More Shader Fun

I made myself a little "smoke test" script for using the Cg Plugin with Maya — script that bangs-through any directory of shader files and just applies each shader to a copy of model (right now a sphere, but it could be any model you like, via instancing).

Makes a sort of instant 3D catalog of shader effects — since it's realtime, it's the sort of thing that you can just do to provide yourself with a quick palette of choices, rather than picking through a regular material editor. You can spin them around and check 'em out (84 shaders shown here, including a 2D "imager" shader for the background).

Still feel like I'm just scratching the surface of what'll ultimately be possible using this stuff in apps like Max, XSI, or Maya... it's as transformative, in the way you can work with shading, as it was switching from DOS-based text editing to MacWord.

If anyone wants this Mel script, just let me know.

(PS: After I saved this I looked at the date! No, it's no April Fool's prank)

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