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Fill in the blanks below to add your comments, questions, and foaming baseless rants. If you're having trouble, see if Mom or Dad will help. The only blanks that you have to fill-in are the comment and name sections. If you want a direct response, include a valid email address. Thanks!

If You're Just After Help with the BotBot:
Don't forget that the BotBot now supports personalized help. Many common problems can be solved by just reading the manual! And likewise check the user logs to help keep yourself from taking an intellectual pratfall. If you still Need BotBot help, please be as specific as possible.

If You Want Me to Send You a Cloner, or a new PPAHOOK.DLL, or Any Other Kinds of Warez & Hax:
Well, no. Have you even read the book yet? Have you read about how many people are crying over how they dumped their system with hack software, or how many other people are there in the Book trumpeting how many bits of palass they offer on their sites? Look for help first! (Especially if like most folks you don't even bother entering a valid e-mail address. If you can't be sent anything and you won't read the logs, then what do you think is going to happen?)

If You Just Want Me to Come Over and Casually Rewrite Your Palace Site:
I already work 60-80 hours a week. Site consulting will run you $200/hr. Any less and it costs me. Sorry!

If You Just Want Me to Rant:
Ah, you want the Botzilla Blog Journal.

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