Mavericks vs Magritte

Possibly the other way ‘round.

Tech notes: Fuji XE-3 with a 28mm Leitz Minolta lens. Made for each other.

The Browser and the Pope

The excitement of 2021 about “the metaverse” hinges on hardware, but probably not in the way you think.

The enabling device is not a future perfect headset or muscular neuron sensing or brain-machine interface. No memex required. Instead, I’d like to offer some very noisy graphs and a map of 1648 Europe to explain what’s really going on.

Noise obscures the signal
The Signal: It's in There

There’s no such thing as psychohistory, but there are some useful models. Sometimes models overlap: the above graph overlaps the story of the 30 Years’ War.

9 min read

The Steam Engine

Synthetic engraving, 18” x 10” on 13”x19” paper.

From a developing series on the Enlightenment.

Countryside Car Show

A few banners from the “RIP City Riders” motorcycle club have promised a car show today at the county fairgrounds (and, one assumes, the speedway), though there’s little online to verify. My guess is that it won’t look like this.