Ships in the Night

Just ran across — a parallel world to Funny how the web journals on such sites keep getting labelled "Daybooks" — an archaic term but an obvious allusion to the many years' worth of daybooks kept by Edward Weston (and available in your local library).

Still a bit bummed at the rapid-blast-thru of Vegas — got off a half-dozen shots, when I just knew there were so many, many more... one surprise to me (after not being there for some years) was how many people were using little digicams in the casinos — you used to get kicked out for shooting in one.

Most-lamented missed shot, or maybe just most memorable scene: two heavyset older ladies screaming at one another in Russian on the casino floor at Circus Circus, one woman eventually reduced to tears, 7AM, the "winner" of the screaming match wearing an oversized frock decorated with cowgirls in American-flag bikinis.

Perhaps what appeals to me about Las Vegas was how many people look completely lost.

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