Fish in a Barrel

Took off on a houseful of guests tonight, to go wander alone with the Contax — wander specifically to a local tiny carnival, operating for the weekend in the park around the corner, a park that's part of the grounds for my daughter's middle school.

Brought a hefty strobe and walked-in from the back. Walked up and down the miniscule Midway, talking to the carnies running the rides and games. Listened to them tell me about how much they loved what they did, how tiring it was, how the older guys working the game booths had landed there after their injuries from working on the rides, how many wives they'd burned-through.

One of them called me over to his booth and said he'd take my picture while I played a game, and did — I handed him my gear and was shooting a pistol at targets. While I did so, the manager of the amusement company and two cops lined up behind me — when I sent my airgun down they wanted to know just what I thought I was doing with a camera at the carnival. Good grief! Maybe they think Al Queada is targeting funhouses? Whatever. I pointed out my house, there across the park, and said I wanted my own pictures. Annoying. The place was crawling with folks snapping each other with digicams and video kits.

It still felt good to be out by myself and shoot. Two rolls later I was back home with our guests and felt 100% better.

I won a little stuffed doggie. Five bull's eyes.

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