Blocking Minna


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Market Plaza


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Third and Minna


"A window covered with raindrops interests me more than a photograph of a famous person." - Saul Leiter

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Kearny from Market


"No one moment is most important.... Any moment can be something." - Garry Winogrand

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Second Facing Market


Still deep in my orange period, apparently.

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Annie onto Market


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Romantic Heart


December 2010

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IMG_5275, Kyoto


Forgot to push the "Publish" button, March 2009

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P1000160, Sparx Blue


A lot of old entries lurking in the blog backlog... especially this batch from March 2009.

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More Apples


Found in the phone backups -- December 2010

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Fourth Approaching Mission


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Market Off Third


"The principal object in the picture must be fairly sharp, just as sharp as the eye sees it and no sharper, but everything else, and all other planes of the picture, must be subdued... slightly out of focus." - Peter Henry Emerson, 1886

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Forgot to Post: San Jose, March 2009

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Forgot to post: March 2009

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Fremont and Market


"Whatever the noise and violence around them, photographs return objects to a state of stillness and silence. In the midst of urban hustle and bustle, they recreate the equivalent of the desert, a phenomenal isolation. They are the only ways of passing through cities in silence, of moving through the world in silence." - Jean Baudrillard

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"I donít believe in the psychologizing portrait photography that my colleagues do, trying to capture the character with a lot of light and shade. Thatís absolutely suspect to me. I can only show the surface. Whatever goes beyond that is more or less chance." - Thomas Ruff

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Powell Onto Market


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Crossing Second at Market


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Battery and Bush


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Job Site


"Color tends to corrupt photography and absolute color corrupts absolutely." -- Walker Evans

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Market and First


"Photography has no rules. It is not a sport" - Bill Brandt
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Market Opposite Powell


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Third Before Brannan


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Crossing Market at New Montgomery


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Mission at Fourth


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Champions, Market & New Montgomery


While I've occasionally carried both Fuji cameras, I have't really used them as a pair, both 'round my neck, until yesterday's rainy fiesta. Given the weather I used only the standard zoom on the XT-1 and set the two cameras at widely varying ISOs -- after the setup I never touched any settings that weren't on the top-deck dials or the lens rings, so the transitions back and forth between them were almost invisible. A great team.

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