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I'm finding that the UnRAW files — that is, the JPGs stored with the RAW files — are often what I end up using instead of the RAW image. The RAW gets pumped through ACR, which wants to interpret and optimise (or encourage me to do so). The JPG is more often than not what I was shooting in the first place. Funny, but I'm starting to see the RAW as mainly a backup in case I screwed up (or the contrast range was way out of line).

I've come across a few more scattered LX1 links.

Comments on "UnRAW"

Dan Mushrush
June 13, 2006 03:29 PM

First I shot jpg as that's all my original camera did, then I got an DSLR and shot RAW, man was I cool. Now I shoot in both and as you I only use the RAW files when the image is way off.


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