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Fri, 20 Nov 98 at 20:14:07

how do i get this stuff


Wed, 18 Nov 98 at 23:54:28

cool what is it

shawn <>
regina, ca USA

It's, um, it's... uh... chillin. Yeah.
Wed, 18 Nov 98 at 23:49:22

can u tell me thesouth park wizard password

&{user}; <>
regina, ca USA

No. That would kind of defeat the purpose of a "password," huh
Wed, 18 Nov 98 at 16:30:12

I have my own palace but i dont know how to make doors that open close or lock please help

SLaG <>
ny, ny USA

Have you looked at the sample script provided with the server, the one that looks essentially like the "Mansion" palace? The bedrooms all have such doors.
Sat, 14 Nov 98 at 12:56:59


Archerzx1 <>

If you know the prop ID #s, just use SETPROPS:

[3565822 23878701 237698923] setprops

etc. Of course, finding out the propIDs is another matter....

Fri, 13 Nov 98 at 10:29:30

the auto LOL script dont werk! :(

&{user};Xoom <>

It's a dumb script anyway. Actually, it just keys on the letters <g> so it liely doesn't go off very much.
Thu, 12 Nov 98 at 22:13:52

I can't get reflect to work, it says on but does nothing

Stuart <>

Thu, 12 Nov 98 at 16:56:17

I couldn't download the cyobrg program. It kept comming up with some error please help

Scott KOStolni <>
levittown, ny USA

Some error? Please be more specific...
Wed, 11 Nov 98 at 20:39:20

HI wonder if u can tell me why I get a message in my log and so do my guests its says Warning Bogus INIT?? something like that Also my friend just opened her pserver and no one can download her rooms whats with this she has them in the right place Thanks Ladycups

Louise Forte <>
Yonkers, NY USA

The message is provoked by the fact that you have cyborg scripting turned off at the front gate room of your palace site... but not in the other rooms. It means that all the cyborg initializations that occur when a new user logs-in to a new site don't occur, and the cyborg is incapable of functioning properly after that. See this page for more info on that particular topic.
Wed, 11 Nov 98 at 14:38:18

i want wheel of cheez in my palace, where do i get it??????

angel <>
atlanta, ga USA

Actually, you want "RatBot." If you ask nicely, you can get it from Electric Communities/TPI.
Wed, 04 Nov 98 at 18:40:15

search as I will, I've not been able to find a wizard script that allows me to move people to other rooms. Can you help? Thanks

sand <>

An easy job for allscray
Sat, 31 Oct 98 at 22:35:15

I clicked the build cyborg.ipt button and I saved it as Cyborg.ipt and everything and when I clicked save this is what it said: Cannot move cyborg(1): Cannot find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and fliename.

Stephanie <>

Your browser is trying to make extra copies of an existing file. Move or rename the pre-existing cyborg file.
Sat, 31 Oct 98 at 01:36:00

but how do I become a wizard is there any other way to kick ppl off

Joe <>

See here
Tue, 27 Oct 98 at 01:04:21

Oh, crap. Help! I filled out one of your ipt forms and downloaded it to my palace folder and now my server doesn't work. My palace server says " Winsock Error: 10049 - Can't assign requested address @ 568" I haven't messed with ipt b4 and I would really like some help... I wanted to work on my palace... dangit! help!

spaickorn <>

Do you still get the same error when the cyborg.ipt is removed?
Mon, 26 Oct 98 at 16:35:03

i was wondering, is there a way to find out how to access the available scripts in a room? for example : honey off turns off the honey script, lights off turns off lights in a room with a lamp is there a code that will list all on/off; open/close codes available? please email. - Celina

Celina <>

No, no such code. The scripts actually define those commands, they're not "built-in" to the scripts. Each room can have lots of scripts, scattered among multiple room spots. The only really reliable way to look at them is to be given wiz privs at the site in question.
Mon, 26 Oct 98 at 02:50:51

how do I use a cyborg for palace once I have one?

&{user}; <>

Follow the instructions -- move the cyborg.ipt file to you palace folder, and reconnect.
Sat, 24 Oct 98 at 22:44:09

Howdy there Dr. X, I seem to be having a bit of trouble with the Netspeak translator script from the BotBot. For the life of me I can get it to run. I understand that its a Beta script. *smiles* I'm not sure if can't understand why the array of translations is beneath the bulk of the code. Parsing strings isn't one of my strong points and hoped to get a few clues from this script. Unfortunately I'm not doing very well figuring out this script. Mind explaining the script here in the book for everyone? Or perhaps putting up a version that works a bit better? *grin* And I'm quite sure I've installed everything properly.

Fenris <>

It's really just a simple pile of text matching. If the matches don't always work, it's because... they don't always work! As you've said, it's a beta. I'll take a look.
Sat, 24 Oct 98 at 13:27:55

shields will not work scan works sometimes then give up and how do u get zap4 the ultra lagging zap

josh moser <>
hudson, quebec canada

shields works on "shields up" for some reason (I was not the original author). It says so in the instructions :)

scan has a timeout, which was added deliberately to reduce lag.

Sat, 24 Oct 98 at 12:17:34

Ok so i got my cyborg scripts and all and i put it in my palace folder. I shut down palace and then restarted. When i tried to connect to a palace, my palace performed an "illegal operation" i've tried everything tomake it start but nothing works. I just ended up throwing it away. Help!!! Pleez? ~Adralmax~

Adralmax <>

Wish I knew -- or I'd fix it!
Sat, 24 Oct 98 at 04:42:12

What comment on life, anyway? Take life as easy as it goes with life. Anyway, just pass by and wanna say 'HI' and 'BYE', that's all !

&{user}; Hellish_Gal aka. Sherine <Hellish_Gal>

Fri, 23 Oct 98 at 15:07:14

ive been trying to get a download and cant.did one time and now on my palace we recive a message saying something about a bogus the botbot and cant use it.thanks rjb

&{user};robert j brown <>
long beach, ca USA

See here.
Thu, 22 Oct 98 at 19:18:51

Please help me! How do I use these codes?

theartistlove <>

First, go to the startup screen. When you see Ryu, press X X O and <- < X and square very quickly... then... oh, not that kind of code?
Mon, 19 Oct 98 at 05:24:11

How can i add to my props room an script with buttons to wear the user ? Where can i find information about that ?

Newton D. Braga Jr. <>
Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil

See here
Wed, 14 Oct 98 at 19:06:15

Hi, I am Tian...Suttle T... problem is that I have downloaded the ipscrae program from the bot bot several times.... but when I put it into my place file it does not work... when I look at it compared to the print out I get... there are major protions that are missing... Is there a problem????

XBot63 <>
Toledo, OH USA

According to your serial number, you had nothing selected. Maybe a problem with your browser?
Mon, 12 Oct 98 at 18:08:08

This is my version of mp, only... it works!!! Stick it in the botbot! (call it "pos" or something!) POS - { MOUSEPOS ITOA tempY = ITOA tempX = "Current mouse position: " tempX & "," & tempY & LOGMSG "" CHATSTR = } CHATSTR "pos" == IF }

||eightball™© <>
city?? NO!, 3 USA

Sat, 10 Oct 98 at 15:27:19

the problem i am having is if i do a bkiss or heart the props dont show my message thing at the begining doesnt show and if i do blondie alone it gives me a illlegal error do i need to redo my palace and cyborg all over again this started when i got a e-mail from the palace about some bug and had to upgrade the palace now i have my palace on a back up disk before i got the e-mail do you think maybe thats doing it or something els thank you for your time Mike welker

Mike Welker <>
Keokuk, IA USA

This is an ongoing problem fr people who use scripts that depend upon named props. You must have props with thsoe names in your bag, or the script(s) will fail.
Fri, 09 Oct 98 at 14:14:17

I'm having trouble finding any palace palettes that will work in my adobe photoshop 3. The ones at this site dont seem to download, either. Any help on where to find a good one or what I'm doing wrong?

Fritters <>

The site provides downloaded palettes, but also tells you how to make your own (open a pre-made palace GIF, then save the color map....)
Wed, 07 Oct 98 at 19:18:36

PLEASE HELP ME! I found a script at another palace ( that I had to have for my palace... That PeaBot script is awesome and I have no clue how to do that sort of thing and I'm not sure if I can learn that here or not... I just wish someone could send me an already-made "PeaBot" script! (YEA RIGHT) Well if anyone could help me or send me a script like that I would love it. -THANX- CC

CC™©® <>
not4u2know, FL USA

Mind telling us what it does? I'm intrigued...
Mon, 05 Oct 98 at 21:53:26

Hello, Im DJINN and there are rumers about a script that will be able to steal av's is that true? if so E-mail me. Djinn

XBot61 <>
Kalaheo, HI USA

Not true. Wizards can do it pretty easily, however.
Mon, 05 Oct 98 at 19:14:27

i had the cyborg working once but i made it to big when i redid it so i deleated it i dont know how i got it working and i cant get it to work now i need alot of help

ringmasta <>

Maybe you have multiple copies lurking around?
Sun, 04 Oct 98 at 21:00:03

what the hell is wrong? if i type "??" i get nothing, i've tried the Bot with the "No Help" box checked and unchecked, same with the one below it, and still i can't get a listing of what i can do. HELP.

* <>

Hmmm. I'll look into it -- I think most users will find that "help" is now a valid command.
Fri, 02 Oct 98 at 20:42:44

Hi again. I just visited the page and got an idea from the ICQ question I asked: Why not make something that will force the ICQ program to come up when an ICQ number is mentioned, like the mailgrab or URLgrab scripts for example. Just an idea...BTW, you may want to mention when you get ALL of the original scripts debugged (from that server change)...Not the new scripts though, we all know those are still messed up. See ya. Ragnarok c==X<>====>

Ragnarok <>
Kittanning, PA USA

If ICQ can be launched from a URL, that would be easy to do. There is a small ICQ "msg" command in the BetaTest group. It requires you to know the ICQ # of the person you're contacting, of course.
Wed, 30 Sep 98 at 22:21:17

OK.... MY In my Cyborg.ipt file when i put some things in do i have to leave a like a line between every one because every time i have put some thing in it wont work like "Allscray" It wont work and um..."Spot Light". but i just wanna know maybe if u can get me a file that has some of that stuff that "will" work without using BOTBOT and just give it to me cuz i am and have been having bad trouble with my Cyborg file. I guess ill get an answer from u BYE BYE

XBot60 <>
Metairie, LA USA

"Allscray" is a room script, not a cyborg script...
Tue, 29 Sep 98 at 21:35:02

Yo, I'm confused totally by the palace script language but I really want to learn some and have fun with it. I really need some personal help. If someone could contact me, and sort of tutor me on ipscrae, that would be great. Thanx

Sly182 <>
no, ca USA

Try this as a primer.
Tue, 29 Sep 98 at 14:19:27

I can never get to the unpalace!!

JediJ©® <>
London(j/k!), Britain (j/k!)

*sigh* yup, it's down. Watch this space.
Sat, 26 Sep 98 at 20:42:50

hey there , my cyborg wont activate when i open my palace chat thing. i am sure i saved it in the right folder so dont say nuthin bout that pls i just need help

sup <>

Are scripts on? Did you log off and log in? Is it named "cyborg.ipt" or "cyborg.ipt.txt"?
Thu, 24 Sep 98 at 21:53:11

I just downloaded a BotBot premade cyborg. Yet when i try to use any of the scripts they wont work. I have made sure that scripts are on and draw was on in the room. I looked for the chatstring to make it work but when i use it it just says that word. What should i do?

diamonddogg <>
Pittsburgh, Pa USA

Sadly, many things COULD go wrong. Does the file have the correct name? In the right folder? Check it in DOS...
Tue, 22 Sep 98 at 10:55:33

Hello Dr.x I'm sure you've seen me here a few times(-; I have a palace script question to ask you.What I am trying to accomplish is a room script that will stop the cyborg "clean"script.Of coarse I still want to be able to clean the room but I want it limited to only certain people who can.Another question I have is..I wrote a timer script as a room script and as a cyborg script,the problem is that it's 90 seconds long and I cant seem to be able to figure out a simple way to stop it.Any advise would on these questions would be very much appreciated. Two other things that may interest you,I found a typo in the brbfly that doesnt allow the first brb to fly.The alarmexec is spelled alaramexec.Minor details(-; The other is the abyss script I've wondered why when you use that script you say the command outload,the second line is missing "" it just has CHATSTR.Again minor details.On a lighter note I wrote a zap script that puts a flashy X over the target...if your interested in it let me know. Thanx a billion, Mr.vamp

Mr.vamp <>

Thanks! bugs fixed... ("abyss" works that way to match the behavior of the original script....)

The only way to get a class of persons recognized is to turn scripting off in the room and make those persons wizards. Another way might be to cue "clean" off of characters in their user names, but anyone could just put those chars in their name and have The Power to Clean.

Sun, 20 Sep 98 at 13:42:00

Hey I was wondering if you knew how to make it to when you say one thing then your AV says another (ex. when I type miranda my AV will say the maranda rights... have the right...) Your commentary would ne most insightful. Crypt_K

Special Agent Crypt_K(FBI AD) <>

Check any similar OUTCHAT script -- their structure is always the same.
Sat, 19 Sep 98 at 00:34:30

Hello guys i really get a kick out of these pages =) im wondering if theres anywhere i can pick up a mansion script that is loaded with something more then the 4 rooms you get on the pserver when you start it up. Come check it out, T-1, very nice -Wes

Captain Wes <>
Sunrise, FL USA

Check what out?
Wed, 16 Sep 98 at 20:03:34

Actually, Dr. X, I know that disabling help will take it out of the script that is made...but can't the Custom Help script be written in such a way that it will still provide help nevertheless (An alternative would be making a page that lists ALL the commands and how they work...this will REALLY help with the "giveall" and "randulate" scripts)? Thank you for helping. One last thing: Out of sheer curiosity, I'm wondering if it's possible to make a link on a page that will open up an ICQ option (Add User, ICQ user, etc.). Ragnarok c==X<>====>

Ragnarok <>
Kittanning, PA USA

Another solution is in the works -- a browser window can appear providing help. Clunky if your browser has to boot when you type "??", but lean on the iptscrae side.

As for ICQ, that's a general http question... have you considered asking Mirabilis?

Wed, 16 Sep 98 at 10:19:38

i get a script error when using this script iam using windows 95 palace cleint and server if its any help ...

;Cyborg Script Serial# 61160898-45100321111-0102
;Created for Garfield25 Drag queen by The BotBot (support:
;Portions Copyright (C)1998 Kevin Bjorke/National Pixel Products

snip!!!!! Gigantic cyborg script deleted.... -*X
----yes theres more --

Garfield25+Drag+queen <>

Please send actual scripts for debugging to the indicated address, rather than dumping them here in the book. The book automatically reformats text, and reduces iptscrae scripts to just so much unusable mush. -*X
Tue, 15 Sep 98 at 11:04:41

i have a few questions.

  1. On the BotBot page it says
    Welcome Back, Mike...
    Time for a tuneup?
    Custom Help (Still in beta!)?
    is that for me???????
    Yup, it's just a little web script reminder. Don't worry, no one sees it but you....
  2. I know if i edit the cyborg i get from BotBot it voids my warranty but when i try to put a diffrent script in the cyborg it doesn't work why is this i put it in the right place like under outchat or inchat and my cyborg is not overloaded so what could it be?
    No offense, but often people THINK they have put stuff in the right place, or loaded it properly, etc. Those misunderstandings are known as "bugs" and as we all know bugs are a fact of life -- affecting everyone from the most casual user to software giants like Adobe & Microsoft. Without more information about how you started, what you're doing, etc, I couldn't begin to guess what's wrong. Did the cyborg work properly BEFORE you edited it?
  3. CAN YOU PLEASE PUT SOME MORE SCRIPTS IN BOT BOT? here are some pages you can get the scripts from. and

Mike <>
X you know what it is, and here too USA
Thanks for the links but I've seen them before. Sadly, a lot of scripts out there on the net are Bug City -- I've already written here on the House about how sad it is that a lot of scripts provided on websites don't work, only work for particular users, require props that aren't provided, etc. Which also means that in answer to your question #2, you may just have gotten junk code -- and no matter how adroitly you insert it, it will fail.
Mon, 14 Sep 98 at 20:01:27


sk8tz <>
Boca raton, Fl USA

...continued below....
Mon, 14 Sep 98 at 19:49:55


Sk8tz <>
Boca Raton, FL USA

You may have been bitten by the "cyborg.ipt.txt" bug. Check the filename in DOS...
Sun, 13 Sep 98 at 12:38:06

i just wanted to know how do u get to the cyborg script file 4 the palace cause i made a bot and i cant use it i dont know how can u tell me thanx if u ever reply to this from da SLACKER

slacker489 <>
philadelphia, pa USA

Sun, 13 Sep 98 at 06:24:22

i put the script for the dressing room into my cyborg where it said to but i don't know how to use it can u tell me?

David Kenyon <>
canberra, act austrlia

"Dressing Room" is a ROOM script, and won't do much as part of your cyborg.ipt. To create dressing room, you need to be a wizard or god (on your own server, typically).
Sun, 13 Sep 98 at 00:50:33

Hi it's the guy that asked about the Chatter Bot. Could you please send me a Chatter bot so I can use it as a example??? Please I will not blame you for anything it may do to my computer! Thanks PS. sorry about the other message I mispelled the Email

Ian Tranter <>

As I've said to many people, no, sorry -- I won't distribute my personal bots or experiments, nor will I send out samples other than what's here on the House or the BotBot. It's just a personal policy I've made to keep from being swamped.
Sun, 13 Sep 98 at 00:48:57

Hi it's the guy that asked about the Chatter Bot. Could you please send me a Chatter bot so I can use it as a example??? Please I will not blame you for anything it may do to my computer! Thanks

Ian Tranter <>

see above
Sat, 12 Sep 98 at 10:35:13

I just wanted to say i like the page

Nick Mouton <>
kaplan, la USA

Thu, 10 Sep 98 at 21:21:06

I was wondering if you could tell me how to set up something Ive seen in recent palaces.....instead of having avs lying about, you just have to click a button and the the av changes each time u click...I would like to put this on my make shift palace and was wondering how to do it

Shane Bond <>
Toronto, ON Canada

Check the "P-Spot" page here for a basic idea of how to do it. Many variations exist.
Thu, 10 Sep 98 at 17:04:18

ALLSCRAY RULES but the "cheap way" to put it into my Palace didn't work :-(

*JediJ©® <>
Command Ship, EX USA

It works at my site, are you sure you initialized EVERY user correctly?
Wed, 09 Sep 98 at 18:32:07

Hello again. I have two suggestions for scripts: One, the "reflect" script has a small bug in it...If you say ANYTHING with the word "reflect" (no quotes, of course ;) ), it will NOT say whatever you were going to say and it will say in place of where the people number usually is, "reflect on"...even trying "reflect off" and other things has not helped...I suggest trying to fix the script so that it only activates if the word is said alone, and that it can be turned OFF.
Number 2, your custom help does nothing for those of us who have disabled it (although it DOES save space)...I suggest that, regardless of how we set the options, that the script STILL gives help...this would REALLY help here. Thank you Dr. Xenu for reading this message, and possibly fixing any problems on the page.
Ragnarok c==X<>====>

Ragnarok <>
Kittanning, PA USA

Thanks for the bug report. As for the HELP function, the reason not having help in the file makes the bot smaller is simply that the help info is often (usually!) bigger than the chunk of code it describes. Take that info out, the bot is smaller -- but the info just isn't there any more. Ever wonder why Microsoft Office 98 takes 70MB (or whatever) to install, when Word Vers 3 used to fit on a single floppy? It ain't in the new functions for MS Word, folks. It's all in the little hopping animated help system.
Wed, 09 Sep 98 at 15:01:34

Yes, the book has been flushed out again, after 800 messages!
If you want to review the older comments, try some of the links above.

*X <>

Tue, 08 Sep 98 at 19:12:47

HI ummmm could you please send me one of your Chatter bots becuase I can't get mine to work. Thanks

Ian Tranter <>
Calgary, AB Canada

Actually, I don't pass out my chatterbots for the same reason I don't give out my personal cyborg -- they're always experiments and in some sort of state of disrepair. I don't want to have to support stuff that I *know* is broken anyway, so instead I provide the house o bots as a way to help you breed your own.
Sat, 05 Sep 98 at 04:07:54

I used you BotBot to make my Cyborg.ipt and I installed it into my Palace folder, and when I tried to use it, it said: An error occurred while processing a script, whenever I tried to use something. I tried it on my own server and it allows user scripts, so I don't know what the problem is. Is the file too big? Please help me out.

Sean Barrett <>
Nunnofyabuisnis, CA USA

Considering that (according to the botbot log) your own browser's cookie buffer was out of memory (usually caused by a looong list of botbot features), I'd have to make "bot too big" my first guess, yeah. - *X