22 Hours In Vegas

Flew in yesterday, went from the airport to the hotel long enough to drop off my luggage, straight to the launch event for Maya 5 (cool), ate a late dinner and back to sleep, right up and out to NAB, had a quick lunch view of the latest from Softimage (likewise cool), jammed to the taxi to the airport to SJC and back here to my desk. So much for neon lights, but the stuff at NAB was pretty cool realtime-wise — products were showing realtime Cg shaders integrated into their products.

Saw a fair amount of lighting and motion-control equipment on the show floors too — R/C chopper cams, lots of remote controls, some pretty keen little fluorescent kits from Lowell lighting, the new Panasonic handheld 25p DVX100, a fair amount of digital grading and color-correction kit, and a few familiar faces: Josh Pines, Rick Sayre, Ray Feeney, even a couple of real surprises from Square — Soeda-san and Kasuya-san, who have made a happy transition to life in game and effects production in LA. Coolness all 'round.

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