cool site guys. I've recently set about to building me a palace to call my own and i wanna add a cycling av room (you know the formula, Reset, Foward, Backwards buttons). I've searched your site but can only find tips for making prop rooms with the seperate square for each av. Any help you could shoot my way would be much appreciated. Den Palace-God of the now infant Jabba's Palace

Den <>

Sun, 14 Feb 99 at 23:11:01

Hello, I have a few Scripts that don't work. Your heart and blondie scritps don't work. Why not? Could you please send back? Thanks! *Shaun*

Shaun <>

Sun, 14 Feb 99 at 22:12:14

how cum at the palace in wonderland, my friend can do the sofa script and mine cant?

Eva <>

Sun, 14 Feb 99 at 20:03:18



Just a small segment here of the great wit and candor of an odd person from Milwaukee who has left many such insightful messages and emails recently. I hope he realizes that it was very easy to trace back his messages back to the ISP, who have also received these messages and who of course (through credit card billing) are able to find the poor lad's parents before disconnecting his account.

By the way, this site, the House o Props n Bots, has no direct business connection with Electric Communities, who own and distribute the Palace software.

Sun, 14 Feb 99 at 15:53:25

I need a cool script, i used to have one but my software screwed up and i lost it with all my cyborg commands i hope you can help me. thx.

&{user};Aceman <>
Mexico, DF mexico

Did you try BotBot?
Sun, 14 Feb 99 at 02:52:18

um... when i put the cyborg file into the palace file and i tried the scripts nothing happened. wat should i do?

Eva <>

Please be more specific. Did you reload the script by logging off and on?
Sat, 13 Feb 99 at 19:30:29

i never recieved a scripted after downloading the bot

chexs <>

If you dowloaded, you received. Are you sure you put the result in the right place? I'm not sure where you're drawing a distinction between recieving and downloading here....
Sat, 13 Feb 99 at 17:53:29

my botbot isn't working,help!

Brandon <>
somerville, tn USA

Sat, 13 Feb 99 at 16:13:54

look im still haveing bot is not to big now but i still cant use it.after i download it it doesnt give me a script to copy and when i click cyborg in my palace file it connects me to the doesnt show me a script.i dont think u could help,but i thought id ask just in case.if you cant then is there anyother way i can do all this without becoming a bot or do u know another bot site?

&{user}; <>
nashville, tn USA

Huh? If you downloaded it, you have it. No copying involved.
Sat, 13 Feb 99 at 11:42:38

What's the wizard password for The Mansion? (If you know it)

Evil Guy <>
Beverly Hills, CA USA

Here's a hint: it changes all the time, but sometimes it contains the letter "a."
Thu, 11 Feb 99 at 01:53:06

i would like i you would delete my serial having alot!!!!!!of problems.its screwing up my palace.well if you can help please do if not then delete me from the registration and everything i can try again.

&{user}; <>
miami, fl USA

Yet again, BOT TOO BIG!
Thu, 11 Feb 99 at 01:46:43

I need to learn how to do prop boxes and how to hack. If anyone can help e-mail me or come to my palace at port 9998

Josh <>
Livermore, CA USA

Wed, 10 Feb 99 at 20:07:20

can u sumhow make a fireworks display on iptscrae like type "fworks" on a script and it will show cool fire works displays on the top of the screen

josh moser <>
------------, --------- canada

Ask Ph's Horse at EC Mansion there are usually such displays for holidays like Chinese New Year. You will need special props.
Wed, 10 Feb 99 at 18:37:05

i got a Q.i cant do any scriptings.ive tried everything.i asked a wiz and he said to ask can you tell me why i can do any scriptings and can yuo help me?

&{user}; <>
nashville, TN USA

Bot WAAAAY too big.
Wed, 10 Feb 99 at 15:52:44

Where can i print out instrutions on how to work the scripts and how to change them etc. etc.

Cindy <>
Barrie, ON Canada

Right here
Wed, 10 Feb 99 at 14:51:33

Hello, I understand that you are probably extremely buisy, but i have come to ask for a few Iptscrae's(Door Scripts). First of all, I would please like to know The pass lock door script for a room, this enables it so only people witha certain pass word may enter a room. The second one is how to make it so that if some one makes thier avatar move to a certain part of the screen a message can be set off of my choice, and they will be pushed from thier spot. The third and last one is, how to make someon stay at the bottom right corner of a room on enter. Once again i understand that you are very busy, thanx for your time -Seth Seaman

Seth Seaman(Evolved Master <>
Dacula, GA USA

Try here
Wed, 10 Feb 99 at 05:57:46

Ok not sure under what topic this goes under..I just wanna ask how to make a room visible by regular users BUT they not be able to go in them...I had encountered a few rooms like them but I don't know how to create one...I know there has to be a simple answer to this...and I tried looking through your book...I finnaly gave up after reading through 99 and 98b .oO(Oh man do I need sleep) any help would be nice, thank you.

&{user};Alfred <>

Wed, 10 Feb 99 at 00:56:14

I'm have having the darndest time trying to get my script to work. One time when I typed "hi2all" it worked, but it goes on and off. The sofa script seems to be the hardest. In the line, I placed C#, because my props are C-C5. So, most of the time when I type the commands..the words just show up w/o any action. How I can I fix this? Help and Thanks!

Rave <>
Chicago, IL USA

Sounds like you tried to run it in a cyborg-free zone.
Tue, 09 Feb 99 at 00:15:21

can u send me that allsay script the one i have doesnt work thanks.

Danny <>
Tampa, FL USA

Try here
Mon, 08 Feb 99 at 22:51:00

vient sur le channel #esfl in undernet

GaNgReL <>
sorel, qc canada

mais pourquoi?
Fri, 05 Feb 99 at 04:28:18

Ok.. I did the bot bot thing I pasted it into my cyborg.itp thing.. everything's fine. But I signed up for a lot of scripts that are NOT in the file!!! and since they aren't there i can't do them!! but bot bot thinks they are they cuz when I came to the webpage they were ALL listed...

Nora <>
Eastsound, WA USA

First, the file extension is ".ipt" not ".itp"....

Since your web-browser traceback was a dead end, I'm guessing that you're trying to bypass parts of the BotBot setup by using a bookmark or some off-site link. Stop trying to second-guess the system and enter the House from here.

Thu, 04 Feb 99 at 21:39:31

What are the scripts to the Prop Generator for my palace?

.¤LEnNY¤. <>
Salem, OR USA

Try here
Wed, 03 Feb 99 at 19:44:05

Hey is any one goint to help me or what i been waiting long enough now can any one help me i realy have a problem

.†«Mŧ†£r¤®¤»†. <>
MiamiBeach, FL USA

How about a valid email address for a repsonse, and a vague description of your problem?
Tue, 02 Feb 99 at 20:29:42

Dear Dr.X I have a cyborg script, and I couldn't activate it. Someone told me I had to delete the old cyborg scripts, so I deleted both cyborg scripts and replaced them with the one i got from u, but it still wont work. What do I do??

Cory <>
Dartmouth, NS Canada

Judging from your complete lack of a browser traceback, I'm guessing that your cyborg is either fairly old or you're deliberately trying to bypass parts of the program. Try a plain-vanilla version...
Sun, 31 Jan 99 at 21:24:42

I Have Installed the Cyborg and I am not using much scripts and whatever script I try It says an error occured while processing the script in my log

&{+SePh}; <>
Jackson, Mi USA

According to the browser log, your definition of "not much scripts" meant only 40 or 50 scripts turned on. Make a smaller bot!
Sun, 31 Jan 99 at 14:51:52

Sup first the problem i had is that i coulnt install the cyborg into my palace when i finally did nothing werks only when i sing it say rise up the bla bla bla is here what ever.but i tried to do zap zapall zoop aura future and all that stuff and it wont work.Can any one help please i need some help

.†«Mŧ†£r¤®¤»†. <>
MiamiBeach, FL USA

All the scripts you mention use painting, and won't work in paint-free rooms - a fact prominently mentioned in the instructions!
Sun, 31 Jan 99 at 14:51:44

What is the wizard password

Andrew <>

Sat, 30 Jan 99 at 04:41:18

Would you, Do you, Or happen to know where I could find a server script that lets you play laser tag/paint ball? Any help would be appreciated..thanks

Whathe <>

Fri, 29 Jan 99 at 17:11:21

When i loaded the cyborg.ipt into the palace folder etcc.. and went into some palace areas... each time i would log on.. i got this message::: Caution: bogus INIT and then it gave me an area in bot bot to look... i have no idea what is going on.. could you please help me...

OdileS <>
Jacksonville, FL USA

Follow the URL and read the docs. A "Bogus Init" is caused by an improperly-structured palace site
Thu, 28 Jan 99 at 00:45:52

Whats with putting a burning bag os shit av for the blow kiss script I mean little kids get a hold of it and for the sofa script it draws a sofa out of develish blue guys and stars and it looks like a mess it doesnt look like anything I think you should seriously change you bot bot system I mean you go to a best friend and blow a bag of burning shit at them I dont think so why not hearts maybe?

Donald Vivian <>

You need to be more prudent in the way you name your props!

The problem is not the botbot, it's your propfile... the sad truth is that it's possible for there to be more than one prop with the same name in the propfile (including hidden props...). When the script calls those props, and there's a name conflict, then the results can be pretty random.

Wed, 27 Jan 99 at 19:01:25

Awhile back I downloaded internet phone and it corupted my bot bot cyborg in that if I try to open it in palace it would open internet phone. I delieted Internet phone and the cyborg but now ( and I have tried several) when I download a cyborg it instantly goes back and wants internet phone. I can only access my cyborg from wordpad. This problem is causing me some strange troubles with the ftp and in God Mode...any ideas ?

&{user};Di@nn@ <>
Upper Lake , Ca USA

For Win95, open a folder window and selected Views->Options... and click on the "File Types" tab. You can remove the .ipt mapping. For Win98, chose Start|Settings|Folder Options and hit the "Files" tab.
Wed, 27 Jan 99 at 00:25:05

Hey,my bb,brbfly,allsay,and antizap won't work. I say bb and it doesn't work,i say brbfly and it doesn't work,i say allsay hi or something and it don't work,and when someone zaps antizap doesn't zap them right back. If u can help me,please tell how to fix them.

Alex <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA

I made a bot with those scripts and it all worked. Any chance you hand-edited the file?
Tue, 26 Jan 99 at 20:54:20

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get the 8ball script that says the answer doesn't change the image on the 8ball

Mike <>

Mon, 25 Jan 99 at 19:37:03

I just want to now how to get scripts and use them. can you help? And this place would be the Bomb!

&{user};travis <>

Sun, 24 Jan 99 at 19:32:37

Hey! Your stinkin botbot gave me A Bogus Init! Excellent! Cheers then! )Kisses

CAmbridge, UK

See here
Sun, 24 Jan 99 at 19:10:42

I'm having a problem withsome of my scripts not working (scan, antizap, reflect, blondie, fly, szap, i think thats it) If you can do anything then please do...

Lotsa Nunya <>

Paint scripts will fail in paint-free rooms. It's in the manual...
Sun, 24 Jan 99 at 17:14:29

When I made the Cyborg.ipt it kept playing the greeting and applausing over and over. I got killed off 3 palaces. When I finally forgot about the greeting and made a Cyborg.ipt without it the palace kept shutting down cause an Error had occured.

Bill <>
Coral Springs, Fl USA

Beats me (this user also later found that the problem just "went away").
Sun, 24 Jan 99 at 17:04:34

How might I go about getting the 'hidden' props from my .prp file into my prop briefcase??

Ndnet <>
Memphis, TN USA

Write a C program (seriously I have done this, but have promised not to distribute it. It only runs on SGI anyway)
Sat, 23 Jan 99 at 15:58:28

evert time i type mp nothin happens in log is there a special way to type it so itll work?please respond

julio <>
miami, fl USA

furst spall rite
Fri, 22 Jan 99 at 23:26:02

I was on the palace one night and saw that some guy made a long couch that covered the bottom of the screen. I want to know how he did that. Can you send me the script that does that? Please E-mail me at

(Deviants)Solid Snake <>
Bensalem, PA USA

There's a sofa script in the botbot. Take care how the props are named and numbered.
Fri, 22 Jan 99 at 23:03:06

quel script dois-je faire lorsque je veux que l'on fasse 'newroom en cliquant sur une image déterminée par le God ... Merci

Marie-Alice Boucher <>

ce script-ci (un "room script") est determinè par le God, dans chaque chambre ou palace.. je suis desoleè!
Fri, 22 Jan 99 at 22:42:32

Caution: Bogus INIT! Qu'est-ce que je dois faire pour corriger ca ? Please ?

Marie-Alice Boucher <>
La Sarre, Qu Canada

Parce que le God de cette palace á mettre "No Cyborgs" dans le "gate" mais pas dans les autres chambres... donc, le cyborgs -- tous cyborgs avec un section "SIGNON" sont paralyseè partielment.
Thu, 21 Jan 99 at 12:59:24

The bot bot is now working, a little... now I download the dress up commands, to use on my scripts/Cyborg... It downlaoded fine, but now I try to dress someone up in my own palace, and it dosen't work, nor dose the allsay script either.. .so is there any way you can help me out here?

Mattehw Ridge <>

"dress" requires both users to have the script loaded....

"allsay" appears to work correctly in my tests

Thu, 21 Jan 99 at 00:02:18

Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. what's going on? And Palace is off, and so are every other prg but netscape.

Mattehw Ridge <>

According to the traceback, your bot was waaaay huge.
But more than that, it sounds like you're having a general Win95 Bad Hair Day. I don't think BotBot was your problem.
Mon, 18 Jan 99 at 19:29:03

My scan, antizap, and reflect scripts from botbot don't seem to work i have downloaded them several different times and they have failed each time.

Lotsa Nunya <>
dallas, tx USA

Once again, paint scripts which will not work in paint-free rooms!
Sun, 17 Jan 99 at 22:53:26

Hi again Dr. X. I seem to have found more problems in the BotBot (For now I am using the Palace Replacement Script so I can still use Palace, but I still have the one I got from here in case you need it). For some odd reason, when I tried to use your BotBot (no BetaTest options were used so I know that those could not cause it), if I enabled names I could not take them off, I could not get my avatar to move, the log didn't work, text showed up, bordered with the color, but without the balloons (one of Palace's little secrets for that illusion there), and if I disconnected from Palace, the screen from the Palace event earlier still hung there, and when I reconnected also. That's about it. Can you check for any faulty scripts in The BotBot? Again, something went wrong (never a perfect world, is it? Well, that's why we have updates to fix things, like the BotBot)...BTW, one last thing: Blame it only on a flaw in the script-generator...not on El Nino, La Nina, or myself (remember that this name is synonymous with the Apocalypse). If you can help, thanks. Ragnarok c==X<>====>

Ragnarok <>

Sounds like Windows itself was trashed. Palace events, "show names," etc are all no part of the scripting engine.
Sun, 17 Jan 99 at 19:41:51

I was just wondering, since I have my own palace room thing and i'm a god, how do you change the name of it. From 204.574.594.45 or something like that to And I also would like to know how to clone other peoples avs Thank you very much, Tim

Tim <>
charlotte, MI USA

Call up InterNIC, find out if the name is available, get a permanent IP, pay them $75.
Sun, 17 Jan 99 at 15:19:53

My antizap or allsay won't work. See to it that they get fixed.

Alex <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA

They already do work.
Sun, 17 Jan 99 at 13:19:08

I ma looking for a script that will tell me the person's IP address, without having to be a Palace Wizard or god, is there one out there?

Mattehw Ridge <>
Billerica, MA USA

Nope. Scripts run at the client but IP addresses are normally known only to the server (which is why the `list wizard command is a server command).
Sat, 16 Jan 99 at 20:52:31

I have two things to mention about the BotBot. One, it seems that my Preferred Username no longer appears on the main page (just the XBot#), or anywhere else for that matter. Why is this happening (I DID put Palace on a new computer which I got for Christmas, and used the same reg. password to make sure everything would be OK)? The other (more important) thing is, HOW do you fix up the colors in a badly messed-up (colorwise, that is) image in Paint Shop Pro? I looked at your method for fixing up the colors in PhotoShop and tried to see if I could find a method that mimics yours in PSP. Could you help me with this? It would be greatly appreciated by me and many other PSP users out there if you could help with this little problem. Ragnarok c==X<>====>

Ragnarok <>

Getting a new computer means moving the software or having new software. Things like prefname are stored as cookies in your browser the BotBot site doesn't store them.
Sat, 16 Jan 99 at 12:18:47

with the heart script..i type heart <heart> and it gives me a little red zigzagging line? am i doing it right? w/b/a/s/a/p Dana

Dana lonjin <>
west decatur, pa USA

Be sure to be careful about naming the props
Sat, 16 Jan 99 at 05:08:00

*sigh* a book script bomb has blanked-out the past two weeks' worth of messages. Sorry! I've made the script a bit more bulletproof, just in case there's trouble next time.

Dr.X <>
Kailua, HI USA

Fri, 20 Nov 98 at 20:14:07

how do i get this stuff