Little Rescues


I hotsync my PDA on two different machines — my work desktop at NVIDIA and my home game PC (separate from the work PC, and likewise separate from the Macs). Before syncing this morning I took a snapshot of the Handspring directory, and using cygwin "grep," picked through the contents looking for GoPix files. Once found, I stashed them off to a parallel directory (so as not to overwrite the archive dir), then told the Installer to install four files: Ses-ZTLS.PDB, Eqpt-ZTLS.PDB, Exp-ZTLS.PDB, Film-ZTLS.PDB and voila I've now got my GoPix data back to the state it was in when I last synchronized it, at 2:03PM yesterday afternoon.

*great sigh of relief*

Next comes the tedious but welcome part — flushing all the existing logs out to text files, so they can ultimately be printed and those printouts added top the binders that hold sheets of negatives. Picking through GoPix I see that it's got about 50 rolls' worth of notes.

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