Tmax 100 TMX, Rodinal 1::50, 13 mins.

Ran some TMX through Rodinal just before running down to Vegas. As I was running it I was digging through the web looking for references — found nothing but bad things about this combination. Beats me why — the result has a lot of that same Acro-like snap, and terrific tones. A little grainy-grittier? Yeah, but at the degrees of enlargement it takes to see the grain, who cares?

The German/English NAB-Issue Zeiss Camera-Lens News just published their latest suite of film tests — TMax 100, at 180 lpmm, was the finest-detailed of any available film in their test, even finer than Velvia. Not sure what developer was used — probably TMax developer, but that was the one major undocumented factor.

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