All Minds Think Alike

I'm a bit annoyed at the realization that my most-recent post on fiddling with HTML5 canvas in Moveable Type looks and behaves in a way that's terribly similar to the page header on the official Google blog. I must have seen that before... we rarely know where our ideas and parts of ideas come from! Or is it merely "parallel evolution"? Still, it's not as if I'm launching a product, and hardly expect Google's IP lawyers to appear on Botzilla any time soon (hi guys).

And I like their "version" of the interactivity -- ONLY let the mouse have an effect when moving. Will have to check that out on a tablet.... of course, when they're creating a brand presence for a company with.. what, 30,000 employees? you would only expect that they'd take a little more time on polishing than my slice-of-a-Saturday attempt. Pat on the back, lads.

While not posting for a few days, I've been scraping at Botzilla's underlying CSS structure, so that I can rebuild it once more with CSS that will allow a fairly seamless multi-screen experience -- PC web or mobile phone/tablet. This has meant I've already had to update (internally) my use of jquery to use jquery-mobile, have started playing with Modernizr for those stodgy users who insist on running IE, and trying to make peace with myself over the idea that photos that I felt barely look okay 800+ pixels across will just have to be acceptable at mobile-phone sizes.

More to come as this gels.

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