Out of Control

Cupertino 2003 Cherry Blossom Festival.

At the last minute I decided to carry the Contax and the Canon digicam — the Canon still has a +2 closeup diopter left on it from last weekend, so I left it on. Nothing further than about 3 feet in focus, might be fun.

Why do I never learn?

Press-sputter-freeze-wobble-click the whole thing is just so infuriatingly slow. The camera seems to have taken the famous lead from Buddy Hackett, on the priciples of comedic timing. Pa-dum- -BUM- the wrong shot!

Prefocus? Not at six inches away from a living subject.

The second half of my frustration comes from trying to shoot anything while simultaneously keeping an eye one three extra people in a crowd, one of them slowing down becuase he's hungry and his feet hurt while one is running off to buy every last thing that's so cuuute...

The difficult truth is that shooting is a solitary activity, taking time that should be focused on shooting. Yet in recent months my solitary free time has been restricted entirely to hours after 10PM. Worthless.

The battery died after less than an hour, anyway.

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