Simple NatPix Blizzard Examples

The following NatPix Blizzard sample animations are currently avaialble via FTP:

The Blizzard Logo shows how Blizzard particles can be used to perform dynamic morphing effects. The in MPEG clip (108K), and original Blizzard script (4K) are available.

Gears is a very quick demo of how to use animated texturing. This gears demo was done entirely in the 2D version. MPEG (185K). Gear3D is a similar loop clip of how to use animated texturing with NatPix Bliz3d. MPEG (230K).

Dirmap Shows how painted textures can be used to guide particles on-screen. This was done with the basic 2D version. MPEG (122K).

Sweep Shows how textures can be made with DIRPAINT (included with NatPix Blizzard). This was done with the 2D version in about 5 minutes. MPEG (87K). The RGB dirmap (62K) is also available for your own experimentation.

Plasma is similar quick dirpaint demo available so far only in MPEG format (108K).

Splash is a 2D obstacles and gradient demo, available in Quicktime (414K) format.

HeadSpout shows motion-blurred 3D particles, in Quicktime (404K) format.