Larger formats supposedly make you more patient but so far it's not working.

A favorite cheap stunt these days is to grab for the digi as soon as the film is out of the processing tank, hanging in the shower to dry. Point a strobe at the wall behind the negs and SNAP then into Photoshop for a quick grayscale- invert- levels- crop tweak session so I can see what's there long before the film has dried, much less before I get a chance to print or scan anything "properly." Curls, out-of-focus digital camera, funky uneven illumination of the negative, whatever. Bring it all on, I just want to see the pic.

The purpose is to get a very very fast throwaway evaluation of the film neg. But I've come to like the direct results themselves a bit as well. I might post a comparison or two later on, between some instant-feedback versions and a normally flat-printed final.

Comments on "instant"

March 17, 2005 01:31 PM

I've done a similar trick with some 4x5 negs, holding them at arm's length against a window (the poor man's lightbox), but never thought to try it with roll film.


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