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I'm new to scripting and want to know script the room entry sayings that people see for my palace. Also, I would like to know where to get the script which 'lists' the available props, allowing one to cycle through the list and don that prop without having copies of them available, which everyone steals or messes up anyway. There is such a script running on the Hideout Palace, for example. Some great information here for us 'wanna be' scripters, Doc, keep up the good work.
Mountain Man <>
Houston, TX USA - Sun, 29 Dec 96 at 18:24:33

Dear Dr X, I am trying to make a script that does something like this:
{ "prop" x a + y b + ADDLOOSEPROP a 50 + b 40 + i++ } { i 10 < } WHILE
But I do it, and the value of a or b doesn't change. How can I do something like that? Also, is there any different way to write scripts that will decrease lag? Thanks in advance, Jesse

Jesse Albert <>
Fairfax, VA USA - Sun, 29 Dec 96 at 10:58:50
You just need to change those last two + symbols to += operators - X

my zombie and wizard seems not to be working can u help me
marcelo <>
new rochelle, ny USA - Sat, 28 Dec 96 at 15:01:38
The cyborg can't make you a wizard, not can it ensure that your friends also have the zombie scripts loaded. Wizard scripts can help you once you are a wiz, but that's all.

I am having trouble getting some of my bot commands to there an area or web site that is specific to the palace bot commands? Thanks for your help and time.
Nicole <>
GA USA - Thu, 26 Dec 96 at 09:31:109
You're looking at it :) Seriously, many of the BotBot command descriptions (on the BotBot selector form) have links to related documentation.

I can't get the dressing room or mosh scripts to work in my palace. I typed them in correctly but they won't work. I get the log messages but that's all that will work for me. Any suggestions? Thanks, Fist.
Brian Patterson aka. Fist <>
Percy, IL USA - Tue, 24 Dec 96 at 22:02:53
Sounds like you copied the OUTCHAT portion without the corresponding INCHAT

How do I make a script that will tell everyone my current IP address
Cyber Wizard <>
Moon, PA USA - Mon, 23 Dec 96 at 16:00:14
If you have a permanent IP address, just put it in. But if you have a dynamic one, as most people do, you're stuck. Iptscrae has no way to examine that info.

Dr. Xenu, I need more info on putting a robot(chatterbot) script together. I would like to use a couple of them in Palace Pale Horse. (soon to be renamed). I am prompted to come to you in light of a recent incident at main where i witnessed an x-bot in action. (much to the chagrin of a wiz there hehehe) any help would be appreciated.
I also had an idea about using the on macro command to add an extra dimension to prop animations. Is this a plausible idea? Thanx , THANATOS

Seboring, Fl USA - Mon, 23 Dec 96 at 06:51:51
The XBot chatterbots are cyborg scripts, requiring a dedicated client machine. I'd suggest reading about other existing chatterbots such as Eliza. The XBot chatterbots also each have a very specific task limiting their operational scope narrows the range of responses they must provide.

Using iptscrae to do animation is already described In the house o bots. Is this what you mean?

problems w/ snowball- no reaction. palace screwed up my computer's OS. bummer.
futureman <>
Filthadelphia, PA - Sat, 21 Dec 96 at 13:28:23
We don't supply or support that script here :) However, I seriously doubt that a faulty script could screw up any computer's OS.

X, I couldn't get the botbot script to work at all. I saved it as cyborg.ipt, and restarted, but everything's the same. I checked the help options and they don't work either.
zarcton <>
Lincoln, RI USA - Sat, 21 Dec 96 at 08:22:03
Everything's the same? Then the file is either misnamed or in the wrong folder.

Comment peut-on se procurer des scripts pour Palace?
André Robert <>
Cowansville, Quebec Canada - Thu, 19 Dec 96 at 07:42:41
Utilisez le BotBot

I have downloaded three times from the bot bot and the script locks up my machine on entry into any Palace. Suggestions ???
Robert E. Brady <>
Issasquah, WA USA - Thu, 19 Dec 96 at 07:22:54
Script too big? Try turning off some (many) options

Hi. I am wondering a little about possible undocumented features in iptscrae. Are there any? I got the language ref guide from the palace web site, and it is a little shaky at best.
1. Is there some way of getting the active color of a user? I am thinking of something like GETCOLOR, which would hopefully return an int such as used in setcolor.
2. Is there ANY way of changing your name thru the use of iptscrae? The ref guide says no, but to me it looks like just another user attribute...
3. Do you have any more extensive info on the use of LAUNCHAPP? I see this as being a pretty funky sort of tool, but there is only 3 lines on it in the guide...
Thanks in advance. (Resp cc'ed to email appreciated)
Dave Taylor <>
Perth, W Australia - Wed, 18 Dec 96 at 16:13:17
dont have any
donnie <>
indpls, in USA - Wed, 18 Dec 96 at 13:05:42

Salut, Ou trouver des plug'in pour palace, merci bien
LYON, FRANCE - Wed, 18 Dec 96 at 09:58:59
On ne sais pas

I got the ap script and it doesn't seem to work right for me I was hoping it would make my speech balloons apear from my head but seems that they appear a few inches away instead. Please let me know if I have to modify this script or if it's bad. Thanks. Fist at the Palace Brian Patterson.
Brian Patterson (Fist) <>
Percy, IL USA - Tue, 17 Dec 96 at 18:06:01
Just keep re-aiming. Point the mouse where you want the balloons to originate, type ";ap" without moving the mouse. Say something. Don't like where it's coming from? Move the mouse and try again.

Everyone wants to know how to dressup everyone at once with the Dressing Room. I shall release this Stupid Palace Trick here: Get the User list, click on your own name to whisper to yourself. Whisper "dressup" to yourself. You should see no changes, but look in the log! There is a bunch of stuff! Grab it, copy it, paste it in your text box, make sure that the ; (for log-only) appears in front of all the stuff, then say it! Everyone will change except those on nodress. If you are in a dressing room with a bunch of nodress people, expect a bunch "Sorry you can't dress me up"s.
Michael <>
CA USA - Fri, 13 Dec 96 at 17:52:38
I have no idea if this is a bug or not... Just redid botbot, serial #30121196042612... I have both respoof and reflect and I cannot turn them off... i.e. respoof off doesnt work, it just keeps says "respoof on or reflect on". Is it because basically they are the same thing, and I shouldnt have both in bobot at the same time?
Tanya <>
The toggles have now been simplified, as noted above.
Wasco , CA USA - Wed, 11 Dec 96 at 21:05:45
another question...Can you explain to me all about the wild cards, and all those special symols for the GREPSTR, and GREPSUB commands (i.e. $ (.*) ^ $1 $2)? I have nooooo Idea what they are, what they do, and everything like that, and the manuals don't do a good job of explaining. Thank you again!!!
Jesse Albert <>
Fairfax, VA USA - Sat, 07 Dec 96 at 19:56:09
"Grep" comes from the unix program of the same name, and is an acronym for "general regular expression parser." Such "regular expressions" have changed little in form and format since first devised at Bell Labs over two decades ago. Programs that use the same pattern matching forms include vi and perl there's lots of documentation on regular expressions in the freely-available man pages for those programs.

Dear Dr. X, I would like you to explain to me a little on while loops. I made one script, and put a while loop in it to make it shorter. It looked something like this:
{ x 0 = { POSX POSY 512 RANDOM 384 RANDOM LINE x ++} {x 9 <} WHILE.
After making something like this, I go to try it out but it does nothing. Everytime I try a while loop, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? I even copied the randulate script word for word, and it didn't work. Please help me out, and Thank you in advance.

Jesse Albert <>
Fairfax, VA USA - Sat, 07 Dec 96 at 19:52:48
"Something like" or "exactly like"? x 0 = should be 0 x = ... and I would stay on the safe side and add appropriate spaces, too. Most important of all, you begin the line with a { brace that has no apparent function (or matching right brace).

Ok Doc, I'm LOST! 5 hours ago I printed out Mysteries of the P-Spot. As of this time it is named right. It still is a "Mystery to me"! I have put in both script and still have had no luck with it. I put in the names of the props even and still nothing. Any suggestion?
Cj <>
Youngstown , Ohio America - Wed, 04 Dec 96 at 17:01:05
"put in the names of the props"? Are you trying to paste a SELECT block into a cyborg script, perhaps? Please send a specific example...

Doc., Looking for a script to write in my pserver so that when members come into a room they can only come in once and touch only one (ON SELECT) button as to vote on one of several items. It would recorde their vote by their IP# and/or sign on name only once so that their would be a fair vote. They could only enter that room once in that day for that event. Could something like that be made into a script?
Cj <>
Youngstown, Ohio America - Wed, 04 Dec 96 at 11:01:55
The only way to record the actions would be to use SUSRMSG and send a ~page such a page would result in a "The Wizards Have Been Notified" balloon, and the page text (what ever you specified) would be written into the server log. You could then write a small program (personally, I would do it in perl...) to read through the log and evaluate the votes (and exercise any time/date restrictions by just ignoring subsequent votes...)

Howdy Doc, Quick one re the AP script for "a permanent msay" effect. Have found that if I say anything that has those two letters in it (eg hAPpy) in a script enabled room, then the line disappears and the script takes it as a new text bubble location. Any suggestions?
Sorcerer <>
Sydney, NSW Ausralia - Fri, 29 Nov 96 at 18:45:19
It was a bug! Thanks for finding it. Now fixed.

Hello X, I have your hop script and like it-but I think it goes a little too slow......Could you please make up another that goes faster? BRAD
Marysville, CA USA - Sat, 23 Nov 96 at 18:13:59
Personally, I like the speed. To alter it, tweak the value of the delay. Right now, it's set to 45 (3/4 second). Change it twice once in the main loop body, and once at the end.

Can't seem to get any of the "say hi to everyone in the room" scripts to work. I ahve built several differnt bots here now, have chosen each of the various options (rromhi, bulkhi, etc.), but no go. Any idea what might be wrong?
randyman <>
USA - Sat, 23 Nov 96 at 06:58:13
Actually, no. Many people have used those scripts without trouble...

Quicknote: The problem with the deadbolts was that deadbolts have to be set with a destination of the door ID that needs to close. Duuuhhhhh....
Enki <>
Filthadelphia, PA USA - Wed, 20 Nov 96 at 14:19:36
Oh MY DR,X! I have been trying to get a script to have ant dances in my ant farm at my palace and WOH I totally appreciate you putting the MOSH up Like I want my Ants( guests) to Cha cha and this is just the thing! Eternal thanks!
Tybalt <>
slc, ut USA - Mon, 18 Nov 96 at 03:29:20
For something different (though quite similar !), and for the Java-enabled... See ChatParty at
Erewon <>
Paris, France - Mon, 18 Nov 96 at 03:11:19
X, I gotta problem... I run the zipperhead palace, and I just want some locking doors, cause users have requested private rooms. I've tried everthing I can think of...I've got a room, with a door; I've got a doorclosed gif, I've got a defined deadbolt and a door defined as lockable, pictures set as , doorlocked.gif. The bolt doen't work. Can you help?
Enki <>
Filthadelphia, PA USA - Sun, 17 Nov 96 at 21:00:33
Unfortunately, replying via email bounced (those pesky addresses...). Was the room attribute "private" set? (this is a common hidden gotcha) fix reported...

Uh, heh-heh, uh I like really wanna have that script, where people click on a spot and it dresses them with an Av. Do I "already have that" or like, can I get it here and stuff?
Cmdr. Beavis <>
Edmonds, WA USA - Fri, 15 Nov 96 at 17:25:53
Excellent suggestion! I know that someone has made a "helper" cyborg.ipt script to make these anyone know who? I've added one to the botbot (called "propspot"), along with a description

il y a un bug quand on met la commande:
wmute  off    
le serveur nous répond wmute on merci encore de votre system c'est génial -- Carlos

Carlos de palace <>
Cugy, 1482 suisse - Fri, 15 Nov 96 at 02:31:48
Hmm, interessant. Peut-être, vous avez met deux espaces, comme votre message-ci? Je vais voir.

(Traduction: Carlos is having a reversed toggle for the botbot "wmute" command. Perhaps he is using two spaces... but I will look into it)

Hey kids, wanna wrestle? Heheh. Don't make me allscray you to room 666...Personal Favourite *smirk* Just making my mark on Doctah X's new, dangerous little toy! -Sid
L.A. Rothman aka Sid <>
Tampa, FL USA - Thu, 14 Nov 96 at 06:51:37
I am a Dink.....disregard last message concerning signon script...the prob was on my work PC...loaded it at home and it works fine...thank you for the BotBot!! It is superb. Forgive the quick postings.......Rhyvven.
Marc <Zaphod>
USA - Tue, 12 Nov 96 at 08:41:39
I loaded the BotBot...All works except for.... It does not say my greeting (I overtyped he original entry,correct?) nor does it pull up macro 1 for me...what did i do wrong. All my other choices work (finger included). thanks...Marc T. a.k.a Rhyvven
Marc Tiberiis <Zaphod>
USA - Tue, 12 Nov 96 at 08:26:12
Chia pet
Louise <>
Kansas City, KS USA - Tue, 12 Nov 96 at 00:47:40
Chia pet
Louise <>
Kansas City, KS USA - Tue, 12 Nov 96 at 00:47:16
Clearly, another knowledgeable IE power user

Matt <>
Toronto, Ontario Canada - Thu, 7 Nov 96 at 13:01:56
See Note below

Matt <>
Toronto, Ontario Canada - Thu, 7 Nov 96 at 13:01:52
I did ask for "pointless" and "whining"... These posts, mere minutes apart, are a fine example of pining after something you already have. Can it be that the House o Bots has just too much info?

Matt, the main reason for keeping server logs is to help us to train the housekeeping Bots we're developing for the Boardwalk with realistic dialog transcripts. And yes, we might look at them from time to time (we haven't yet) to see if there are any hot technology trends or recurring topics that people might want to hear Intel host a topic chat on in a future session. We are adjusting the FAQ we post on the web to reflect the reason we capture dialog on the site. And no, sorry to disappoint, but we have no plans to sell this dialog! No games, no traps! OK? Also, sorry for the trouble you had connecting to & linking between the Boardwalk Palace and the Boardwalk web pages. We had a couple of startup hiccups, but the links should be pretty stable now. I hope that *anybody* is still entitled to the occasional broken link on a bad net day. As for the rumor you is only that - a rumor. Rob (aka "marketroid") Intel Product Manager

Rob Armstrong <>
Portland, OR USA - Thu, 7 Nov 96 at 10:47:57
Stupid Palace Trick: Try whispering to yourself. Just be wary if you answer... =)
Wolfie <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Wed, 6 Nov 96 at 09:38:23
Remember: "Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb." -Spaceballs.
Wolfie <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Tue, 5 Nov 96 at 16:52:32
Flock Your Wheet!
But don't sneefleebeedweleep!

*Dr.X <>
Mill Valley, CA USA - Mon, Nov 96 at 13:33:09

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