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The Book: Jan-Apr 1997
Or: One Talkative Bunch

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Hi Doc - The new brbresp option in your bot..I love it! an answei What I would like to know is: instead of having the xbak turn it off, could youm that it doesnt show up in the page? Or am I missing something again? Thanks.
jUles <>
Juneau, AK USA - Tue, 15 Apr 97 at 23:06:34

Sure, that can be an option. I think.

Ok I have paint shop 4.1. I still have problems with my pic. I open it the change it to the palace palelte and it looks like poop. I need your help. I have read over your instructions billions of times. I'm posting the image at my url. Maybe you can look at it. The file names our barretp3.jpg and barretp2.jpg
The url: adress for the pics would be.
Please if you can edit those and show me how I'll do anything. Thank you very much this means alot to me. I'm going grey haird over all this stress it's causing me If you do send a attachment you must send it to this email address not send it to:

Bret Bonnet <>
Naperville, IL USA - Tue, 15 Apr 97 at 19:17:40
Please Help! Does anybody Know an Easy way to set up a palace? I don't have The Server software It didn't come in the Download.Where can I get The server software
DC <>
USA - Tue, 15 Apr 97 at 16:18:58
You can get the server from the palace.

I have a problem with changing a prop of mine into a decent looking one in the Palace I use Paintshope pro 3.12 32 bit version and I load the palette from your website To my image which I think is sixteen bit. I didn't see any option of dithering. Is it the way I'm doing it or just the Palace.Can you please help me I have at least spent 10 and1\2 hours on the goofy propo.
Bret Bonnet <>
naperville, IL USA - Tue, 15 Apr 97 at 05:50:08
I can't figure out how to use a script; anywhere. Can you help me?
USA - Mon, 14 Apr 97 at 20:31:04

i tried the midi for mac script. It isn't working for me. I've made sure that the case sensitivity is correct, taken out spaces, (just in case) and still no luck. Any ideas?
henry wagner <>
philadelphia, PA USA - Sun, 13 Apr 97 at 21:25:22
Do you have a MIDI player?

the propspot script dosn't work, or im not useing it right. Tell me how to use the propspot script.
Mr. Mechwarrior <>
Villa City, IL USA - Sun, 13 Apr 97 at 16:38:25
Put on the props, say "propspot." Copy the stuff written in your log into a new room spot script.

I have my own palace site wih the Palace Server but my ip chances every time I conect to hte internet What do I have to do to make it stable? In the palace server i can't register it and I wana know hwhat do I have to make to register it so I can change the palace directory adress in the palace directory?
Javier P. Reyna <>
USA - Thu, 10 Apr 97 at 18:56:56
You need to give some money to your ISP for a fixed address.

Hello X I was Wondering What I need to Become a Tempororary wizard in your palace. by the way What is Allscray? (simple instructions please)
USA - Thu, 10 Apr 97 at 13:45:43
Sorry, there are no temporary wizards, what with the goat blood jello initiation ceremonies and all.

I think that the BotBot is broke. It dont work on my comp. Is it because i use mac and u dont like macs. All i know is this looks cool and i want it. When every try using it it makes my comp crash and i have to restart. Cool page though.
a confused guy
USA - Wed, 09 Apr 97 at 18:41:01
Botbot was written on macs. WHen does it crash? In the web browser? The palace?

Hello. I was off line for a few weeks. When I came back, I found you had made an "improvement" to the Botbot that now makes Botbot useless for my Mac. Could you please go back to the format where Botbot composed a completed cyborg.ipt which the user then COPIED and PASTED in their own word processor, and delete the automatic download of the cyborg, with no printed, copiable page? All I receive on my Mac is a jumble of symbols and letters with no spaces or carriage returns. I am learning scripting & am able to rewrite many items in a script. I simply do not have the time or patience to go through an entire cyborg trying to piece it into something useful. Thank you very much.
USA - Tue, 08 Apr 97 at 08:01:18
You may have been offline, but someone was using your mac. They set up a bogus netscape handler application for type text/plain. Very very bad. But it's happening at your end.

I have finger,and It works very well, but I want to add new scripts. When I'll try to open my cyborg.ipt file It says :is not a valid Win 32 application. How can I do to add more and new scripts to my cyborg.ipt file? Please explain to me step by step because I'm new in all this stuff and sorry for my english, I'm learning now. Congratulations for you job, is incredible. You are a genius. Bye
Alan <>
Sarasota , Fl USA - Mon, 07 Apr 97 at 23:17:05
The cyborg isn't a win32 application. Open it from within an editor.

Question for the X-Doctor: how do i configure a proxy server and/or palace to work through a proxy.
bluefloyd <>
USA - Sat, 05 Apr 97 at 19:35:26
No idea.

Hi, I went to your bot bot homepage but can't seem to get that rezap script working. The one where some1 zap you and it back fires. I keep trying but it always mostly never works, What's going on? I type in rezap, rezap on, rezap off (when I type rezap off it says rezap on for some reason???) Can u help me pleae.
James <>
kent, WWA USA - Sat, 05 Apr 97 at 10:17:47
Almost mostly? You mean it works sometimes?

Dr. X maybe you could help me, first off, I'm on PC, and I was wondering how I could look at the prop names in my prop file, I looked at the palace.prp with MS Write and it was garbeled text as I assumed it would be, is there anyway to get the prop names out of it? Thanks, and please reply via e-mail if possible.
Grant <>
FL USA - Wed, 02 Apr 97 at 18:14:05
Try the unix "strings" command?

How i make a server script that in a the roomhave a clock showing the hour minutes and seconds
Your page is very interesting CONGRATULATIONS !!! Thanks.

Thiago <>
Sao Paulo, SP Brazil - Tue, 01 Apr 97 at 11:32:57
By stacking lots of prop GIFs, I suppose. Not very attractive.

I think xbrb is broken... mismatched braces.
Mark Donovan <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Mon, 31 Mar 97 at 21:57:30
Yes, it was. Not any more! Thanks.

Dr. X, Could you explain why this script doesn't work fully? I want it to move, and also change my macros.
        0 i =       0 x =
        { { x MACRO 10 0 MOVE	  } i ALARMEXEC
        }  { i 10 <= } WHILE
        "" CHATSTR =
}lowchat "testloop" == IF
Thanks a bunch, Jesse Alber

Jesse Albert <>
VA USA - Sun, 30 Mar 97 at 18:45:13
Change the alarmexec so it's not dependant on the momentary values in the "x" variable.

I would like an adaptation of the Msay script so it would not show my name is other peoples logs. They say there is a script for this. Wish i had Thanks Be a good modification of existing msay
james mcgown <>
beaumont, tx USA - Sun, 30 Mar 97 at 13:49:18
In other words, "I'd really like to tick people off." Sorry. The script is called "msh" and it was removed at multiple users' requests.

Didn't I notice once that "dump" was an available command? Of course it could be my imagination.... Well anyway, I did not notice it there this time and would enjoy having it. Well, maybe not ENJOY, but you get the idea!!
Jenni© <>
USA - Sat, 29 Mar 97 at 18:48:48
Try "propspot" or "dz"

Hi, it's me again and I did use the BotBot. I figured out how to use them and now I'm fine. Except for one tiny thing. NONE OF THESE SCRIPTS WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.
Jimbob <>
GP Farms, MI USA - Fri, 28 Mar 97 at 08:31:28
You again?

Chère mom j'aimerai pouvoir avoir des scprits et faire effets spéciaux mais je ne trouve pas d'information en francais tous en anglais pouvez-vous m'aidé s,Il vous plais j'aimerai avoir des nouvelles bien vite car j'aime chaté sur palace et m'amusé avec mes amies et amis palaciens et palaciennes entre autres toi mom donc j'attend avec impatience une réponse merci

Teddy un de tes fervent admirateur bye et merci
Edouard Thibault <>
Laval, qc canada - Tue, 25 Mar 97 at 17:22:49

Je suis vrainment desolee, mais on ne sais pas. Il y a un "mailing list" de palace francais, non? Sur la page palace?

Please Help, I got all the Palace stuff but I downloaded the script stuff and it goes to Lotus 1-2-3 and it doesn't work.Please Help me!!!
Chris <>
Atlanta, Ga USA - Mon, 24 Mar 97 at 18:01:19
Sound like a severely screwed-up web browser there...

Really?Lotus 1-2-3?

Now that I've downloaded the bot-bot I can't spoof my friends anymore. WHY?
Queen of Hades
USA - Mon, 24 Mar 97 at 13:44:50
You forgot to include "msay"?

I recently read on someones homepage that you can get up to 84 macros. HOw do you do this?
The Evil Experimenter
USA - Mon, 24 Mar 97 at 12:50:35
ombinatons of alt/control/shift etc can give you about that many.

Ok, solution to my problem. One must use Netscape when saving the cyborg.ipt file in BotBot. Try it with Internet Explorer, it doesn't work at all. Also, is there anything like ResEdit for Windows?
Spanishbee <>
USA - Sun, 23 Mar 97 at 11:42:25
Ah, a configuration problem. Actually, BotBot does work with IE, and I've used it quite a bit that way. My guess is that you're not saving as simple text.

ResEdit for MSWindows? *Sigh* in a perfect world....

How do I tell what commands activate what features that I've downloaded from your page?
USA - Sun, 23 Mar 97 at 10:41:50
Assuming you've left online help turned on, type "??" If not, look at the text -- the help info will be printed as comments in the cyborg.

You must already know that the window sizes in the Macintosh palace version can easily be changed with res edit. I discovered it in the win resources. Windows can be reshaped numerically or dragged out. I found a good prop bag size to be 250 wide by 400 tall. Take it easy Doc. P.S. If I'm a master prop maker, and I learned everything I know from you, what does that make you?
P (yup that's all) <>
RI USA - Sun, 23 Mar 97 at 10:23:33
Check here for more on using ResEdit with the (Mac version of) Palace.

I can't seem to get the Shield script to work. It won't work. Hmmmmm. Otherwise, great site! BotBot rocks! Hmmmm, it's a little inconvinent since its sort of different from the original script, so I had to change it so that when I came into the room I had the right prop on. Are those scripts that unpin and pin (even though you're not a wiz) like, legal or something? You shouldn't be allowed to use those kinda things... ~AptivaMan
Anton <>
USA - Sun, 23 Mar 97 at 08:23:43
Your problem sounds like a paint-free room. Wiz scripts don't let you `pin and `unpin if you're not already a wiz -- they just make the process simpler.

I just recently donloaded the Bot-Bot. But when I sign on it says that there's a scripting err. WHAT HAPPENED?!?! Thanks.<:
Celeste <>
USA - Sat, 22 Mar 97 at 18:45:22
(Subsequent checking indicates that this might also be a web-browser configuration problem)

-I forgot to add something. How do you tell what version of the palace you have?
Dark Moon 2
USA - Sat, 22 Mar 97 at 18:23:06
For mac, click on the palace icon in the finder and press "Get Info" (Cmd-I)

WHen I go on the palace, it doen't announce me anymore. All it says is in my log window "Ixnay on the Iptscray". What's going on? Someone already tried to explain it to me and I didn't get it. Could you explain it in English?-NOT BEING SARCASTIC!
Dark Moon
Chicago, IL USA - Sat, 22 Mar 97 at 18:21:50
Sounds like an oversized bot? Or a string containing illegal characters?

I like your scrips for the Palace so i was wondering of making my own scrips so can you guys tell me what tools i need ....
NY USA - Sat, 22 Mar 97 at 17:15:43
Any text editor will do. Try vi or emacs.

I am having a problem with my log window; the font is very tiny and I can't read it. I have version 2.5 and use win95. When I change my system fonts, it has no affect on the log window. When I go to palace edit preferences to change font, it only changes the font in the balloons, not the log window. I noticed that the only font available in preferences is Western. Could this problem be due to the fact that I don't have the Western font in my windows font folder? If not the problem, then I am lost as to what to do. And yes, I have tried everything. Re d/l palace, win95, etc. Nothing seems to work. HELP!!!
Paula aka.LITTLE MAMA <>
USA - Sat, 22 Mar 97 at 10:39:16
You may be stuck, sorry.

This is my second time in your palace.. hope I make it this time..hehehhe Shar
M'Lady Shar <>
Salt Lake City, Ut USA - Fri, 21 Mar 97 at 20:17:58
Uh...BotBot doesn't work at all! I've done it at least five times. NOTHING! I even moved the original cyborg.ipt file out of the directory, then I couldn't even zap! Please help me!
spanishbee <>
St.Paul, MN USA - Fri, 21 Mar 97 at 18:38:26
(See above)

Hi, I Need To Know The Script For A Prop Generator, Please MEail Me ASAP, Thanks
Spyder <>
eeerrrrr, SD USA - Fri, 21 Mar 97 at 07:25:27
Try "propspot" from the Botbot.

i used ziprand and it moved me to the chess room in foxpalace
chris <>
fl USA - Thu, 20 Mar 97 at 17:01:49
Different palaces use different room numbers. Ziprand is designed for use at TPI's main palace. Other palaces would need a different list of room numbers.

Regarding a newly built cyborg: Just one thing.... "IT DOESN'T WORK" Am I an idiot? How do I work this blasted thing? FYI: I am on a PC running the 16bit version of the Palace without Netscape, connecting through AOL. And uh... it's not working. Please help me and I will forever be your fan.
Lisa <>
USA - Thu, 20 Mar 97 at 11:48:42
The Scan Script dosent work right
Mr. Mechwarrior <>
bloomingdale, IL USA - Wed, 19 Mar 97 at 11:42:27
It has a timer -- after firing it once, you must wait 120 seconds before firing it again. This was installed to keep people from being auto-killed for flooding.

There is a trick, not widely known that I'm aware of, that allows pc users to have 24 additional macros. However, the new version of Palace (2.5) doesn't allow you to save or view these keys. Namely, in the old version you could hold down Shift while clicking on the function key you're saving in. Also works with Control key. The new avatar option doesn't allow this. I would like to be able to view avators in my extra keys (shift + F1-12 and ctrl + F1-F12). Is this a possibility?
Paula aka LITTLE MAMA <>
IN USA - Wed, 19 Mar 97 at 10:15:56
You can always use a script to load macros, but it's beyond the capabilities of simple scripting to reprogram the function keys themselves.

Hi i am from mexico city and i want to know how can i be a wizard and more expert from palace because i like all the think by the palace i am a new user i have two mounts in that chat or i interest in som catalog from you may be it techme some new.
v.hugo sanchez hernandez <>
Mexico, DD.f Mexico - Mon, 17 Mar 97 at 17:08:03
See here.

Hello, Your efforts with the Botbot here have been absolutely outstanding. However, I seemed to have run into a slight problem with my palace that maybe you could help me out with. What I would like to do is put a script in the gate that would annouce to everyone in the palace that USERNAME has arrived. The only thing that I have come across is the script that pages the wizards and that is not what I want since there are times that I am not wizzed in my own palace. If you have any suggestions on how to do this I would be very greatful. Khayman
Khayman <>
USA - Mon, 17 Mar 97 at 16:46:32
Sadly, this is something of a holy grail for pserv script writers. There's just no way to send a message between rooms, except as ESP or a Wizard ~page message...

nobody here - I'm leavin'
Hester Esterhuizen <>
USA - Sun, 16 Mar 97 at 20:31:06
Well, some other time then :)

Paula aka. LITTLE MAMA <>
IN USA - Sun, 16 Mar 97 at 19:37:37
I loved visiting your site!! I wonder if you could help me with a few problems, I made a cyborg script with your BotBot, which I installed and used. Most of my selections worked perfectly, however 'bb', 'brbresp', 'rcolor' and 'aps' did not. Xbrb also wiped the ^BRB message by displaying my 'xbrb' speech balloon. Is this something I am doing wrong, or is there a problem in your BotBot? Appreciate your help and look forward to an answer. Thanx!!
Ak, NZ - Sun, 16 Mar 97 at 08:05:36
Perhaps the bot is just too bog, and those features (toward the end of the list) were simply ignored by your client? They do work in my own testing....

I love the botbot. It's what helps me with those pesky guests and syas hi to everyone one when I am too tired to type. But I have a suggestion for a script that would be REALLY useful for all the lazy people out there like me. We have bulkhi but I think we really need bulkbye.
FL USA - Sat, 15 Mar 97 at 15:00:02
Use bulkhi2, which will let you change the initial greeting string: as in:
bhi So long

I downloaded a bunch of scripts and I am a member but I am a beginner with scripts and I don't know how to use the ones I downloaded! Please help!
Jimbob <>
GP Farms, MI USA - Fri, 14 Mar 97 at 04:56:20
I recommend trying the BotBot first, and add only those scripts you can't find there. Then again, maybe you could just send me the scripts and perhaps I'll add them to the bot...

One time this guy was pissing me off in Nrutas so I spacequaked there for a while and unfortunately it flooded him off of the system...Go figure, he ratted on me and some dude came up to me and said their speil about behaviour and all that crap. Good thing for me I'm good at kissing up...
Then, while I was still a guest, I came in and said, "!I HAVE NO BUNGHOLE!!" And BAAM i got Terminated, I couldn't go back on until I deleted my old copy of the Palace and re-installed it. And now, that I'm a member, I see what a dumbyhead I was being and I see other guests just like me. NOW THAT I HAVE THE POWER OF THE BotBot I CAN ZAP, SPOOF AND ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE!! This is what I think the guests are doing bad stuff for: they don't have the dough to cough up for the palace, and they do what they can to receive attention from those who have power. That's all.

Rory Koster <>
G*e*n*b*r*o, NC USA - Thu, 13 Mar 97 at 15:26:27
Actually, this user came from but I don't think he wants me to know that.

Hi,just like to say I love your ever so usefull Palace page and your Palace.Keep up the great users like me really benifit from your knowladge. :0) Hope to see you around one day!!!
Regards, Mark

Mark Embury (aka"Freeze inc.") <>
Brandon, Mb Can - Wed, 12 Mar 97 at 07:02:17
Found your site quite helpful in de mistifying some of the Palace jargon and particularly liked your info with regards to wizards and gods.
Jean-Pierre Stallaert <>
Whitby, Ont Canada - Sun, 09 Mar 97 at 21:54:16
Let me start off by saying that i love your page. Ok i make a cyborg from the Bot Bot and i saved it into Palace dir and wheb ever i try to log on to a Palace it performs an illeagle opperationi know its the cyborg because i took it out of my palace dir and its fine WHATS WRONG
Steve <>
USA - Sun, 09 Mar 97 at 09:47:11
My guess: bot too big.

I think it would be a good idea if you put in some more laggy outchats. people seem to look for these scripts much more than others. thanx.
Jonathan Shafran <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Sat, 08 Mar 97 at 10:34:36
Maybe you should meet Rory Koster....

I'm one of those people that know nothng but want to know it all. I tried to change what I say when I come into a palace, but, even though it say what I want it to in the cyborg file, it only says "It's Celeste" when I go into a palace. Does anyone know why? :>
Celeste <>
USA - Sat, 08 Mar 97 at 08:07:46
Are you sure you're installing the cyborg correctly? Does any part of it work, or are you still using the original default cyborg?

I plead the fifth
USA - Fri, 07 Mar 97 at 18:55:43
its cool
name that tune <>
stuart, fl USA - Fri, 07 Mar 97 at 06:31:38
Hi I really need someons help if anyone know's a script to paint a room black i would really like it if you would please e mail it to me. I heard of the dim room script but it does'nt work for everyone just my screen so PLEASE HELP if you can Thank You, Mike Grunewald
Mike Grunewald <>
baltimore, md USA - Thu, 06 Mar 97 at 17:34:26
Try "blanket" with a black prop.

Something may be wrong with my computer... I select my scripts and I click on "build Cyborg" but then it only reloads the same page, and I have to press it again with the same effect... Please help, I urgently await new scripts
Drac <>
Uppermarlboro, MD USA - Thu, 06 Mar 97 at 14:49:44
Sounds like something wrong with your browser? Too many windows open already, perhaps?

Your site is great, and packed with fun info! Thanx. I have 2 questions. First how or where do I find the MacMIDI script I see mentioned, and second how do I make portions and/or backgrounds of gifs. used by spots transparent. Thanx again.
KenM <>
Chicago, USA - Wed, 05 Mar 97 at 13:48:37
The macMIDI script is part of The BotBot. Spot GIFs use the standard GIF transparency scheme. I believe you're better-off if you turn interlacing off for spot GIFs...

Peace and Love for every one!
Catherine Maranda <>
St-Augustin, Québec Canada - Wed, 05 Mar 97 at 10:52:31
I enjoyed useing you script generator. I visited your palace, but nobody was home...hehe. I'll check back.
Doug Manche <>
Farmington, MO USA - Wed, 05 Mar 97 at 08:09:22
I agree with all the wizards advisory.How did you write all that? Good work!
?Bobby Parker <>
Sebring, FL USA - Tue, 04 Mar 97 at 15:11:50
It's beautifull.....
LeFantome <>
Longueuil, Québec CANADA - Fri, 28 Feb 97 at 11:14:29
wonder if the ap script (to move speech bubble) could have an off and on mode. Once used, the coordinates are a pain to took at.
coolshade <>
USA - Wed, 26 Feb 97 at 19:46:00
To turn it off, type ";ap 0 0"

2 Q's 1. Ok I'm new and My props are gone I know U explain it, but I don't understand it can't by chance explain this in an easier way
2. How long does it take to become a wiz
Thanx A lot Larry Crenshaw Your Sitez the Best

Larry Crenshaw <>
San Antonio, Tx USA - Tue, 25 Feb 97 at 15:38:31
1. As they say in NYC, "back up yours!"
2. See here.

ay (or rather, oy) doc -- imagine, all this time and i didn't sign your guest book.
i'm so sorry! what can i ever do to gain your forgiveness?!
<on one knee, sobbing>

courtney l. patubo <>
walnut creek, ca USA - Sun, 23 Feb 97 at 21:55:01
It'll cost you.

This might interest you: I am on a mac and was, at the time of the incident, running version 2.0W of the client software.
I was attempting to get the blondie script to work when I discovered that when I used the script it WAS putting down props, but theyt were seemingly invisible. So, since I knew the script used a prop named "flower" I used the command string '/ "flower" donprop'. At first it appeared as though nothing had happened... but as I ran my mouse across the face of my avatar it turned into the prop grab cursor icon. I then dragged this mysterious invisible prop to my prop bag. Though it did appear in the prop file, it was totally blank and could not be edited, copied, or deleted. Later, when I chose quit from the menu, palace crashed giving me an error 'the application "unknown" has unexpectedly quit' when I tried to reopen palace I recieved a "prop file could not be opened" message. Never before, in the 6 months that I have had palace, have I had any prop problems, so I am reasonably sure that this mystery prop was responsible for the file crash. Though my file was backed up, and I lost very few props, I was just curious as to whether or not you knew what the cause of this problem may have been. Thanks.

=|~• Cygnus •~|= <>
USA - Sun, 23 Feb 97 at 00:21:57
It sounds like a corrupted prop (.prp) file. You may have to revert to your last backup.

I tried to use jihad, this is what I got in my log window:
?Sir Z-Man: ;allscray { "Mac" } { "PC" } DATETIME 0 < IFELSE SAY
and when I was in Wiz mode, spank, it pined the guy, but did not up pin him.

Sir Z-Man <>
St. Cloud, MN USA - Sat, 22 Feb 97 at 13:54:52
That's correct. "Jihad" uses allscray to perform its magic. The spank problem is more squirrelly. It appears that the palace software gets confused about who to unpin, depending upon what WHOTARGET is set to. The best workaround I've found is to say "spank" and then immediately unselect the victim.

Please help! I have tried making props with Paint Shop Pro 4, but they always come out shiny! I have tried loading the palace palette, but it doesn't help. If anyone has any suggestions, please e-mail me!!!
Kristy <>
USA - Mon, 17 Feb 97 at 19:06:22
Sounds like you were using the wrong CLUT, and are now experiencing contrast shifts. Try shifting the images to 24-bit (16 million colors) in PSP, then select Load Palette from the PSP Colors menu and apply your Palace color map. Then copy and paste into the Palace.

I saw in your wizard page that you can clone a user's props. I am god of my own server and would like to know how you use that command. Also, when I use a script made with your botbot, I try to use it and it says error in script or the like. Thanx for your help.
H-Bomb <>
Williamstown, NJ USA - Sat, 15 Feb 97 at 15:25:20
As a god or wiz, try ~clon or ~clone depending on the client version. As for script errors, the most-common cause of that is featuritis. Try a simpler script.

Can u tell me what is a zombie and can u help me whit my cyborg.itp and can u give me info about zombie????? Please reply soon like today or tomorow!!! David
David <>
St-hyacinthe, Qc Canada - Fri, 14 Feb 97 at 15:33:05
Look here for zombie information. You may also want to look here for related info on "allscray" and its kin.

Please contact me!
Yadid Berman <>
Jerusalem, IL Israel - Fri, 14 Feb 97 at 04:10:05
See below. BTW, you shouldn't get upset simply because more than 6 hours have gone by, at night, on the weekend, before I leap up to respond...

Hi X, I'm using Xbot serial #: 39140197050625 and when i'm trying to get the help screen (?? command) its not working its not doing any thing in the log please send me a message!!!
Yadid Berman <>
Jerusalem, IL Israel - Thu, 13 Feb 97 at 21:09:11
Once again, it sounds like script-size overflow. Try a smaller script... are you sure you weren't in a cyborg-free zone? Did the characters "??" appear in the log?

I wish there was a script that lagged the person you chosen to lag. And it lagged only that person and the person might even crash!!!
FAY© <>
novi, MI USA - Wed, 12 Feb 97 at 15:43:35
Charming idea.

Couple of quick things. First--thanks a TON for all the helpful information! Also--I can't find any info anywhere on how to create an ANIMATED prop (head or otherwise) Can you point me in the right direction? BTW, my browser tells me it can't find the directory your photoshop CLUT and GraphicConverter color table are stored.
Cozzer <>
USA - Wed, 12 Feb 97 at 08:51:33
Ack! Yes, there was an ftp addressing problem, now repaired. One of these days I will have to add information on that animation stuff.

I can seem to get ridd of those annoying jerks who just like to come in and bother people ...I heard there's a way to mute them would you know this information on how to mute them?
Luna C. <>
oakland, CA USA - Tue, 11 Feb 97 at 16:43:41
Mais bien sure. Whisper `mute at them. You won't hear another peep.

hi again! in response to your e-mail i tried the shields even in my palace and they don't work.but thanks for the anwer. i'll be waiting for another answer soon.bye and thanks a zillion times over and over!
anthony <>
USA - Mon, 10 Feb 97 at 15:57:45
Did you try it alone? Maybe your cyborg is too big (the #1 problem).

my shield script doesn't work!if you can please help me i'd appreciate it! thanks a million times!
anthony <>
montreal, quebec canada - Mon, 10 Feb 97 at 12:51:36
Sounds like a script-free or paint-free room. Can you be more specific?

HI X. In a room of my Palace I have a script like this:
	ID 90
	NAME "Nameroom"
	PICT "X.gif"
		ID 1
		OUTLINE 108,259  405,260  407,368  105,362
    [ bla bla bla ] SETPROPS
		ID 2 (a script of a light that turns on and off)
		OUTLINE 219,47  218,86  295,88  295,49

        { 120 ME SETALARM  }

        ON ALARM 


          120 ME SETALARM  }
		ID 3
		OUTLINE 0,0  91,0  91,22  0,22

The ON ENTER, ON OUTCHAT, ON INCHAT Scripts of the "Mosh"
Well, when I enter into the room the light's script works properly. When I say "mosh" the Mosh's script works properly, but the light's script doesn't work anymore. I'd like to know why? Thanks for your GREAT JOB!!!

Gianni <>
Rome, ITALY - Mon, 10 Feb 97 at 07:46:51
There's a limit of 32 scheduled ALARM and ALARMEXEC events. "Mosh" uses ALARMEXEC, and your light script uses a fairly-rapid chain of ALARMs. My guess is the buffer was overrun and so the next-in-line spotstate change event was unable to be scheduled. This light script, while functional, is a bear to restart. Reducing the number of Mosh steps may solve your problem.

when i use some commands it says you're trapped in my web but there is no web
Jason <>
USA - Sun, 09 Feb 97 at 07:08:34
You were using it in a room that doesn't allow painting. Try another room.

Hi, thanks again for your help. I plan to utilize your hints in my next project, but completed the previous one as I told you earlier. I tried to give it to my friends, but was unable to get it to work for them. (When I'm on one side of the inet connection, and they're on the other, there's not much I can do!) Here is the original message I sent to them. If you could get it worked into the BotBot, I would appreciate it:

Ok, to all I promised it to, here is my TicTacToe script. To play it, you need to have the board prop in your possession. I tried to give it to all of you. If I didn't, find me on the Palace, and I'll give it to you there. You also need to be in a room that allows both scripts and painting. Try using the zap routine- if it zaps and shows the red line, you'll be ok. I commented this, but iptscrae's habit of putting the condition last makes it somewhat confusing when read top to bottom- check the bottom of a set of {} to find what triggers that section THEN read the comments in them. To use it, YOU have to say "Play TicTacToe" (no quotes, of course.) The board is put on the screen where your mouse is positioned. The prospective players then need to say whether they want to be X or O. Note that you do not have to be one of them- it can be any two people in the room, including guests. The format they need to follow is outlined in the comments, but to reiterate, it is: "I*be O*" where either I or O (or x) can be capitalized or not, and anything- or nothing- can be in the place of the astericks. This gives some leeway, but not nearly as much as most people try to use. :) If you want to quit the game prematurely, say Quit TicTacToe. ANYONE can do that, actually- I can change that, but didn't think to. Iptscrae programmers will be able to do it easily, and even those who don't- well, I put that 'only you' restriction in earlier, see how I did it there and duplicate it if you want to. At any rate, play continues with players saying the number (in numeral form!) that they want to play. If they try to go on a spot already occupied, the board tells them it is an invalid move. It checks for a win or loss after every move (every invalid move, too), and sets the game variable for that if it finds any. When the game is over, the board says who won, and the players say one of four random messages for either win or lose. It then clears itself off the screen.

To get this into your CYBORG.IPT file, use a text editor to save this code, then paste it into that file. Note that you don't paste the first two lines in- those are there to show you where to put this. Paste the rest of it in immediately following those two lines in your file so that the whole thing would look like that. --James McMurrin AKA Foxy

; Large Iptscrae Block Here

James McMurrin aka Foxy <>
USA - Sat, 08 Feb 97 at 12:35:40
Hi My friend Notabot sent me to you to get the macmidi script. I followed your directions and didn't selectt a lot of scripts. When I got done, the page that downloaded to my computer didn't look anything like my original cyborg. I am on a Mac which is probably the problem. What can I do? Here is what I got:
;Cyborg Script Serial# 38080197142128
;Created by BotBot (support:


;end of cyborg.ipt Ser# 38080197142128

ShanaKat <>
USA - Sat, 08 Feb 97 at 06:26:54
Careful attention to the "defaults" group can give you all the original functionality, but yes, a botbot cyborg doesn't look like the default cyborg. It's built differently for some very real reasons, and in the humble opinion of this X, that's all to the good. Most of those reasons are described elsewhere around this site, particularly at The House o Bots.

Hi X a few months ago you gave me some great help concerning a jail script i was writing. this script has been running for a while, but with some very large problems....and i was wondering if i could get your assistance again..... the script as it stands goes like this...
what i attempting is this.... the person i'm whispering to is sent to jail when i say 'convict' (116 GOTOROOM WHOTARGET). now i don't want to go with said person so (WHOCHAT WHOME == NOT) . the problems ive had are these. this script as above will let ANYBODY use it. I want it available to registered clients only. i tried adding an 1 ISGUEST == but seemed to bugger the script....i'm not sure where it should go but i think i tried it like this
I've also tried adding a GREPSTR.....but i'm not getting anywhere

the other problem occurs if i forget to select a person for whisper. what happens then is it sends everyone but me to the jail ( kinda like an allscray command i saw) . this obviously should not happen, and is too easily abuseable : ) The reason i don't go with a simple ISWIZARD is that i want this script available to any registered client . Hopefully you can help me... i know this unsolicited mail, and i don't mean to annoy, but i really need and experts help..... thanks in advance, john aka terminus p.s. feel free to tell me to piss off.....
john benjamin <>
Victoria, BC Canada - Fri, 07 Feb 97 at 16:41:26

In addition to ISWIZARD, did you try ISGUEST NOT?
Your iptscrae clause above is incorrectly built. Try
    } CHATSTR "convict" ==
...which will work better for some subtle reasons, such as the GOTOROOM halting the script before your CHATSTR line was even reached.

Anyone know the script (if there is one) for The Main palace Raatbot???
J. P. Miller <>
Carlisle, PA USA - Thu, 06 Feb 97 at 16:30:17
As I understand it, ratbot is partly a client plugin. The plugin development kit can be obtained from The Palace, Inc.

I am working on a script that uses several atomlists. Depending on what the game variable is set to, various atomlists are activated. I need to put the 'board' data in an array that is accessible by ALL atomlists. I can assign it to a variable, and make the variable global, but that doesn't work between atomlists. Is there any way to do this?
James McMurrin <>
Harrison, AR USA - Wed, 05 Feb 97 at 18:58:08
Ah, the old "global array" problem. You can't assign an array as a global variable, but fortunately you can assign the values to a string, and then assign that to a global. Use STRTOATOM to extract the values.
    myArrString GLOBAL
    [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ] myLocalArray =
    ; to load myLocalArry array into a the string myArrString
    0 i =
    "[ "
	myLocalArray i GET ITOA & " " &
    } { i myLocalArray LENGTH < } WHILE
    " ]" & myArrString =
    ; to get any value back out of this array....
    4 whichElement =
    myArrString STRTOATOM whichElement GET
that should do it for most simple arrays.

hi, sorry i missed some comments, if i can replace my
great!!after that, when everything is back to normal
i may consider gettting someof your stuff, but what is
all this about bot #77367269737??? My small mind
seems no to be up at speed of what go on in my files.I
beg for your superior inteligence help

Thankx D.D.C

Damian DC. <>
Mexico - Tue, 04 Feb 97 at 21:05:00
You can always replace your - X

hi, My file is dead!!! its trashed and doesnt work, i have no idea what to do, i was thinkin of a new file to replace What to do, what to do??? thankx {8o)
Damian D.C. <>
Mexico - Tue, 04 Feb 97 at 20:34:15
See above - X

The Bot Bot is awsome, but why does my "blondie" script keep givin me different flowers each time i use it? I only have 5 Flowers in my prop bag. If i see someone elses heart my then looks like theirs. Help
RoadRash <>
USA - Tue, 04 Feb 97 at 18:34:43
Because the props are accessed by name, and whatever the most-recent "Flower1" seen is, it's the one that the palace client will select from your .prp file (see the stupid palace tricks section for more info on .prp files).

Okay I'm new to this also. I have filled out the form and built the cyborg according to all directions. Except now when I connect to any palace I get "script error" message. But my scripts seem to work so what do I need to do?
jakee <>
USA - Mon, 03 Feb 97 at 12:10:04
Sounds like your cyborg is just too big. Try building it with a few features removed -- you can always come back and get them if they're really necessary.

I cannot praise you enough for the wonderful job you are doing with the bot bot! Only one problem to report....."palace" command does not work for me. Any suggestions? <>LIZ<> @ Cyber Cruise Palace
Betty Barth <>
USA - Sun, 02 Feb 97 at 17:59:29
Did you put in a string for the palace name? There's an entry for it near the bottom of the botbot checklist page.

My script is screwed. When i say anything my script adds the letters "PC" 1st.
Mike K. <>
Wpg., MB Canada - Sun, 02 Feb 97 at 12:59:50
Sad to say, this is a "botbot versus the client" bug. An old version of Botbot's "jihad" script could generate code that, while syntactically correct, caused parser errors in the palace client. It's now fixed. - X

Dr. X. I read you section on transparency, but I still cannot figure out how to do it using Paintshop Pro Only (of which my copy is unregistered). Could you explain transparency using PSP, or using some other inexpensive utility?
Rick Beall <>
Hamtramck, MI USA - Sun, 02 Feb 97 at 10:10:15
Yes, I'm using the 32 bit beta palace software. What should I be doing?
Michael <>
Omaha, NE USA - Sun, 02 Feb 97 at 08:19:52
Hit Ctrl+Q, a.k.a. "Paste Multiple Props." The menu item will appear when the satchel is open.

Ok, I make an avatar that has multiple pieces in psp, I copy it, I go to palace software and hit "new", do the Ctrl-Shift-Insert, and only one piece is pasted. What am I doing wrong?? I didn't have this problem with an earlier version of the palace, but that was two versions ago and I deleted it off my system. I would appreciate your assistance. Thank you.
Michael <>
Omaha, NE USA - Sat, 01 Feb 97 at 00:30:43
The technique changed in the 32-bit client. Is this what you're using? Hit Ctrl+Q, a.k.a. "Paste Multiple Props"

Dr.X, could you elaborate a little on these mysterious GLOBAL variables. Besides carrying "insidious :-)" information between palaces and allowing international palacing, what would be the most noticable effect of removing them all from my cyborg file?
kenno <>
Traverse City, MI USA - Fri, 31 Jan 97 at 06:52:26
See here... Be forewarned that removing them from your cyborg will have ZERO effect on globals defined by server-side palace scripts the scripts that you describe when you talk about "insidious information." The only way to flush-out that sort of data is to select "Disconnect."

I get a non fatal error when I use blondie for the first time each session, after I hit ignore several times it starts working. Im using bot s/n 37270097055441
Avatar <>
USA - Mon, 27 Jan 97 at 22:28:16
Blondie normally needs you to have props "Flower1"... through "Flower5" loaded somewhere in your .prp file. My guess is... you don't. Try running it with an explicit prop name. I'm surprised the Win client would actually complain, however. In the absence of correct props, the Mac client merely does nothing.

hi, the ap command mutes me and i have to log off to be able to speak again. thomas
thomas <>
boise, id USA - Sun, 26 Jan 97 at 10:44:04
Sounds like your ap offsets are shooting off to outer Quazululu Land. A new version (as of botbot 38) will do more work trapping those cases. Try ;ap 0 0 to reset ap.

These are script suggestions I would like to see transformed into real scripts;
A script that lists all palace sounds I have available.
A script that lists all palace midi music I have available.
A script that lists all avs I have set in the setface script.
Then there is somthing that might not be possible in script, but would be a great improvement for Palace;
An accessory manager...either having the possibility to have more than one accessory window, or to be able to say a prop name and have the cursor go there. Example I would say 'goto brbprop' and the green cursor of the accessory window would go to a prop I called brbprop. Either method (extra window or accessory cursor control) would be a great way to manage the thousands of props I have.
Thanks in advance! E-mail me if you have a BotBot answer! Jeff a.k.a. Wysiwyg

J-F Belanger <>
Laval, Qc Canada - Sun, 26 Jan 97 at 08:45:46
Your first two ideas require that iptscrae can access the file system, which it really can't. I suppose you could use Netscape via NETGOTO to list the sounds directory, but since the newer clients split things up according to palace name, that gets tricky; Iptscrae can't get at that information.

As for "setface" avs, that would require analysing both the botbot code itself (or more specifically, the parts that you had altered by hand...) plus reading and breaking-down the entire .prp file again, a file system request, and really beyond what iptscrae can do.

Selecting props by name in the satchel window, however... Yeah, I'd really like to see that feature in the Palace client too.

I need to know how to make a room on my palace wizards only I know I can hide it and make it private but I want a door to the room that anyone can get to but only wizards can go in, so if you can tell me how to make a room wizards/gods only or even just make the door so only wizards/gods can use it I would be very very appreciative.
Raisinz <>
Yeah right, ?? USA - Thu, 23 Jan 97 at 19:00:13
Use the god command `wizardsonly on when in that room.

I am looking for information on starting a Pserver and how to write sripts everything I have found so far isn't much help including the Palace Inc. Documentations. IF you know of any docs. that will help please e-mail me. Also I am looking for info. on how to make a room script for my Pserver that will allow users to launch an App that's in my computer and be able to play/etc.. it without having to have it just by clicking on a word(I need to know everything from how to write it(i.e. INCHAT or OUTCHAT) to how to make the name so they can click on it to how to get the game/etc.. to play(ie. putting something like Warcraft II in my CD-ROM and then some user who doesn't have it clicks on the Name or Pic and gets to play it via my computer).).
Koramus <>
Montrose, CO USA - Wed, 22 Jan 97 at 01:15:57
Interesting idea, but it won't work. It's not only beyond the scope of what palace and its scripts can do, but even beyond what any remote-control system can do.

I need a program that tells me the prop programming. Some one is putting nasty props on my palace and need a script. I have the script but just need the program that tells me the prop programing.
Mulder <>
Cathedral City, CA USA - Tue, 21 Jan 97 at 19:18:52
I'm not sure what you mean by "prop programming." If you shut down the server, the props themselves can be listed in great detail in the server data file. Unfortunately, what's not included are who dropped them or when. You can, however, make a room self-cleaning: I'll add a page to the house o houses explaining the simple technique.

I have a problem with my cybore file the Spank script doesn't work. I'm using a ver 36 xbot serial number 36200097083255
Roger <>
OH USA - Mon, 20 Jan 97 at 10:58:52
Due to a subtle client (server?) bug, you have to unclick the spank victim before they are unspanked.

I get a error message reading EXceeded Maximum Script Variables Script Error basically there is no opening Message.
Stich (Deborah Wooten) <>
Tucson, AZ USA - Mon, 20 Jan 97 at 09:19:48
Then you ave chosen too many options, and have overloaded you client memory. Try a simpler cyborg.

I have a problem with the botbot scripts "respoof, rezap, reflect, and lagometer commands. First lagometer returns no ping times, I just see a :PING! Please Ignore in the log. The remaining commands turn on only. Nothing I can do will turn them off once enabled short of exiting palace and restarting. The rcolor command does work ok with it toggling on/off. using version 36 Xbot
Rick Granback <>
st. joseph, mi USA - Sun, 19 Jan 97 at 18:38:37
Although there was nothing obviously wrong with the toggle function, it's now been streamlined and should work better. Also (and this was true before), you can say either "blahblah on" to turn "blahblah" on, or "blahblah" alone to simply flip from on to off or back.

Dr. X, How is it that I do room scripts??? (and please don't spare the details :) )
Jesse Albert <>
VA USA - Sat, 18 Jan 97 at 19:01:44
See here...

Ok Dr. X...How do I do room Animations??
Jesse <>
VA USA - Sat, 18 Jan 97 at 16:19:54
A good example can be found in the default mansion script look at the animating sign in Harry's Bar.

Dr. X, you, your scripting ability, and your site just ROCKS. I definitely admire you for what you've accomplished. Keep up the outstanding work!! "Space"
Matthew Riggins <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Fri, 17 Jan 97 at 12:24:09
Hi...So being such a brilliant site that Dr X's house o Props n Bots is..... Why isn't it pemanently bookmarked in the Palace under lets Could save you some typing.... Regards Iesha
iesha <>
Townsville, Qld Australia - Wed, 15 Jan 97 at 23:03:58
Sounds like a job for ResEdit...

tanks a lots
steve dastous
USA - Wed, 15 Jan 97 at 21:41:35
Hi, I have a small prop site off of one of the servers. We have some automated prop rooms and some lose prop rooms. I was at the main and saw your hang script. Nice script! Great idea, and soooo much easier for filling up the lose rooms. But, I'm not an clear as to where the script should be used, is it a room script, and inchat, and outchat? I'm a total dead head when it comes to scripting, can you help me out?
Joyce (Fizz) Westpahl <>
Modesto, CA USA - Mon, 13 Jan 97 at 19:31:11
Hang can be used as either a cyborg or room-script OUTCHAT feature.

Your answer to why I couldn't draw lines, (jailem) etc, was rite on, went to another area, and it worked ok.. However,others were drawing jailem, spider, in the area where I couldn't, HOWCOME ? did they have a better program ?
D. L. <>
Phoenix, Az USA - Mon, 13 Jan 97 at 09:31:28
They're running in wizard mode

no lines painted:future, zoop, zap, jailem, scan, cube, twinkle, spotlite. jailem zap and spotlite do have baloons w/ words. scan has fazein sound...
Dave Lamb <>
phoenix, az USA - Sun, 12 Jan 97 at 02:30:28
You are trying them in a room tagged "No Painting" by the server. Try another room...

It is refreshing to read a web page by someone who can spell, has a command of the intricacies of the English language andcan put it together in such a witty entertaining way. Thank you for the tips also... (and I hope not to end in a preposition)
Shade <>
Talla, FL USA - Sat, 11 Jan 97 at 10:32:38
I Was Just Wondering If You needed Any New Wizzes For The Palace So Just Write Back And Let Me Know Ok???Bye Now!!!
Dothan, Al USA - Thu, 09 Jan 97 at 12:48:14
Tell a Friend

Hello X, I have a botbot w/ shove and ae. I am a wiz and I do put the asterick in front of my name,but, How the heck do you make thease scripts work?
Cyborg Script Serial# 30121196224933
If you have a moent could you give me a clue?.
I have added my own stuff to this cyborg is this the prob?
Could be. Certainly has voided your warranty =)
Warning No User-Serviceable Parts Inside
Thank you X!!!!!!!
Brad aka Notabot <>
Monrovia, Ca USA - Tue, 07 Jan 97 at 11:06:09
I have a PowerPC Mac 5215, I got your midi player script and inserted it in the folder you suggested, put my midis in the sound folder in the Palace.Now when the mids are played all i get is a screeching noise when they play.What went wrong?Any ideas? Thanks, Steve
Steveo.TGS <>
SunValley, CA USA - Mon, 06 Jan 97 at 16:22:44
Do they play normally via the web browser without refering to them through Palace?

Hello again...I hadn't gotten an answer to my question so I took a look at it ans sure enough I had entered my email address wrong. The following is a copy and past of my question(s): >>I am having trouble getting the dress command to work... I have not made it work todate...also sometimes ap works fine and other times it gags me and i have to log off and then log back on to be able to chat...the other commands seem to work fine...Job VERY Well Done... my hat goes off to you... Red Bone § Boise, ID USA - Sat, 04 Jan 97 at 11:40:31 >> I look forward to your responce. Red Bone §
Red Bone § <>
Boise, ID USA - Sun, 05 Jan 97 at 17:03:28
The "Dress" command was a user submission to the botbot. Perhaps it was faulty, or perhaps I have somehow corrupted it when adding to the botbot. The address of the original author can be found right in the cyborg file. In the meantime, try the zombie mode "dz" script as a more flexible alternative.

Dear Dr. X, What is allscray, and how do I use it? Thanks, Jesse Albert
Jesse Albert <>
Fairfax, VA USA - Sat, 04 Jan 97 at 20:05:08
Look here.

I have looked everywhere for a Left$, Mid$, Right$ function or something like it. Is there such a thing, or can you suggest a UDF that will handle it...? Thanx again
Jack Marshfield <>
Stafford, VA USA - Sat, 04 Jan 97 at 14:50:50
You need to use GREPSTR and GREPSUB instead. Use the "." wildcard character to count spaces... so to get the rightmost five characters from CHATSTR:
CHATSTR "(.....)$" GREPSTR "$1" GREPSUB get the leftmost four characters:
CHATSTR "^(....)" GREPSTR "$1" GREPSUB get six characters indexed three into the string:
CHATSTR "^...(......)" GREPSTR "$1" GREPSUB
Good luck!

Hello. I have an idea for certain scripts, a question about one, and about how to work (or alter it so it does work) one correctly. First:
{The New Script Idea}
Is it possible that there will be a part in "The BotBot!" where you can add/alter sound effects on/to certain scripts (I found this out when I was messing with the messages and sound effects in my scripts, altered them, and they worked perfectly), and will there be an archive to add appropriate sound effects to those scripts?
Any botbot spoke string can have sounds added ")yes like this" -- just like any other spoken Palace line. I have no plans to stockpile sound files, there are some other sites around the Palace ring that do a fine job at that sort of thing.
{The Odd Script Trick}
A few months ago when I was a member, I seem to have seen a very strange trick with a script. I was seeing a small, animated star prop acatually animating WITHOUT A USER (What I am saying is that, strangely enough, there was no certain user controlling or wearing those props, they were moving automatically)! How is this possible without wearing the props, yet keeping them animated (No, this was NOT a moving GIF either)?
There's no way to do that except as a user, a room spot GIF (like the animated neon sign in Harry's Bar), or perhaps someone running a script that dumped consecutive props and did some sort of room cleaning in sync. A clever user might use QuicKeys or a similar macro program like Tempo to grab and place the props.
And finally:
{The Questionable Script}
How do you work "fly" so you move across the screen smoothly? It just moves me like the "hop" script, but going back and forth, between its next spot to stop (The part where it moves you so many pixels to your location, stops for 3/4 of a second, and starts moving again, but closer to that point) and the original spot. Is it because I have a slow modem (Only a 14.4 now, but I plan to get a MUCH better one soon), or is there another cause for it to stop like that?

Ragnarok <>
Kittanning, PA USA - Sat, 04 Jan 97 at 09:58:13
It moves in timed steps to avoid getting killed for flooding. You can tweak the delay in the script - reducing it will make the action faster but smoother.

I am trying to write code which extracts the hidden props from my palace.prp file. Do you supposed this to be possible and can I do it without continually getting booted from my own server for flooding?
Jack Marshfield <>
Stafford, VA USA - Sat, 04 Jan 97 at 01:29:13
If you're trying this the way I think you might be trying it, I hope you have a few hundred years ready to exhaust the possibilities... If you do, you can change the point at which the server kills you for flooding. With the server down, open the server script (named mansionscript or pserver.dat etc depending upon the OS you use) and look for the MINFLOODEVENTS line. The default is usually this:
just increase that value to 20000 or whatever and restart.

Every time i try to run the bot maker it gives me a error message saying there is an error. How do I make a bot????
Andrew Schnoebelen <>
Longview , Tx USA - Thu, 02 Jan 97 at 08:49:32
There was a bug that lasted for about 10 hours; it's now fixed. Thanks for the headsup!

Et tu brutus? This Brutus' Mom often asked him as she worried about his diet.
spock <>
Flushing , NY USA - Wed, 01 Jan 97 at 19:44:33
i do not have love shack in my but have all the french rooms. can u help and explain why. How do i get love.shack?
lian <>
USA - Wed, 01 Jan 97 at 05:25:33
The Love Shack is at port 9996 on the same server as House o Bots ( The default port, 9998, is occupied by our very own Unpalace

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