Making Tracks

Saturday morning will see me off again, this time to Sweden — followed by a zigzagging journey to Copenhagen via Oslo, a day of meetings in Copenhagen, then back to SFO at dinner time via London with a fourteen hour layover at LHR. Total travel time there and back: five days, including the 40 hours or so of flying and the infamous long night-time layover. Almost half of the time in airplanes and airports, heh.

There's not much time for anything other than meetings when on the ground, though I should have a small slice of daylight on Tuesday in Stockholm. Sun up at close to 9AM, setting at 3PM (just in time to high-tail it to Arlanda for the next flight leg). My inclination is to do some photo wandering, but the time is tight and the weather likely to be continuously below freezing. I had thought about bringing the TLR but I doubt it now — just the digi, it will all be a rushed blur anyway.

November 24, 2004





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