The Old Shell Game

A couple of days ago I got a mailing list post from Bee touting this pic. Of course I had to respond with this pic and before you knew it there was a minor explosion of similar wrong-headedness in the streetphoto list, which in turn led to this message from John Brownlow:

Okay, we're going to have a shell game. Here's a totally raw pinhole photograph.

Download it and process it in the image editing application of your choice in the manner of your choice.

Let's say the deadline is midnight tomorrow. Post your results on the web and send the link to the group with the heading: 'Shell Game - Manipulation - [YOUR NAME]'

On Friday, once the deadline has passed, we will make a heap of all the shells (pictures) and Fritz will examine them, pair by pair, discarding the least beautiful of the two, until only one remains, which will be declared the most beautiful shell in the pile.

If Fritz doesn't want to compare the shells, someone else can. But he will, of course.

While the thought immediately struck me that I should layer it onto another photo and transmute those lemons into melons by placing them across the chest of some hapless woman, the first few entries gave me pause for thought (besides, I'd have to find an appropriate underlying photo....):

So with a slightly less-than-knee-jerk response, I've placed my submission here.

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