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Still looking for the right camera, and brooding over whether to switch my old XP machine (go Pentium II!) over to Ubuntu.

Going for two separate processors because it just seems more natural to me, a bit analogous to the distinction of dorsal and ventral nervous systems.

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I was at the hardware store earlier today buying some poly irrigation tubing -- while in line I noticed a small LED strip light that I bought to illuminate the underside of my desk (that is, the keyboard area, away from the monitor). 18", $18. Two watts. Expected lifetime: 20,000 hours.

It's fantastic that these sources are dropping in price and rising in quality so quickly. I've heard people grousing about the color balance but I'll tell you -- I haven't yet heard anyone complaining about them who didn't have a vested interest in selling something much more expensive.

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Do Not Interpret


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101, 4/16

101, 4/16 (C)2009 K Bjorke

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Milpitas, Las Vegas


(Gearhead notes: jpeg from LX3 "Dynamic B&W" mode)

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Paschal Full Moon, Monterey


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