Three rolls 35mm Tri-X at ISO 3200, 13:30 in Xtol 1+1.

Two links on the front page of the blog have been bogus for a long time: the street photo postcard page, which randomly indexed a slice of the pix from the StreetPhoto salon; and the matching blogshots postcard page, which randomly indexes photos from this journal. I'm happy to say that as of today thos pages are a bit less bogus.

They'd previously been maintained and updated daily by a linux "cron" job — but when botzilla's service was changed to "virtual hosting" via EnSim... well, cron jobs were a thing of the past. So the pages languished.

Tonight there's a new set of scripts for maintaining these pages. The pages' level of bogosity is still somewhat high; their input content hasn't been maintained for months. The blogshots page needs display copies of all the photos it indexes (which have had their directory structures changed as well) and a listing of descriptions; both pages also have dedicated directories packed full of hand-made thumbnail postcard images — thumbnails I haven't bothered making for a while. So the page indices are functioning again, but so far they're up to about November 2003 functionality. Give it a few days before the content bubbles-up to the current state.

January 19, 2005



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