NatPix Blizzard

NatPix Blizzard is powerful 3D and 2D particle- system software for use with Silicon Graphics IRIS Workstations. Blizzard has been subjected to demanding trial-by-fire use in feature films and television commercials, and is now available to all SGI users.

A free demo is available from this site.

Blizzard was designed from the outset to provide the maximum performance possible for large, robust particle systems particle systems complex and rich enough for high-resolution theatrical film work. It's not uncommon for Blizzard scenes to contain hundreds of thousands of particles on-screen for any given frame many more than could be accomplished with most particle-system add-ons.

At the same time, Blizzard is fast fast enough for the most demanding production schedules. Render times, for frames containing thousands of textured particles, can often be counted in seconds... simple scenes may even render in near-real-time.

Blizzard is particularly good at generating particle systems based on photos, other animation, or live-action footage. Blizzard has been used to generate a wide variety of post-production visual effects, such as: ray guns; morph "sweetening;" disintegration and re-integration effects; trails of pixie dust; fur; electrical arcing; crowds; welding sparks; rain; snow; and even a unique "particle morph" that disintegrates one photographic image into thousands of particles, then reassembles them to create a different photographic image.

Click Here to see some sample NatPix Blizzard animations, in MPEG, QuickTime, and SGI "movieplayer" formats (at

Blizzard can be easily integrated with existing 3D models and scenes, adding a host of particulate effects that other renderers couldn't handle.

Blizzard provides a powerful command language that allows you to animate every parameter of a Blizzard shot. Many parameters can also be controlled graphically by simply painting control regions into the frame with any paint program. Special file-access functions enable you to read ASCII track data from external animation systems such as Wavefront or motion-control cameras.

The NatPix Blizzard Demo V2.9 provides you with a look at Blizzard's 2D & 3D modules, mapping utilities, and a few simple animations that can be experimented with at your leisure. The Blizzard Demo contains a fully-funtional particle and rendering engine. Blizzard will run on any current SGI 4D-series IRIS running IRIX 4 or 5, and has been tested on machines from the Indigo to the Onyx, from Indy Graphics to the Reality Engine.

Click Here to get the NatPix Blizzard Demo (, ~1MByte).

Individual Binaries: (included in the demo)
blizzard.binary.Z (333 Kbytes)
bliz3d.binary.Z (357 Kbytes)
dirpaint.binary.Z (47 Kbytes)
dirmap.binary.Z (134 Kbytes)
Here is a Web version of the Blizzard 2.8 Quick-Start Guide, a mini-manual included with the demo package.

Prices & Ordering Info

Pricing as of May 1996

Blizzard is available in 2D and 3D versions, and is licensed on a per-workstation basis (we will need the sysid of your workstation). Multiple-copy discounts are available. You may purchase additional licenses within 60 days at a discount, without pricing penalty. All upgrades within the first four months of purchase will be sent to you free of charge. Current shipping version is 2.9.

Blizzard 2D$800 US
Blizzard 2D/3D$1200 US

Discount Schedule
Quantities 2-580% single-copy price (cumulative)
Quantities 6-2060% single-copy price (cumulative)
Quantities 21-up40% single-copy price (cumulative)

To contact us, write to:
National Pixel Products
33 Helens Lane
Mill Valley, CA 94941-2781

Prices subject to change without notice.


Updated 12 Nov 96
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