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Thu, 03 Sep 98 at 09:42:28
Oops, I just realised that was only one question. Oh well. BTW, your palace does not work. All the links from here go to "" which never seems to work. From The Great Crursaelequai
Crursaelequai <>
Sydney, NSW Australia

Yup, it's down for now. It will return...

Thu, 03 Sep 98 at 09:40:22
I have a number of questions. Is there a way to execute a script if the user says a word anywhere in a sentence, even if there is stuff before or after the word? BTW, Great Site, but the varying names for each page can get a little annoying. From The Great Crursaelequai.
Crursaelequai <>
Sydney, NSW Australia
Sure, don't use the ^ sign in the GREPSTR match.

Tue, 01 Sep 98 at 19:01:49
Help me, my browser won't open the cyborg page anymore "it did before" it starts to try to download something then says done but nothing happens i am running ie 4.0 can you tell me whats wrong? And don't tell me to try again because i have been trying 4 a week!! thanks for your help
kurupt the kingpin <>
See immediately below.

Mon, 31 Aug 98 at 22:44:56
OK... here's the cheese. In the past I got plenty of good different CyBoRgs from the botbot and now it opens up a file download thing. Blah blah blah could not find cyborg(1) or something, one of my wizards got it fine, i have IE what's wrong dr x
||eightball™© <>
See immediately below.

Sun, 30 Aug 98 at 18:54:49
You all told me it's a browser problem when I can't d/l the scripts. I've done it before, but it won't work now. And some of my friends have the same problem and they said it's your fault.. Did you change something or other cause I d/l'ed a script thing once but I can't now and I didn't change anything with my browser. I know I'm getting redundant here but I only got 2 hours sleep.
Jennifer <>
Somewhere, DE USA
If it's DLing the file instead of showing you the file, then it's because your Win95 (98) registry thinks that files of type .ipt have a predetermined application to be associated with. Probably WordPad, but maybe Internet Phone Tool (IPT - get it?). It *is* a browser problem.

Sun, 30 Aug 98 at 12:56:43
BotBot has created my cyborg file just fine. But when i paste it into my old cyborg.ipt file(deleting the old text),it's all smooshed. If someone can help fix my file please e-mail me (
Phil <>
If it made the file, why are you cutting and pasting? Just use the file....

Sat, 29 Aug 98 at 20:18:44
hey x man, what would the script for a On select/ kill the user be? also.. do ya know where a guy could get a laser tag script? thanx
Dollphboy™ <>
thats not for you to know, USA
Scripts don't kill people. Wizards do (sorry sorry sorry!)

Sat, 29 Aug 98 at 15:18:36
This is not a question or a problem, GMT time zone is also known as Zulu Time (in the military)and if you'd added that notation to your time setting instructions, I might have figured out what you meant sooner.
Jim Johnson. <>
Little Rock, AR USA
GMT is also known as GMT in every civilized country, even the ones without a significant military. I think I'll stick by that. Thanks for the anecdote, though. How did it get such a screwy nickname?

Sat, 29 Aug 98 at 06:08:02
i want to know how to make av dispencers please tell me how
qwert <qwerty767>
canberra, act australia
Check the "p-spot" script in the house o houses, here at

Sat, 29 Aug 98 at 02:48:49
Hello. Ok i'm a palace owner and sometimes i have wizes or god who thin it is fun to ban me (prick's) any way i know i could take mself out of the ban list thrugh my script but also i'm also a god at my friend's palace he is on vacation it is runing but his outhere god baned me from his server and i was wondering if there is any way to get back into his server with out the god unbaning me? ok and my next question is as a palace owner how dose my palace servere keep baned and killed people from coming in my palace is it a scripted or somekinda file or somthin thanks please help
XBot59 <>
Portland, OR USA
The banlist is written into the mansion.script file (some versions of the server give it a different name). This file is simple text, and careful reading will show you what to edit. EDIT THE MANSION SCRIPT ONLY WHEN THE SERVER IS SHUT DOWN.

Tue, 25 Aug 98 at 14:33:31
please help, I need help with where to put my cyborg.ipt file.I am new to this and don't know where the palace client is "or even what it is".I am running win 95 please tell me EXACTALY where to put the file, and how to put the file in it.Also how do i make the cyborg work. Thanks 4 the help, u can't c me
u can't c me <>
The "client" is your local copy of "The Palace." The "server" is the actual site software. Most people only have the client. If you had both, you'd probably be a pretty advanced and technically-astute user.

Mon, 24 Aug 98 at 20:15:08
i'm not a god or a guy!!!! slade is the god but he wont tell me the password so i try downloading cyborg ipt script!!!!!!i'm not phsychic either so please help me!!!! i cant get anything to work on the script!!!!
Please, once again in English. Pretend I don't know what you're talking about, because... I don't know what you're talking about. Password?

Mon, 24 Aug 98 at 18:18:40
i klikked the build cyborg.ipt and it set up a file transfer. when i tried to finish that, t said could not find specified file.........HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
&{user}; <>
Seminole, FL USA
Mon, 24 Aug 98 at 15:04:40
You should goto and put his scripts in your botbot because i have tried to out them in my ctborg but it doesn't work so if you put them in your botbot it will probaly work!
Mike <>
henderson, nv USA
Thanks for the vote of confidence...

Sun, 23 Aug 98 at 20:53:03
this isnt about the script. its about the palace itself. i am a god. when i log on to the palace it crashes i dont know why but i'm sick and tired damnit!!! no i donot wanna see above and i do not need to be more spicific period.!!!
slade <>
sedalia, mo USA
Let me see if I get this straight. You are a god but you expect omniscience from me? KEWL!

Sun, 23 Aug 98 at 08:01:43
Could you update the botbot, i am beginning iptscrae, but haven't got the hang of it(Don't think i will for a while). If you could add a script that shoots three bolts of lighting(i saw this once so i know u can do it) and maybee some other little goodies thrown in!=), Thanx, and please take any suggestions for new scripts.
Stephen Blake- username- Boapile(Mage) <>
fenton , MI USA
Thanks for the suggestion -- even better would be if you could send along an example, which is exactly what Adam did with the "taser" script described below -- so that I can work it into the botbot.

Sat, 22 Aug 98 at 21:23:25
could you put on the Taser script? I would apprieciate it.
Adam <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada
Thanks for the code! (See above.)

Sat, 22 Aug 98 at 18:48:18
Why not?(you know what i mean!(this is on the board)
Mike <>
Henderson, NV USA
(This was in response to a previous msg.)

It's simple, really. I don't give out other people's wizard and god passwords to anyone not explicitly specified by the owners of those passwords -- certainly not to some indignant and nearly-anonymous passerby. Nor do I trade passwords, which would be a pretty worthless sort of quid pro quo considering how easy it is for those passwords to become invalid. A password represents trust. That's what passwords are about. They are secrets, and I protect the secrets entrusted to me by my friends just as much as I protect my own secrets. In other words, I b down with my own, holmes. Forget it.

Sat, 22 Aug 98 at 14:45:44
Can you e-mail me all of the wiz passwords and the server name?Thanks. Bye the way you Thing that makes the cyborg.ipt it is cool.(Just incase you think i being a suck up i am not i really like that thing)
Mike <>
Henderson, NV USA
See the message directly above.

Thu, 20 Aug 98 at 21:39:56
look man this crap is to hard make it eaiser for rookies i made all that stuff and nothing happened you sould just put files to download that you made -thanks CrAsH
CrAsH vIcTiM
Southpark, Co USA
Actually, Crash, I've been thinking about doing just that. Thanks!

Thu, 20 Aug 98 at 16:32:35
One thing this is a GREAT site but you said that behind the Honor Bar in the Honeymoon Suite was the wiz password I asked a wizard about that she said it wasnt true was it ever true???
JediJ <>
This is one of the all-time great mysteries of palace, first identified by the noble jbum.

Thu, 20 Aug 98 at 02:07:37
I HAVE A HORRIBLE PROBLEM THAT I CAN'T FIX! I have made a personal cyborg 4 times and none of the times it has worked. I saved it in the correct folder with the palace client in the c drive...yet when i try to use it it doesn't work! WHY?! This makes no sense...please try to help me figure out my problem!!!
Dan <>
Often under Win95 or Win98, the file can get saved as text -- and IE will automatically and quietly append an additional ".txt" to the filename. In such a case, check the filename in DOS. If it's "cyborg.ipt.txt" use the DOS RENAME command to change it to "cyborg.ipt"

Thu, 20 Aug 98 at 00:14:59
i need you to email me the script because it has an error on it when i try and build one. i like to use the zaps and zoops but cant cause of the script. i need someone either email me it or give it to me via palace. please help me through this.
Slade <>
classified, n/a USA
I thought you were a god?
(I've tried to help this guy, honest. He wants it done effortlessly via psychis powers, unfortunately)

Wed, 19 Aug 98 at 23:45:41
Hi, I'm making my own personal palace and most of the I load up PERSONAL SERVER FOR WIN23 it tells me i got a Erorr Fatal Pserver.prp not found whys that
Nick <>
Adeliade, SA Australia
Nasty. It sounds like your install was bad or incomplete or that you had a serious crash. Try reinstalling. Have you asked on the pserver-operator mailling list, accessable through The Palace?

Sun, 16 Aug 98 at 14:48:29
Ok heres the problem yesterday i could get a cyborg.ipt from here and i save it and all that junk. Now today im trying to gt a different cyborg.ipt and it wont let me get it it sayd that my interent program thingy cant find the web page for it. How can i get it to work
Cronus <>
Gladstone, MI USA
Try again. Probably a routing glitch, or our host botzilla machi9ne was down.

Sun, 16 Aug 98 at 10:41:26
For some reason it will not build a cyborg.ipt for me im just wondering why?
Cronus <>
Gladsotne, MI USA
See here.

Sat, 15 Aug 98 at 18:41:23
i whan't to now if i can have all the copy of all the stuff for bot and for Cyborg Script and all cool script for my palace rooms and stuff to keep it going good and thanks for helping me
&{user}; Daniel <>
Sat, 15 Aug 98 at 17:25:20
i got the cyborg.ipt thing working but i dont know how 2 use the commands do u i type something before i do it i dont know
Devin/PeST <>
Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA
Try typing "help" or "?"

Fri, 14 Aug 98 at 13:54:24
everytime i downoload a cybor.ipt script 2 my palace folder and restart it it comes u with a palace error and i kepp ontrying 2 git in but nothing works
Devin/9¹¹ PeST^AKA^Raven <>
Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA
Thu, 13 Aug 98 at 16:40:23
This is a script I found awhile ago, and printed out. This is a copy so it's hand typed. "$1" GREPSTUB ATOI Input_Data = <enter> <tab>"@175,200 !" USERNAME " is Transmogrifying" + + SAY <enter> [<enter> "GOD SEZ... \"THIS IS THE LAST TIME,"<enter> "GOD SEZ...\YOU'RE OUTTA HERE,"<enter> "GOD SEZ...\"GET READY TO BEAM,"<enter> "GOD SEZ...\"EVERYONE SAY GOODBYE TO"<enter> "GOD SEZ...\"QUICKLY! BEFORE THE LAG,"<enter> "GOD SEZ...\"GO OR IT," ] 6 RANDOM GET USERNAME +"\"" +ROOMMSG<enter> "" CHATSTR =<enter> Input_Data GOTOROOM<enter> }CHATSTR "mog (.*)$" GREPSTR IF<enter> I was wondering if you could make a script that does the same thing (moves you to any room you can give the number for) but without the outchat (GOD SEZ and USERNAME is Transmogrifying). (I can't get this script to work at all. :() Also, what happened to your Palace? I can't access the temp address.
70 69 63 61
Wed, 12 Aug 98 at 17:47:39
HELP!! i'm new to all of this stuff and don't know a thing about it I need info on where to put the cyborg.ipt file.also how do i use this once i have installed it. please help me, u can't c me
u can't c me <>
bismarck, ar USA
Tue, 11 Aug 98 at 22:46:10
Hello, I need help getting a Random Gotoroom Script, I can't remember how to do it if any one knows it please tell me Thank
John <>
Tue, 11 Aug 98 at 21:52:07
I've been having problems with the blondie script. I have deleted and redone my cyborg folder three times and i always get the same thing. When i type "blondie" i get props (making the heart) that arent so nice(like crude) that i dont even have in my prop bag......I dont get it...even after i reinstall it it still does that. Have any suggestions???PLEEZ!!???!!!??
Laura <>
Finksburg, MD USA
Tue, 11 Aug 98 at 19:18:55
every time i use the xbak command, i loos part of the av that i am wearing.
Kathy Baird <>
Tue, 11 Aug 98 at 16:15:34
i went to that site you told me to go to bjorke but i couldn't find the ratbot i have tried email too any other advice
kevin <>
brownstown, mi USA
Tue, 11 Aug 98 at 14:08:20
I have a problem. 2 question really? Do you make new scripts off and on. I was thinking of a script. Maybe you can have a blue wiggle line like zzap. But it is blue. And then when it comes little blue lines come out of it from the out side. Example: ( ------------------- ( ) I call it Izap or Icezap. Another thing is that I am kinda scared on making a homemade script..
&{user}; <>
mi USA
Mon, 10 Aug 98 at 21:20:57
hey its me handsome i took a look at your scripts in word theyre arent really any hidden documents anymore but ill keep them hidden from others ok hey to do that i respect you alot and think that your very smart sincerely handsome
handsome godzilla palace chat <>
Bedford, TX USA
Mon, 10 Aug 98 at 13:04:16
when I use BKISS the prop is random,it can even be something not good for that use
Cybe-guy <>
san Juan, pr USA
Mon, 10 Aug 98 at 07:42:44
I followed (I thought) your directions for installing allscray on my server: It seems to work pretty much as described (although it took me a while to realize that not only do I have to be made a wizard, I have to make the extra step of opening my client preferences and closing them so as to make the asterisk that's already there ACTIVE) except that the primary reason I wanted to install it was to move users (and the Wizard) into a password protected room without TELLING the users the password. The following typed in to the text input box does not seem to work to do it ("password" here being the password): ;allscray "password" say The result is my avatar displays the word "password" in a text balloon. Obviously, not what's needed. What is the correct syntax to cause both the wizard and any users in the room to enter the password protected room? Also, is there a way to be selective about it? That is, can a wizard include only certain users, but not others, or is allscray an all or nothing proposition? Your emailed response will be most gratefully received! Thanks.
&{user};Don <>
Avalon, CA USA
Sat, 08 Aug 98 at 17:38:35
How do i use the "Dressup" Script? I want to steal av's from other people.
sk23 <>
Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA
Sat, 08 Aug 98 at 16:07:23
I have a problem with the botbot,when i presd build cyborg.ipt has an error.Could you send me a script that has these scripts in it:zzap,spider,zoop,zoop3,ziprand,twinkle,scan,jailem,shields, and thats all!thanks
fairfield, CT USA
Sat, 08 Aug 98 at 14:14:41
I'm sorry to trouble you. I'm all new to this and I need some of this stuff explained in ENGLISH. I really don't understand all of this and all I wanted to do was get some scripts for my palace and I have no idea how to do that! =) Please help!
Jessica <>
brooksville, Fl USA
See here.

Sat, 08 Aug 98 at 13:56:25
HELP ME WITH ALL SCRAY ;ao <room number> gotoroom I Want this comand to be working at my server
See here.

Fri, 07 Aug 98 at 20:29:01
Well, I want to get botbot, but it looks like the freaking site doesn't want me too. I keep getting errors when I press "Buil Cyborg Script". HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and I know it's not just me cuz I know someone that has also tried to get it but has had the same problam
Becky <>
um, IN USA
Beats me. Works for most folks.

Wed, 05 Aug 98 at 22:39:24
Dear X i was wondering if you have a web site with a bunch of palace script's not cyborg script's but room script's or any cool script's of your own i could have Thanks John
John <>
Portland, OR USA
See here.

Wed, 05 Aug 98 at 21:15:21
I'll type in ?? but it will give no avalible commands even though I selected it to. On top of that i have tried three times and no luck
Secret but this is no joke
Bot too big? Hard to tell.

Wed, 05 Aug 98 at 13:55:22
Bot too big? Hard to tell.

Wed, 05 Aug 98 at 13:54:34
Bit too bog? Heard two tales.

Tue, 04 Aug 98 at 22:39:49
I frogot the wizz pasword could you give it to me? again?
Scott <>
Surrey , CANADA

Tue, 04 Aug 98 at 18:10:28
On Botbot i check off the scripts I want then I build the cyborg.ipt and I save it and look at it and there is none of the scrpits i requested and there's less than the origanal cyborg that i can with can u pleaz tell me what i'm doin wrong
~Kee•Kee~®©*Æ <>
livermore, CA USA
My records show you had nothing selected. Browser error? Too many cookies?

Mon, 03 Aug 98 at 21:00:33
botbot would be better if was called botbotbot! (botbotbotbotbotbotbotbotbotbot) (botbotbotbotbotbotbotbotbotbot) (botbotbotbotbotbotbotbotbotbot)
Phongdui Phomphithacker <>
Hell, MA Antarctica
Mon, 03 Aug 98 at 20:40:31
hey could u put up some scripts people could use...i need some on my palace...also can u put up some already done cyborg scripts
robert <>
Lancaster, CA USA
See here.

Mon, 03 Aug 98 at 14:41:05
could ya put up some already configured cyborgs like a butt kicking wizard bot bot and maybe a hard core regular bot
warrp <>
Thinking about it.

Mon, 03 Aug 98 at 13:49:02
Just for the record, the natpix ftp has gained a /pub/ ex: Hope that helps.
70 69 63 61

Fri, 31 Jul 98 at 17:09:39
Hi, I'm looking for 2 Palace scripts and I was wondering if you could help me out here- 1. I need a script that has the users download a MIDI file into their palace\media\sounds directory. 2. I need a script that automatically plays (and loops) MIDI files in a room. I've been looking everywhere for something like this, I hope you could give me a bit of help on this.. -Alex
Alex Fefer <>
Whitby, ON Canada
Fri, 31 Jul 98 at 15:46:43
I filled in the blanks. I went and clicked on creat Cyborg.ipt. it started to download. It asked Me what I wanted to do. open or save to disc. I clicked on save. It then showed the file name. and I clicked on save. It then said the following: Cannot Move Cybore(1) Cannot find the specified file. Make sure you spedify the correct path and file name. It was yours. Why is this happening? What did I do wrong? I have Win95 and am using IE 4.0
Paul Kiefer (ThunderBolt} <>
Bogus name.

Thu, 30 Jul 98 at 10:52:12
I can't get what your trying to say so i'll ask u here. please answer back asap. ok. here it goes. I have my palace. And i have a prop respratory. I have a i guess it could be called a door or something and it say's "click here for props". i don't wanna go through all the hasle of puting them on the room. i wanna make it so i can put them in the prop resprtory. so when u click on it it gives u a prop. i want to know what do u do to put the prop in it and how.
Nate <>
stoughton, WI USA
See here and check out the "prop spot." If you can't be bothered putting it in, however, then I suggest finding a commercial consultant. I start at $200/hr.

Wed, 29 Jul 98 at 18:15:28
hi X? hi i am haveing truble with your botbot can u see the problem and fix it thank you :) =) :D=D mitch
mitch (mitch on palace port:9996) <>
aston, pa USA
Fixed (maybe) (whatever it was)

Tue, 28 Jul 98 at 21:15:34
my friend and i both have the dress up script. both have themturned on but all we can get to work is turning it on and the dress naked command. we can not dress or undress, whatever, each other. thanks
Kathy Baird <>
Hiawassee, ga USA
Try dz instead? I didn't actually write dressup, but will look at it

Tue, 28 Jul 98 at 12:33:19
When I hit the create cyborg button, it askes me if I wanna open the file or save it to disk. I hit save it, and it says file not found.
Jen <>
Hartly, DE USA
Bizarre, sounds like a browser prob on your end

Tue, 28 Jul 98 at 01:36:17
Does anyone have the palace jumble plugin? the plugin which makes you talk like a 3l33t h@ck3r
Help me! <>
Nowhere, CA USA
Mon, 27 Jul 98 at 18:38:04
Hey X, i have a script i would like to submit for others to use. The scrpit finds everybody in the room and spoofs them! But the only drawback is that it dosen't come out like a ROOMMSG....they can look in the log and see who did it. Well.....have fun with it.
;Start Script
;This goes under OUTCHAT
{ "$1" GREPSUB chatter =
  "" CHATSTR =
} CHATSTR "sayall (.*)" GREPSTR IF
;Usage = sayall whatyouwanttospoofhere
;End Script

Divine <>
SomwhereYouCan'tFindMe, heh USA

Sat, 25 Jul 98 at 01:55:28
For all those PeOpLe who want to know if there are event handlers for pages or other things beginning with a ` executed by a user, here is a simple solution: ON OUTCHAT { OCHAT GLOBAL CHATSTR OCHAT = 90 ME SETALARM } ON ALARM { OCHAT GLOBAL { put whatever you want to happen here } OCHAT "put the command here" SUBSTR IF } Stick that in a door and run the command. It's simple see?
Dan Waters yes again <>
TeXaS Earth
Fri, 24 Jul 98 at 04:24:22
you should...ah....make a thet peepull can reed it, and make ther own skripzz....i wnat to =))....should dew it, not like palaces page..where its rilly confusing an shit, but where its easy an shit...yknow? just seyin...
smuTTluvV <>
tooosawn, az none

Thu, 23 Jul 98 at 14:44:55
Where can i get the PPAHOOK.DLL file for the palace i cant find it??????
&{user};The High Priest <>
Hmmmm, ?? USA
See here.

Tue, 21 Jul 98 at 15:47:18
What I wanted to ask u was, i get cyborgs.ipt files over icq. I get them but they don't work. Can u help me send me something please,
&{user}; <>
stoughton, WI USA
Beats me. I got a letter from Publisher's Clearing house, but the bank wouldn't take their promise of $6M until I actually had the money. Consider the source.

Mon, 20 Jul 98 at 21:21:13
Do you know the script where when you click a dorr it gives me a different prop each time. Like each time i click it it goves me a different prop?
Joseph <>
Mon, 20 Jul 98 at 02:03:28
Doctor Xenu might just get around to answering some questions maybe... Damn I am so Impatient! I have a very short attention s---
Ktulu76 (out there somewhere)

Sun, 19 Jul 98 at 17:45:52
Every command gives this answer : "An error occurred while processing a script" The file has 33.5kb and don´t have dressup or zombie commands. It don´t have 'ON ENTER' commands as well
That's a pretty big bot
sounds too big

Sun, 19 Jul 98 at 17:25:39
After I made my bot bot when i connect to the palace the program crashes : ´this program made an ilegal kernel32.dll.. it i´ll be closed
Beats me... memory fault?

Sun, 19 Jul 98 at 15:17:01
When i used palace and scripts here before, they all worked great. I have not used them since dec, so I am redoing the scripts, d/l all new, as a few of the old were not working. one that worked befoe no longer works, dose not matter if i were 30 or 50. the radom color for the ballons, is not working. and ghe brbfly also does not have any color to it. now if i have a 'face' it changes ramdomly, but nothing else dose. any idea what I am doing wrong and how to fix it ? Thank you Kathy Baird
Kathy Baird <>
Hiawassee, Ga USA
Fixed, I think

Thu, 16 Jul 98 at 15:28:59
X: do you have the wiz password for southpark? if you have it please tell me and if you don't can you give me the one of ph hawaian something? please
ghost <>
Thu, 16 Jul 98 at 13:42:42
I like your Bot fine. But I would like to have the Roomscript that is used with perl,and when I try to go to the page to download it I can't. Could you please e-mail it to me,or tell me where I can get it. Thank you Angel
Angel <>
Reno, NV USA
See here.

Thu, 16 Jul 98 at 00:48:26
Hello Dr. X. I have a question and a script request. The problem is, other than that Login String problem (the first alterable thing on the page), which still exists, and causes a problem when you use the @ the "reflect" script...there is a BIG flaw in it if you try to use that verb in a room that allows scripts. If you even TRY to say reflect, you lose ALL the text that was said with "reflect" and it will say "reflect on"...even disabling hasn't helped...just kept giving me "reflect on". As for the suggestion, remember setface? You mentioned about voiding the warranty, which makes the script a bit useless. Why not make THAT customizeable? It will not only help, but voiding the warranty will no longer exist for that part of the script, unless someone alters THAT...but it solves most of the problems for that script. Ragnarok c==X<>====>
Ragnarok <>
Kittanning, PA USA
fixed -- a subtle side effect of switcing to perl vers 5

Tue, 14 Jul 98 at 22:07:20
Why in the hell am i prevented from signing on to my own server if i commit suicide, even if i don't utilize a death penalty? This sucks!
Dan Waters Again
You'll have to wait... or kill the server, edit the banlist in a text editor, then restart the server

Mon, 13 Jul 98 at 21:13:45
Hey Dr. X I have many things to say 1. The shields script is typed shields up.<BR> 2. I need the "gotcha" script on BotBot <BR> 3. What is your new E-mail? <BR> 4. Ru ever going to get a page where you can get avs, copy and paste and put them on your palace?<BR> 5. Are these BR signs working??? <BR> C' mon Dr. X please E-mail me FAST!!!!
c0oLfReAk <>
Big Spring, TX DUH!
copying from the web to palace is a complicated drag. Better to use a prop palace
no, they don't

Mon, 13 Jul 98 at 02:57:25
Also: Should it be an On Inchat handler or something crazy like that? And: How do i do something like Leonesse where if you click a hotspot once you get sumpin and u klik it again and u get sumpin else? dammit? help me dr. x i need to be briefed here AAAHHH!
Dan Waters <>
Mon, 13 Jul 98 at 02:45:45
The Wizardless Pin Script I AM PISSED OFF! I am attempting to write a script entailing this: User clicks on tempting area and is sent to Nav Area in bottom corner of screen. Dons "chains" prop and thinks he has been pinned. Message tells him to say please let him go. He says it and is supposed to doff the prop and move somewhere, but he just doffs the prop. Also, every time someone says something they move to that given spot. The first spot works fine: it says the dialogue and sends the user to the nav area with the chains on. He can't move. Here is what i have written for the nav area (the door id is 3) ON OUTCHAT { OCHAT GLOBAL CHATSTR OCHAT = 90 3 SETALARM } ON ALARM { -100 1 MOVE 3 INSPOT IFELSE OCHAT "the magic word" SUBSTR IF [ "Chains" ] DOFFPROP } WHAT IS WRONG??? I DONT UNDERSTAND!!! Thank you Dr X!
Dan Waters&{user};
I don't see a trap in the OUTCHAT. THe ALRAM handler won't know OUTCHAT from adam.

Sun, 12 Jul 98 at 01:51:30
Do you know a place where i can get the RatBot Script(Ratbot at the welcome Palace)? Thanks, Brandon
Brandon <>
Ask around at Mansion palace.

Sat, 11 Jul 98 at 00:18:58
I have the "dress up" script for my Palace, but I dont know where to put in Allscray! where do I type in the script I have? Thanks, Justin
Justin Shaffer <>
McKinney, Tx USA
Add it to a spot. See the dressing room page here.

Fri, 10 Jul 98 at 01:22:57
Joshua Richard {sk8r4lyf} <>
Lake Arthur, LA USA

Wed, 08 Jul 98 at 00:01:21
Can you help me with Allscray, Could you help me make a script where you point to some one and say bad, it'll send them to Room id 88 (my rules room) and make it so only Wizards can do this. I put the Allscray script in my palace like it says and type ;ao 88ROOMGOTO and also ;ao 99GOTOROOM whats wrong here? I even did what it said in the Allscray part of this page, Thanks- John
John <>
Sun, 05 Jul 98 at 17:57:29
Hi, Is ther a way as a GOD to create a room that is always password protected. I need to create a special room that members and Wizzies alike can go , but only if I give them the password. I know I can keep changing the room ID and make it hidden and e-mail the ID , or wisper it to them if I'm there. (that's seems to be a bit tedious) Any help? James
JamesSF <>
San Francisco, CA USA
Sun, 05 Jul 98 at 14:31:56
When you write a message like this on the command line at a palace prompt(/"@100,100 Hello" roommsg) how can i use msay with the Command line So i dont have to write the CO-Ordanates in all the time?? Thanx ASAP
GingerManiac <>
BlackBurn, United Kingdom
Fri, 03 Jul 98 at 20:58:56
How do you work the script that supposidly takes peoples props away. I just don't get it. I point at people and type dress me but nothing happens, what do i do to get it working
Mike <>
Fri, 03 Jul 98 at 19:23:17
Hi! I have a few Questions... 1. I need a lazer tag script. Please e-mail one to me if you have one. 2. I want a Bot. If anyone has a BOT, (Like Ratbot. Not a cyborg) Send it to me and I will let you wiz at my palace 3. I want to know if there is a script for people who only want people with a certaint prop id to come in to a room. Like member 112 can go into room 120 because he has a sertant prop on but JoeBlow cant because he doesent have the prop. 4. Is there a way to get a free permenate addy for my palace? Please e-mail me if you have the answer to these questions
DaBomb <>
Not tellin u, YES USA
Fri, 03 Jul 98 at 11:12:05
Hi, this is a script called gotcha, it puts a prop in an arc around the prop position but I dont know about it test this one out: { "$1" GREPSUB propstr = "!)pop gotcha" MOUSEPOS SAYAT 220 0 204 PENCOLOR 1 PENSIZE POSX POSY MOUSEPOS LINE PAINTUNDO 220 0 204 PENCOLOR 2 PENSIZE POSX POSY MOUSEPOS LINE PAINTUNDO 15 0 162 PENCOLOR 3 PENSIZE POSX POSY MOUSEPOS LINE PAINTUNDO 103 0 255 PENCOLOR 4 PENSIZE POSX POSY MOUSEPOS LINE PAINTUNDO 223 0 31 PENCOLOR 5 PENSIZE POSX POSY MOUSEPOS LINE PAINTUNDO mousepos SWAP x = y = 10 x -= propstr x 80 - y ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 80 - y 25 - ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 70 - y 50 - ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 60 - y 65 - ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 40 - y 80 - ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 20 - y 90 - ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 80 + y ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 80 + y 25 - ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 70 + y 50 - ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 60 + y 65 - ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 40 + y 80 - ADDLOOSEPROP propstr x 20 + y 90 - ADDLOOSEPROP "" CHATSTR = } CHATSTR "^gotcha (.*)$" GREPSTR IF {} ;END=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==--=-
c0oLfReAk <>
Big Spring, Tx USA
Fri, 03 Jul 98 at 02:14:10
how do u make a regular room a prop room
Mace <>
Fri, 03 Jul 98 at 02:12:27
I just wanted to know how to make a regular room a prop room??? can u help
Mace <>
Thu, 02 Jul 98 at 22:56:21
Hey Dr. X, I have a few things to say and a few tips for fellow scripters. 1. Well the cool-sounding shield script does'nt work. 2. Some people think that they have to check the box beside the title (i.e. available INCHAT, zombie INCHAT, etc.) just to have anything in that section...THIS IS NOT TRUE!! 3. For all you people who are flaming this site saying, YOU STUPID INTERNET FREAKS, WERE PROUD OF IT!!!!!
c0oLfReAk <>
Big Spring, TX USA
Thu, 02 Jul 98 at 18:01:41
Alright have looked through ALL of your complaints over th last 2 years and i STILL am stuck! Heres the story. I went on your botbot page for my new palace, so i can try scripts. I made my botbot cyborg file. and its not to big cuase i picked like 3 little things and it didnt work! I went to make it and then saved it in my palace directory. I saved it as Cyborg.ipt and ive tried cyborg.ipt. I saved it as a plain text file and every other file imaginable! Ive gotten rid of the orrigonal Cyborg.ipt and now i cant do any scripts. Im running IE and i have windows 95 and i have palace version 3.4. If u can, I.C.Q. me at 9309620 or e-mail me stat cause im really starting to get ticked off! thank you ~alex~
Alex <>
Campbellsport, WI USA
Thu, 02 Jul 98 at 17:16:55
Really neat cept some of the scripts dont work.
Wed, 01 Jul 98 at 19:33:11
When I select the things on the Botbot, and then at the end click the button to generate the ipt file, absolutely NOTHING happens. It just pushes it and pop back out like a fake button or something. I have Mircosoft Internet Explorer 4.0, does that interfere with anything ? PLEASE HELP ME AND LET ME KNOW. Thanks, Anth
Anth <>
Tue, 30 Jun 98 at 04:25:41
the word finger causes a message to say persons name u have email, you have got to be kidding
Che <>
Angus, canada
Mon, 29 Jun 98 at 18:14:44
When I Push The Button Build Cyborg Script it Doesn't Download it and i hafta Copy And Paste it and it Will not work !!!!! HELP ME DR.X !!!!!!!!
2Kewl <>
Mon, 29 Jun 98 at 17:00:59
The Shield script doesnt work.
Mon, 29 Jun 98 at 15:22:32
I saved 'cyborg.ipt' that was created with BotBot into my palace directory, and now whenever I connect to palace, it says error processing script. I can't even use the default palace functions. Please email m ASAP!!
Lisa (palace name: aNGeL) <>
Bloomington, IN USA
Mon, 29 Jun 98 at 13:34:13
I saved the cyborg.ipt over my old one and now i can't get in the palace!!!! WHAT THE HECK IT WRONG!!?? Email me ASAP!
Geoff Patterson (Palace name-Soup) <>
Lansing, MI USA
Sun, 28 Jun 98 at 15:51:18
I dont know what to call this I just have a question about some of your stuff and whats missing like one little thing Why dont you guys have allsay ?? I looked (Maybe I missed it) If I did please show me where to get it if not please add it to your botbot thingy Thanks
!=SK8ER= <>
Hesperia , Ca USA
Sun, 28 Jun 98 at 03:46:43
Duh? Where am I? Darn!! Wrong URL the first time :)
Kiowah <>
Glen Rock, PA USA
Sun, 28 Jun 98 at 03:45:22
Duh? Where am I?
Kiowah <>
Glen Rock, PA USA
Fri, 26 Jun 98 at 22:04:37
Is there a manual that I can down load, that teaches Iptscrae? I am interested in learning how to write scripts. I have been through many pages of examples, but am still missing the basics of the language. Thanks
Sea+Dog <>
Kalamazoo, mi USA
Fri, 26 Jun 98 at 18:55:54
What is wrong with all of you? It seems you have formed a society based entirely on the internet.. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Why must you *wizards* exerpt power when your really nothing. By subjegating yourseleves with power trips on your computer.. I am deeply concerned with you all. where are you going in life, and have you reached your goals? Snerts... maybe possibly we are the real people, who refuse to accept the internet as a replacement society. We SNERTS have chosen to treat the internet (palace) as it really is. A VIRTUAL DOMAIN. so when you loser computer addicts kill us. just remember who is living their lives out side the computer
&{user};Some guy <>
ny, ny USA
Wed, 24 Jun 98 at 19:20:41
For some reason It says "Cannot find the file 'C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files\cache3\cyborg(1).ipt' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available" and I cant download it whats da problem man
$Augie$ <>
Waianae, HI USA
Wed, 24 Jun 98 at 09:00:06
mikey d <>
livingston, nj USA
Thu, 18 Jun 98 at 20:06:26
for some reason when i download my bot i dont get my scripts,why is thst? And when i do it again i still dont have it. What is the deal am i doing something wrong?
victor tapia,baggyboyvic(name gets enlarged) <>
san francisco, ca USA
Thu, 18 Jun 98 at 01:14:40
Hi again. I've found a VERY strange bug in Palace (or so it seems). In the Main Palace, I've found that I cannot enter The Pit without Palace crashing (and it isn't a fluke--it happened more than once...good thing I have First Aid to back me up, although it can't help here). What kind of a bug is this? Ragnarok c==X<>====>
Ragnarok <>
Kittanning, PA USA
Wed, 17 Jun 98 at 16:16:25
I just wanted to ask for some help on my bot bot cyborg i made on ur site. i made it and put it in my palace folder just like u said but when i try to start palace up it connects with the sever and everything correctly but after that it gives me an error and shuts it off. can u tell me what i did wrong?
&{user}; <>
Bedford, IA USA
Wed, 17 Jun 98 at 15:28:54
Well. I haven't used BotBot in ages as I am a avid Scripter but I needed a few simple things that I didn't want to make when BotBot already suplied them for the changing. Well ok so I come here and I pick what I need very little but some. I tell it to make it and it begins to DL and then it doesn't saying that some path was incorrect. Now what the heck is that all about? Why doesn't it just desplay the Scripts and let me copy them into my Cyborg like it used to? This isn't a NetScape only thing is it? Personally I say IE is best but DON'T buy 4 it is a waste of money and space.
Mr. Morden <>
Hart, MI USA
Wed, 17 Jun 98 at 12:43:09
I am having problems with my palace when ppl enter it they are stripped of thier avatar. I have three scripts running in it, one forthe animation,one for the page,and one for the welcome. Alsowhen I add another script I bogus init warnings. I can't find a problem with the script and thought maybe u had some suggestions....
Steve Braune (Grizz) <>
Minneapolis , MN USA
Sun, 14 Jun 98 at 07:58:41
Me again last time i swear someing i have been working on to extend my macros to unlimited you can use `pin user and "`pin user" say will work but with props /[ "prop1 prop2" ] donprop will work but not /"/[ "prop1 prop2" ] donprop" say because of the second " it ignores the command is there a ` command for setting props??
Sun, 14 Jun 98 at 07:50:22
me again meant to add to first one but forgot seeing a few questions about trouble with @ the @ sign is off in any more at southpark any script text even page is ignored if it contains the @ sign the saw one about signon script dosnt work again could be southpark our scripts are off for good too many probmels :/
*^RICK^ <>
Sun, 14 Jun 98 at 07:47:25
Heyes X how are ya !! is there a command for ON PAGE? like a member page would trigger a sound speech ignores pages therefore they get ignored by me when im doing some work ???
Sat, 13 Jun 98 at 16:47:52
When i click "Build Cyborg.ipt" it opens it fine but i have alot clicked but it only opens a 3KB on the Note pad so when i try to save it the scripts is only 3KB.Please Help
Philip <>
Portland, OR USA
Fri, 12 Jun 98 at 00:30:52
Hi again. I have found a possible glitch that is causing the SIGNON bug for me and various other users. It seems that putting the @ sign as the first character (which is usually always there, followed by numbers) will cause the cyborg generator to load the default line instead. I tested this by making test scripts with and without the @ sign. With it, it gives the default (the problem), but without, it gives you what you typed. I suggest to you, X, to check the generator for any possible problems, because maybe it had something to do with that directory moving thing you mentioned or anything related to that. Ragnarok c==X<>====>
Ragnarok <>
Tue, 09 Jun 98 at 22:43:35
Ok, my hang script doesn't werk, you know the thing that it says when i log in? it only says @300,60 )applause !It's %n, but i typed in: @300,60 )applause !Uh oh, hide your daughters, its %n!!!!! (my username is I Killed Kenny©®™) and other things, HELP!!!
XBot59 <>
Tue, 09 Jun 98 at 21:10:09
hey i picked everything that i should have but when i hit build cyborg.ipt or whatever it wouldnt go into the page please help me sincerely damon roseberry
&{user}; <>
Sat, 06 Jun 98 at 12:33:13
ok..I went to your bot bot part and picked out all the scripts that I went up to about 2kb....So I stick in my palace folder my old one in a different folder.....I rename it Cyborg.ipt..or whatever it is called....I go into my palace click reload scripts then I goto a room where scripts are on and paint is on...I type szap....It didn't work...I typed zap..still didn't work...I could paint...scripts were on...the only thing that worked was when i long on it goes It's....... Whats the matter???????
ShinraMage <>
Allen, USA
You can't properly initialize a BotBot cyborg by just hitting "reload scripts" becuase of a subtle bug in the way palace is made. "Reload scripts" might reload the script, but it doesn't re-run the "signon" portion of the script -- which is where BotBot borgs do all their initialization. The correct method is to follow the instructions and log off from whatever palace you're visiting and log on again.

Thu, 04 Jun 98 at 20:35:16
I select what i want to make in my cyborg script and select download but the darn thing wont dowload what i want it just dowloads a stupid 2 kb file with two stupid original commands!!!
jjohn10301 <>
??, ?? USA
A quick check of the BotBot logs show that you, alone, have repeatedly asked the bot for exactly such a nearly-empty file... even as many other users were simultaneously running BotBot without any such problem. I've got to suspect your browser. - *X

Thu, 04 Jun 98 at 00:51:13
Dude it wont download the cybrog and i want you to send me propspot and allscray through E-mail since it dont work. E-mail it
See here.

Thu, 04 Jun 98 at 00:33:10
Dude it wont download the cybrog and i want you to send me propspot and allscray through E-mail since it dont work. E-mail it
See here.

Thu, 04 Jun 98 at 00:20:38
Dude it wont download the cybrog and i want you to send me propspot and allscray through E-mail since it dont work. E-mail it
The scripts you've asked for are readily available on the other pages right here at the house o bots. In the meantime, what do you mean by "wont download the cybrog"? If you see the script in a window, save it. If you don't search your disk....

Tue, 02 Jun 98 at 21:35:59
Hi, I only want to know if there are other commands like "~clon" who they aren't in any list?? If yes wich ones?? thanks!
Sherbrooke, QC Canada
That would be telling.

Tue, 02 Jun 98 at 18:05:33
Hi again. I have found a loophole to get around that script problem I mentioned earlier. By IE 4.0 SP1, that SP is Service Pack (trying to make it easier to download updates). Anyway, this is the loophole, and it should be able to work on IE v.4.0 and up (anything less will not come in contact with this problem, I HAVE HAD v.3.0 and there were no problems). When you make your script, and it DOES come up with the HTML, like the Doc said, it IS created. It does not exist in your cache folder (Temp. Internet Files or whatever it is called on your computer), so you have to save it (.txt works best). Then, open Notepad. You notice everything is there. You try to save it, and all you get is cyborg.txt.ipt (the .ipt is the true extension; the .txt, well, you know that Windows allows periods in filenames, but that sometimes causes trouble with extensions). This is what I got, and found the loophole around. Anyway, copy the info from that "fake" cyborg (Select All, Copy), and then open the "true" file (your actual cyborg.ipt) and Select all there, and delete it (DO NOT CUT OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR COPIED INFO). Then Paste. You now have the true one filled with the data you want. Just save it, it will correctly overwrite the file. When you get the script loaded, you will have all of your options that you selected. That's the loophole. BTW, X, your Login field at the beginning of the script-creating page cannot be changed. I put data in that field and it gave me the default instead (everything else remained, though, just the Login field lost all new info). The finger script's data is also incorrect. Please fix these errors after you have read this message. Ragnarok c==X====>
Ragnarok <>
A quick check here shows that the finger script works fine. Could you be more specific, or provide an example?

A simpler workaround would probably be to avoid having the browser do anything special for .txt or .ipt files, because they're just plain text. Similarly, if you've already opened the file in Notepad or any other text editor, why go through all these shenanigans with deleting and pasting? "Save As..." is always a convenient alternative.

It still sounds to me like your browser is wonked upside its head. *X

Hello. Now that the problem with the guestbook that kept me from saying this important message is gone, I can say it. The BotBot page works fine, with just one major problem. It makes it, it shows the HTML layout (as always), BUT, IT DOESN'T EXIST when I look for it. I even tried the Find option (Windows 95, IE 4.01 SP1) and I come up empty-handed. Do you have any idea what is causing this? Ragnarok c==X====>
Ragnarok <>
If the browser shows it, then the data is being correctly calculated and sent to you. But your browser "save" configuration sounds whacked... which sadly is beyond my control.

to cuse on palaces that have a ban on those words its simple just type /a"the sentence including the cuse word"say its simple see
Now there's a firm command of the language.

the damn thing wont download the cyborgs
That's descriptive. Please, more details...

Addresses change, directories shuffle...
We're now on our new server, & most everything should now be fixed.

Mill Valley, CA USA
Wed, 15 Apr 98 at 15:47:09
I am working on a tour that will take everyone in the room to the next room on the tour when a password is said. I can do it with one person but how can I get the whole room to GOTOROOM ? Thanks, the Bot cyborg file works great.
Lynnaea <>
Allscray would do nicely.

Fri, 10 Apr 98 at 13:12:25
I liked your wizard section. I have had problems with people in the past at my palace server, and this has helped me learn how to truly deal with them. I am very thankful. It also showed me a few tricks on AllScray and general wizardry. Thanks! PG
PG <>
Wichita Falls, TX USA
Thu, 09 Apr 98 at 16:30:21
Where can I get a actual bot? Like Ratbot. I look all over the net and never find it. Please help!
Cid <>
("Actual"?) Ask the ratbot author, jbum.

Wed, 08 Apr 98 at 16:10:07
a problem was reported that your server is not able to handle JAVA scripts and will be shut bown and disconected the next time an attemt is made to browse an item using a JAVA script. this a warning for further reference so all that the user (you) can host is HTML scripts.
Gaetano Gallo <rainman@noln.con>
tobyhanna, Pa USA
Bizarre. However, we've replaced the server. No more Netscape, we're now Apachified.

Tue, 07 Apr 98 at 17:41:11
I don't know how to put the allscray into my cyborg so I can dress and undress people. The web page that you sent me via email will not come up in my browser. What can I do now to get it into my cyborg file?
XBot59 <>
Allscray is a ROOM script, not a cyborg script.

Tue, 07 Apr 98 at 16:11:03
When i download the botbot i tried and it said can´t move the file Cyborg(1) What can i do ? ??? i want to be cyborg
Ghost <>
Sorry, this is a browser support problem....

Mon, 06 Apr 98 at 20:21:57
How do I add the allscray to my cyborg file, and where exactly would I have to put it in the cyborg file?
jason cotton-jaybird <>
calumet, mi USA
See here

Mon, 06 Apr 98 at 16:44:01
How do you get the Dress up script to work. It says that you can dress other people and you can dress yourself with there prop but I can not get it to work.
Jason <>
Calumet, Mi USA
They must also be using the dressup script -- that is, they must also have it pre-installed in their own cyborg.ipt file(s). Yes, I would consider this a "downside" to the dressup script. Using the zombie mode "dz" script in tandem with allscray is usually a better bet.

Sun, 05 Apr 98 at 13:20:04
X, is there any way to view my hidden props file? There has to be a program out there for doing so. Thanks!
Joe Austin <>
Berea, Oh USA
Yes, but it's... expensive (not kidding)

Thu, 02 Apr 98 at 10:00:42
No matter what I try; the BotBot will NOT download. I tries a new Palace file... A diffrent Cyborg name... Downloading it into a blank directory... Your guess is as good (better) than mine :) I guess I'll add some of your scripts untill it gets fixed.
&{user}; <>
Florence, CO USA
If you can see the scripts, then the botbot is indeed downloading.... you just need to tellyour browser to save the resultant page to disk as "cyborg.ipt"

Sun, 29 Mar 98 at 16:30:45
Hey X, Could you tell me the door script that makes it so whenever you click a door another image shows
Alex <>
Acton, ma USA
Add numbered pics to the room, and have the door (which is a spot) change its spot state to be the same values. The different images will appear. Look at the default mansionscript for examples.

Sun, 29 Mar 98 at 07:47:08
(more) questions about the Secret Tea Room, Is the key a prop? Is the key in your palace? Is the key something that will be noticed? (IE not a prop that looks like the background) Is the key in a (closed) or (Private) room, or one that only be accessed by wizards? If the key is not a prop, what is it? If the key is a prop,is the key part the name or id number or something about the apperance? Do you have to be wearing the prop for the computer to recognize it? Can you be wearing other props too? Thanks. :)
Royce <>

Fri, 27 Mar 98 at 04:41:26
Okay, everytime I got to the BotBot page....and try to create a new cyborg........when I click on the button "Build New Cyborg" (or whatever it said) at the bottom of the opens up an internet phone thing, after I click either "Open it" or "Save to disk" from that message box. Who, what, where, when, why?? Please let me know so I can use the scripts too.
Joseph (Dude©) <>
Orland, ME USA
Your browser believes that files ending in .ipt are internet phone files. Change it.

Mon, 23 Mar 98 at 16:36:06
Questions about the Secret Tea Room, Is the key a prop? Is the key in your palace? Is the key something that will be noticed? (IE not a prop that looks like the background) Is the key in a (closed) or (Private) room, or one that only be accessed by wizards? If the key is not a prop, what is it? Thanks. :)
Royce <>

Sat, 21 Mar 98 at 00:20:05
oh. and any info on how to make a laser tag script would be very much appreciated by my personage, me. thanka you. send any scripts for this uh thing to my e mail ok.. thanx a lot
Dollphboy <>
Sat, 21 Mar 98 at 00:15:37
Yo! Dr. X! A nice addition to your web page would be House O' Server operators, i.e. gods. House o' gods.. thats it. Or Mount Olympus. Anyway Tips for building a palace, operating a palace, ways to get a 24 hr server stuff like that the page would be much appreciated for dillema'd gods such as myself. thanx for reading this -dolph
Dollphboy <>
a small town, WA USA
You mean, the house o houses?

Fri, 20 Mar 98 at 19:24:04
Hey X, I have a laser tag script but i don't know where to put it? I was wondering if you know
Alex Persson <>
Acton, ma USA
Mail it in, I'll try to add it directly to the botbot.

Tue, 17 Mar 98 at 21:20:10
Well, I made a new cyborg.ipt and most everything works. I see from previous entries that the mp problem is likely a prob with my cheap mouse. But also I don't understand how the things like no_fudd work. I was hoping they were enter scripts but apparently not. And I tried typing them in, and they don't work for me. But lisp off seems to work still... Is it possible to make these into enter scripts??? Thanks, fatbob
fatbob <>
Rome, NY USA
Tue, 17 Mar 98 at 16:12:59
how come they wont work for me...
DoN <na>
na, na na
Mon, 16 Mar 98 at 15:21:59
yeah,i was wondering if this thing was actually supposed to work...
DoN <divine_5>
whitewater, wi USA
Sun, 15 Mar 98 at 20:10:52
I was wondering if there are any registration code generators.
Loud-Bob <>
notown, OH USA
Many claim to have such generators, but I know from the secret mail chatter that they don't work. Think about it which is "Guest 345" telling you he has a reg code generator? Why isn't he registered, then?

Thu, 12 Mar 98 at 14:41:23
I was wondering if you know the laser tag script for the palace
Alex Persson <>
Pass it on, I'll look into adding it to the BotBot.

Wed, 11 Mar 98 at 08:41:54
i loaded THROW and i say it It wont work. Is this a propblem with it? or am i not doing somthin right?
henderson, NV USA
Details, please....

Sun, 08 Mar 98 at 07:52:01
Hi, I'm trying to design a palace using the trial personal palace server (which I'll probably register eventually) and I want to put scripts in the rooms but don't know how. I know what scripts i want there but where do I cut and paste something or whatever?
Anonymous <>
Depending on your prefered method, you can author from within the palace client or by editing the textfile directly (as long as the server's not running). See here.

Fri, 06 Mar 98 at 18:50:38
I'm wondering, where can I ge the ratbot plugin/script?
Sean Michaels <>
Ask on the pserver mailing list, accessable through the palacespace web page.

Thu, 05 Mar 98 at 15:51:19
whenever I sign on, or wiz up, or reload scripts, or anything of the sort, the program prints in my log: "Script Error" I've looked over my cyborg, nearly cleaned it out, didn't find any problems with it, so I'm wondering if you can give me a diagnosis. I haven't hacked this particular client, except to change the "Wizard" to "SysOp"
Anonymous <>
Capital Hill, DC USA
Well Mr A, once you've hacked directly on the client, who knows what other trouble you've wreaked? Maybe you've offset all internal string resourvces by one byte and trashed the parser.

Wed, 04 Mar 98 at 14:55:33
Heeelllppp!!! I am TRYING (underlined twice!) to teach myself Iptscrae. I am very familiar with the type of language this MAY be based after. (I think it is a cross between C++ and Visual Basic -- then again maybe not?) Some of the commands and language look familiar. HOWEVER, I need to know of some way of obtaining the "built-in" standard commands of this 2+ year old language; as well as a book or other literature on how to manipulate this language to do other things instead of having BotBot do it for me. In a nut shell is there a book or other reading material that starts at the beginning and goes through all the advanced commands? I have created scripts using BotBot, but I like doing things the hard (learning) way! :) Any info would be appreciated! Thankyou. :) Arctic C. Wolfe
Arctic C. Wolfe <>
Bristol, CT USA
Did you look at our own house o bots? Other than that, I don't know of any.

As recounted here and elsewhere, Iptscrae is syntactically related to FORTH and Postscript. C++? Surely you jest... iptscrae wouldn't know an object method from an integer. VB is also much more robust (never thought I'd catch myself using that adjective about VB) and unrelated to Iptscrae, except I suppose that you could consider iptscrae as a client-side script mechansim similar to VBScript (which we all know should just quietly disappear anyway).

Mon, 02 Mar 98 at 16:39:04
when ever i try to go into the palace and my log pops up it seas exactaly this An error has been encountered while executing the iptscrae script.
shamail saidi <>
brookline, ma USA
Bot too big, guessing from your maintenance records.

Sat, 28 Feb 98 at 17:10:06
Thanks first of all for a great way to get started in iptscrae Works great and i even added the blowkiss, too kool my girl thinks i'm a genious, thanks again Question: Would love to have the script to add (dont know where, room info i guess, my own palace) that would allow me to lock the room, hear it close shut, allow no one else in, and also be able to open it, and hear it open and unlock it WOW, too kool, thanks
David Innes (Clint) <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA
I think there's such a script in the default pserver script, in one of the bedrooms.

Thu, 26 Feb 98 at 15:23:52
I need help whenever i try to download the script i made with botbot i get this message cannot move cyborg(1).ipt what can i do any suggestions?
Robert <>
Newaygo, MI USA
This is something your browser and Win95 will have to work out between themselves. Perhaps you have inadvertently locked the old file or directory?

Wed, 25 Feb 98 at 15:51:13
Dear X: Can you help me program a script that tells who the last 10 people were that clicked on a door and at what time they clicked. Thanx, Ender
Justin (Ender) <>
Vacaville, CA USA
My first response was to say "you can't." But I don't think that's entirely correct. You'd have to use wizard-style paging, however, and have access to the logs. And use an external link to a web browser. And be good at CGI programming.

Mon, 23 Feb 98 at 17:32:21
Well to start off i do not know your name so ill call u bot. Well bot i love your progam and have been worshiping the ground u walk on for the last past couple of days. U of all people should know how hard it is to find a good cyborg file on the net let alone a system that makes it self. But i just went to get a new version to get more stuff and it says it can not move the file or specifi the correcy file name. I really love your page and all that u have done for the palace comnmunity. Please e mail to tell me what to do. Typed your pal Travis
Travis Haines <>
Connellsville, Pa USA
Sounds like IE is having a hard time removing old files. Remove or move the old file by hand and run again.

Sat, 21 Feb 98 at 10:25:02
I am building a palace at, and every time I enter any of my rooms,even those with the most fail- proof scipts,a message flashes saying "Caution: Bogus INIT" I have read what is at your site on this,yet i can't find sny instruction on how to correct it. What is causing this? And,more importatntly,how do I rid myself of this annoyance? If it helps any,I had scripts turned OFF at my palace gate until I read what it can do to my palace. I tried turing it back on, but the message appears anyway. Please reply as soon as ya can,Doc! Stop by my palace too if ya ever get the time!THANKS!!!
3~D <>
Did you log in again after turning scripts on?

Thu, 19 Feb 98 at 05:25:43
OK here's whats up,i need an ON SIGNON script usin setprops, for my palace server, like for example at southpark, please help thanx, --==TiM==--
Tim <>
******, ** USA
Botbot cyborgs set a default macro at signon. You could replace the MACRO call with an array and a call to SETPROPS. This will, of course, void your warranty.

Tue, 17 Feb 98 at 23:26:08
the Mouse position thing doesnt seem to work
Nick Morris <>
saratoga, ca USA
Return the mouse to the dealer.

Tue, 17 Feb 98 at 23:26:07
the Mouse position thing doesnt seem to work
Nick Morris <>
saratoga, ca USA
See above.

Tue, 17 Feb 98 at 18:36:12
BotBot is still having internal errors. It's not fixed like you thought. Please fix it!!
:-) <>
Sorry, unpredictable routing hell. As a safety valve, there are two routing methods, not both available on the BotBot web page (see "Alternative BotBot Link").

Sun, 15 Feb 98 at 16:56:13
I have been wondering how to steal props without having to edit all that junk out, and I've read and re-read your pages a few dozen times, and it seems it's mostly for Photoshop users. I'm on a mac, can't afford photoshop, and I have GraphicConverter. I was wondering if you could give some instrucions for the graphicconverter users on masking and that to steal and edit props easier.
Eric <>
Chehalis, WA USA
Let me get this straight. You want to steal stuff and you're too cheap to do it well? Well, try drawing a flat-colored region behind them, or moving to a flat-colored room, or... asking them for the prop.

Fri, 13 Feb 98 at 22:54:25
I tried the botbot and at first when i joined the palace it said script error. Then i tried saving it again..and now i can't join any says the program has made an error and will close. It didn't happen before but after i got the botbot. If it can't be there anyway i can get my old script? or anything i can do? Please help me. Thanks. Pris
Pris <>
Monterrey, Mexico
The original script should be available at Did you try again with a much smaller bot?

Wed, 11 Feb 98 at 20:32:31
This may seem like a dumb question, but I have been trying to make a prop generator. I have no problem with the ipscrae, it's the props. Where do I find the prop identifcation number to put into the script? I can't figure this out. Thanks
Connie Gilbert <>
Gainesboro, TN USA
Did you look at this page?

Tue, 10 Feb 98 at 10:27:03
I'm on a Mac, and when I entered the default macro for when I sign on to 1 then signed on the Palace, it went to my 0 macro. What's going on?
Jon H <>
Hard to say.

Fri, 06 Feb 98 at 16:44:00
Hello. I seem to be having trouble with the "giveall" script. I type in the command and propname EXACTLY AS STATED ON THE BOTBOT PAGE(giveall <propname>), and all it does is say "giveall <propname>" in a talk balloon. However, I try the same trick with the same prop (it's name has not changed) using "give" and it works perfectly. I think you might want to check the BotBot script. BTW, other than finding a way to get the "give" series of scripts to only give the props and not say a talk balloon, could it also be possible to give just certain users props as well?
Ragnarok <>
Kittanning, PA USA
I hope you're not including the < and > symbols.... they're not part of the command, but just there as a documentation convention meaning <actual_name_here>

Thu, 05 Feb 98 at 04:51:37
i was wondering if there was a way to fi the "blondie" script so that when i use it only the props in my prob bag are used. i have an old prop that i deleted coming up when i try to use the script
Jackie <>
London, ON Canada
The script lets you specify the prop names, and the BotBot lets you set a default prop name.

Thu, 05 Feb 98 at 04:51:34
i was wondering if there was a way to fi the "blondie" script so that when i use it only the props in my prob bag are used. i have an old prop that i deleted coming up when i try to use the script
Jackie <>
London, ON Canada
See above.

Wed, 04 Feb 98 at 14:01:28
This is from the Secret Tea room again.... I was wanting the script for the tea room. I want it for a room in my palace that only some people can get in it, (ones that i want)can you help
John <>
It wouldn't be very Secret then, would it?

Sun, 01 Feb 98 at 13:19:14
Hello, one small question. I fill out the screen and hit "build Cyborg.ipt" and I obtain an error stating that the program.bmp could not be found under the paint window. Do you have any ideas on why I cant download the .ipt file? Thanks for your help.
mdm <>
Sounds like you've configured your browser to recognize files ending in .ipt as some special type. I've seen a few people with the same problem recently.

Sun, 01 Feb 98 at 09:31:14
I downloaded a cyborg file from but the problem I have is the the resore default prop restores it in every room I go to.
Rob <>
Yes, that's what it's supposed to do it's an ENTER script.

Tue, 27 Jan 98 at 18:55:51
I know how to get a Pic from Paint Shop Pro into the Palace Prop bag.......but how do I do it in reverse. If I get an AV and want to edit it. How do I get it from the prop bag into...Paint Shop Pro??? Any help would be appreciated..THANKS!!!!!!!
Singer <>
Springfield, VT USA
Did you look at this page?

Fri, 23 Jan 98 at 23:37:04
I am having trouble with my cyborg script
Dean Frampton <>
Wellington, New Zealand
Please, be more specific!

Thu, 22 Jan 98 at 21:08:53
HELP! While puting props in an automated generator I was terminated. When I returned I no longer had the use of either macros or bookmarks. No one I ask has ever heard of such a thing... I have uninstalled, redownloaded the software, and then reinstalled to no avail. If you have any solutions I would be MORE than happy to hear from you.
Erin <>
Colorado, CO USA
You may have been killed by that server for flooding if you were going through a lot of props (it's happened to me, anyway). You may then have coincidentally crashed. Replacing the prop file will usually solve such problems....

Tue, 20 Jan 98 at 10:29:44
I will try this again.... Hi ya Dr. your web site. I used your botbot site for new scipts and it works, except the heart script. Everytime i type heart <flower1> it just sends a red paint line to my cursors spot. What am I doing wrong. Thanks!! P.S.: I do have a flower1 tagged in my prop bag.
april <>
And the additional props flower2, flower3, flowoer4, and flower5?

Mon, 19 Jan 98 at 12:28:35
I would like to share my veiw on a topic and I would love to see how you look on this: I am banned at a palace because I am part of the magus group. I understand I am banned mainly because of my constant defiance of the god, Mrs Gunn. Besides that, I seek input about whether or not you think that is right. No one can wear their ? (magus) infront of their names, and when I requested she explain why, she said she was to busy. I think that if I am going to be forced to hide my being in a HELPING group, I deserve a reason. I am now long term banned, but I do not regret my actions.
blizzard <>
South Lake Tahoe, CA USA
Odd that you don't mention the palace name, but...
To tell the truth, I'm blissfully unaware of any current Magus feuds.

Thu, 08 Jan 98 at 10:28:51
Dr.X, I am trying to d/l a botbot (again, have had a few) and after making my choices and hitting build it, I get this 50 kb script full of all this stuff that I didnt choose!! Any ideas on why?? Please let me know, am a wiz without alscray now, : ( thanks Venus©
Perhaps you selected some groups. And perhaps you have a botbot cookie that selects more than you think?

Tue, 06 Jan 98 at 16:40:36
i want props now
alex mcswain <m mcswain@world>
Cordele, GA USA

Sat, 03 Jan 98 at 04:52:30
The House Of Blues palace ia yet another palace keeping a recorded log of all entered type. I feel that this is a form of "spying". Our palace will soon have a Freedom of Speach sign at the gate. Funny; if you mix the letters up a bit iptscare you get "it scare". LOL
Erin <>
Thanks for the pointer.

Tue, 30 Dec 97 at 20:13:13
hi, when i got the shoot script from bot bot i changed it around some and made it better for me.then i made 2 for my 2 friends (diff ones using the shoot script) so then i wanted to add ALL 3 scripts i made in with the bot bot cyborg it will not work. i try it with just one in it and it works.what am i doing wrong?can you send me the shoot script alone with "no" other scripts in it.or better yet can you have the bot bot kind and make 3 shoot scripts together and i can edit them to what i have.can you please help on this. if you can Thanx alot=) ---John---
John <>
waxhaw, nc USA
Sorry, you have voided your warranty.

Mon, 29 Dec 97 at 21:08:16
Bot bot is having errors.. please fix it.
Thanks, they seem fixed now (the story I have heard is that the phonepole-mounted digital router near the Natpix computer was actually shot! with a gun! Weird).

Mon, 29 Dec 97 at 09:46:38
hey my cyborg.ipt is messed up everytime i save it. i have a macintosh computer. and it looks all right when i click on build cyborg.ipt but when i save it it is all in one line not in individually built lines for each script. i mailed it to a friend and he told me that it was messed up. please mail me back. i can not tell commands for scripts and it sucks. is the bot bot designed for a macintosh computer? please help me here KoRnNuTs
KoRnNuTs <>
Portland, TX USA
Sounds like your browser may be doing odd things... but open the (text file) cyborg.ipt in BBEdit or Alpha, and you'll be fine.

Sun, 28 Dec 97 at 21:52:59
this is from the: Wed, 10 Dec 97 at 22:10:56 I went to your palace site.its cool on the secret tea room how did you get it to kick people off that part if they do not have a key thing password? John (MasterEvilAce on palace chat) <> waxhaw, nc USA you said: It requires a special prop. The prop is available in another room. Good hunting. How do you make this in a room?
Johny <>
waxhaw, nc USA
If I told you how to open it, that would defeat the purpose of the lock, no?

Fri, 26 Dec 97 at 14:37:42
The Cyborg Script builder doesn't work!!
Dave M.
See above.

Fri, 26 Dec 97 at 00:16:37
the cyborg file bilder dont wrok again tried netscape ane ie both said eror
james <>
wi USA
See above.

Wed, 24 Dec 97 at 01:24:24
i just created the new cyborg-file and replaced to old you But now - how do i run such a script?
Andy <>
Zuerich, Switzerland
Just log Palace out and log back in. If it's installed in the right directory, the cyborg will load automatically.

Tue, 23 Dec 97 at 12:44:34
Bot Bot is having internal errors. When I tried to build a cyborg, I kept getting this error- "The server has encountered an internal error wich prevents it from fulfilling your request. The most likely cause is a miscounfiguration. Please ask the administrator to look for messages in the server's error log." Well, I hope it gets fixed soon!
See above.

Sun, 21 Dec 97 at 14:15:56
some scripts wont work
Matt <>
Newtown, PA USA
Could you possibly be more specific? At first blush, I'd guess you're trying to use laggy paint scripts in a paint-free room, or a cyborg-free zone. But you tell me.

Sun, 21 Dec 97 at 14:09:55
ok first if yu know how please email me ok now I customize my cyborg with this page and yet again and again it never works I creae it I save it into my palace directory and I get into palace say reload scripts and I type the script and it doesn't do anything if you actuall have any type of clue then email me or just email me your cyborg if you have the hang script
Alex <>
brtlett, TN USA
Please follow previous suggestion.
Sorry, but I don't mail out copies of my own cyborg (many have asked...).

Sat, 13 Dec 97 at 19:01:08
Just tried to download custom scrip and when installed it crashed my palace... Had to uninstall and reinstall it all over again. Any suggestion
Alexander <>
Yes, I suggest you send the script to

Wed, 10 Dec 97 at 22:10:56
I went to your palace site.its cool on the secret tea room how did you get it to kick people off that part if they do not have a key thing password?
John (MasterEvilAce on palace chat) <>
waxhaw, nc USA
It requires a special prop. The prop is available in another room. Good hunting.

Mon, 08 Dec 97 at 17:38:14
i recently crashed my palace software, and i think it had something to do with the size of the prop file, which was 13 megs. i tried to compress it but it didn't work. my question is this: is there a way to delete some of the props without opening the palace?? also, i saw a page once that gave instructions on how to open props you have saved in the prop file in photoshop, but i don't remember how or where i saw you know???
jr smith(aka Kevin Arnold at south park palace) <>
portsmouth, va USA
Open the prop file in Photoshop? No. But check this page.

Mon, 08 Dec 97 at 04:23:36
Hello X, I wonder if you can help me on this one. I have seen this problem before on the palace Newsgroups but no one was able to give a solution. So I dare ye! I want to give a prop to visitors in my personal palace. The prop is Unique and the name as well. So when I want to give this prop with a roomscript it won't appear on the visitor because the visitor never saw the prop before.Once I have shown the prop to them the roomscript IS able to give it to them. I tried hiding the props in a secret room so that the server MUST know what it looks like but alas. What do YOU think the problem is?? BTW. I run a personalserver on a PC vers. 3.0.
M <>
Simple. Use the prop ID, not the prop name. That's how p-spots work.

Thu, 04 Dec 97 at 17:00:47
Hi! Great site you have here. It's the best Palace page I've seen. But I was wondering, where can I get the CGI script for the Botbot? I've been looking everywhere for a similar CGI script, because I help out with a non-profit webpage making service, and an edited version of that would be perfect for a make-you-own-webpage.
Thanks very much.

Orlando <>
Thanks for the kind words...
The source to the BotBot is not available, sorry.
I actually doubt very much that it would do what you desire a ground-up rewrite to adapt the BotBot to write web pages would probably be more difficult that to just write what you want from scratch.

Thu, 04 Dec 97 at 11:39:02
Dr.X QSTN: Is it possible to have a guest or member banned/killed by a roomscript on a personal palace?
Before killing people you'd like to give them the option to behave or leave. But to have this conversation in a full room isn't always fun for other guests since not all wizards are good with words. I designed a room where faulmouthed guests can be transpported to where they are confronted with the house rules. They are muted and the only thing they can do is to PAGE the wizards and apologize, Leave through the door (if opened by a wizard), or they can just leave. So in the ON LEAVE command I have put the KILLUSER command. But it doesn't work, only when MMEMBERS and CYBORGS CAN KILL is on. But I don't want a holocaust in my palace. Can you help me out on this one? Mel.

Mel <>
KILLUSER is really for wizard use (as you've discovered) the only other useable application I've seen is in some Palace-based games. Instead, why don't you give them a NETGOTO command that sends them to someplace distasteful or better-equipped to deal with twits?
I think you're trying to get the software to do what software is rotten at making social value judgements. And asking someone who's already a demonstrated snert to make such a judgement about themselves is... well, ill-advised.

Wed, 03 Dec 97 at 18:03:11
Thanks a lot, it works, and thank you for the cue you gave me , it will be helpfull. bye .
Richard <>
Quebec , Canada
Tue, 02 Dec 97 at 19:44:16
X, can you please help? I just learned about scripts and went all over the net to try and find them. I ended up finding BotBot. I made a new cyborg with it and i know i didnt use that many parts in it. but.. it doesnt work. at all. i cant do een simple things like zap or scan now.. I tried replacing the file it sends with my own, i added the lines in it to my old everyhting, it doesnt work!
Katz <>
If you've been editing the file, there's no telling (for me) what's in there....!

Tue, 02 Dec 97 at 19:33:17
I would open Palace and it would say "Script Loaded" but when i sign on I would goto File-Reload Script and it would say "Script Error" what am i doing wrong?
Jamie <>
Mamaroneck, NY USA
Our records show you had an empty cyborg. An error in the AOL browser, perhaps? Then again, this message is identical, right down to the typos, with this. What gives?

Tue, 02 Dec 97 at 19:28:19
I don't know how to use bots. I got the Cyborg.Ipt file, but I don't know the commands to use them
Jamie <>
Mamaroneck, NY USA
See above.

Sun, 30 Nov 97 at 15:29:38
I would open Palace and it would say "Script Loaded" but when i sign on I would goto File-Reload Script and it would say "Script Error" what am i doing wrong?
Brandon <>
Don't hit "Reload Script" with BotBot cyborgs. Logout and log back in for a full initialization.

Sun, 30 Nov 97 at 15:26:09
My script won't work please tell me how to fix it
Brandon <>
See above.

Sun, 30 Nov 97 at 15:06:30
just to add some more informations, there is what i've tried:
{ 124 gotoroom } NBRROOMUSERS 6 == IF }
But in that script , it is just the user that enter in the 6th position who goes in the room 124, so i would like that everybody in the room goes in the room 124 when they are 6 in the gate. Thanks again.

Richard <>
Quebec, Canada
The problem is that you've mistakenly thought that the room script runs on the server it doesn't! It runs on each of the individual users' machines, 6 (or however many) independant parallel copies.
Instead, trigger such a script on something that's genuinely shared by all the people in the room typically INCHAT:
The use of ALARMEXEC is to minimize the effects of lag.

Sun, 30 Nov 97 at 12:12:41
Hi Dr. X, need your help, i'm working on a script but i have something wrong, and it doesn't work, maybe i don't understand quite well the commands, what i want to do is the following event, when the users are more than 6 peoples at the gate , they all move in another room , keeping the gate free to admit other users, and to be sure that the palace will be able to admit his full capacity. I've seen it one time on another palace , and it was working well. I've tried this with the IF command but anyway i know i got it wrong, it never worked.thank you for your help. Richard
Richard Miller <>
Quebec, Canada
See above.

Thu, 27 Nov 97 at 20:21:45
I put in the new file (made by the botbot thing) and i go to a room in the palace menu at the top and an error pops up saying: You have preformed an ilegal operation.(then tells why in computer marks)Whats wrong i can send my file if you want.
And second when you want a script to work what do you type? ex. `blodie or ~blodie ect.

john <>
waxhaw, nc USA
Did you properly load the file by logging off and logging in again?
For instructions, please read the BotBot web page.

Wed, 26 Nov 97 at 22:22:49
I have made a cyborg.ipt file and I would open The Palace, Load the script and the script won't work.
Brandon <>
Frazer, Pa USA
See here.

Wed, 26 Nov 97 at 12:37:40
can anyone tell me where to get a hit bot??
rocket <>
A CGI script for your web page? Or a cyborg weapon for Palace?

Tue, 25 Nov 97 at 09:00:14
My entrance script won't work how do I fix it?
Julie <>
Daytona, Fl USA
Please be more specific.....

Sun, 23 Nov 97 at 07:43:59
I have built my cyborg many times but I realized that evertime it wouldn't work. Then I tried reseting after I saved it. It worked so I have my cyborg but I've seen people add things to it. I asked this question to lots of people but all they said, "Look up the bot bot webpage" I did but I don't understand a thing it says. How do you add things to your cyborg?
Julie <>
Daytona Beach, FL USA
See the Power User Page.

Sat, 22 Nov 97 at 18:23:54
x, you know that question coolshade submitted i tried the answer and it worked. but my script was too big so later i went back using that number address and it did not work
Gary Cuomo
It works from here...

Sat, 22 Nov 97 at 09:01:42
Problem with your XBot? Mail Dr.X: Be specific, & remember to include your return address! If possible, even mail the entire cyborg.ipt file. You are using a Version 55 XBot. Your serial number is 55221097-2304010338-0001. Still the AP script
coolshade <>
tallahassee, fl USA
I just tested "ap" and it worked perfectly. If you had provided concrete information instead of sarcasm, I might have been able to solve your problem.
Basic "ap" use:
  • Point where you want balloons to come from, and type ap or ;ap
  • Subsequent balloons will appear in the chosen location unless preceded by "@" or "="
  • To turn it off, type ;ap 0 0
  • There are plenty of other options which I leave for you to find in the docs, and a few (like the aforementioned "=" escape character) that you'll find in folklore or the code.

    Fri, 21 Nov 97 at 17:13:44
    I can't get in either... non http compliant... Uh oh....somebody didn't debug???
    Çool§hade <>
    Tallahassee, FL USA
    No, it seems that there's some sort of routing or other DNS "burp" that has a hard time reconciling a mixture of calls to "" (or "") with numeric lookups that return ""... so I've swapped out all the links and replaced them with numeric entries, which bypass DNS.
    Try instead.

    Fri, 21 Nov 97 at 14:18:30
    When i try to go to the bot bot form where u decide what scripts its say:Youre Server Has Sent a NON-HTTML Complaint what the **** does that mean and how can i fix it?
    Devil DOg <>

    Thu, 20 Nov 97 at 20:42:57
    yes i did use links and also i don't even have bookmark's for your site
    Gary <>
    yak yak, USA
    Beats me, they work from here under a variety of browsers.

    Sat, 15 Nov 97 at 21:38:50
    remember answering my question about why i accessed the page and then it did not work and then finally it did.well i did what you said. but i had no luck it did not work.
    Gary Cuomo <>
    kihei, HI USA
    Did you try just following the links, rather than your bookmarks?

    Fri, 14 Nov 97 at 16:22:08
    Ok...first off...can you please tell me how to access data in a multi-dimensional array?? I know how to make one, but not how to get something out of one...can ya help me out on this one?

    Also, I was having a problem with the spot layering...does this thing make it so if there's like one spot that covers the entire room, and another inside that spot...that the person could still click the spot inside it? I was trying this with out any success...It kept clicking the larger spot, even though I used the Move to Back, Move to Front etc...Any ideas?

    thnx, Jess
    Jess <>

    [ [ 1 2 ] [ 3 4 ] ] 1 GET 1 GET ITOA SAY
    will generate "4" but watch yourself! This is not C, or even BASIC. Multi-dimensional array use in iptscrae is at BEST a slow process.
    I'm not much of a fan of layered spots, and never use them. Not because they're flaky in implementation (they may or may not be), but simply because I like my interfaces to be less fuzzy. Sorry.

    Fri, 14 Nov 97 at 13:22:26
    why when i try to d/l a cyborg file after fillin out the form the cookies are out dated and it gets a error messange that cantfind file to d/l I am usin msie 3.0 for win 95
    Jim@ <>
    WI USA
    I believe your browser has a "flush cookies" option. If not, just turn them off temporarily.

    Fri, 14 Nov 97 at 08:45:43
    Is there a script that would send someone to a certain room, pin them there, and page the wizard at the same time, if a user swore or used obsene props?
    Executive Summary: No.

    Technical Detail: Scripts can do some things, but not everything.

    1. Send to Any Room: Yes.
    2. Pin Them: Only for wizards.
    3. Page the Wizards: Yes.
    4. Detect Swearing: Not well, since people can play games with spelling. And what about international users? TPI's mansion once had a problem with such a script attempt when it was realized that many Japanese verb forms end in "-shite" and "-shita" (think about it). This is really a part of one of the Great Unsolved Problems of computer science getting computers to understand human language(s).
    5. Detect Obscene Props: Not really. How can the script judge prop content? All the script might be able to check would be the prop ID #'s.

    Thu, 13 Nov 97 at 19:12:35
    When I create a cyborg here and try to use it I get a "*** .Aside to Who???" error whenever I try to speak. I am using v2.4.2 for the Macintosh. Does anybody know what might be causing this?
    Adam Jenkins <>
    Live Oak, CA USA
    Thanks for the heads-up, found it a bug in Palace itself!

    Tech Explanation:
    It seems that the regular expression "^\.(.*)" (match all strings beginning with a period) matches everything when run through the Palace's version of "grep." This is wrong, but fortunately there's a workaround which I've already applied to the BotBot. The characters "\." are replaced with "[.]" and it now works perfectly.

    Tue, 11 Nov 97 at 00:06:44
    Hey X, I have a suggestion why the non-http compliant message thing might be happening. it is because at the end of your page address when you try to access the botbot thing it says so it makes the browser think it ain't html. Do yout hink you can make the end of the address botbot.html that should fix everything and the browsers will think it is html
    Gary Cuomo <>
    kihei, Hi USA
    Sounds reasoned, but that's not it. Most perl-based CGI scripts end in .pl. The real reason appears to be some bad pointers somewhere that confuse with You want the www version.

    Mon, 10 Nov 97 at 19:38:20
    (Quote from here about diapers deleted... *X)

    You said that this situation is one of the only times it is apropriate to pin (situation irelevant). My point is (gasp:-), when dealing with younger users the `pin command is a good way to show them that you are serious and can AND will deal with the problem. BTW: I should be the one to mark your Typos!: LOOK AT MY LAST POST :P
    Adam Wolf <<n/a>@<n/a>.com >
    <n/a>, CA USA

    It depends on the traffic, to be sure my point was that some people seem to enjoy being pinned and consider the chains a badge of snert honor. There are other ways to startle neophyte snerts: like whispering them their own IP address or using allscray.

    Mon, 10 Nov 97 at 19:07:17
    I am a long time wizzard in many places. When I am wizzing at a place that is known for juvinial behavior Problems ofter arise. Every once in a while a young member would aproch me and ask, "How can I be a wiz?" or "Whats the wiz pass?". My responce is, its "Gamble1" and you type it in 3 times....
    ?blizzard <>
    <n/a>, CA USA
    funny... solves your problem for about an hour and adds another name to your site's enemies list. Why not just answer the question? You don't have to be confrontational about it, just say "I keep the password private because it's easier for me to maintain my site that way."

    Sun, 09 Nov 97 at 14:35:02
    Ok one day i got a script from your page decided to change it. It said that message "Your browserr sent a non-http compliant message". I keep trying a few days later. Finally it works. Then after that i did it again and it say's that message over and over again this time.Do you think you know why this strange thing might be happening. If so please do answer.
    Gary Cuomo <>
    kihei, H.I USA
    If you ever get this, change "" (or any ref to "") to ""

    Sat, 08 Nov 97 at 02:46:30
    I went to a palace recently and got this error repeatedly on entering new rooms: Caution: Bogus INIT! See (no such page seems to exist now) I have a botbot created cyborg, but have altered some details in it, and added to it. Is the problem with my cyborg, their Pserver or my client application? 'preciate your help, always love this site :o) Ty
    Thanks for the catch it was indeed a typo and has been correctd to read:

    Wed, 05 Nov 97 at 18:30:29
    I have tried the botbot and i suggest to everyone to make a copy of the cyborg before they try the botbot script since it seems that all the botbot script did for me was crash my palace...illegal operations....and whatnot,so please so be careful in your journey's about palace scripts.
    I suspect you got bitten by the subtle bug in "hi2all" (now repaired) an unterminated string would cause memory overruns within the client-side iptscrae interpreter which meant buss error on Macintoshes and GPF's on Windows machines. BotBot is now fixed to avoid this error though in this X's opinion, something as simple as an unclosed set of quote marks should NOT be able to crash the OS (reading this, TPI?).

    Tue, 04 Nov 97 at 22:24:44
    Scan won't work half the time
    Chad Bryan <>
    Elida , Oh USA
    Scan won't repeat rapidly it's designed that way.

    Tue, 04 Nov 97 at 02:59:18
    Dr. X, somthing is really wrong with the automated scriptwriter. Or something must be really wrong with my browsers. When I visited the BotBot for a script everything was fine. When I closed my browser and again asked for the BotBot page some time later. (The page where you can choose the scripts). The page went blank and said "Your browser sent a non-HTTP compliant message." I thought it was a new problem for the Netscape Communicator so I opened 3.0. No problems then. But when I tried the page again after I logged on later that day, (with 3.0) the same message appeared. Can you only visit this page once? What's wrong?
    Mel <>
    For some reason, "" causes an error. Change your bookmark to ""

    Sun, 02 Nov 97 at 18:19:31
    one thing that wont come out of anyone I have talked to on palace is how to bomb.....and all though I explain I am not some demented freak that would bomb everyone and just act like a dumbass (I am threw that faze hehehe) but they still wont tell...I am curious. How is it done....why is it so bad if those palace guys haven't fixed it or found a way to prevent it......if you can't tell me or wont..well..I haven't come to far....but if you can and just don't want to leak it over the web then e-mail me at ^^^
    Dr.Death <drdeath@bellatlanitc>
    "I am not some demented freak" signed DR. DEATH???

    Wed, 29 Oct 97 at 06:31:32
    my internet explorer can't open my new cyborg script. it says sorry internet explorer could not open the site http://htttp:http//internet%20files/cache4/cyborg.ipt(1). what can i do
    Michael <>
    22 Laurel Leaf Dr., CT USA
    Looks like a bogus bookmark. Flush your bookmark and the browser cache too.

    Sun, 26 Oct 97 at 07:49:38
    DR.X you have gave all the instructions to become a wizard on main but it does not work. could you please help me with your instructions;or any body else
    Chase <>
    loretto, ont CAN
    Sun, 26 Oct 97 at 07:49:14
    DR.X you have gave all the instructions to become a wizard on main but it does not work. <could you please help me with your instructions;or any body else>
    Chase <>
    loretto, ont CAN
    Sun, 26 Oct 97 at 07:47:05
    DR.X you have gave all the instructions to become a wizard on main but it does not work. <could you please help me with your instructions;or any body else>
    Chase <>
    loretto, ont CAN
    Umm, which instructions did I give?

    Fri, 24 Oct 97 at 08:35:11
    X: Where do I go to get definitions for all the cyber slang? For example, what is a snert? or lol, or brb or wizard...etc...etc???? as a beginner, the jargon is the first hurdle. Thanks, Pete
    Pete Apost <>
    Learn Our Lingo

    Fri, 17 Oct 97 at 01:20:52
    What is so big deal about Wiz. Of course I wanna be one of htem too and feel some power but It is not end of the world so go back to the reality and wake up!! Stop playing this game like it is your whole life.
    Nickname <>
    Providence, RI USA
    Um, okay.

    Tue, 14 Oct 97 at 20:25:44
    My questions is this: I have downloaded the pallace pallette by opening a palace room picture in photoshop then saving the looks exactly like the one you have posted on the web however, when i change the index color to CUSTOM>Palace Pallette, it becomes very grainy and I am unable to make changes after that. if i try to despeckle before hand it becomes blurry and the result looks even worse...please help me...i tried downloading your palace pallette but the connections arent working..could you pls help me....
    Conor Cummins <>
    Are you changing to RGB mode first, or just going directly from indexed color to custom palette?

    Sat, 11 Oct 97 at 18:59:41
    ;The kiss on the fly ;Written By Fyremagi ;flies to mouspos, bestowes painted kiss and returns to start position ;also can be used to do other interesting things besides kissing
    	4 Macro  ;Facing Right
    	;Call for position
    	POSX x = POSY y =
    	;Fly to Mouse Pos
    	MOUSEPOS mousy = mousx = 
    	mousx POSX - 10 / POSX + newx = 
    	mousy POSY - 10 / POSY + newy = 
    	newx newy SETPOS 
    	} { i 30 < } WHILE
    	;Bestowe Kiss
    	")Kiss" Say
    	1 PENSIZE
    	255 0 0 PENCOLOR
    	MOUSEPOS mousz = mousx = 
    	mousz 40 - mousy =
    	mousx mousy PENPOS 
    	3 0 LINETO
    	-4 -1 PENTO
    	5 0 LINETO
    	-4 -1 PENTO
    	3 0 LINETO
    	;Return to start
    	{ x GLOBAL y GLOBAL 
    	x POSX - 10 / POSX + nx = 
    	y POSY - 10 / POSY + ny = 
    	nx ny SETPOS 
    	} { b 30 < } WHILE 
    	7 MACRO } 200 alarmexec
    	;Call kiss start
    	"" CHATSTR =
    	} CHATSTR "k1" == IF

    Fyremagi <>
    Walker, MI USA

    Sat, 11 Oct 97 at 16:19:12
    the reset form on the bot bot does not work with netscape communicator when using explorer 3.o the reference to the bot bot all point to http://www.botzilla/house/house2.html/ibot instead of, you have one to many house2 change the shields command to read shields up and Plant desc to PLANT (PROPNAME)S need to add the s you might want to give an example on the command randulate these are a few of the things that I had to look up, just some thoughts to you, thanks Sir Jeff
    Sir Jeff <>
    Santa Clarita, Ca USA
    Now I have to fix Microsoft's bugs?

    Sat, 11 Oct 97 at 14:21:10
    your bot is a life savor! I have been trying for days to copy and paste script in. seemed to be doing it the right way, but it never worked right, i was loosing my mind! lol your bot put it all in right, nice and easy. thank you so much kathy
    Kathy <>
    Hiawassee, Ga USA
    Thu, 09 Oct 97 at 14:55:51
    Hey X! I just found out the cause of my script problems: Your BotBot page is GPFing again! I can verify this since, when I tried your BotBot script VERY recently, it GPFed and destroyed my prop file when I exited Palace. I deleted both, downloaded backups from Palace, readded the props (very time-consuming), fixed up the limited script they had, and tried it again. I closed Palace. No GPF or corrupted prop file. You might want to see if there is a problem. Ragnarok c==X====>
    Ragnarok <>
    Kittanning, PA USA
    First, the page isn't GPF'ing, your computer is...
    So it can't be GPF'ing "again." :)
    Upon examination I discovered that Ragnarok's cyborg greeting string (that is, the string provided by the user on the HTML form) contained a few illegal string characters. The BotBot has been revised so that they can't cause any more havoc. If just that was causing a GPF, however.... I'd call it a Palace Client bug.

    Wed, 08 Oct 97 at 08:50:34
    My question is that I heard there was some kind of program that would allow you to make props easily by just dragging it to the prop bag or something and then it would automatically cut and arrange your prop. I heard this program or this ability is only availible for a PC. Well now I have a PC, and I'd really like to learn how to use it. Thanx, conor
    Conor <>
    Northridge, ca USA
    Just use Ctrl+Q, "Paste Multiple Props."
    Or press here for more details.

    Thu, 02 Oct 97 at 06:08:52
    I have 3 questions. the first 1 is, how do you put two propspot scripts so that it randomly selects 1? Next how do you make a sound script? finaly you no how it sais words when u go into a dressing room, well i want it to say words in other rooms.
    Michael Lewis <>
    ct USA
    Sketchy answers to sketchy questions:
     { [prop1array] } { [prop2array] } 2 RANDOM 1 == IFELSE SETPROPS

    "mySound" SOUND

    ON ENTER { "words" LOCALMSG }

    How's that?

    Mon, 29 Sep 97 at 21:18:12
    I created my cyborg but wanted to make some changes. I can't go back to the form because I keep getting this message. "Browser sent a non-HTTP compliant message" Can you please tell me what to do?
    Preston <>
    TX USA
    This problem has been dealt with a subtle change in URL handling solved most of these issues.

    Sun, 28 Sep 97 at 19:33:26
    Soetimes when someone Zaps me or I use a Spoof It sometimes makes Me say I'll Be right Back.
    Ian <>
    Cagary, AB Canada
    What a strange bug. Can you send me a copy of the cyborg?

    Sun, 28 Sep 97 at 09:05:13
    Could somebody tell me how to change the place of the kill button in the 'go to room' window with ResEdit? Or to take it away? I'm always confusing it with the 'go' button, and have killed innocent people because of that =( . Thanks!!!
    Nelly M. <>
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Why not just change its looks?

    Sat, 27 Sep 97 at 10:09:00
    Under /house/wiz.html, I noticed that one of the perks of being a wizard is the ability to copy someone elses props/avs. I looked but don't remember seeing this documented anywhere. What is the command and how is it implemented? (thanks -- great website btw. Has helped me tremendously!)
    Alexandra <>
    SC USA
    Try ~clone or (for the Win95 client) ~clon

    Thu, 25 Sep 97 at 11:46:29
    I think you have a great service here and I thoroughly enjoy visiting (and plotting) with my new Cyborg.ipt file!! I had one lil problem that maybe someone could get back to me on? After completing the form to choose my "bot" and clicking 'submit', the web site is found but it comes back with a BLANK page. hummmmmm????? Maybe I'm cyborg gagged? lol ;) I haven't been THAT bad! ;) Any info or suggestions would be appreciated...... thnkx! Blitz¤
    Bart Stiles DBA =?(G)Blitz¤= <>
    Dallas, TX USA
    That's a browser bug. You'll see that the text is being saved on disk, but he browser opens up a window to look at the "leftover" data. Anyway. Since it's all on disk, not in the wondow, you get... a blank window.

    Sun, 21 Sep 97 at 19:52:02
    Hiya, X. Love the pages ya got here. I know you covered it in Avs of Steel, but I need some help anyway. Trying to port a pic in for a friend. And, as usual, the flesh tones are shot to heck. Even with dithering and despeckle, they just suck. Any other ideas besides those covered on the page? Any help would be appreciated.
    Matt aka MindWeb <>
    High Springs, FL USA
    Contrast, contrast, contrast.

    Fri, 12 Sep 97 at 17:23:46
    what does it mean when u get a 'your browser sent a non-http compliant msg' when trying to access the botbot". Note that I've been there before successfully. Thanks again!!!! :)
    Griffon <>
    It usually means that you're running from behind an internet firewall, and the firewall is stripping part of your message. Talk to your ISP.

    Sun, 07 Sep 97 at 17:21:56
    OK sorry I didn't read the full article, I see the New Development section now, but I beleive this exists at all servers, boy I feel stupid now, the server I was told this at was the Rendezvous palace, but there is no warning, I was shocked when I first heard this. Sorry for speakin too soon...
    Sun, 07 Sep 97 at 17:16:43
    I was readin through your SPT section and was reading about noone eavesdropping on whispering. You're not doling out the whole truth here. Maybe this god was just shitting with me but he said anything anyone says appears in the logs for that aplace site. they may not be able to eavesdrop while you whisper right there but what you whisper appears in the logs. Not that someone would have time to go throught them. Also only a god has access to the logs.
    Pertinax <>
    You've already answered your own question

    Thu, 04 Sep 97 at 20:51:23
    I just got the cyborg.ipt file, and now whenever I go into the Palace and try to say something, it says that it's perfored an illegal function and closes the palace. I can't figure out how to fix the problem, but it can't be a coincidence that as soon as I got the file, the problem started. Please help me ASAP. Thx
    TB <>
    Huntington, IN USA
    It's unlikelyt that bot code could cause this error... but sometimes the "blondie" script will cause problems if you don't have the right props.

    Mon, 01 Sep 97 at 09:48:54
    I have the script scan but it only works every once it a while. the other times it just says scan.
    Trevor <>
    Osceola Mills, PA USA
    You were using it in a room that prohibits painting. Just like this guy.

    Thu, 28 Aug 97 at 15:06:06
    WEll.... i decided 2 mAk a script one day...and not much of it worked i either got a script error or it just didnt work..heres a list of wut didnt work:
    im not sure if anything else worked...but i doubt it...i didnt hav time to i just dumped it.. any ideas of wuts wrong...a bug maybe?

    {no~name} <>
    Palm Bay, Fl USA
    That's not a lot to go on. Yes, I'd say a bug maybe.

    Thu, 28 Aug 97 at 15:05:08
    WEll.... i decided 2 mAk a script one day...and not much of it worked i either got a script error or it just didnt work..heres a list of wut didnt work: 1:Spider 2:Shoot 3:Brbfly 4:BB 5:Rcolor im not sure if anything else worked...but i doubt it...i didnt hav time to i just dumped it.. i ideas of wuts wrong...a bug maybe?
    {no~name} <>
    Palm Bay, Fl USA

    Wed, 27 Aug 97 at 13:47:29
    Just helping with the housewarming. :) Nice place ya got here. Come here often?!
    toonie <>
    Pleasant Hill, CA USA
    Tue, 26 Aug 97 at 17:14:40
    Ah, it works! Our latest guestbook software is functional.
    Dr.X <>
    Mill Valley, CA USA
    Fri, 22 Aug 97 at 08:12:22
    We are some friends who would like to be able to start a Midi-file on on the others computer.Is it posibe that the listens for a keyword ie Smid and the name of the Midi.file, and starts that midi on every palaceclient who has that script ? Please email me. Even if it isn't posible. Thnx
    Michael Schaeffer <>
    Loehne, Germany
    Sure, it's possible -- expecting INCHAT keywords are how scripts like finger and dressup work.

    Tue, 19 Aug 97 at 19:43:25
    how do i make a roombye so it says bye to every one
    Calvin201 <>
    Use the bulkhi2 command (aka "bhi"). It lets you specify a greeting, so the greeting can just as easily be a farewell. Just say:
    bhi So long,

    Mon, 18 Aug 97 at 14:58:07
    I logged on today and found out that after trying to use the botbot it was slowing down dramaticly. I spent about twenty minutes at it the gave up. It MIGHT be the server but I doubt it, not only has it never been that slow before, but I'm hooked up with cable so it should be faster, shouldn't it? Please help!
    Jonathan <>
    ????????, ?? USA
    It was the server. The old server.

    Mon, 18 Aug 97 at 06:37:45
    the palace is good except when a person enters the gate they are forwarded to another room i really don't like that
    Joel <>
    That only happens to botbot users, who are sent to a special tea room. If you press a different destination at the gate, it won't happen....

    Sat, 09 Aug 97 at 17:49:13
    can i put my own scripts in the cyborg botbot made for me? if so where do i put them. please email me asap. thank you alot
    Cyber Ghost <>
    sewickley, pa USA
    You can, but it will void your warranty.

    Sat, 09 Aug 97 at 13:00:54
    How do I go about creating my own palace?
    Get the server from TPI

    Thu, 07 Aug 97 at 01:52:31
    Dear X, I used your botbot to build a cyborg for me but when I try to use any of the scripts I get an error message and it crashed my Palace program.....HELP!!!!!
    Racer X <>
    Dallas , TX USA
    Details, please!

    Sat, 02 Aug 97 at 00:01:19
    thanks for all the Photoshop tips on the website, you guru, you! *smile*
    Liz <>
    LA, CA USA
    Fri, 01 Aug 97 at 11:40:51
    victor hugo sanchez <>
    mexico, d.f. mex
    Sorry, I can't giveout the MexChat wizard password... I can't pronounce it.

    Thu, 31 Jul 97 at 05:03:27
    I have my cyborg file under the palace div. and everytime i try to talk it just says "who" and i am not sure how to get it off. I tried to move the cyborg file and it worked but is there away u still have the cyborg file and talk without it saying "who". When it says "who" it is a white ballon on the top left said of the screen. This is strating to become a pain, so maybe u can help me out.
    Ni©k <>
    pa USA
    There was a botbot bug, I'm sorry to say....
    Now fixed

    Sun, 27 Jul 97 at 19:44:41
    <center><APPLET code="OCVscroll.class" codebase="" align="absbottom" width="600" height="50"> <PARAM name="bgcolor" value="#ffffff"> <PARAM name="centertext" value="true"> <PARAM name="delay0" value="500"> <PARAM name="delay2" value="500"> <PARAM name="delay4" value="500"> <PARAM name="delay6" value="500"> <PARAM name="delay8" value="500"> <PARAM name="delay10" value="500"> <PARAM name="delay12" value="500"> <PARAM name="desc0" value="Great Site!"> <PARAM name="desc1" value=""> <PARAM name="desc2" value="I love the unpalace (too bad I was the only one there)"> <PARAM name="desc3" value=""> <PARAM name="desc4" value="Will visit again!"> <PARAM name="desc5" value=""> <PARAM name="desc6" value="Come see my new up-dated site!"> <PARAM name="desc7" value=""> <PARAM name="desc8" value="The URL is below!"> <PARAM name="desc9" value=""> <PARAM name="desc10" value="See you again,"> <PARAM name="desc11" value=""> <PARAM name="desc12" value="White Wolf"> <PARAM name="destur10" value=""> <PARAM name="destur12" value=""> <PARAM name="destur14" value=""> <PARAM name="destur16" value=""> <PARAM name="destur18" value=""> <PARAM name="destur110" value=""> <PARAM name="destur112" value=""> <PARAM name="textcolor" value="255,255,255"> <PARAM name="size" value="22"> <PARAM name="style" value="plain"> <PARAM name="fontface" value="Helvetica"> <PARAM name="hlcolor" value="255,0,0"> <PARAM name="lrmargins" value="10"> <PARAM name="Notice" value="Smooth Scroll Up II, (c) 1997, OpenCube Technologies, Unregistered "> <PARAM name="scrolldelay" value="25"> <PARAM name="size0" value="33"> <PARAM name="style0" value="bold"> <PARAM name="textcolor" value="0,0,0"> </applet> </center> <p><center><h1><a href="">White Wolf Presents....</a></center></h1> <embed src="" autostart="TRUE" hidden="TRUE" width="144" height="56" loop="1">
    White Wolf <>
    Woodstock, ON Canada
    Your point being.....??? - *X

    Mon, 21 Jul 97 at 20:50:25
    How do I change my cyborg.ipt file? It tells me it is write protected and that it has to be renamed if I change it. If I rename the file it won't work will it. Thanks for any help.
    Randy Ernst <>
    Clinton, Ok USA
    Rename the old file, then save the new one as "cyborg.ipt"

    Sat, 19 Jul 97 at 08:42:03
    DanTMan <>
    Brooklyn, NY USA
    Fri, 18 Jul 97 at 14:12:33
    I dont know that anyone cares about this issue, but i believe that Palace, Inc. should care. Recently a friend and i discovered that a member could be marked in such a way that the mark would only appear to certain other members. This might seem as "only so much fun" to many, but i believe that this ability can distroy the entire palace concept and appeal for eveyone. At the moment most, if any, are concerned about this, but when it is discovered that one can be secretly marked, then they have little choice but to fall into the worry of it. So far all i have heard from wizards about it is "so what...hehe, you would have to be a wiz to do it." Do the Palace directors know so little of why people come to visit the palaces. If it can not be done (which i have already witnessed, that it can), how are you going to convince the general population, unless your planning on serious internet censoring. Good luck, fellas, trouble is around the corner.
    ...and if you believe that, I've got ten free hours of AOL time that I'd like to sell you for only $20....
    If this person were genuine, not only would have made a claim that could be verified or refuted (instead, he just creates rumor), but he wouldn't have signed this email with a forged address. caveat emptor, baby.

    Thu, 17 Jul 97 at 15:30:53
    Hello. I have a new script idea, and a question about one of the scripts. RecentHi: A script that works like "bulkhi" but only says hi to the person who most recently entered.
    I'd love to, but iptscrae isn't informed wheen users come and go. To make such a script would require a continuous event loop: a timer to click off a test for "anyone new? anyone gone?" every few seconds. It's possible, but has many annoying drawbacks, including occasionally crashing your machine when you run out of memory because GREPSTR has a memory leak in some versions (seems to, anyway) :/
    AP: This script caused trouble with the Palace. Whenever I have a MIDI in the script, and I try to use AP, the Palace usually gives me an error message and closes (I think that would be a basic GPF). How can the problem be fixed?
    Ragnarok <>
    Kittanning, PA USA
    It fails from MIDI combined with AP's use of "@"? And you get a GPF? Sounds like an MS-Win error, but really this is the first I've heard of it. I have heard about mystery crashes when using MIDI under Wintel, but only rumors.

    Wed, 16 Jul 97 at 13:10:20
    hi -- i'm trying to do something that i know is very simple. i'm trying to create a door that opens up a link to an e-mail when you click it. but nothing i do works! any suggestions? thanks, debbi
    debbi <>
    atlanta, ga USA
        "" NETGOTO

    Sun, 13 Jul 97 at 16:33:43
    some of my scripts don't work HELP!!!!!!!!
    James <>
    deming, NNN USA
    Please, could you be more specific?

    Fri, 11 Jul 97 at 15:47:00
    I placed it in my Palace directory, but it doesnt run correctly, if at all. It wont run my greeting at entering of palace, nor will it start my default macro. Etc.... Help?
    Edmund Cooper <>
    Sandston, VA USA
    Again, please try to be more specific.

    Wed, 09 Jul 97 at 22:09:18
    my scripts won't come out but on the spider all it does is your taped in my web but no web comes out
    tanner jones <>
    truckee, ca USA
    Try running it in a room that permits painting.

    Mon, 07 Jul 97 at 17:39:34
    Ummmmm, Can we write in this book yet?

    Sun, 06 Jul 97 at 18:11:59
    Hi Carl
    Carl Chapman <>
    Santa Barbara, CA USA
    Hi. Who's Carl?

    Fri, 27 Jun 97 at 17:06:47
    Yes, it's true -- something or someone cleared the entries for the second part of 1997. WATCH THIS SPACE as I restore them....
    *Dr.X <>
    Mill Valley, CA USA