Digital Fencewalking Part 63 - Battle of the Bulge

The March edition of the UK mag Black & White Photography has an interesting statistic — both Kodak and Ilford reported their 2002 black and white film sales had increased over 2001 — that both Kodak and Ilford were at a loss to explain why.

My guess — cameras have deeply invaded the low ground, people taking snaps of Edgar & Martha visiting the grandkids, and the expensive high end of journalism and advertising, where quick turnaround and color are at a premium. But the B&W market remains pretty unaffected, for examply the reasons I've stated before — light, affordable cameras are clunky, the fast, useful ones are too expensive and heavy. For the folks who were doing B&W before the digital onslaught, there's really a minimal reason to change.

Don't get me wrong here — rabid anti-digital sentiments found in magazines like B&W are comical — this rise in B&W film use doesn't seem that inexplicable.

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