Free and Easy

They say you can't create in a vacuum. It's probably true. But as with most aphorisms, its opposite is as valid: you can't create when pummeled with unending high-pressure noise.

With that in mind I've moved myself away from internet inputs in a formal way, announcing and enforcing strict limits on when I allow myself to worry about incoming emails, or blogs, or the hundreds of other information-rich but meaning-spare electronic minutae that had been dominating my time.

I still leave Outlook turned on all day. I still compose e-mails at any hour. But except during narrow windows of the morning and afternoon, I leave Outlook in the Task-list or Calendar views. As the Quebecers say, je me souviens.

November 06, 2007





Comments on "Free and Easy"

November 6, 2007 06:45 AM

Nice one, good luck. Been in pursuit for a while myself. The richness of absence is just lovely. Nice pic too.

Ed Nixon
November 6, 2007 08:28 AM

Interesting parallels in my mind between this lovely, peaceful colour and line study and discussions about noise (masquerading as style) elsewhere. And the writers' strike as well.

Like this image a lot. ...edN


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